Style Pick of the Week: Olukai Nalukai Boots

Lightweight leather boots to wear with light wash denim and other essentials for summer.

Does it feel counterintuitive or strange to be talking about stylish men’s boots in the middle of summer? Like the OluKai Nalukai Boots as pictured above? This time, after all, is normally reserved for shopping for and wearing things like classic high-top sneakers and the like — not heavy leather boots, right? Well, I’m here to try to prove you wrong, and to tell you to give some rugged leather boots a shot; who knows, you might even discover that this particular pair is your favorite pair of leather boots. On that note, I present to you for your consideration the Nalukai Boots, made with durability, good looks and an easygoing sensibility in mind. The word “nalukai” is pretty fitting, too — it translates roughly to “weathered by time,” and rest assured that the OluKai Nalukai Boots are going to break in quite nicely, to say the least.

The OluKai Nalukai Boots are the sort of A-to-Z boots you can wear with plenty of summer style essentials through plenty of summer weekends and well into fall. If your weekend adventures fall on the more casual side of things — y’know, a farmer’s market trip followed by a park walk and a patio lunch — the OluKai Nalukai Boots are your go-to pair. It starts with the small details, including the unlined, burnished leather upper — that means there’s no bulky, hot lining here. So, that’s a big plus if you’ve been looking to switch up your summer footwear rotation in an unexpected way. Some rugged leather boots are just what you need, in fact.

Yet another cool color in which you can pick up the OluKai Nalukai Boots.

The OluKai Nalukai Boots are available in multiple different rich leather iterations, including a dark grey Husk/Silt as pictured above (and available for purchase here). But for my money’s worth, you can’t top the deep brown leather Fox/Bone Nalukai Boots, which would pair perfectly with slim light wash denim and a white henley, for instance. The lightweight EVA footbed and EVA midsole provide a heck of a lot of all-day comfort, while the octopus-inspired printed footbed is a neat design touch that you might appreciate. The waxed cotton laces on the OluKai Nalukai Boots also lend these boots a slightly more polished touch — feel free to wear ’em with tan khaki chinos, a white Oxford and a lightweight navy blazer for a casual day at the office if you want something more comfortable than traditional leather dress shoes. That’s right, I’m continuing to call for you to wear a pair of stylish men’s boots this summer. What say you? Let me know on Twitter if they tickle your fancy! Thanks for reading.


Style Pick of the Week: Bridge & Burn Sutton Shirt

Bridge & Burn
The soft, easy-to-layer shirt you didn’t know about just yet.

The search for the perfect summer shirt can be surprisingly tricky. It’s a crowded market out there, and a stylish casual shirt has to check a few boxes — particularly if you’re going to be wearing said shirt on its own, using it as a stylish overshirt atop a slub tee, or layering it underneath rugged denim jacket on a cool summer night (Editor’s note: I like this stylish white T-shirt when it comes to summer layering). My friends, the Bridge & Burn Sutton Shirt  is the shirt to wear to take care of business in each of those scenarios. Just like the Bridge & Burn Winslow Shirt that we talked about a few weeks ago here on The Style Guide, the equally stylish Sutton Shirt features the kind of easygoing style and cool-as-can-be design that makes it a summertime winner. From the 100 percent cotton construction to the use of a soft doublecloth on the interior, the Bridge & Burn Sutton Shirt  is ridiculously easy to throw on for breezy summer evenings or casual summer days — especially if the temperature is a bit cooler than normal. The copper color sets it apart, too — I’m a big fan. While it’s perfectly fine to wear something a bit more vibrant in the summer, the occasion sometimes calls for style that’s a bit more pared down. Witness this shirt — able to be worn with slim chinos and white sneakers without missing a beat. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why the Sutton Shirt belongs in your wardrobe (and on your back) this season.

A slim fit is accentuated by a center back pleat — exactly the design touches that make a difference.

Perhaps you, like me, also appreciate the versatility of a shirt like the Bridge & Burn Sutton Shirt  — the type of versatility that enables a  stylish casual shirt to be layered over a henley or an indigo pocket tee, worn beneath a navy cotton blazer, or trotted out all on its own. The rich fabric and cool copper color make it the perfect type of shirt to throw on with light wash jeans and classic suede chukkas — it’s no-fuss and decidedly no-frills. The Sutton Shirt also stands out quitely when teamed with other summertime classics, like slim navy chino shorts and white canvas sneakers. It’s, simply put, just a darn good shirt. When it comes time to throw on a classic denim jacket and gather ’round the bonfire (or the bar), well, the Bridge & Burn Sutton Shirt is going to work out mighty fine. What’s your take on this essential casual shirt? Let me know via The Style Guide Facebook page. Cheers!

Style Pick of the Week: Zodiac Super Sea Wolf 53 Compression Watch

A striking, sporty watch that also works at the office — it’s summer-ready, for sure.

Do we tend to emphasize affordable men’s style on this here blog? We certainly do. But every once in a while, isn’t it nice to step back, think of the big picture, and perhaps dream of an investment-worthy watch? Yes, yes it certainly is. That brings me to today’s Style Pick of the Week, the classically designed, functionally stylish Zodiac Super Sea Wolf 53 Compression Watch — it’s every bit as good as the price tag would indicate. And there’s perhaps no better time to invest in a stylish casual watch that can go anywhere on land — and anywhere off land, for that matter. Featuring a rather astounding price tag — and equally astounding Swiss construction — the Super Sea Wolf 53 Compression Watch is well-suited for whatever comes your way this summer.  Namely, the Super Sea Wolf is the rare watch that works as well in the office as it does off the clock. It’s sporty and yet understated, the type of watch to wear with a lightweight navy blazer, a striped pocke tee and slim chinos to the office. And when you really need to up the ante in terms of adventure-ready style? The Zodiac Super Sea Wolf 53 Compression Watch is with you every step of the way.

It’s a highly accurate watch complete with a durable stainless steel case and 200 meters worth of water resistance — it’s certainly not just for show when it comes time to head out an excursion. SuperLuminova markings add to the readability of the sporty-yet-simple watch face, too. All told, there’s no watch like the  Super Sea Wolf in your collection currently (at least, I’d bet not). The black nylon strap is simple and understated, all the better to wear this watch with a slim navy polo and classic khaki shorts to a weekend happy hour. It’s also a vacation-ready watch — the durability and classic style is well-suited if you’re looking for a watch to wear for travel. Team it with a rugged denim jacket and a slub T-shirt for a polished airport look that’s still uniquely comfortable. The great thing is, the texture of the durable nylon strap also lends itself well to plenty of fall and winter ensembles (not that it’s pleasant to think that far ahead). Point being, a versatile and investment-level watch like the Super Sea Wolf should work as hard as you do — for the price tag, you need to ensure you’re getting your money’s worth. So, wear it with dark blue denim and a T-shirt, pair it with a navy polo and a slim khaki blazer … just ensure it’s on your wrist quite a lot this summer.

Are you going to invest in the Super Sea Wolf Watch? Let me know in the comments!

Style Pick of the Week: Nisolo x Huckberry Travel Derby

Crisp, versatile derby shoes that just so happen to be perfect for summer travel.

Any list of summer style essentials calls for travel gear that can stand up to anything, right? Particularly when it comes to versatile travel shoes, I’d say. That’s why we’re here with an all-new, hot-off-the-presses, Style Pick of the Week. The Nisolo x Huckberry Travel Derby, released just a few days ago, are nothing short of the must-have shoes you need for your next summer trip. You can snag them via the Nisolo site, or via Huckberry — so there’s really no reason not to pick up a pair, right? Right.

That’s high praise, to be sure, but you can’t beat a pair of classic Oxford shoes that combine comfort, mobility and versatility. The brand made these exclusively for our pals at Huckberry, and they know a great pair of kicks when they see one. Believe you me, the Travel Derby is a great pair of kicks. The no-break-in suede upper on the Nisolo x Huckberry Travel Derby is a critical touch, truly crucial for comfort right out of the box (especially if you’re going to be wearing these for summer travel). I’m talking the sort of travel that might take you from the office to a train or a plane, then out the door to dinner. The Travel Derby has you covered. And the soft leather insole also molds to your foot, making these casual suede Oxfords easy to wear with stylish no-show socks. The XL Xtralight foam outsole is also plenty comfortable, featuring a laidback wedge shape, to boot. So, the Travel Derby has got what you might call the “comfort + specs” part of the equation down pat.

The great thing about the Travel Derby? You can wear ’em on the road, or pack ’em away with ease for summer trips aplenty.

The Nisolo x Huckberry Travel Derby also checks some crucial boxes in terms of styling potential. The silhouette and design is clean and classic, all the better for wearing with all manner of casual Friday looks. Take the Travel Derby and pair it with slim light wash jeans, a navy T-shirt and a lightweight khaki blazer — you’re set to close out the work week, and the only thing you need to hit the road is a stylish vintage leather messenger bag. And when you get where you’re headed this summer? Wear the Nisolo x Huckberry Travel Derby with slim stone chinos and a short-sleeve chambray shirt for style that’s quite happy hour-friendly. What’s the capper on the Travel Derby? It just might be the fact that these are ethically produced in Mexico — it’s that attention to detail that lends itself to a seriously stylish pair of summer shoes.  If you haven’t already decided to purchase the Nisolo x Huckberry Travel Derby, my only question is … what are you waiting for?

Head to Huckberry to get the Nisolo x Huckberry Travel Derby ASAP. 

Style Pick of the Week: Taylor Stitch Short-Sleeve Jack Shirt

The same cut and styling potential as the brand’s Jack Shirt, upgraded for summer.

Ladies and gentlemen, the makers of some of your favorite shirts are turning things up to 11 … and dialing back the length of the sleeves on your new favorite summer, essential, no less. We’re talking, of course, about the Taylor Stitch Short-Sleeve Jack Shirt, a version of the brand’s Jack Shirt (as the name would imply) that certainly belongs on your list of summer style must-haves.  If you ask your humble Style Guide editor, the folks at Taylor Stitch really can do no wrong — they get all the details right across the board, and they’ve turned their collective attention toward a heck of a finished product with the Taylor Stitch Short-Sleeve Jack Shirt. 

If you haven’t yet come around to the utility and style inherent in wearing a stylish short-sleeve shirt this summer, it’s about time you did. The right short-sleeve shirt emphasizes your chest and shoulders while getting rid of the bulk and extra fabric that even more casual long-sleeve shirts bring to the table. A slim short-sleeve shirt like the Jack Shirt can work in each and every way that a polo might, all the while offering a cooler look and feel than said polo. It’ also sits squarely in the casual  realm — more dressed up than a T-shirt, yet just as easy to pair with laidback style staples like slim summer shorts. The fact that the Taylor Stitch Short-Sleeve Jack Shirt, does all this while also being priced under $100 is worthy of applause.

The details, done right. Another great product churned out by Taylor Stitch.

The unique fabric is another MAJOR (and I mean, MAJOR) selling point when it comes to the Taylor Stitch Short-Sleeve Jack Shirt. The 100 percent organic cotton, waffle-woven fabric keeps you cool and breezy in the heat — plus, it stands out visually when layered under a rugged denim jacket on chilly summer nights. The unbreakable Japanese urea buttons are one of those small design touches that also set the Short-Sleeve Jack Shirt apart — you’re certainly getting your money’s worth here. The neutral grey color also makes the Jack Shirt quite easy to style with, well, everything in your summer wardrobe. Olive chinos and brown leather loafers? Reach for the Short-Sleeve Jack Shirt. Slim light wash denim and white canvas sneakers? The Short-Sleeve Jack Shirt. A denim jacket, khaki chinos and suede chukkas? Bingo: It’s the Short-Sleeve Jack Shirt. Heck, you can even layer the Short-Sleeve Jack Shirt under a navy blazer — it’s an easy way to beat the heat while still looking polished. The Short-Sleeve Jack Shirt is a summer style essential … don’t you agree?

Who else can get behind picking up the Short-Sleeve Jack Shirt this summer? How are you wearing your shirt this season? Let me know in the comments! 


Style Pick of the Week: WP Standard Vintage Messenger

A ridiculously high-quality bag that’s going to break in very nicely over time.

Looking for a new everyday bag? One made with serious heritage quality and timeless style in mind? One that’s going to seriously amp up your everyday carry essentials? My friends, the WP Standard Vintage Messenger is that very bag, on all fronts. It’s, simply put,a beautiful leather bag that’ll age well and show character — it’s a fine complement to the rest of the WP Standard line, which features my favorite chambray shirt and my favorite rugged denim jacket (as seen on my Instagram), plus my favorite leather belt. Seriously, folks … WP Standard gear like the Vintage Messenger is absolutely no joke when it comes to style and substance. It’s a tricky balance in the ever-shifting world of fashion, which emphasizes disposable goods and the latest trends now more than ever. Yet, the WP Standard Vintage Messenger eschews all those entirely in favor of, well, just plain standout construction and superb quality. The Vintage Messenger is inspired by antique postal bags, so it’s certainly well-suited for everything from a weekend trip upstate to a cross-country trip to Portland to your daily grind. The handsome, durably crafted WP Standard Vintage Messenger really can do it all in matters of style and functionality, and the vegetable-tanned leather is going to take on a life of its own over time — that’s a very good thing indeed. 

It’s always impressive when a brand can build out a full set of products that truly complement each other — in this instance, the remarkable WP Standard Vintage Messenger fits right in with the brand’s handsomely crafted T-shirts, chambray shirting and outerwear. It’s also a surefire fit with your other summer style essentials, which means that you should take every opportunity to take it with you on summer adventures aplenty. External pockets and an interior laptop pocket give you plenty of space for everything you might need to bring with you, whether you head into the office or get dressed to work remotely. Again, the style and substance of the WP Standard Vintage Messenger tells a story all its own, especially when you bring this bag with you to a business casual day at the office or a weekend afternoon coffee run. That’s really what the best men’s accessories should do, right? Tell stories and speak for themselves in terms of style. In short, that’s why you need the WP Standard Vintage Messenger in your life, my friends.

Will the WP Standard Vintage Messenger be part of your next summer trip or your work commute? Tell me why at The Style Guide Facebook page. 

Style Pick of the Week: Faherty Brand Bliss Henley

A blend of both rugged appeal and old-school cool make the Bliss Henley a surefire summer style essential.

Don’t have a short-sleeve henley in your summer style rotation yet? Let’s fix that today, folks. Wary of adding another tee to your overstuffed T-shirt drawer? Fear not, because the Faherty Brand Bliss Henley sets itself apart from the bevy of other tees in your rotation thanks to its rugged style, its enduring versatility and the fact that it’s got, well, quite the “cool” factor. A rugged men’s henley is the T-shirt upgrade you didn’t know you needed … to say the least. A classic henley features visually interesting details, quality construction and go-anywhere appeal for summer — the Faherty Brand Bliss Henley certainly checks all those boxes. And a shirt like the Bliss Henley is the one to splurge on as summer quickly approaches. A stylish henley is a shirt that darn near every guy just looks great in — no matter your age or fitness level. It’s got a classically cool appeal that nods to sporting heritage and yet teams nicely with all manner of spring and summer style staples — see, doesn’t the Faherty Brand Bliss Henley seem like a solid purchase already? Better yet, it channels the laidback cool at which Faherty Brand excels … yet it’s wearable in plenty of other locales aside from the beach and the boardwalk. Chalk up another win for the Faherty Brand Bliss Henley.

The specs and construction of the Faherty Brand Bliss Henley aren’t to be slept on, either — hence the rather high price tag. Rest assured, Faherty Brand doesn’t skimp on quality fabric or design. The pleasingly light wash indigo-dyed cotton jersey fabric is substantial enough to rest easily underneath a rugged denim jacket (alongside slim tan chinos and white sneakers), but it’s also durable enough to work on its own when paired up with slim grey denim and classic suede boots. Shell buttons add a bit more dependability and visual interest to the Faherty Brand Bliss Henley, too. Did I mention the fit is tailored, yet not too tight? Perfect for flattering any guy’s frame. It’s also got a nicely lived-in feel, thanks to the garment-washed finish — it’s going to look and feel like it’s been a summer style essential for years, right out of the box. That’s the type of gear that  Faherty Brand does so well, and it means that the Bliss Henley is a worthy pickup, no matter how full your T-shirt drawer might be at the moment. How’s that for a must-buy menswear pick this season?

Thanks for reading!



Style Pick of the Week: Proof Performance Oxford

A streamlined take on the Oxford shirt, made with stain-resistant fabric and a tailored fit.

Right off the bat, the Proof Performance Oxford is head and shoulders above other ordinary shirts on the market. A bold statement, to be sure, but I ask that you bear with me today. There’s plenty that’s made the Proof Performance Oxford worthy of being this week’s Style Pick, from the innovative construction to the stain-resistant fabric to the fact that every guy, no matter who you are, needs a stylish Oxford shirt that can quite literally go anywhere. The Performance Oxford is that shirt. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with a classic cotton Oxford, there are instance where a thicker, heavier Oxford might not work.

Take, for example, the dead of summer or an abnormally humid spring day — you’re going to want to stay cool, dry and stylish, and that’s where the Proof Performance Oxford comes into play. The midweight, cotton-poly blend that makes up the innards of the Proof Performance Oxford combines what you love about cotton (the most versatile fabric on the planet, perhaps?) with the “performance” aspects of nylon — as the shirt’s name would imply! In short, the Proof Performance Oxford is the spring and summer shirt that you didn’t know you needed … yet. The brand calls the Performance Oxford the “21st-century take” on the traditional Oxford, and your Style Guide editor is inclined to agree with ’em.

Stain-resistant fabric, again, is what makes this shirt stand out from the pack. Assuredly.

It’s got all the hallmarks of a classic Oxford, including a pleasingly modern fit, a buttondown collar and versatile color options — I’m a fan of the mid-range Navy Oxford, personally. Add in the fact that the Performance Oxford features coveted and exceedingly rare stain-resistant fabrication, and you’ve got a surefire winner when it comes to the next shirt you’ll splurge on this season. It’s also quite versatile — this isn’t a longer-cut dress shirt by any means. The Performance Oxford works with tailored navy shorts or slim tan chinos in equal measure. The footwear choice is yours, although anything from oxblood leather loafers to tan suede chukkas are going to work more than handsomely with any color of the Performance Oxford. It’s the type of versatile shirt that’s going to pair nicely with the full range of pants in your wardrobe in the months ahead, from faded American-made jeans to dark blue denim to olive chinos and beyond. Again, the list of positives for the Proof Performance Oxford goes on and on, without a doubt. That’s true in both matters of style and substance. Leave your old Oxford behind — the Proof Performance Oxford means business.

Who’s buying the Proof Performance Oxford? How are you styling it? 

Thanks for reading!



Style Pick of the Week: Raleigh Denim Graham Jeans

Classic denim in a modern fit — plus a spring-friendly wash. The perfect pair? You decide.

If you pass through The Style Guide regularly, then you’ll surely recognize the importance of seasonal style essentials — in this case, spring style essentials — that help you fully embrace this time of year and all of its potential. Bar crawls. Barbeques. Park strolls. Weekend festivals. It’s all on the table, and you need the right gear for every situation. When you feel like completely refreshing and revamping your wardrobe, these essentials are the pieces to which you can always turn. That brings me to the star of today’s post — the Raleigh Denim Graham Jeans, a lovely pair of stylish light wash denim that simply belong in your closet (and on your legs) this season. They check all the boxes in terms of the perfect pair of light wash denim with which to switch up your rotation of dark, inky blue denim. That’s right: Every so often, I’m recommending you set aside your deep, dark blue denim for something with a bit more spark — a slim pair of light wash denim like the extremely well-made, timelessly stylish Raleigh Denim Graham Jeans. In a cool Pilot wash and made with a slim-straight fit, you truly can’t top this pair of denim. And if you’re somewhat new to the whole “light wash denim” game, you might as well invest in the best and pick up a pair you can wear all through the spring and summer, and next spring & summer … and every spring and summer well after that, too. Folks, again … that’s what the Raleigh Denim Graham Jeans bring to the fold.

I’m a big fan of the striking, visually pleasing Pilot wash, the sort of finishing touch that nods toward spring but doesn’t go too far down the “stonewashed retro” path. Small touches like the yellow-gold stitching contrast quite nicely with the rich, pleasingly faded blue of the Raleigh Denim Graham Jeans in particular. This is a pair of classic light wash denim that I could see working quite well with a rugged short-sleeve henley and classic suede boots for a round of beer and cider at your favorite brewery. The slim-straight fit is also flattering but not too tight or too loose — a good go-between when it comes to finding the right balance between casual and sloppy. That means the Raleigh Denim Graham Jeans work in a variety of style situations, even ones that are business casual. Seriously, try pairing the Raleigh Denim Graham Jeans with a dark navy cotton blazer and a striped merino henley (plus suede chukka boots) for a high-low, transitional spring style combo. Stylish light wash jeans that you can wear to the office and to the bar? Your list of spring style essentials just got a little longer.

Will you be purchasing — and wearing — the Raleigh Denim Graham Jeans? Check in with me via The Style Guide Facebook page.