See Now, Buy Now: Mott & Bow Is Now Making Your Perfect Summer T-Shirt

The perfect pocket tee to wear all summer.

The makers of some of your favorite denim — that’d be NYC-based Mott & Bow, for those keeping score at home — are now making one of the best men’s T-shirts for spring and summer, and although that might seem counterintuitive at first, it’s 100 percent true. That’s because the Mott & Bow Carlton Heavyweight Pocket Tee isn’t just any flimsy old tee — it’s a substantial, subtly stylish T-shirt that you can wear with darn near anything for the start of summer and well beyond. Available for just $35 via Mott & Bow’s Web site, it’s one of the top T-shirts I’ve worn and tested, and that’s saying something (seriously, you should see my T-shirt drawer at home). What sets apart the Mott & Bow Carlton Heavyweight Pocket Tee from the pack? That’s easy, my friend.

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For starters, this classic pocket tee feels weighty (as the name would imply) without being stifling — that’s key for wearing it on its own or layering under your favorite chambray shirt this summer (as I’ve done this season so far). It also has a very solid fit indeed — not too tight, not too baggy. It also comes in multiple colors, including crisp White (try it with dark indigo denim and brown suede chukka boots) or classic Heather Grey, my favorite take. The Mott & Bow Carlton Heavyweight Pocket Tee also has a perfect length, a seriously underrated quality in T-shirts; that means it hits right at your belt line (French tuck, anyone?) without fitting too baggy.

The 100 percent Peruvian cotton is also soft and comfortable, but again … not stifling! This could just be the perfect summer T-shirt, and it’s all thanks to the fit and fabric. Again, it works nicely on its own (especially when worn with slim Mott & Bow denim), and it pairs up even better with slim tan chinos, white sneakers and a classic denim trucker jacket. If you felt so inclined, you could even wear this stylish pocket tee with a cotton blazer to the office (try mixing it up with some light wash Mott & Bow denim, too). Really, with a tee this stylish, it’s up to you.

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See Now, Buy Now: Layer Up for Spring with the Unbeatable Taylor Stitch Heavy Bag Tee

A dependable, substantial T-shirt to separate you from the pack this spring.

I always say that the little details, the really basic things, often make a difference in matters of men’s style, and so it goes with the best men’s T-shirts — like the exceptional Taylor Stitch Heavy Bag Tee. Like I said in the headline above, it’s unbeatable, Although at first it looks like a simple pocket tee, this incredibly well-made number has the potential to be your new favorite T-shirt — and it certainly lives up to that potential. The Heavy Bag Tee clears the high standards set by Taylor Stitch across the board with each of its releases, from the Taylor Stitch Ranch Boots to the indigo shirt that’s one of my all-time favorites.¬† But again, if it’s just a T-shirt, then what’s the big deal? Not so fast, my friends.
In short, the Taylor Stitch Heavy Bag Tee delivers the goods if you want a substantial, stylish and well-crafted tee that’s a step up (a serious step up) from your standard fast-fashion tee. Taylor Stitch knows how to deliver on quality, and the durable upcycled cotton-polyester blend has some heft to it without being overly hard to layer underneath a classic chambray shirt or a rugged trucker jacket. That versatility is good news, because you’ll want to wear the Heavy Bag Tee all the time — the range of colors, from Cypress (as seen at the top) to Cypress Stripe (as seen below) & classic options like Navy are only huge positives. Small details like the rounded chest pocket and taped shoulder seams ensure everything is in its proper place.

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But one of the range of color and pattern options you get with the Heavy Bag Tee.

The truly great thing about the Heavy Bag Tee is that thanks to the durable fabric and excellent fit, it almost doesn’t feel like you’re wearing a T-shirt. That is to say, this stylish T-shirt has enough visual interest and heft to wear on its own or layered under something as spring-friendly as a classic cotton blazer at the office. And for your off-duty ‘fits, it teams reliably with your favorite pair of denim and new suede chukka boots. The thing about a shirt as reliable as the Taylor Stitch Heavy Bag Tee is that it can be worn just about any way you please — it’s more than just your average tee.

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See Now, Buy Now: Flint and Tinder’s Slub Tees are the Essential Basic Your Closet Needs

The tough T-shirt that’s going to layer with ease all spring.

Join us once again for today’s See Now, Buy Now entry, as we tell you all about the perfect T-shirt to, well, buy now … and then wear all spring and summer. Your search for the best T-shirt might have just met its match in the Flint and Tinder Slub Tees, including my personal favorite, the Flint and Tinder Heavy Slub Tee (pictured above is the equally essential Flint and Tinder Slub Pocket Tee). If it’s just a T-shirt, Beau, then what’s the big deal? Plenty — trust me, plenty. The right T-shirt can take a basic outfit and amp it up a bit, and it can also dress down or liven up outfits that seem to be a little more stuffy (Case in point: You can wear any of the Flint and Tinder Slub Tees to the office when paired with a navy cotton blazer and tan chinos).¬†Finding the right T-shirt for you is actually something you shouldn’t take lightly. It’s all about fit and fabric, and as you’ve read about here on the site, Flint and Tinder gets that right in several key areas.
MenloNR 728x90

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A classic slub tee made for spring and summer layering.

Flint and Tinder Slub Tees go well beyond your average T-shirt, starting with the slimming fit and the extra attention to detail and care that comes from producing these shirts right outside Los Angeles. These aren’t a paper-thin excuse for a T-shirt that so many companies make abroad — no sir, the Flint and Tinder Slub Tees are substantial and well-made, yet breathable and lightweight. It’s a tricky balance to strike, but they get it right.

Save up to $200.

The ribbed neckline also ensures they’ll never lose their shape. The Flint and Tinder Heavy Slub Tee is the kind of T-shirt you could throw on and forget about, seeing as it wears nicely with everything from dark denim and classic spring sneakers to a khaki cotton suit and brown leather brogues (think mixing high-low style). The Flint and Tinder Slub Tees are also available in a range of colors, including spring and summer-friendly shades like Washed Olive and Washed Navy. How much better does it get than that? Again, this could be your new favorite summer tee.

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The Friday Read: The Best Men’s T-Shirt, Shaving Clubs for Men & Spring Break Style

The tough T-shirt that’s going to layer with ease all spring.

OK, it’s here — another glorious spring Friday. What are you wearing this weekend? It’s about high time you picked up the best T-shirt for spring and summer — the Flint and Tinder Heavy Slub Tee, as shown above. It’s going to layer up perfectly with all manner of men’s style essentials, not to mention stylish spring sneakers or your favorite pair of chukka boots. It’s as simple as that. So, that’s the T-shirt you’re wearing this weekend. What’s on your weekend agenda? Perhaps a visit to your favorite brewery or maybe even an evening of live music? My weekend is going to contain a little bit of both — I’m kicking off Friday night right by seeing hard-rocking British band Foals play my favorite venue in the city, Brooklyn Steel! And beforehand, I plan to stop by Grimm Artisanal Ales for a few choice pre-concert brews. It all sounds great on paper — I certainly can’t wait. The rest of the weekend will be filled with searching out the perfect cup of coffee (I’m looking forward to hitting up Mixtape Bushwick in that regard), along with writing for some of my favorite menswear sites. As of late, I’ve started up writing again for Effortless Gent, a classic Web site I still love, and you can view that work here. For the rest of ya, well, there’s a nice selection of weekend reads below. Thanks for reading!

Save up to $200.

  • Which jacket blends heritage-quality style with spring-ready layering potential and unlimited wearability? Why, that‚Äôs be the¬†Todd Snyder x Golden Bear Bomber, as covered by yours truly at GearMoose! Cheers.
  • In my mind, our #OOTD series is always worth a second — or third — look. In that regard, I’d say it behooves you to learn how to wear your new favorite T-shirt this spring. This look won’t let you down, I guarantee it.Shop Mott & Bow Today!
  • Whether you’re new to the world of taming your stubble or consider yourself a seasoned pro, it’d be handy to know about the best shave clubs for men — right? Enter my latest post for GearMoose covering the shaving essentials you can’t live without.
  • Last but not least — do you have a spring getaway coming up? Are you wondering what to wear? Gear up with my suggestions for what to pack for a tropical spring break¬†— it’s as easy as that.

Shop Need Supply Co.'s Mens.

Before you go, I’m going to point you toward one more handy, useful article — my guide on how to wear sneakers this spring. It’s as classic and essential as can be. Find it useful? Let me know on Twitter!

#OOTD: The Best Way to Wear a Classic T-Shirt for Spring and Beyond

There’s a certain look that, to me epitomizes spring style. It starts with, of course, a classic T-shirt, and it builds from there. And as luck would have it, the perfect spring tee in question is the never-not-stylish Flint and Tinder Slub Pocket Tee. It’s the ideal tee to keep in mind when you just want to throw on a simple-yet-quality T-shirt and head out the door (complemented by other men’s style essentials, of course). In this case, we’re pairing up a rugged military shirt from a newly relaunched brand — that’d be Alex Mill — with versatile travel pants and, naturally, a pair of classic spring sneakers. The great thing about building from the ground up with something as simple and straightforward — yet stylish — as a slim pocket T-shirt is that it provides a great canvas from which to build your new favorite spring weekend outfit. It’s comfortable and breathable during the day — from the coffee shop to the park and back — and it cleans up come sundown and a round of evening cocktails (namely, when layered with an Alex Mill military shirt). All of this is to say: You’ve got everything you need to look great this spring when it comes to the below #OOTD.

Layer your classic T-shirt with a lightweight-yet-rugged military shirt. That’s your new spring uniform.


  • The Stylish Spring Shirt: Alex Mill Garment-Dyed Field Shirt, $95¬†— Perfect for lightweight layering — especially in early April — this Alex Mill shirt from the newly relaunched brand epitomizes easygoing, modern menswear.
  • The Classic Tee: Flint and Tinder Slub Pocket Tee, $29 or 3 for $75 — Take it from me: You should pick up at least one Flint and Tinder Slub Pocket Tee, or again, 3 for $75.¬†It’s potentially the best pocket tee to buy now.
  • The Pants: Proof Nomad Pants, $98¬†— Made to move and go anywhere, the Proof Nomad Pants just so happen to be made from breathable, durable Japanese twill with two-way stretch — perhaps the perfect travel pants.
  • The Sneakers: ZDA Handball Trainers, $230¬†— An utterly unique pair of classic spring sneakers fit for wearing in casual, laidback fashion this spring.
  • The Belt:¬†Line of Trade Veg-Tanned Leather Belt,¬†$65 — You’re going to need a stylish leather belt for each and every outfit — including this one.
  • The Grooming Upgrade: Ranger Station Birch Bark Cologne, $69.98¬†— Spring is a nice time to work a new, fresh scent into your grooming routine — the Ranger Station Birch Bark Cologne is the one to buy.
  • The Everday Carry Essential: Bexar Goods Co. Classic 4 Billfold, $145¬†— We’re all about the stylish accessories that make a big difference, like this slim leather wallet from Bexar Goods Co.
  • The Spring Essential: Alex Mill Canvas Field Cap, $40 — Just as with its rugged-yet-versatile Field Shirt, the Alex Mill Canvas Field Cap is ideal for throwing on as you head out the door on a weekend coffee run or backyard brewpub visit. Casual style to a “T.”

I don’t know about you, but looking at this outfit gets me more than ready for spring (who wants an iced coffee, ehh?). Again, the beauty of starting an outfit with potentially the best pocket tee on the market is that you can layer it with darn near anything you want — a classic Alex Mill military shirt included. The nature of the humble-yet-essential pocket tee also makes it easy to wear it with the Proof Nomad Pants for a bit of go-anywhere style — the same can be said for the unique-yet-office-friendly ZDA Handball Trainers,¬† made to deliver all-day comfort and visual interest. Naturally, a¬†stylish leather belt is also a must, as is a¬†slim leather wallet— the details really do make all the difference. That’s why we’re also ditching the standard athletic logo cap for a spring-ready canvas cap from Alex Mill — laidback and subtly stylish is the name of the game, all day long. And to take this outfit from good to great, finish things off with a spritz of the Ranger Station Birch Bark Cologne— you’ll be the best-dressed, and best-smelling, guy at the bar. If you take one thing from today’s post, it’s that you should never overlook the a classic T-shirt — it can work for you in as many ways as you let it. Let me know on Twitter how you’re wearing your T-shirt this spring. Thanks for reading!

Style Pick of the Week: Huckberry Artist Series Heavyweight Tee

More than just your average T-shirt, this Huckberry number features custom artwork.

I’ve shopped for my fair share of T-shirts over the years, and I’ve got to say: The search for the perfect T-shirt can be a tricky one (to say the least). There might be a solution if you’re looking for an upgraded, visually interesting and easy-to-layer T-shirt, though: That’d be today’s Style Pick of the Week, the Huckberry Artist Series Heavyweight Tee. It’s an upgraded T-shirt in each and every way, and that’s why it’s nearly essential that you pick up an Artist Series Heavyweight Tee now, featuring engaging artwork and a summer-ready fit.. We’re all about style moves that take the average or the everyday and amp it up a¬† little bit, from the classic white T-shirt to an expertly faded pair of light wash denim, and the¬† Huckberry Artist Series Heavyweight Tee¬†is the perfect addition to your (hopefully growing) list of summer style essentials. And if you’re not normally a T-shirt guy — or conversely, if you feel like you’ve got too many tees in your wardrobe — why should you consider picking up the¬†Huckberry Artist Series Heavyweight Tee? It’s quite simple, my friends. Like all Huckberry essentials, with the Heavyweight Tee you’re getting durability, quality & great design — all in a tee that you can wear on its own or layer up under a classic chambray or Oxford shirt.

Another option from the Huckberry Artist Series — and a pretty darn cool one, to boot.

Helpfully, the Artist Series line features something for everyone in terms of colors and custom prints, from the retro-minded Wolf Print Tee shown at the top of the page to the Huckberry Van Tee seen here. Each tee is made in the States using 100 percent carded cotton (that’s the good stuff) and dialed in with the exacting fit you’d expect from the fine folks at¬†Huckberry. The positives keep on rolling, too — each¬†Huckberry Artist Series Heavyweight Tee¬†is enzyme-washed for softness, meaning that each Heavyweight Tee¬†feels like you’ve owned it for years right from the first wear. That quality could just make the¬†Heavyweight Tee¬†your new favorite T-shirt, especially when it comes to wearing it with a rugged denim jacket or beneath an easygoing cotton shirt on cool summer nights. Add slim khaki chinos (like these Abercrombie & Fitch chinos) plus some white canvas sneakers (like these TOMS sneakers) and you’re all set for your next outdoor concert. Those are the kind of style moves you should be searching for across these next few weeks — pieces that elevate your look from “just a T-shirt and jeans” to something more: A unique tee worn well (and available at an agreeable price!). That’s what the¬†Huckberry Artist Series Heavyweight Tee¬†brings to the table — unique design, cool looks and standout wearability. The¬†Wolf Print Tee¬†is my personal favorite, ideal to wear with your favorite pair of broken-in denim and some suede chukka boots to grab a beer at your local brewpub.

Do you dig the vibes of the Huckberry Artist Series Heavyweight Tee? Which one would you pick, and how would you style it? Get at me on Twitter. 

See Now, Buy Now: The Taylor Stitch Triblend Tee is the Perfect White T-shirt

A close-up look at your new favorite T-shirt.

It’s an elusive #menswear staple that’s often talked about and often imitated, but rarely perfected. We’re talking, Style Guide readers, about the perfect white T-shirt.¬† What’s more, we’re talking about a stylish white T-shirt made by one of our favorite brands, the always on-point folks at Taylor Stitch. Yes indeed, the Taylor Stitch Triblend Tee¬†is going to be a spring and summer go-to with darn near any style combo you dream up — as we always talk about in our ongoing See Now, Buy Now series, that type of versatility is to be recognized and applauded.¬† And you can rest assured that as long as you start off your ensemble with the perfect white T-shirt, the rest of your wardrobe will follow in equal measure. But why the¬†Taylor Stitch Triblend Tee, and why now? Allow me to explain.

The right T-shirt for spring and summer features an exceptional fit — not too tight, not too baggy, with shoulders and sleeves that hug your frame. Without a doubt, Taylor Stitch T-shirts (including the Triblend Tee!) do that quite nicely. And then there’s the crisp white color — wearable with everything from your favorite pair of light wash denim and some classic high-top sneakers to combos that call for a bit more layering. For instance, you can take the¬†Taylor Stitch Triblend Tee¬†and throw it on underneath a classic chambray shirt for easygoing weekend style — just add slim tan chinos and white sneakers. It goes without saying that the¬†Taylor Stitch Triblend Tee¬†is going to look quite crisp underneath an unconstructed navy blazer at the office, too. Add in the fact that the price via¬†Taylor Stitch¬†is quite agreeable (just $45 for the¬†Taylor Stitch Triblend Tee!) and you’ve found a shirt that’s going to work handsomely in the months ahead. So, does that sound like the¬†perfect white T-shirt¬†to you? I think it does.¬†Check out The Style Guide on Facebook for more #menswear insights.¬†

Thanks for reading!