#OOTD: How to Dress for a Casual Early Fall Weekend

Alright, folks. Can you feel it in the air? The start of fall? At least on the calendar now, we’re into the best season for menswear — and believe me, you’re going to need plenty of fall style essentials on tap. There’s really no better time to break out your favorite menswear picks — and given that it’s now prime layering season, we’ve got just what you need below. When it comes to fall weekends, these are the sort of days I cherish in Brooklyn, be it grabbing a rich coffee at my local shop or a choice IPA from my favorite bar. How about you? No matter where you might be, you’ll find a place for the picks below, including a rugged crewneck sweatshirt and a classic Oxford shirt. In my mind, this is the sort of outfit you’re going to want to wear to grab a weekend coffee, head out on a leisurely brunch, hit up your favorite bookstore … you get the picture, right? And particularly when you want to stroll through your favorite park or grab an Oktoberfest beer, you’re going to be glad you’re wearing classic light wash jeans and equally classic retro sneakers — this is all about casual comfort and elevated details. Isn’t fall wonderful? I can already feel it in the air. Want to see how I’m dressing for the season? Head to my Instagram — and put another Oktoberfest beer on my tab.

Gear up for an early fall weekend accordingly, folks.

  • The Sweatshirt: Wellen Hemp Crewneck, $46.98 — In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s all about casual vibes in today’s #OOTD — take this classic crewneck sweatshirt, made sustainably for cozy, comfortable layering when it gets chilly.
  • The Classic Oxford Shirt: Flint and Tinder Garment-Dyed Oxford, $118 — Invest in the best with this timeless Oxford shirt, perfect for amping up a casual outfit ever so slightly (and perfect to wear to grab a weekend coffee, at that).
  • The Denim: Flint and Tinder Light Wash Jeans, $128 — The best denim to wear on the weekend? It’s got to be these classic light wash jeans, easy to wear for anything you’ve got in mind.
  • The Sneakers: Victory Sportswear Classic Runners, $220 — While you could certainly break out rugged leather boots to complement these #menswear picks, classic retro sneakers are a solid (and comfortable) weekend footwear choice.
  • The Watch: Form-Function-Form Horween Leather Chronograph, $114.98 — Let’s not overthink this laidback weekend look — throw on this rugged leather watch & call it a day, ehh?
  • The Socks: American Trench Edo Flower Socks, $19.98 — Hey, it pays to have some stylish socks on tap, right? Right. These American Trench socks are as good as it gets.
  • The Weekend Essential: Ratio Eight Coffee Maker w/ Thermal Carafe, $696 — Before you get on with your weekend, it pays off to use perhaps the best coffee maker on the market — Ratio Eight’s Coffee Maker is a new essential.
  • The Hat: Howler Brothers Howler Bar Snapback, $30 — It’s hard to go wrong with a stylish casual ballcap when you’re heading out the door for a crisp early fall Saturday, agreed?  Agreed.

So from the small details — such as a stylish casual ballcap— to the larger portions of this outfit (including classic light wash jeans), your gear picks are all set for the perfect fall weekend. Heading to a tailgate? Picking up cold beer? Hanging out over a leisurely coffee? This ensemble can work for all of those, particularly as you take on chilly fall weather with a classic crewneck sweatshirt and those classic light wash jeans — these are picks that are truly made to go just about anywhere. And when you step out wearing classic retro sneakers, you’re putting yourself firmly in the right mood — taking your time on a fall weekend. In the spirit of taking time, I’m also recommending you pour yourself a delicious cup of coffee from Ratio Eight’s Coffee Maker, all the while wearing stylish American Trench socks and a rugged Howler Brothers ballcap — the details matter, and so does having the right fuel for the day, ehh? But this outfit isn’t too casual, thanks to a timeless Oxford shirt that makes it a bit more suited if you’re splurging on a nice afternoon out and about. And of course, we’re staying on time through it all with a rugged leather watch for the season. Try this outfit on for size, enjoy your weekend and let me know how you dress for fall over on Twitter.

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