#OOTD: How to Wear an Oxford Shirt for Spring — A Helpful Guide

If there’s one style staple I keep returning to over the years, it’s the humble Oxford shirt. Or rather, the ever-versatile Oxford shirt, with the sort of styling potential that runs counter to its humble nature. It’s a stone-cold menswear classic, the kind that gets better with age. And in these casual times, best represented by work Zoom calls day in and day out, you need menswear that can handle the demands of the work day and the demands of the spring season in equal measure. We’ve talked about how to wear a T-shirt for spring, but let’s ramp things up now for good measure. So, enter the Oxford shirt, along with other comfortable and go-anywhere menswear essentials. In fact, today’s Oxford shirt comes from a brand that knows a thing or two about making ’em, and that’d be Alex Mill. Based in NYC, they make quite the versatile shirt for warm weather days ahead, as you’ll soon find out.

How about that, ehh? It’s the right way to get ready for spring, and in these times, that means you’re looking at more road trips, more time spent outdoors and all the fun (and style) that goes with it. Are you hoping to find your new favorite Oxford shirt? That’s what I thought — let’s make it happen.

Best way to wear an Oxford shirt

  • The Oxford Shirt: Alex Mill Shirt in Garment-Dyed Oxford, $95¬†— A garment-dyed Oxford shirt is the casual staple you need for Zoom calls and road trips alike. This one is breezy and effortless, and one of the best men’s shirts to wear this year.
  • The T-shirt: Buck Mason Slub Curved Hem Tee, $35¬†— As ever, this Buck Mason T-shirt is a stone-cold classic, and your new favorite tee for spring layering (and beyond).
  • The Jeans: Edwin Maddox Slim Jeans, $168¬†— The only way to go with this #OOTD is with a pair of the best light wash jeans for spring and summer. That’s casual style to a T.
  • The Sneakers: SeaVees Legend Seachange Sneakers, $80¬†— Sustainable sneakers are the name of the game with the SeaVees Legend, benefitting conservation org Seachange (and looking mighty stylish in the process).
  • The Watch: Marathon MSAR Arctic Strap Watch, $700¬†— This rugged dive watch on a rubber strap is ready for anything you throw at it this season.
  • The Hat: Howler Brothers Cottonmouth Snapback Hat, $30¬†— Have¬† a bit of rugged fun with this #OOTD featuring an eye-catching hat for outdoor excursions and nights around the campfire (ditch the hat at the office, though).
  • The Sunglasses: Garrett Leight California Optics Hampton X, $395¬†— Now, these stylish casual sunglasses are an investment, but they’ll pay off in spades as you wear them all spring and summer long.
  • The Everyday Carry: Mission Workshop 500D Drift Tote, $265¬†— Here’s the best everyday carry bag to take on all your spring and summer excursions (even if that just means summer BBQs or brewery visits).

If you ask me, I’d say this ensemble is casual, cool and ready for just about anything, and it all starts from the ground up with the right accessories, like the best everyday carry bag — but we all know the real star of this look. It’s got to be your new favorite Oxford shirt, the kind you can wear on the aforementioned Zoom call and then out to safely grab patio drinks thereafter. When you team it with other classics, like a¬†Buck Mason T-shirt and the best light wash jeans for spring, you’ve just nailed casual style that works at home, at a BBQ or even at the office on a particularly laidback day.

You’ve got to be prepared for anything nowadays, and items like a rugged dive watch are going to drive home the casual yet do-anything nature of this look. Add in the sustainable the SeaVees Legend for some laidback comfort, accent it with an eye-catching hat for outdoor hangs, and then get a proper pair of stylish casual sunglasses to wrap things up in style. If you’re not able to make this #OOTD work for you, you’re just not doing it right — except now, after reading this post, you’re all set for a stylish-as-heck spring and summer.


#OOTD: How to Wear Your Flint and Tinder Oxford Shirt This Season (And Beyond)

If you’ve been checking your calendar and looking at the weather forecast as obsessively as I have, you’ve probably been keeping an eye on the best menswear you need in your wardrobe. Well, you’ll be glad to know we’ve entered September, which in my mind heralds what you might call “early fall,” and the chance to, as they say, really start dressin’.¬†That’s where one of the best Oxford shirts comes into play — in fact, you’ll notice the headline gets right down to it. Your Flint and Tinder Oxford shirt — or perhaps, the one you might want to purchase today — is the right building block for a casually cool, versatile and rugged early fall #OOTD, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Although your early fall routines might involve sidewalk dining at a brewery versus hopping around from brewery to distillery and back home, today’s ensemble works well for when you want to (safely) get out of the house in style, be it on a secluded getaway or a day trip.

And when you just feel like putting on your new favorite shirt and teaming it with a rugged chore coat and stylish five-pocket pants — plus classic leather boots? Well, you’ve got all the pieces you need to amp up your early fall day. Remember, though: It doesn’t get off the ground without your Flint and Tinder Oxford shirt from the good folks at Huckberry. Check out the full #OOTD below, then chime in on Twitter to let me know what picks you like (or dislike). Cheers!

Subtly stylish, classically cool men’s must-haves that just work for early fall.

  • The Shirt: Flint and Tinder Garment-Dyed Oxford Shirt, $88.98¬†— Get this Flint and Tinder shirt, one of the best Oxford shirts around, in a garment-dyed finish and a classic color. It nearly makes the entire #OOTD, does it not?
  • The Chore Coat: Flint and Tinder Chore Coat, $124.98¬†— The coolest chore coat on the market also happens to be made by Flint and Tinder. Dress accordingly.
  • The Pants: Buck Mason Khaki Slub Twill Officer Pants, $135¬†— Pleasingly casual-yet-sharp five-pocket pants in a soft cotton twill fabric. Possibly the perfect pants for early fall, in my opinion.
  • The Boots: Rhodes Dean Boots, $220¬†— If you haven’t yet tried the excellent Rhodes Dean Boots from the good folks at Huckberry, now’s your chance. We’re talking surprisingly rugged dress boots with a tough, flexible sole and quality design.
  • The Socks: American Trench Mil-Spec Sport Socks with Silver (4-Pack), $42.50¬†— Take your pick among any number of standout colors of stylish socks from American Trench. As a matter of fact, American Trench socks are my favorite on the market, and they work incredibly well for early fall.
  • The Watch: Timex + Todd Snyder Marlin Watch, $199¬†— The hits keep coming for the Timex + Todd Snyder partnership, this time focused on a stylish brown leather watch with a handsome navy dial. Easily one of the best men’s dress watches.
  • The Everyday Bag: Filson Rugged Twill Padded Computer Bag, $425¬†— Invest in the very best with this tough everyday bag that can handle just about anything, your computer (as needed) and everyday carry essentials alongside it. If you just feel like stocking up on to-go beer for now? It can do that, too.
  • The Grooming Essential: Oars + Alps Face + Eye Cream, $22¬†— Start off fall on the right foot: With a nourishing, essential cream from one of the best men’s grooming brands — it’s designed to moisturize and fight aging & wrinkles on your face and around your eyes. Use the code BEAU15 to get 15 percent off your order, too.¬†

Here we are at the tail end of another #OOTD, if you can believe it. How ready do you feel for the season ahead? Fall can be mighty unpredictable in terms of the weather and the changing seasons, so hopefully, this look gives you some options and some versatility. I don’t know much, but I do know that wearing a Flint and Tinder shirt in¬† casual wash and classic fit is as great a way to start a look as any. Add in the fact that Flint and Tinder also happens to make the coolest chore coat, and you’ve got a winning combination up top for your next outdoor excursion or Zoom call in equal measure. To keep the casual-yet-rugged and versatile vibes going, that’s where Buck Mason pants come into play — they’re comfortable yet tough, and essential for multiple seasons (this one included).

Shop Mott & Bow Today!

You’re also getting some of the best men’s boots to really drive home fall style: The Rhodes Dean Boots check all the right boxes when it comes to design and functionality. The same can be said for your Timex + Todd Snyder watch, as easy to wear with this look as it is to wear with your favorite henley and faded blue jeans. It all comes together nicely when you add in a pair of American Trench socks for essential seasonal style. Add in the durability of a tough everyday bag and round things out with a face and eye cream from of the best men’s grooming brands, and the season is practically yours for the taking. Stay stylish and stay safe out there, my friends.

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#OOTD: Here’s How to Wear Your Oxford Shirt Right Now

The best winter style ensembles are filled with versatility and dependability (at least, in my humble opinion). So, whether you want to know how to dress for a winter weekend or how to dress for the office right now, there’s a good chance you’ll actually find some overlap between each of those looks — that’s where pieces like the classic Oxford shirt (the subject of today’s #OOTD) come into play. We aren’t just talking about any bargain-bin shirt, however — we’re talking about one of the best Oxford shirts, featuring stretch and a subtle pattern from Faherty Brand (more on that shortly, though). The humble Oxford shirt, with its sporting roots across the pond, is now a menswear staple that¬† you can dress up or down, at the office or at home … and yes, out on the town, too. It’s fitting that the rest of today’s gear picks act in a similarly versatile manner, from the rugged field jacket as an outer layer, right through to one of the best men’s wool blazers. As it were, this is the ideal kind of look to take you through the rest of winter, seeing as it’s unique and fresh, but not too wild (we’re leaving the printed outerwear and bold shirting at home this time, folks). You can also, of course, mix-and-match this outfit as you please, seeing as your Faherty Brand Oxford shirt can reliably be worn on its own or underneath your favorite shawl cardigan. Before you go anywhere though, you need the right gear — here’s the look to shop now.

The best Oxford shirt + a winter blazer and chinos? That’s a huge winner in my book.

  • The Oxford Shirt: Faherty Brand Stretch Oxford Shirt, $128 Invest in one of the best Oxford shirts with this fine number from Faherty Brand, featuring a tailored fit and welcome stretch fabric. It’s polished enough for the office or off-duty pursuits.
  • The Blazer: Flint and Tinder Wayfarer Wool Blazer, $298¬†— Often, wearing your Oxford shirt the right way comes down to what you pair it with — and be it date night or a day on the grind at the office, one of the best men’s wool blazers (featuring a tailored cut from Flint and Tinder) is the perfect move.
  • The Jacket: Billy Reid Quilted Field Jacket, $495¬†— Think we’ve made it through the worst of winter? Think again. You need a rugged field jacket ASAP, and you need the Billy Reid Quilted Field Jacket, more importantly.
  • The Chinos: Mott and Bow Charles Slim Twill Chinos, $125¬†— As we so often say, it shouldn’t surprise you now that the makers of your favorite denim are now branching out into categories like your new favorite chinos — these slim twill chinos are business casual-approved and off-duty ready.
  • The Boots: Rhodes Footwear Dean Boots, $228¬†— Yes, you can wear rugged leather boots to the office or¬† out on a date — especially when they’re the sleek, Huckberry-approved Rhodes Dean Boots (available for an agreeabl price and offering plenty of functionality).
  • The Watch:¬†Carpenter Watches G-4 Brooklyn Gent Watch,¬†$795.98 — Whether heading to a big meeting or heading out with your significant other, I’d say one of the best leather watches is a must-have. In terms of style, confidence and “cool” factor, Carpenter Watches hits the nail on the head.
  • The Grooming Essentials: Duke Cannon Cold-Weather Defense Kit, $30¬†— Dry skin and dry hands are the scourge of many a winter outing — not so with these winter grooming essentials from Duke Cannon, guaranteed to hydrate your face and hands in no time.
  • The Everyday Carry: Bellroy Tokyo Tote Bag, $179 — The Bellroy Tokyo Tote Bag isn’t so much a tote bag or a backpack as it is one of the best everyday carry essentials for all that gear you need to have on hand. It’s also unassuming and subtly stylish — perfect for getting around efficiently.

If it wasn’t abundantly clear already, Faherty Brand sure can deliver when it comes to crafting a standout Oxford shirt — again, one that you can wear to the office or out for a refined, polished evening on the town. The key here comes from your supporting cast, including one of the best men’s wool blazers to really drive home that sharp, tailored finish. Naturally, for exploring a new city in blustery weather, the Billy Reid Quilted Field Jacket is going to do some serious damage in terms of durability and style, and it’s all going to come together even more nicely with your new favorite chinos — delivered by Mott and Bow, they’ll provide a reliable fit, quality fabric and standout style. It surely wouldn’t be an #OOTD without rugged leather boots that actually offer some crisp, dressy appeal, and such is the case with the Rhodes Dean Boots. Accessorizing the right way is also something you shouldn’t overlook, and for a watch that’s going to stand out at the office and on a date night, invest in a timepiece from Carpenter Watches for maximum style points. Your skin stays fresh and hyrdated with winter grooming essentials from Duke Cannon¬† as we get to the end of this ensemble, and you’re carrying around your EDC with the Bellroy Tokyo Tote Bag to top it all off. Have other questions as to what to wear one of the best Oxford shirts with? Let me know on Twitter. Thanks for reading!

#OOTD: How to Wear a Classic Oxford Shirt for the Rest of Summer

If, for some reason, wearing a classic Oxford shirt — even a Flint and Tinder Oxford shirt — sounds a bit boring or stale to you, well, we’re here to change all of that today with a new #OOTD for your summer style pleasure. The basics of the classic Oxford shirt stay the same, and yet the wearing occasions and the way it’s being worn are different here. Namely, we’re mixing it up with lightweight slim chinos and classic chukka boots — that way, you’ve got the option to wear it out to the bar on the weekend or head to the office on a laidback day (or, both!). Again, it’s all about the way you’re wearing a classic Oxford shirt, and in this instance, it’s not stuffy in the slightest. Throw in a pair of the best men’s sunglasses, and this #OOTD is even cool enough (literally and figuratively) for a first date. Again, this isn’t your run-of-the-mill Oxford shirt — it’s cut slim and tailored, and in a lighter, breezier fabric for summer (undoubtedly critical). The Oxford shirt has remained a style staple through the years for a reason, and it’s long past its preppy roots — heck, unbutton the buttondown collar if you’re feeling a bit adventurous (wink, wink). The way this outfit is put together, it’s ready for whatever you’ve got in mind this season. To see how I’m wearing my Oxford shirt, head to my Instagram.

A fresh-yet-classic way to wear your Oxford shirt.

Ideally, this look is shaking up the way you think about your Oxford shirt — I know it’s made me see it in a different light. In the case of this Flint and Tinder Oxford shirt, it’s the right way to start an outfit, featuring lightweight summer fabric and a breezy-yet-tailored fit. In short, it’s the perfect pairing with stylish slim chinos, which makes this combo again ready for the office or for your favorite craft beer bar. But what really takes it from good to great are your accessories, selected with eyecatching versatility in mind. Take a pair of the best men’s sunglasses and mix ’em in with the stunning, sharp new Lonegrade HDR140 Watch, and you’ve got pieces that reflect your personality while looking stylish as heck at the same time. That’s also where subtly stylish printed socks come back into play, even in the summer months. They will sit especially nicely atop classic chukka boots, too. You can’t go wrong with any of these picks on their own, but paired up together? Talk about a major win, right? And for when you need to take your favorite craft beer on the go in style, finish things off with an ever-crucial accessory — a¬†stylish water bottle. It’s a thing, I’m serious! And lest we forget, a¬†stylish leather belt is really going to go a long way toward tying this all together. How about it? Who’s ready for the rest of July? Good answer.


#OOTD: Refresh Your Classic Oxford Shirt This Way for Winter, Right Now

There are only so many ways you can wear your¬†classic Oxford shirt¬†this winter, right? And if you feel like you’ve exhausted all of them, then you’re in luck — today’s new #OOTD is here to save the day with a completely revamped take on this timeless menswear essential. The Oxford shirt has been a men’s style go-to for decades because it A) Looks great on every guy and B) Lends itself to both classic styling (think tan chinos and leather loafers in the spring) or something a bit more fashion-forward (underneath a black moto jacket with slim grey jeans right now). It’s also ready-made for layering, what with the visually interesting buttondown collar and a tailored fit. In short, it’s asking to be worn a multitude of different ways. And in this instance, you get the best of, well, everything via the Taylor Stitch Jack Shirt that we’re showcasing below. It’s done up in cool-as-can-be color, all the better for layering underneath an unexpected workwear jacket — just the right way to switch up your style this winter. After all, we’re through February and likely still have some snowy, rainy weather ahead (Spoiler: The¬†Blundstone boots¬†shown below are going to come in handy).¬†However, you needn’t fully abandon your favorite classic pieces, seeing as this stylish Oxford shirt will still work quite nicely with slim chinos as detailed below. How does it all come together? Well, you’ll have to read the rest of this #OOTD to find out. Cheers!

Mixing an Oxford shirt with some classic workwear essentials, including trusty Blundstone boots.

  • The Oxford Shirt: Taylor Stitch Jack Shirt in Army Everyday Oxford, $98¬†— The best way to shake up your classic Oxford shirt? Reaching for one from Taylor Stitch in a unique color.
  • The Jacket: Flint and Tinder Mill Jacket, $98¬†— Yet another way to change up how you’re wearing your Oxford shirt this winter? Layering it up with a tough workwear jacket from Flint and Tinder, rather than a blazer (consider this a Casual Friday style move).
  • The Classic Chinos: Taylor Stitch Democratic Chinos in Organic Ash, $98¬†— The folks at Taylor Stitch get the nod again here, thanks in part to the quality behind these slim grey chinos — a nice change of pace from expertly faded denim.
  • The Boots: Blundstone Super 550 Boots, $185¬†— We’re all about changing things up, and the timeless Blundstone boots shown here channel both functional and fashionable style.
  • The Watch: Laco Paderborn Original Pilot Watch, $1,190¬†— There’s a very good chance this investment-worthy leather watch might be sold out by the time you read this, but if not … it’s the perfect complement to this #OOTD.
  • The Socks:¬†Proof 72-Hour Merino Crew Socks, $32¬†— Sometimes, minimally designed socks with travel-ready technology are a must — Proof has you covered.
  • The Belt: WP Standard Officer’s Belt in Natural, $72¬†— A leather belt that gets better with age is an easy style move — no need to overthink it here.
  • The Stylish Scarf: American Trench Thermal Knit Cotton Scarf, $48¬†— Last but certainly not least, we’ll close out today’s recommendation with a stylish cotton scarf from American Trench.


Hopefully, this ensemble got you thinking about a new and slightly refreshed way to wear your¬†classic Oxford shirt. Again, it’s never a bad thing to rock a versatile shirt that you can layer up or dress down. When you take one with a cool color from Taylor Stitch and pair it up with a¬†tough workwear jacket from Flint and Tinder, you’re already off to a great start. To put it lightly, you’ve got the makings of an ensemble made to head to your favorite brewery or stand out subtly at the office.¬†Taylor Stitch¬†is also a wise bet on your bottom half, as the¬†slim grey chinos¬†we’ve shown here just so happen to be a solid change of pace from classic dark denim. That same blend of upgraded style and classic functionality shines through on the footwear front, too — witness the iconic Blundstone Super 550 Boots you’ll be rocking. As always seems to be the case when it comes to these outfits, you can’t slip up on the accessories front … no sir, not with your socks (go with the Proof 72-Hour Crew Socks), nor your heritage-quality leather watch¬†(from Laco). And since it’s still winter, you assuredly need to end things on a high note with a¬†stylish cotton scarf from American Trench¬†— it really is all covered here. The choice of where to take this outfit is now up to you.

#OOTD: An Updated Way to Wear Your New Oxford Shirt

If there’s one shirting style that tends to come up time after time here at The Style Guide, it might be the classic Oxford shirt. From a made-in-America Oxford shirt to the handsome Line of Trade navy Oxford shirt you’re going to read about today, there’s not a garment that more consistently works in so many style situations for today’s modern man (that’d be you!). Hopefully, you’ve already got one of the best Oxford shirts for men in your close. And although we talked about how to wear an Oxford shirt for summer, we’re shaking it up a little bit today. The below #OOTD is one that harnesses the best of end-of-summer style and yet uses rugged accessories like a heritage-quality leather belt and a tough stainless steel dive watch to nod toward the fact that fall is slowly but surely approaching. ¬†Are you ready? I’m getting there.

Truly, I think you’ll find that the classic Oxford shirt seen below can work in all kinds of scenarios, from a casual weekend coffee run to a farmer’s market trip to a day at the office. That’s what we’re going for here, at least. And the great thing about your new favorite Oxford shirt is that it’ll work with plenty of pieces you’ve already got in your closet, from American-made denim to tailored sweatpants and crisp leather sneakers for a¬†very¬†laidback Sunday brunch. What do you say? Shall we get after it? Chime in on the below in the comments or on Twitter once you’ve checked out the #OOTD¬†below.¬†Shop on!

Line of Trade

Take that navy Oxford and pair it with slim chinos and classic kicks to step into September (and beyond).

The Oxford Shirt:¬†Line of Trade Navy Oxford,¬†$70¬†– Let’s kick it off with a modern-fitting, garment-washed Oxford shirt¬†in a slightly different deep navy color. Ready to wear with anything — slim chinos included.

The Chinos:¬†Banana Republic Aiden Slim Rapid Movement Chino,¬†$98¬†— A recent addition to the BR line, these stretch chinos combine a tailored fit with a range of color options — although the shade seen here is perhaps most versatile.

The Sneakers: ¬†Rancourt and Co. Carson Low in Natural Canvas,¬†$175¬†— Made in America to exacting standards, these Rancourt and Co. sneakers are a more durable answer to classic white canvas sneakers — and all the better for it.

The Socks: Arvin Goods No-show Socks,¬†$30¬†(Three-pack)¬†— Because it’s not quite fall yet, we’re still rolling up our chinos to show off those USA-made sneakers — and Arvin Goods no-show socks are critical in that regard.

The Belt:¬†Sturdy Brothers Everyday Belt in Chestnut,¬†$80¬†— Tired of buying cheap accessories? This handsome, extremely well-made¬†Sturdy Brothers belt¬†is the upgrade you need for fall.

The Watch: ¬†Timex Stainless Steel Waterbury Watch,¬†$119¬†— Told you we’d be breaking out durable everyday accessories, right? This rugged stainless steel dive watch¬†from Timex is a steal in terms of price and looks.

The Sunglasses:¬†Classic Specs Lowerree Aviators,¬†$88¬†— Perhaps you’re not familiar with Classic Specs ¬†— I know I wasn’t — but pieces like these stylish Aviator sunglasses should change that in a hurry.

The Everyday Carry:¬†Nisolo Lori Leather Tote,¬†$134.98¬†— Wary of carrying a¬†rugged leather tote¬†when you normally haul around a stylish messenger bag? This handsome leather tote bag ¬†is a new way to switch up your everyday carry.

Alright, then. Have a better idea of how to wear¬†your new favorite Oxford shirt? When you start with a piece as classic and simply constructed as the¬†Line of Trade navy Oxford shirt¬†shown above, the possibilities are nearly endless. However, your Style Guide author thinks that keeping things straightforward is the best way to go. That is to say, slim chinos and natural canvas sneakers from Rancourt and Co. are standout building blocks for any outfit. ¬†Add in fall-ready accessories like a¬†rugged stainless steel dive watch¬†from Timex¬† and a durable leather belt from Sturdy Brothers, and you’re set for this #OOTD — and plenty more outfits in the season ahead. ¬†No outfit — especially one featuring a classic navy Oxford shirt — is complete without finishing touches like¬†stylish Aviator sunglasses¬†and a handsome leather tote bag, though. So, just as with many of your other favorite #menswear pieces, the little details matter, and starting things off with easily wearable essentials is the best way to say goodbye to one season and look toward the next.

Hope you enjoyed today’s post — and thanks for reading!


#OOTD: Styling Your New Favorite Oxford Shirt for Summer

The best part about owning plenty of men’s style essentials is the freedom and flexibility they give you as you put together your next #OOTD — even in the warmer months. That’s certainly the case in today’s edition of our ongoing Style Guide series — we’re telling you all about how to wear a classic Oxford this summer. That’s right — a stylish¬†Oxford shirt can be part of your #menswear rotation even when the mercury climbs. Although we associate the summer months with short-sleeve renditions of our favorite fall and winter staples — take the short-sleeve chambray shirt, for instance — you can still reliably wear a well-made Oxford shirt in the heat of summer … as long as you pair it with like-minded summer style essentials. Certainly, if you start with one of the best men’s Oxford shirts, you’re stepping out on the right foot.

And in the case of today’s #OOTD, that means we’re ditching slim light wash denim for stylish chino shorts — among other crucial moves to fight the heat. I won’t take up any more of your time, though — you can find the rest of today’s men’s style suggestion below. To get in touch with questions on styling your classic Oxford shirt, find me on Twitter, or drop a note in the comments below. Stay cool out there!


Take your favorite Oxford and mash it up with summer style essentials.

The Oxford: Flint and Tinder Texas-Made Oxford, $89¬†—¬†Ahh yes, the shirt that makes this whole outfit work. From everyone’s favorite menswear purveyors at Flint and Tinder¬†comes a Portuguese cotton shirt made at a family-owned factory. Roll up the sleeves and order a beer, ehh?

The Shorts: Finisterre Coverack Shorts, $66.98¬†— As seen in this site’s post on the best men’s shorts to buy this summer,¬†these classic khaki shorts blend¬†a modern fit with summer-friendly fabric.

The Sneakers: Novesta Star Master Sneakers, $57.98¬†Novesta— So, we’re talking stylish summer sneakers for under $60 when on sale? Seems too good to be true, but is a cult classic that makes an easily wearable set of kicks.

The Socks: Arvin Goods No-show Socks, $30 (Exclusive Three-pack) — Leave it to Arvin Goods to make a nice, Huckberry-excusive set of stylish no-show socks to keep your feet cool and comfortable in this #OOTD.

The Belt: Radius Woven Belt in Navy, $35 (When Signing Up for Bespoke Post) — Don’t step out of the house without the details accounted for — the Radius Woven Belt¬†is a stylish, casual and affordable accessory (that is, when you sign up for Bespoke Post).


The Watch: Timex Waterbury in Natural Tan Leather, $84.98¬†— There’s nothing too fancy about this well-made, stylish Timex watch — and in the case of this casual ensemble, that works out just fine.

The Hat: Huckberry Explorer’s Cap, $39.98— Between the classic Oxford shirt and the stylish chino shorts, this outfit is certainly fit for any laidback summer activity you might find yourself in. Throw on a vintage-inspired ballcap for good measure.
Frank And Oak

The Grooming Essential: Harry’s Essential Travel Shave Kit, $49.98¬†— Certainly useful for more than just your next road trip, this Harry’s shaving kit¬†has all the goods to keep you looking fresh and sharp for summer weekends.

If at first an Oxford shirt seems like it might be too stuffy to wear in the summer, think again. In the right fabric and fit — such as the fabric and fit of the Flint and Tinder Oxford shown here — this shirt can be every bit as versatile as your favorite polo shirt. As long as you team it with like-minded pieces (such as casual¬†Finisterre shorts and classic summer sneakers), this combo is going to be cool and breezy. Seasonally appropriate accessories — like the classic Huckberry Explorer’s Cap, stylish¬†Arvin Goods no-show socks and a handsome, versatile Timex Waterbury watch¬†— also help set the tone as you dress for summer adventures. Last but certainly not least — keep your summer grooming in line with a well-priced and very useful Harry’s shaving kit. I guarantee that if you follow those steps, you’re going to be looking mighty sharp this summer — from the boardwalk to the patio bar, and anywhere else you go.

As always — thanks for reading, and stay stylish!


Online Shopping Picks: Best Men’s Oxford Shirts

Editor’s note: For more menswear-oriented shopping picks than your wallet can possibly handle, head over here.


The crisp blue Oxford you see here comes courtesy of JackThreads. Colorblock crewneck by Reigning Champ. Wool blazer by Frank & Oak. Vintage floral pocket square by General Knot.


Perhaps moreso than any other shirt (except maybe the polo), the Oxford shirt — and Oxford cloth — have a long and rich history (that’s saying something as far as shirting goes). And for a piece that has its origins in 19th-century Scottish fabric mills, the Oxford shirt is still a style essential today (especially here at The Style Guide). It’s one of the rarer icons of heavy prep style that’s still remained timeless (sorry folks, but the gold-button blazer looks a bit dated to this style guy), and for good reason. The essential qualities of a good Oxford have remained intact no matter where you go or at what price point you might be searching — as you can see from the picks below. The fits and fabrics are better than ever, too. So with that in mind, the picks we’ll focus on today are either white or light blue — the quintessential colors of a true Oxford (although we can head to the Male Fashion Advice Reddit thread to continue that debate if you’d like). The best part about this shirt is there’s no wrong season to wear one, so you can buy one in the depths of winter — like, yesterday — and wear it on through the summer. Let me know if I missed any by checking in with The Style Guide on Facebook!

#1. JackThreads Slim Oxford — $49

As timeless as it gets in terms of color and style -- yet with a modern fit.

As timeless as it gets in terms of color and style — yet with a modern fit.

Available in a plethora of colors, from navy to classic white and light blue options, the JackThreads Slim Oxford brings together everything that the brand’s menswear vertical does well. For starters, the price is great for a shirt that’s more modern than other Oxfords from higher-priced brands. It also fits slim and features high armholes and trim sleeves, making it easy to layer under both blazers and V-neck sweaters. Plus, it’s got good quality and durability for the price, having rocked on myself. And that’s all there is to it.

#2. GAP Oxford Standard Fit Shirt — $49.95

The definition of classic -- a simple white Oxford.

The definition of classic — a simple white Oxford.

Just a touch more expensive than the first option on this list, this GAP Oxford is yet another basic that the brand continues to get right. It’s affordable, the fit shouldn’t require too much tailoring (it does note that it’s a standard fit, after all) and the white or “imperial blue” options feature a smooth weave that’s easily wearable either untucked with khaki chinos or tucked in with some wool trousers (similar to this #OOTD look). Again, it’s a fail-proof pickup at a nice price.

#3. J. Crew Slim Vintage Oxford Shirt in White — $69.95

It's a little early for shorts, but this is definitely a four-season Oxford.

It’s a little early for shorts, but this is definitely a four-season Oxford.

This J. Crew Oxford shirt is a tad bit pricier than options one and two on this list, but that’s the price you pay for this brand (and it’s certainly still reasonable). With all the struggles the company has been going through as of late, it’s tough to forget that they can still do the basics well — including classic shirts like this one. You can grab a similar, yet cheaper, Oxford over at J. Crew Factory, but sometimes, it’s nice to spend a bit more and get a better fit plus slightly higher quality. Shelve those shorts for the time being, but know that this Oxford can definitely be styled just as in the above picture.

#4. Taylor Stitch The Jack

Premium, durable and investment-worthy -- an everyday Oxford from Taylor Stitch.

Premium, durable and investment-worthy — an everyday Oxford from Taylor Stitch.

The Taylor Stitch Oxford shown here is nearly the definition of an American classic. It’s made in California, for one. And it features a premium and super-soft (yet tough) Japanese-milled rugby Oxford fabric. Combine that with a tailored fit, high armholes and durable buttons, and you have yet another premium Oxford shirting option to consider. Seriously, this piece should be just about as timeless as the navy blazer and slim khaki chinos that can (and should) rock it with.  And for that price, I’d advise you to wear it as much as you can.

#5. Todd Snyder Japanese Selvedge Oxford in White — $185

Another style essential from an American designer who's well-known for them.

Another style essential from an American designer who’s well-known for them.

Oh, man. That goes for both the stunning quality and construction of this shirt, and the price — definitely a bonus (…or tax-return?) purchase. Still, Todd Snyder’s shirting is excellent (check out this piece on the Hemingway Elbow Patch Shirt, to start), and you’re paying more for one of the best American menswear designers out there. The Japanese selvedge Oxford cloth is crafted into the shirt you see here on a vintage loom, an extra old-school touch that’s pretty neat in and of itself. It’s exactly the kind of shirt you can rock sans jacket with some slim denim, a sharp wristwatch and … dare I say, a tweed vest?

So, those are the top picks this time around as far as great Oxford shirts go. You can absolutely start wearing them now if’s cold where you are (doubly so it’s warmer), and rock them reliably through the winter weather. If you’re on an extreme budget, give a place like the Merona line from Target a try — and work your way on up to one of the aforementioned pieces. Once you get one in your wardrobe, you just might wonder how you ever got dressed without one. Pick up that Todd Snyder shirt for me in the meantime, will ya?

‘Til we shop again!


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