#OOTD: How to Layer Up with a Trucker Jacket for Winter

‘Tis still the season to … layer up with winter style essentials, is it not? And so we begin another #OOTD, taking on a tricky question that can spring up during the doldrums of winter: “Do I really have to wear that jacket again?” Maybe it’s the coat you always wear. Maybe it’s got you feeling like you need a change of pace. Fear not, my friends — I’m here to present the humbler trucker jacket as one of the best new pieces of outerwear you can layer up with. Particularly if it’s not snowing like crazy, and temperatures aren’t in the single digits, it pays to have a whole host of go-to winter style picks that are just different enough from the everyday — in this case, we’re talking about an American-made fleece trucker jacket that’ll keep you warm and toasty when paired with, say a classic long-sleeve shirt from Buck Mason and a rugged denim shirt. It’s a solid change of pace from the ordinary, and it can always be fun to switch things up. The rest of this look is as classic as can be, perfect for a laidback weekend outing, an afternoon at your favorite burger bar, a quick weekend getaway, and perhaps, just maybe … super-casual Friday at work. After all, we’ve got classic chinos and stylish leather boots in the mix, too. You’re going for a look that’s not too over-the-top, but one that just works when it comes to the right style essentials for the season. To get the full picture, keep scrolling, reading and shopping. Like what you see? Let me know all about it on Twitter.

All of the rugged gear picks you need to stay warm in style this winter.

OK, do you have a better idea of how to dress for winter — and how to wear a trucker jacket for winter? It’s something that at first glance might not make a ton of sense, but when done the right way (especially with a warm fleece trucker jacket from American Giant), it can provide plenty of benefits. The best layers for winter are really critical here, too — so, a classic long-sleeve shirt from Buck Mason is going to keep you nice and warm without being overly stuffy. The same goes for your classic denim shirt, also from Buck Mason — talk about a one-two punches that delivers perfectly casual-yet-versatile style potential. Things get amped up ever-so-slightly without going over the top via classic chinos from Flint and Tinder, which also offer up office-friendly (or brewery-ready) style when teamed up with stylish leather boots from HELM Boots — those boots in particularly will age wonderfully over time. They’ll also work in tandem with a rugged, stylish leather watch for a dash of adventure-minded functionality. And thankfully, one of the best men’s deodorants is going to keep you smelling and feeling great — just as a rugged tote bag from Tanner Goods is going to get your gear essentials from point A to point B in style. That’ll about wrap up this #OOTD — where is it going to take you this winter? Great places, I hope. Thanks for reading — cheers!

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