Style Pick of the Week: Billy Reid Dempsey Jacket

A remarkable coat from a standout style purveyor in Billy Reid.

Do you ever pick a jacket out of a lineup and think to yourself … “Whoa. That jacket is AMAZING.” Such was the case for yours truly with the Billy Reid Dempsey Jacket, a truly stunning early winter coat that just might be one of the best men’s winter jackets — believe you me. It’s made with the kind of care and attention to detail that can only come from a designer who’s honed his chops getting all the small details right, from making the perfect American-made Oxford to developing a rugged pair of beautiful selvedge denim. Of course, the Bond Peacoat is a prime example of this approach, as is the new Billy Reid Dempsey Jacket, the kind of jacket you’re going to want to wear every single day of the week. True to form, it blends a rugged, old-school appeal with an edgy sort of style that wouldn’t look out of place at a cool speakeasy or a rock concert — seriously a piece like the Billy Reid Dempsey Jacket can very nearly do it all. Heck, the outer shell is water and wind-resistant, so it can take on highland hikes as readily as it can take on a gourmet dinner-and-drinks date.

Lined with faux fur and featuring a stand-up collar.

That’s relatively unique among weather-ready winter outerwear, but again, no one said the Billy Reid Dempsey Jacket  was trying to blend into the crowd. The stand-up collar adds a bit of an edge, similar to the classic Harrington jacket, while the rich Navy color is dressy and yet rugged all at once. To keep a long story short, the Billy Reid Dempsey Jacket is going to wear easily with beat-up moc toe leather boots, indigo denim and a thermal henley … and then you can turn right around and wear it in place of a blazer atop a classic Oxford shirt-knit tie combo at the office. For maximum adventure potential, the Billy Reid Dempsey Jacket even features water-resistant flap and button closures — make no mistake, this is a jacket for the modern man, done up in homage to classic field coat styles. What does that mean for you? It means it’s going to live up to the name, the billing and yes, the price tag (nearly $700). When you consider how far you can go when wearing the Billy Reid Dempsey Jacket though, I’ll think you’ll consider it a fine purchase. Who else is on board with that?


Style Pick of the Week: Flint and Tinder Slub Waffle Henley

From the cool texture to the rugged styling potential, this Flint and Tinder henley is a winter go-to.

Another day, another dollar … and another piece of stylish fall menswear from our pals at Flint and Tinder. They’re all about rugged, easy-to-wear essentials that channel classic style — like the timeless henley. Specifically, The Flint and Tinder Slub Waffle Henley is quite the addition to your fall layering game, and it’s one you’re going to want to pick up as soon as possible. It’s fitting that it’s joining the roster of our Style Pick of the Week series, which — as luck would have it — is packed with plenty of fall style essentials that would readily pair up with the Flint and Tinder Slub Waffle Henley.  What is it about a henley that can help every guy update his look in a rugged, fall-ready way? It’s the layering potential — wearable under a chambray shirt or a black moto jacket — and it’s the sense of casual cool you get from wearing a henley. That’s nearly all there is to it. Well, maybe not all there is to it.  The Flint and Tinder Slub Waffle Henley flips the script on the typical henley, with a slub thermal weave that easily lends itself to weekend layering — that’s just a start.

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Innovative details help make this a seasonal staple — agreed?

More specifically, the Flint and Tinder Slub Waffle Henley is just a nicely made henley, from the unbreakable UREA metal fisheye buttons to the poplin placket (made to provide some visual and textural interest). The end result is a unique henley that’s worth the price ($62) and able to be paired up with slightly more refined pieces. Seriously, try it underneath a tan herringbone blazer with dark denim for some classic high-low style at the office. And if you couldn’t tell by now, I personally love the Birch color — although you can also snag the Flint and Tinder Slub Waffle Henley in colors like Charcoal and Olive. The great news? No matter the color you select, the wearability of the Flint and Tinder Slub Waffle Henley is top-notch. Take your favorite flannel shirt, add this rugged henley, throw on some slim black denim and call it good. Conversely, roll out of bed during the work week, pair the Flint and Tinder Slub Waffle Henley with a nay flannel suit and brown leather lace-up boots — it just works. And if you want a henley to wear this weekend with cozy sweats? Yessir, the Flint and Tinder Slub Waffle Henley  can do that, too.

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Style Pick of the Week: Luminox Atacama Field Automatic 1900 Watch

A rugged, durable and highly stylish addition to your watch collection.

It’s been some time since we’ve talked about a stylish casual watch here on the blog — but as the seasons change, so too does our coverage of men’s watches. Long story short: We’re getting back into it by talking about the outstanding Luminox Atacama Field Automatic 1900 Watch, a worthy entry on any list of the best men’s watches. That’s especially the case as we enter the chillier, more rugged climes of fall and winter — you need a watch that can stand up accordingly, and the  Luminox Atacama Field Automatic 1900 Watch fits the bill nicely. With a price tag that’s spendy but not all that outrageous ($749), this watch is a rare field-inspired timepiece that just so happens to look a little more dressy and refined. The Swiss construction is gorgeous and top-of-the-line, while the woven nylon strap is handsome and substantial.

The Luminox Atacama Field Automatic 1900 Watch is the type of timepiece where every detail has been considered, and that’s great news for you. It’s a go-anywhere, do-it-all watch that also features handy extras like Crucially, that rugged-meets-refined approach means you can wear the Luminox Atacama Field Automatic 1900 Watch with all the casual gear you typically reach for on a weekend, from perfectly faded jeans and a classic crewneck sweater to durable hiking boots and a waxed trucker jacket (as seen in this post on fall style essentials).

This watch is surprisingly refined, yet casual. A winner in my book.

But here’s another thing about the Luminox Atacama Field Automatic 1900 Watch — it also wouldn’t look half-bad with the dressier fall gear in your arsenal. Take a tan herringbone blazer, navy chinos and a classic chambray shirt, add your best fall boots, then toss on the Luminox Atacama Field Automatic 1900 Watch to finish it all off.  Feel free it to go a step further and team the stunning Luminox Atacama Field Automatic 1900 Watch with a grey flannel suit, sleek leather Chelsea boots and a crisp denim dress shirt — see, that’s nearly the perfect high-low style combination. In terms of more functional matters, this handsome watch also delivers. It’s water-resistant to 200 meters, and it also features an always-on lume that glows without a battery or light source — how’s that for delivering on adventure-ready quality? To recap: The Luminox Atacama Field Automatic 1900 Watch is a brilliantly built watch that gives you the potential to wear it in ways more laidback or more refined — any day of the week.

Are you digging the Luminox Atacama Field Automatic 1900 Watch? How are you styling it?


Style Pick of the Week: Quoddy Bowhunter Boots

Durable, heritage-quality boots that hone the spirit of the outdoors & the spirit of fall.

As we always talk about here at The Style Guide, there are certain fall style essentials you gotta have, and there are certain fall style essentials that are well worth the investment, ones that have that “Wow” factor. The Quoddy Bowhunter Boots absolutely fit into that category, to say the very least.  And for our Style Pick of the Week series, they’ll fit the bill just fine — particularly now that we’re cruising through October. If you’ve been slacking when it comes to picking up a pair of the best men’s boots, now is the time to snap ’em up. After all, everything from apple orchard exploration to craft beer festivals to football tailgates still awaits, and the exceptional Quoddy Bowhunter Boots are the one pair of boots to wear to all of those pursuits  (and to the office, if you can get away with it). Rugged leather boots are an essential for taking on fall and winter weather, and if you’re going to splurge, you might as well splurge on a pair that’s going to give you plenty in matters of both style and functionality — the Quoddy Bowhunter Boots shape up quite nicely.

Handmade in Maine with a seriously cool and rugged Grizzly Peanut leather, the Quoddy Bowhunter Boots are made with antique brass eyelets for durability — lace ’em up as often as you please. That handsome leather is going to break in very nicely, giving you a pair of stylish men’s boots that’ll team up easily alongside perfectly faded jeans and a classic henley. They’ve also got that throwback, heritage-inspired look that lends itself to actually being worn in  the field, be it on a weekend camping trip or a long weekend upstate. And you’re simply not going to find many other boots that feature a hand-stained leather midsole or a deerskin bellows tongue (designed to keep out water and debris). Yes indeed, the Quoddy Bowhunter Boots are the height of craftsmanship, quality and classic style. They’re going to work particularly well with chore pants and a waxed trucker jacket on a chilly fall or winter morning — no need to worry about durability or longevity when it comes to the Quoddy Bowhunter Boots, my friends. And if you fancy taking them for a spin at your office? They’ll wear handsomely with olive chinos and a classic garment-dyed Oxford.  A pair of stylish men’s boots that can do it all sounds like a must-have to me this season.

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Style Pick of the Week: Billy Reid Dover Sweatshirt

More than just your average sweatshirt, that’s for sure.

We’ve all likely got that favorite weekend sweatshirt, the one that you reach for on cloudy, dreary, casual days — well, let’s shake things up a bit, because the Billy Reid Dover Sweatshirt is A) Your new seasonal favorite and B) One heck of an addition to your ever-growing list of men’s style essentials.  Inshort, it’s got everything you need in a casual sweater, with an added punch in terms of style points, easy wearability and cool design details. Sounds pretty great, right? Billy Reid is one of those American menswear designers with a point of view that’s distinct and premium, yet uniquely accessible — case in point, the Dover Sweatshirt.  Made in Canada from a cotton-poly blend in a classic crewneck sweatshirt design, this stylish weekend sweatshirt is a winner on all fronts … heck, it’s stylish enough to be worn to the office with slim five-pocket pants, suede Chelsea boots and a classic Oxford shirt for a nice mix of high and low styles. My personal favorite has to be the Natural color, but the Dover Sweatshirt is also available in a crisp Dark Midnight color. Really, it’s your call — you’re getting excellent versatility and style with the Billy Reid Dover Sweatshirt. The only question, really, is how to style it.

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Billy Reid

Neat leather patches set this thing apart from the pack.

Herringbone twill detailing and vintage-inspired leather elbow patches elevate the Dover Sweatshirt quite nicely. This is the type of sweatshirt that’s going to work with everything from perfectly faded jeans and suede chukka boots to slim corduroy pants and stylish brown leather brogues. When’s the last time you had a sweatshirt like that, ehh?  The results are absolutely what you’d expect from a lauded designer like Billy Reid, who prides himself on doing things in a way that’s different yet accessible. Take the small finishing touches, like piping details at the armhole — the  Dover Sweatshirt is made with craft and care top of mind. In short, you’re going to feel comfortable and look great, even if the only thing you can muster up is a visit to your local coffee shop. But preferably, you’re going to be dressed to take on the world  (even on a weekend!) with the Dover Sweatshirt — it’s that stylish and sharp. For your Style Guide author, it’s the perfect grab-and-go piece to layer over a classic white T-shirt. But feel free to make the Dover Sweatshirt your own — it can certainly handle style scenarios aplenty.

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Style Pick of the Week: Red Wing Heritage Rover Boots

Timeless, durable leather boots that pass every test you could throw at ’em. Image courtesy of Red Wing Heritage.

Let’s keep it simple to start today’s Style Pick of the Week off the right way, folks: For fall, you need nothing less than the Red Wing Heritage Rover Boots on your feet. After all, if you’re going to snap up a pair of stylish leather boots just in time for the season, you might as well make ’em the best of the best.  And if you read the blog at all, you’re aware that we’re all about quality, timeless materials and a distinct sense of versatility & toughness — all of which Red Wing Heritage stands by. And the Rover Boots in particular sit right in the crosshairs of what you should be looking for this fall — boots that simply won’t quit, the kind that’ll pair with your favorite dark denim and a flannel shirt or a thermal henley for weekend (and weekday) adventures aplenty. They’ll work with more outdoors-minded pieces like tough chore pants and a rugged flannel-lined trucker jacket, too. What separates the Red Wing Heritage Rover Boots from the rest of the pack?

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It’s simple: The same approach and attention to detail that makes any pair of boots from the brand tough to beat. The best boots for fall start with the best leather, and Red Wing sits at the top in that category — they make it look easy with full-grain, oil-tanned leather from their own Minnesota tannery. Goodyear welt construction, a process that allows the boots to be resoled after years of hard wear, also, sets the beautifully rugged Red Wing Heritage Rover Boots apart from the pack.

Red Wing Heritage

Another look at the workman-like profile of these tough leather boots.

The construction of these boots is notable for another reason — they’re, somewhat incredibly, water, stain and perspiration-resistant — yep, the Rover Boots are as tough and stylish as it gets. You’re also riding easy in terms of comfort: These durable boots are built from the ground up with a crepe rubber sole. So, you know they can stand up to most anything. Might I also suggest you snag a handy Red Wing product care kit to keep the Rover Boots looking fresh? That’ll do it. Heck, even the price is a selling point when it comes to the Red Wing Heritage Rover Boots — try finding a pair of boots like this for under $300 anywhere else. It’s tough to do, yes? I think you’ll agree with me when I say the Red Wing Heritage Rover Boots are all you need for fall, right down to the USA-made construction. Who else is ready to break out these handsome, rugged and stylish boots? I thought so. If you pick up these boots, keep me posted on Twitter. And thanks for reading!

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Style Pick of the Week: Bespoke Post Carry Box

From a slim wallet to a stylish pen, the Bespoke Post Carry Box has the early fall essentials you need to stay organized.

Your everyday carry essentials are perhaps no more important than at the start of a new menswear season — like early fall. We’ve been talking for weeks here on The Style Guide about transitional men’s style essentials to keep you looking sharp in spite of the changing weather — that’s where the always-handy Bespoke Post Boxes come into play. In short: Bespoke Post packages up menswear essentials and delivers ’em to you for one low price via its subscription service. Which brings me to the functional, truly excellent Bespoke Post Carry Box.  What’s in store for you if you pick up this well-designed package of menswear goodies? Quite a lot, my friend. From the crisp and clean Line of Trade Slim Wallet (with room for up to 15 cards!) to the Fisher Bullet Space Pen, the Carry Box is packed full of those small, thoughtfully made touches you didn’t know you needed (yet). Take the Gerber Shard Tool — a pocket-sized multi-tool that can be had (along with the Space Pen and the Line of Trade Slim Wallet) for just $45 when you sign up to join Bespoke PostHow’s that for a heck of a deal to start a new menswear season? Bingo.

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Three refined, durable and great-looking everyday essentials in one agreeable package.

Now, you might be wondering why the heck you’d need a new leather wallet or a new pen, or a new multi-tool, but the answer comes back to the fact that organization and attention to detail — from the ground up — really can shape a menswear ensemble. That is to say, the Bespoke Post Carry Box can be the perfect finishing touch if you’ve got your other men’s style essentials on lock. Whether you’re heading to a rock concert or schlepping your gear to a day at the office, the stylish and very well-priced Bespoke Post Carry Box can help you keep everything straight. And these goods aren’t just any old everyday carry pieces, either — the Fischer Space Pen is an investment-level writing utensil all on its own, while the handsome Line of Trade Slim Wallet comes in multiple refined leather options for maximum versatility. Each piece of the Bespoke Post Carry Box truly can be used every single day, and they’ll get better with age (yes, even the Gerber Shard Tool). And again, the Bespoke Post Carry Box is available for under $50 when you sign up to join Bespoke Post — what’s not to love about that? If I were you, I’d be all in.

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