#OOTD: The Best Way to Wear a Classic T-Shirt for Spring and Beyond

There’s a certain look that, to me epitomizes spring style. It starts with, of course, a classic T-shirt, and it builds from there. And as luck would have it, the perfect spring tee in question is the never-not-stylish Flint and Tinder Slub Pocket Tee. It’s the ideal tee to keep in mind when you just want to throw on a simple-yet-quality T-shirt and head out the door (complemented by other men’s style essentials, of course). In this case, we’re pairing up a rugged military shirt from a newly relaunched brand — that’d be Alex Mill — with versatile travel pants and, naturally, a pair of classic spring sneakers. The great thing about building from the ground up with something as simple and straightforward — yet stylish — as a slim pocket T-shirt is that it provides a great canvas from which to build your new favorite spring weekend outfit. It’s comfortable and breathable during the day — from the coffee shop to the park and back — and it cleans up come sundown and a round of evening cocktails (namely, when layered with an Alex Mill military shirt). All of this is to say: You’ve got everything you need to look great this spring when it comes to the below #OOTD.

Layer your classic T-shirt with a lightweight-yet-rugged military shirt. That’s your new spring uniform.


  • The Stylish Spring Shirt: Alex Mill Garment-Dyed Field Shirt, $95 — Perfect for lightweight layering — especially in early April — this Alex Mill shirt from the newly relaunched brand epitomizes easygoing, modern menswear.
  • The Classic Tee: Flint and Tinder Slub Pocket Tee, $29 or 3 for $75 — Take it from me: You should pick up at least one Flint and Tinder Slub Pocket Tee, or again, 3 for $75It’s potentially the best pocket tee to buy now.
  • The Pants: Proof Nomad Pants, $98 — Made to move and go anywhere, the Proof Nomad Pants just so happen to be made from breathable, durable Japanese twill with two-way stretch — perhaps the perfect travel pants.
  • The Sneakers: ZDA Handball Trainers, $230 — An utterly unique pair of classic spring sneakers fit for wearing in casual, laidback fashion this spring.
  • The Belt: Line of Trade Veg-Tanned Leather Belt, $65 — You’re going to need a stylish leather belt for each and every outfit — including this one.
  • The Grooming Upgrade: Ranger Station Birch Bark Cologne, $69.98 — Spring is a nice time to work a new, fresh scent into your grooming routine — the Ranger Station Birch Bark Cologne is the one to buy.
  • The Everday Carry Essential: Bexar Goods Co. Classic 4 Billfold, $145 — We’re all about the stylish accessories that make a big difference, like this slim leather wallet from Bexar Goods Co.
  • The Spring Essential: Alex Mill Canvas Field Cap, $40 — Just as with its rugged-yet-versatile Field Shirt, the Alex Mill Canvas Field Cap is ideal for throwing on as you head out the door on a weekend coffee run or backyard brewpub visit. Casual style to a “T.”

I don’t know about you, but looking at this outfit gets me more than ready for spring (who wants an iced coffee, ehh?). Again, the beauty of starting an outfit with potentially the best pocket tee on the market is that you can layer it with darn near anything you want — a classic Alex Mill military shirt included. The nature of the humble-yet-essential pocket tee also makes it easy to wear it with the Proof Nomad Pants for a bit of go-anywhere style — the same can be said for the unique-yet-office-friendly ZDA Handball Trainers,  made to deliver all-day comfort and visual interest. Naturally, a stylish leather belt is also a must, as is a slim leather wallet— the details really do make all the difference. That’s why we’re also ditching the standard athletic logo cap for a spring-ready canvas cap from Alex Mill — laidback and subtly stylish is the name of the game, all day long. And to take this outfit from good to great, finish things off with a spritz of the Ranger Station Birch Bark Cologne— you’ll be the best-dressed, and best-smelling, guy at the bar. If you take one thing from today’s post, it’s that you should never overlook the a classic T-shirt — it can work for you in as many ways as you let it. Let me know on Twitter how you’re wearing your T-shirt this spring. Thanks for reading!

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