See Now, Buy Now: The LEMS Shoes Boulder Boots Are the Best Spring Boots

Still searching for the best waterproof leather boots for spring? It’s a tough task, right? No doubt about it. And yet, it gets easier. That’s because the best boots for spring are found in today’s post — they’d be the LEMS Shoes Boulder Boots, and you need them on your feet ASAP. These are strange times we live in, so you might not have much opportunity to wear these on epic trips anytime soon, but for solitary hikes, yard work at home and dashing out to quickly pick up some coffee at your favorite shop? Yes, these rugged leather boots are the way to go. Now, LEMS Shoes has a reputation for making durable and yet highly packable (yes, packable!) boots that defy convention, and the latest edition of these waterproof leather boots should be no different. These particular rugged leather boots are durable, tough & ready for whatever you throw at them — if you read the blog, you know this to be true. And if not? Best get acquainted now. LEMS Shoes really does appear to have it all figured out, given that these boots weigh just 12.9oz., and they also travel & wear extremely well. Who can argue against a rugged pair of brown leather boots, right? It gets better when it comes to the LEMS Shoes Boulder Boots, though.

SHOP: The LEMS Shoes Boulder Boots

That light weight doesn’t sacrifice quality construction, and it doesn’t leave toughness behind, either. The rugged brown leather on these boots just so happens to be waterproof (as the name would imply), and the design is easily packable, too — it’s a hallmark of LEMS boots, to be sure. And the styling potential with these is first-rate, too — wear them with simple-yet-classic style staples like dark denim & a rugged henley, or team them with tan chinos, a denim jacket & a chambray shirt. You’ve got style, functionality and durability, and it’s all rolled up into one set of finely crafted, perfectly packable boots. It doesn’t get any better than that for early spring (and beyond). Step into these durable leather boots ASAP.

SHOP: The LEMS Shoes Boulder Boots

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