#OOTD: Refresh Your Classic Oxford Shirt This Way for Winter, Right Now

There are only so many ways you can wear your classic Oxford shirt this winter, right? And if you feel like you’ve exhausted all of them, then you’re in luck — today’s new #OOTD is here to save the day with a completely revamped take on this timeless menswear essential. The Oxford shirt has been a men’s style go-to for decades because it A) Looks great on every guy and B) Lends itself to both classic styling (think tan chinos and leather loafers in the spring) or something a bit more fashion-forward (underneath a black moto jacket with slim grey jeans right now). It’s also ready-made for layering, what with the visually interesting buttondown collar and a tailored fit. In short, it’s asking to be worn a multitude of different ways. And in this instance, you get the best of, well, everything via the Taylor Stitch Jack Shirt that we’re showcasing below. It’s done up in cool-as-can-be color, all the better for layering underneath an unexpected workwear jacket — just the right way to switch up your style this winter. After all, we’re through February and likely still have some snowy, rainy weather ahead (Spoiler: The Blundstone boots shown below are going to come in handy). However, you needn’t fully abandon your favorite classic pieces, seeing as this stylish Oxford shirt will still work quite nicely with slim chinos as detailed below. How does it all come together? Well, you’ll have to read the rest of this #OOTD to find out. Cheers!

Mixing an Oxford shirt with some classic workwear essentials, including trusty Blundstone boots.

  • The Oxford Shirt: Taylor Stitch Jack Shirt in Army Everyday Oxford, $98 — The best way to shake up your classic Oxford shirt? Reaching for one from Taylor Stitch in a unique color.
  • The Jacket: Flint and Tinder Mill Jacket, $98 — Yet another way to change up how you’re wearing your Oxford shirt this winter? Layering it up with a tough workwear jacket from Flint and Tinder, rather than a blazer (consider this a Casual Friday style move).
  • The Classic Chinos: Taylor Stitch Democratic Chinos in Organic Ash, $98 — The folks at Taylor Stitch get the nod again here, thanks in part to the quality behind these slim grey chinos — a nice change of pace from expertly faded denim.
  • The Boots: Blundstone Super 550 Boots, $185 — We’re all about changing things up, and the timeless Blundstone boots shown here channel both functional and fashionable style.
  • The Watch: Laco Paderborn Original Pilot Watch, $1,190 — There’s a very good chance this investment-worthy leather watch might be sold out by the time you read this, but if not … it’s the perfect complement to this #OOTD.
  • The Socks: Proof 72-Hour Merino Crew Socks, $32 — Sometimes, minimally designed socks with travel-ready technology are a must — Proof has you covered.
  • The Belt: WP Standard Officer’s Belt in Natural, $72 — A leather belt that gets better with age is an easy style move — no need to overthink it here.
  • The Stylish Scarf: American Trench Thermal Knit Cotton Scarf, $48 — Last but certainly not least, we’ll close out today’s recommendation with a stylish cotton scarf from American Trench.


Hopefully, this ensemble got you thinking about a new and slightly refreshed way to wear your classic Oxford shirt. Again, it’s never a bad thing to rock a versatile shirt that you can layer up or dress down. When you take one with a cool color from Taylor Stitch and pair it up with a tough workwear jacket from Flint and Tinder, you’re already off to a great start. To put it lightly, you’ve got the makings of an ensemble made to head to your favorite brewery or stand out subtly at the office. Taylor Stitch is also a wise bet on your bottom half, as the slim grey chinos we’ve shown here just so happen to be a solid change of pace from classic dark denim. That same blend of upgraded style and classic functionality shines through on the footwear front, too — witness the iconic Blundstone Super 550 Boots you’ll be rocking. As always seems to be the case when it comes to these outfits, you can’t slip up on the accessories front … no sir, not with your socks (go with the Proof 72-Hour Crew Socks), nor your heritage-quality leather watch (from Laco). And since it’s still winter, you assuredly need to end things on a high note with a stylish cotton scarf from American Trench — it really is all covered here. The choice of where to take this outfit is now up to you.


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