Style Pick of the Week: Mizzen+Main Durham Flannel Shirt

An upgraded denim shirt made with versatile fabric — just the right way to go for a business casual ensemble.

You’ve not yet worn a shirt like the Mizzen+Main Durham Flannel — I can nearly guarantee that. While it’s likely you’ve certainly got a classic flannel shirt in your closet, the Durham Flannel is another beast entirely, and in a good way when it comes to business casual winter style. It’s a recent, new offering from Mizzen+Main that features wrinkle-resistant performance fabric, a touch that puts it head and shoulders above other flannel shirts you might be considering this winter. The Durham Flannel packs in a bevy of standout features, from much-needed moisture-wicking technology to four-way stretch more commonly found in your athletic gear. What does that mean for you, casual flannel shirt wearer? It means you can layer the Durham Flannel easily under sweaters and coats without risk of overheating, and it means you can wear it comfortably on its own in your office or at home — sleeves rolled up or worn down with a tan herringbone blazer. It’s also machine-washable — mark up another “W” for this fine flannel shirt, no dry cleaning needed. The brand has focused on dialing in the fit here, resulting in a flannel shirt that’s neither too boxy nor too tight — it provides you with range of motion and layering potential, all the better for getting through the grueling winter months.

Wear this one casually with a sharp leather watch for simply stellar seasonal style.

It’s that kind of easy wearability and stylish versatility that gives the Durham Flannel an edge when it comes to looks, too. The Black Watch Plaid pattern found on the Mizzen+Main Durham Flannel is rich, winter-friendly and able to pair up seamlessly with everything from crisp blue dark denim and a grey crewneck sweater to a tan wool blazer and navy corduroys. Wear the Durham Flannel untucked with black denim and rugged brown leather Chelsea boots for casual, bar-ready style, too. And all the while, you’ll be comfortable and cool thanks to the performance fabric fonud in the Durham Flannel — in fact, it might make it even easier to layer this particular flannel over a classic henley for even more versatility. Yes indeed, the Mizzen+Main Durham Flannel might just change the way you think about flannel shirting … if not forever, then at least for this winter.

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Style Pick of the Week: Grayers Edgeware Coated Cotton Moto Jacket

Your new favorite winter jacket? It’s certainly a surprisingly durable option.

Now, I know what you’re thinking — isn’t winter a time for thick, heavy parkas and durable outerwear, not something thin and flimsy like the Grayers Edgeware Coated Cotton Moto Jacket? Well, that’s where you’re wrong, my friends. To get straight to the point, the Grayers Edgeware Moto Jacket is a surprisingly tough, versatile jacket for the season … and that’s more than good enough to make it our Style Pick of the Week. If looks can be deceiving in the world of #menswear — which they certainly can be — then it’s natural to think that the Edgeware Moto Jacket can’t stand up to frosty winter weather. But from the cotton and nylon shell to the surprisingly warm cotton lining, the Grayers Edgeware Moto Jacket packs a serious punch. I found out as much on a winter trip to Toronto, where I layered the Edgeware Coated Cotton Moto Jacket with a warm thermal (also from Grayers) — I was more than toasty as I explored the city in the winter cold. And I think it’s a piece you should certainly consider adding to your winter wardrobe rotation — much like other casual layering essentials from Grayers, including the Grayers Bayswater Fleece. Does that make it worthy of inclusion when it comes to winter style essentials? Most definitely, my friends.

Four front snap pockets provide plenty of space for your everyday carry — no added bulk, either.

Make no mistake — I’m not saying you need to trade in your thick winter parka solely for the Edgeware Coated Cotton Moto Jacket. That being said, it’s an excellent option when you want a jacket that provides mobility, sleek looks and standout layering potential. It would look excellent when paired up with a classic chambray shirt, a grey crewneck sweater and slim tan chinos; when paired with a classic winter cardigan, it’s also going to provide just enough warmth without suffocating you. The Edgeware Coated Cotton Moto Jacket is also highly functional when it comes to handling your everyday carry. Front snap pockets at the chest and hips help out with that — I found the Edgeware Coated Cotton Moto Jacket was more than ready to help me carry my essentials throughout a full day in Toronto. It’s also agreeable in terms of price, coming in at under $200 when you pick it up from our pals at Bespoke PostSo, although it’s certainly unique compared to your classic winter jacket, the Edgeware Coated Cotton Moto Jacket from Grayers is a solid, versatile option for cold-weather layering. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below!

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Holiday 2017

Style Pick of the Week: Duckworth Powder Hoody

A cozy, classic hooded sweatshirt for winter weekend layering.

Can you believe it’s time to close out 2017 and our Style Pick of the Week series? I hope you’ve enjoyed the gear we’ve covered along the way, from a pair of rugged winter boots to classic flannel shirting and plenty more. We’re taking things a decidedly more casual, laidback direction today — the Duckworth Powder Hoody is the casual, laidback-yet-stylish sweatshirt you probably didn’t know you needed in your closet (or on your back). Particularly in the winter months, comfort and good looks are key, which is what makes a minimal, stylish hooded sweatshirt a nice (if unexpected) move. Now, I’m all about dressing your best as often as possible … but there are certain weekend days where you might just feel like throwing on the Duckworth Powder Hoody and some slim sweats — then calling it a day. I’m with you there. If you’ve forsaken hooded sweatshirts in favor of a classic winter cardigan, I applaud you. However, there’s still a place for the cozy, comfortable hooded sweatshirt — *cough* the Duckworth Powder Hoody — in your casual weekend wardrobe rotation. That’s why it’s worth shelling out more than $100 for it; it’s just that versatile, comfortable and winter-friendly.

The Powder Hoody incorporates a tailored fit and raglan sleeves for some visual interest and sporty style, yet it’s the fabrication on this hooded sweatshirt that sets it apart. The Duckworth Powder Hoody features Montana-grown merino wool for what the brand calls a tough exterior — in short, this hooded sweatshirt is going to work wonders when layered under something like the durable Taylor Stitch Maritime Submariner Jacket. The interior of the  Powder Hoody, on the other hand, features soft, brushed fabric — all the better for wearing around your house or apartment if (and when) it gets drafty. Of course, the technical construction of the Powder Hoody, plus the name, feasibly means you could even wear it as a mid-layer when out on the slopes … carving through some powder. Ya dig? It’s a versatile, stylish hooded sweatshirt that’s worth your consideration if ever you want a casual layer to wear with your favorite broken-in denim and your best pair of winter boots. That’s about all there is to it.

Lastly — thanks for reading The Style Guide this year. I hope you’ve found it a fun and worthwhile journey, and I’m looking forward to more #menswear in 2018! The Style Pick of the Week series is definitely coming back, and we’ll be talking 2018 men’s style resolutions here on the blog on Monday. See you then!


Style Pick of the Week: Oak Street Bootmakers Dainite Sole Trench Boots

A durable pair of handsome brown leather boots made with Horween leather — not a bad pair to buy this winter.

Alright, folks — it’s another Style Pick of the Week, and we’re talking yet again about another stylish pair of rugged boots. Last week, it was the Rancourt & Co. Shearling-Lined Dresden Boots. And this week? It’s the Oak Street Bootmakers Dainite Sole Trench Boots, a heck of a pair of tough leather boots that just so happen to be exclusive to our pals at Huckberry.  And if you (or someone you love) still need a pair of winter boots? These might just be the ones to buy.  Based in Chicago, Oak Street Bootmakers provide standout quality and a classic approach to design and construction, helped along by beautiful Horween leather and the true Goodywear welt build on the Dainite Sole Trench Boots. The brand’s Elston last is surprisingly low-profile for a pair of leather boots, meaning you can more than easily wear these cuffed blue denim and  a classic shawl collar cardigan for style that’s at once sleek and slightly rugged. And the small details work out well for these stylish leather boots, too — the vamp has a calfskin lining for extra comfort and quality. So, if the specs are that good… that must mean the Oak Street Bootmakers Dainite Sole Trench Boots have plenty of styling potential, right? Right.

The studded Dainite sole adds some extreme traction and toughness.

For one, the silhouette means you can easily wear the Dainite Sole Trench Boots with outfits that reflect a little bit more tailored winter style. So, a navy herringbone blazer and charcoal plaid trousers work quite nicely with these boots. Yet, the Dainite Sole Trench Boots can still team up quite nicely with your more rugged winter essentials, including a casual grey crewneck sweater and broken-in blue denim. Add a tough waxed trucker jacket and call it a day. OK, well … don’t call it a day quite yet — get out there and get to work! At any rate, the Oak Street Bootmakers Dainite Sole Trench Boots are going to prove dependable time and again this winter season (and through the spring, too). They’ll only get better with age; Horween leather is built to break in quite nicely. Now, you’ll have to pay for your investment — the Dainite Sole Trench Boots will set you back more than $400. But, as your Style Guide author always says … that extra bit of coin is definitely worth it. Do you agree?

Are you going to be picking up the Dainite Sole Trench Boots for the winter weather that’s bearing down on us? 

Style Pick of the Week: Rancourt & Co. Shearling-Lined Dresden Boots

Beastly boots for all of your winter adventures, folks.

There are average boots, and THEN, there are the Rancourt & Co. Shearling-Lined Dresden Boots. I’ll tell ya what, folks … Rancourt & Co. certainly knows how to get the job done, and they’ve knocked it out of the park with the Dresden Boots. They’re an absolute beast of a pair, and they just so happen to be today’s Style Pick of the Week for good reason. In fact, you might recognize ’em already — they were featured ever so recently in our roundup of the best men’s winter boots, and they’re back today … with a stylish, winter-ready vengeance. The specs and style potential of the Rancourt & Co. Dresden Boots are simply top-notch, which is absolutely what you’d expect from a brand that makes its gear with the utmost care in Maine.

In fact, the brand still largely follows the same methods they have for years, and the resulting Dresden Boots have plenty going for ’em, from the beautiful Horween leather to the rugged moc toe construction and a natural leather midsole for comfort and a touch of craftsmanship. They’re the kind of classic winter boots that evoke throwback style, with just the right amount of rugged polish.

A warm shearling lining separates these boots from the pack.

Heck, we haven’t even mentioned the shearling lining in the Rancourt & Co. Dresden Boots — that’s what really puts this pair of rugged leather boots over the top. They also feature a padded collar for perfect comfort throughout; when you need to bundle up in a snowstorm, step into these boots. The Rancourt & Co. Dresden Boots hit the nail on the head when it comes to casual weekend style, too. These are the type of boots to wear with faded denim, a classic gray crewneck sweatshirt and a stylish casual watch to grab a weekend coffee or explore your city. They’ll also pair reasonably well with business casual looks (think dark slim jeans, a navy herringbone blazer and a classic chambray shirt). And if you want to go a bit more preppy? Then style the Rancourt & Co. Dresden Boots with your new favorite vest. See? The possibilities are endless (nearly). The Reltex Lactae Hevea Rallye sole on the Dresden Boots isn’t clunky like other winter boots, yet it still provides crucial grip and a smooth ride, as the brand says. To stay on your feet on slippery roads, that functionality is key. Other finishing touches are on point, too — take the natural leather laces and the classic, handsewn moccasin construction. In short, the Rancourt & Co. Dresden Boots are everything you need in a timeless pair of winter boots — they’re wearable with everything from burgundy corduroys and a navy blazer to broken-in blue denim and a rugged henley, they look great AND they perform even better. What’s not to like?

Will the Rancourt & Co. Dresden Boots be joining your winter footwear rotation? Let me know in the comments or on The Style Guide Facebook page!

Style Pick of the Week: Grayers Melbourne Flannel Shirt

A classic flannel shirt made with a unique jaspe weave — Grayers checks all the right boxes when it comes to your new flannel shirt for winter.

There are shirts that you wear when you want to dress casually, and there are shirts you wear when you want to stay warm through winter — the Grayers Melbourne Flannel Shirt is here to help you do both. Now that we’re plowing through December (can you believe it??), a classic flannel shirt is undoubtedly the one style you need to keep handy at all times (especially if you find yourself in an increasingly chilly locale like New York City). Much like another recent Style Pick of the Week, the equally weather-ready Corridor NYC Check Flannel Shirt, the Grayers Melbourne Flannel Shirt blends easily wearable style with high-quality fabric. And when it comes time to take on a winter work day or a winter weekend, it’s helpful to start your ensemble with warm base layer — the Grayers Melbourne Flannel Shirt is made with jaspe flannel fabric. perfect for when wind and snow start to pick up out there. It’s comfortable, soft and warm, yet you can still reliably throw a thermal shirt or a rugged men’s henley on underneath. Grayers takes extra care with each item in its growing #menswear stable, and that reflects itself in the fabrics they use — the fabrication on the Melbourne Flannel Shirt is a custom job, and should be extremely soft.

Small details make the difference with the Melbourne Flannel Shirt.

Grayers uses a jaspe weaving technique, twisting the yarn together to create a cool, unique fabric — there isn’t another brand out there making the pattern found on the Melbourne Flannel Shirt. What does that mean for you? It means you’re getting a classic, easy-to-wear shirt that stands out from the crowd, particularly when layered with a rugged winter cardigan or worn with a quilted field jacket and slim jeans. The details are done right on the Melbourne Flannel Shirt, too. We’re talking chambray detailing on the placket, yoke and cuffs, so when you roll up those sleeves to get some work done, you’ll be able to show off just a bit. And the visually interesting color combo on this shirt makes it versatile for situations both casual and more polished. Rest assured, the Grayers Melbourne Flannel Shirt is more than ready to wear with a navy herringbone blazer and slim tan chinos this winter, and it’ll help you look quite put-together on a weekend coffee run. Oh, and the price isn’t all that bad for a high-quality shirt that you can wear with other style staples already hanging in your closet. It’s available for just under $1o0, comparable to what you might find at a place like Bonobos. That sounds like a worthy purchase to me when it comes to wearable winter style — who else wants in on this action? Let me know in the comments if you plan to pick up the Grayers Melbourne Flannel Shirt.

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Style Pick of the Week: United By Blue Holt Work Shirt

A work shirt perfect for layering, for doing yard work or for wearing around the house — nice work from United By Blue.

Ladies and gentleman, ’tis the season … to upgrade your rugged shirting game. That’s what the United By Blue Holt Work Shirt is going to do for you (or for the lucky fella who receives this stylish winter shirt under the tree in the weeks ahead). Yes indeed, it’s never too early to think about gifting for the outdoorsman in your life, and it’s certainly never too early to think about buying yourself a little extra Christmas present this season — what do ya say? For my money, the Holt Work Shirt is another standout addition to the United By Blue lineup, and a standout addition to our Style Pick of the Week series here on the blog.  United By Blue is definitely a brand we appreciate here at The Style Guide for committing to sustainability and style in equal parts (Editor’s note: Check out my United By Blue Q+A for more). That they manage to commit to the environment while running some cool retail shops — as I found in a Labor Day trip to Asbury Park — and consistently come through with cool product like the Holt Work Shirt is a treat in and of itself, too. Oh, and as to the specs and style points of the aforementioned Holt Work Shirt? It’s up there with the best men’s shirts to buy right now, I’d say.

A snapdown collar and Corozo buttons blend the functional and the refined in this work shirt.

For starters, the Holt Work Shirt features an organic cotton-recycled polyester blend, two eco-conscious fabrics that result in a tough, versatile flannel shirt. The  United By Blue Holt Work Shirt even features a touch of stretch — all the better to layer up over your favorite henley this winter season. The Holt Work Shirt has the look of an overshirt and the durability to go along with it. Plus, you’ll find space for your everyday carry thanks to two front button chest pockets on the Holt Work Shirt, complete with a useful side zip compartment at the left chest pocket. In addition to that helpful functionality, you get your pick between two versatile colorways — Rust and Olive ought to work with plenty of other winter style essentials in your rotation, from an oatmeal thermal crewneck and slim black denim to tan leather boots, dark blue denim and a classic chambray shirt (yes, I’m recommending you layer the United By Blue Holt Work Shirt  … atop another shirt). That’s the beauty of a dependable, well-made and weather-friendly work shirt — you an use it to do actual, rough-and-tumble work, or you can wear it as a statement piece underneath a classic shawl collar cardigan to grab a pint at your favorite brewpub. Where you wear the United By Blue Holt Work Shirt is up to you — choices abound. If I were you, I’d keep it simple and make that first choice — adding the Holt Work Shirt to your cart.

That’s all I’ve got today, folks — enjoy the weekend!


Style Pick of the Week: Nisolo Andres Boots

Nisolo Andres Boots
Your new favorite pair of black leather boots? It’s very likely, my friends.

There are your regular, everyday boots — which we certainly know and love here at The Style Guide — and then there are supremely stylish men’s boots like the Nisolo Andres Boots, today’s long-awaited Style Pick of the Week. I’m definitely a fan and a proponent of rugged leather boots, especially in the fall and winter months, and it’s refreshing to find a pair of classic leather boots that deliver in terms of both looks and functionality — Nisolo absolutely gets that right when it comes to the Andres Boots. We — and by we, I mean your editorial team of one — love the work being done by Nisolo on all fronts, from stylish boots to the durable, handsome Nisolo Leon Weekender, If  you’re not yet familiar with the brand, I’d advise you listen up … and possibly get your credit card handy when it comes to the Nisolo Andres Boots. Notably, these boots combine a sleek silhouette with weather-ready capability via a water-resistant leather upper. Are they among my picks for the best men’s boots for winter? You betcha. And if you’ve been paying attention to the classic boots normally featured here on The Style Guide, they’re unique in another way, as well … namely, the Nisolo Andres Boots are done up in black leather, a change of pace from my *ahem* “obsession” with rugged brown leather boots. So, if you’re on the hunt for a stylish pair of black leather boots, give the Andres Boots a fair shake, my friends.

A slim profile, quality construction and plenty of weather-ready functionality from the Nisolo Andres Boots.

The Andres Leather Boots have a ton going for then, and again, that’s coming from a guy who’s much more partial to brown leather boots. It’s helpful, then, that Nisolo Andres Boots also come in … you guessed it … handsome brown leather. But for style that’s sleek, sharp and just a bit more ready to wear with sharp tailoring this season, the Nisolo Andres Boots in black leather should be your pick. The Andres Boots are certainly a unique change of pace, combining the silhouette of a crisp dress shoe with the tough outsole of a boot — and that means you can wear these with slim black denim, grey corduroys or navy wool trousers in equal measure. The Andres Boots are also the sort of footwear that’s going to elevate even more casual outfits, like a crewneck sweater and broken-in denim. And when you want to navigate slippery terrain to head to the office, layer up with a tan herringbone blazer, grey flannel trousers and … the Andres Boots, but of course. Are you a newfound fan of the Nisolo Andres Boots or a longtime Nisolo supporter? Let me know in the comments below — enjoy fall and winter, my friends!

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Style Pick of the Week: Grayers Bayswater Fleece

A new fall and winter layer from a brand that nails the balance between casual and classy style.

My dear friends, it’s time for another Style Pick of the Week — are you as excited as I am? Let’s get pumped. If you’ve checked your calendar as of late, perhaps you were as shocked as I was to see that it’s … NOVEMBER. Seriously — where did the fall season go? That means we’re transitioning to colder temperatures and dressing in rugged fall style essentials all the way. And that means … well, that the Grayers Bayswater Fleece is going to be a new go-to layering move for you. The Bayswater Fleece is the type of modern update to a classic piece that Grayers does so well — slightly preppy, slightly classic and very easily wearable no matter how you style it. The brand draws inspiration from a mix of Americana and British styles, named for the type of pants that became so popular in Britain decades ago. As it were, the Bayswater Fleece is the type of piece that would work on a chilly British morning, maybe as you traipse across your country estate. But I digress. Made from heathered French terry twill fleece, the Grayers Bayswater Fleece is a perfect shirt for casual weekend style — part shirt, part jacket, that is. With two hand warmer pockets and two chest button pockets, it’s the sort of layer you can toss on with ease atop a slim striped henley or a classic chambray shirt — that’s about all you can ask for.

An easygoing silhouette that’s ideal for throwing on with the simplest of looks.

If you’ve been looking for an in-between layer to throw on for a casual stroll through your favorite park or a quick farmer’s market trip, the Bayswater Fleece is it. And if you want a shirt-jacket that you can wear to travel in comfort and style, the Bayswater Fleece is a winner in that regard, too. It adds instant polish to even the simplest of looks, like a classic men’s T-shirt or a vintage-inspired flannel shirt. And if you feel like layering up to take on a chilly fall or winter day? The Grayers Bayswater Fleece fits right in with a quilted field jacket and slim chinos (don’t forget rugged leather boots, either). And on top of its easy-to-wear styling potential, small design touches like those chest pockets and hand warmer pockets provide ample space for all your everyday carry essentials — don’t underestimate the importance of that. So, have you come around to the idea of grabbing the Grayers Bayswater Fleece for seasonal layering? Some pieces just make so much sense that it’s tricky not to buy them — right? Oh, and the good news is that it comes in under $100 via Bespoke Post. Add that to the list of positives, too. Yes indeed, if I were you… I’d make the Grayers Bayswater Fleece my next purchase. Want to let me know what you think of this piece? Hit me up on Twitter.

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