Style Pick of the Week: Filson x Ten Thousand Performance Collection

The right gear for grueling conditions sometimes comes from places you expect — like Filson, the rugged Pacific Northwest outfitters — and other times, from places a bit more unexpected. So, for instance, you might be very well acquainted with Filson‘s penchant for making the best leather boots and the best flannel shirts for men, but what about training gear?

That’s where the Filson x Ten Thousand capsule collection comes into play, bridging the gap between rugged, tough outdoors appeal and the modern innovation for which Ten Thousand is well-known. The brand is trusted by athletes and often also put to the test by the U.S. Special Forces — this is gear that doesn’t cut any corners.

And thankfully, the Filson x Ten Thousand Collection is back online for the second year in a row and back by popular demand, at that, with all of the proper gear you need for grueling conditions, outdoor training sessions and a bit of everything in between.

Crucially, the Filson x Ten Thousand Collection uses tech fabrics, like four-way stretch, moisture-wicking, anti-odor fibers, to really build out essentials like the Filson x Ten Thousand Zip Hoodie and even the durable, dependable Filson x Ten Thousand Training Socks (yes, workout socks are critical to fueling everything from outdoor hikes to city training sessions).

And within the well-curated, four-piece Filson x Ten Thousand Collection, you’ll also find the ever-popular Filson x Ten Thousand Tactical Shorts, a highlight of last year’s offering. No matter how frequently you hit the trail or the gym, the exceptionally well-designed, endlessly tough and fast-selling Filson x Ten Thousand Collection should be part of your next training session — act now before it flies off digital shelves again.

Style Pick of the Week: Billy Reid Waxed Trucker Jacket – Winter’s Most Rugged Jacket

Best men's trucker jacket.

It’s hard not to love when one of your favorite brands makes a slightly unexpected style swerve, delivering something entirely new and seriously cool in the process. Take Billy Reid, for instance. The Alabama-based brand and personal favorite has a knack for making some of the most refined menswear on the market, whether it be the timeless Billy Reid Bond Peacoat or some of the best shirts for men on the daily.

Milled in Scotland for a lifetime of wear.

But what about when Billy Reid wants to switch things up a bit and go more rugged than refined? That’s what we have here with the simply stellar. well-crafted and impossibly cool Billy Reid Waxed Trucker Jacket. It’s part of a host of Billy Reid’s New Arrivals for winter, and it’s here not a moment too soon if you want to shake up your seasonal layering rotation.

Best men's waxed trucker jacket

Available in both Tan and Grey, the Billy Reid Waxed Trucker Jacket checks all the right boxes if it’s standout, hard-wearing design you want from your next winter jacket purchase. Sure, it’s not quite as blizzard-ready as one of the best men’s parkas, but for laidback seasonal style with a sense of expert cool, the Billy Reid Waxed Trucker Jacket goes the distance.

Best trucker jacket for men.

What really makes the Billy Reid Waxed Trucker Jacket so essential? Waxed cotton from famed fabric makers Halley Stevensons gives this jacket truly rugged appeal, while custom brass hardware adds a touch of handsome contrast on the front placket and chest front-button pockets.

Satchel and Page

The Billy Reid Waxed Trucker Jacket is also outfitted with touches unique to Billy Reid, like the designer’s signature ribbon stripe detailing, and the sleeves of this seriously cool trucker jacket are lined with cotton and polyester for an easy-on, easy-off fit. And to be sure, the Billy Reid Waxed Trucker Jacket is indeed pricier than other waxed trucker jackets on the market (including the fan favorite Flint and Tinder Trucker Jacket), but if you want to give a new style a shot this season, it’s hard to go wrong with Billy Reid.

Style Pick of the Week: Faherty Cloud Long-Sleeve Henley – Your New Go-To Winter Layer

Best long-sleeve henley for men.

The time has come to take stock of your collection of winter style essentials as we roll through this, the first winter weekend of 2023: What’s on your mind and in your wardrobe? Granted, I can’t help with every single thing on your to-do list, but I can indeed help you select and wear one of the best henleys for men all winter long, starting right this very instant. The henley in question is the Faherty Cloud Long-Sleeve Henley, one that’s very much deserving of your time and energy as you look to amp up your rugged winter style picks.

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Of course, the Faherty Cloud Long-Sleeve Henley is part of Faherty’s lineup of ultra-soft, versatile, classic-meets-modern menswear designed and produced by a family-owned company (with a special focus on East Coast surf style, for good measure).

It’s the perfect complement to one of the best men’s flannel shirts also produced by Faherty, but it goes beyond the surface — the quality and design are more than enough to justify its $118 price tag (trust me on this — scroll on for more!).

Best henley for men this winter.

The Faherty Cloud Long-Sleeve Henley naturally nods to the athletic roots of the style as a trusted shirt for rowers in Henley-on-Thames — note the customizable three-button placket and the raglan-stitched sleeves and shoulders for maximum ease of movement. That mobility should prove mighty useful whether you wear the Faherty Cloud Long-Sleeve Henley on its own, layered up underneath your favorite flannel shirt or styled casually with an American-made hoodie.

HELM Boots

That laidback nature makes the Faherty Cloud Long-Sleeve Henley a new go-to essential for days at home or even in the office (simply pair it with a soft-shouldered wool-blend blazer this winter), but there’s another key that makes this henley a true must-have. Crucially, the Faherty Cloud Long-Sleeve Henley is made from Faherty’s signature, super-soft fabric — in this case, it’s a blend of cotton and modal that feels exceptional against your skin.

The fabric on the Faherty Cloud Long-Sleeve Henley also boasts a pleasingly textured look, turning this from an undershirt into a true winter style move. Like we talked about earlier, your new favorite henley is pricier than average at $118, but your wardrobe will be all the better for it this winter.

Style Pick of the Week: Shinola Canfield Messenger Bag – Best Bag for Your Everyday Carry

Best leather messenger bag for men.

As the new year dawns, perhaps you’re like me and enjoy taking stock of those style essentials you can’t live without — and for this Brooklyn writer on the go, that means one of the best leather messenger bags is a must-have. But let’s get more specific on this, the last day of 2022: Let’s talk about the Shinola Canfield Leather Messenger, one of the best bags for your everyday carry and a very worthwhile upgrade to your daily haul as we head back into the office next year.

It’s coming at you courtesy of Detroit-based Shinola, long one of my favorite brands — and for much more than just the best leather goods or one of the best watches for men (period!). Yes indeed, the all-American company has built a true lifestyle brand in every sense of the word, and that extends beyond just your wrist and right down to the Shinola Canfield Leather Messenger as you transport your daily gear from point A to point B.

Best everyday carry bag for men.

Crucially, the Shinola Canfield Leather Messenger is all about durability, starting with its Wisconsin leather from Seidel Tannery. Known as Navigator leather, that material means the Shinola Canfield Leather Messenger will only get better with age (and hey, don’t most leather goods look just a bit better with a bit more wear on ’em?).

This stylish leather messenger bag boasts two interior pockets, one for your phone and one for other EDC valuables, and only gets more useful from there. The Shinola Canfield Leather Messenger also boasts a padded laptop sleeve and a card pocket for, perhaps, a stylish Shinola leather wallet.

Milled in Scotland for a lifetime of wear.

Beyond that, it latches with a magnetic closure for ease of access on the go, while the gunmetal brass hardware on the Shinola Canfield Leather Messenger is a cool, refined touch. The shoulder strap adjusts with ease (and can even be removed if you so choose), turning the Shinola Canfield Leather Messenger from a bag fit for work into a bag fit for, well, a little bit of everything. To head back to the office and hit the road in 2023, make sure the Shinola Canfield Leather Messenger is right by your side.

Style Pick of the Week: Todd Snyder Wool Shawl Cardigan – Winter’s Most Rugged Sweater

Best shawl cardigan for men.

Building a proper menswear wardrobe is all about keeping things well-rounded, about having reliable pieces that can function well in multiple situations — and of course, it’s about finding men’s style essentials that are, well, fun to actually wear (on Christmas Eve and well beyond!). Imagine that, ehh? One of the best cardigans checks those boxes, as you might be able to see above — it’s retro, it’s rugged, it’s easy to layer and it’s just a classic men’s style pick from one of America’s best menswear designers. Let’s carry on, shall we, and dive into the Todd Snyder Boiled Wool Shawl Cardigan — and why? Because it’s a standout example of the style, my friends.

Especially in the winter months, when grey, cold weather is the norm, it’s worthwhile to invest in a few cozy, rugged, comfortable pieces that can actually make dressing for the cold weather just a bit fun, or at the very least… more stylish. For my money’s worth, the Todd Snyder Boiled Wool Shawl Cardigan hits all the right notes.

One of the best shawl cardigans for men is assuredly an indisputable winter style essential and a personal favorite of this writer when the thermostat plunges in Brooklyn. Helpfully, the Todd Snyder Boiled Wool Shawl Cardigan is just about everything you need in the style, from quality to rugged appeal — and yes, it’s fun to layer up like Daniel Craig in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo every now and again!

The specs on the Todd Snyder Shawl Cardigan set it apart from the pack — and yes, they make it very much worth your while when it’s time to invest in one of the best sweaters for men this winter. Sadly, you won’t find the Todd Snyder Shawl Cardigan in the Todd Snyder Winter Sale, but don’t let that discourage you.

It boasts a classic fit, making it easy to layer over an equally rugged men’s chambray shirt or one of the best flannel shirts, and the shawl collar adds bulk, warmth and visual appeal (there’s a reason style icons like Steve McQueen loved the shawl cardigan, after all). The Todd Snyder Shawl Cardigan comes in two crisp, classic colors (Olive and Navy), and it’s rounded out with three front pockets for visual appeal.

When you want a dependable, rugged, essential winter sweater, move the Todd Snyder Shawl Cardigan to the top of your seasonal shopping list, and get that credit card at the ready — again, it’s worth the investment.

Style Pick of the Week: Shinola Monster GMT Automatic – This Season’s Best Investment Watch

If you’re looking for a rugged, stylish watch to wear through the holidays and into the new year — perhaps the perfect splurge gift for the watch lover, or the perfect timepiece upgrade for yourself, you’ve come to the right place. In fact, that’s probably an understatement, because the Shinola Monster GMT is the type of rugged men’s watch that doesn’t come around very often. In fact, it’s just the latest in a series of some of the most innovative men’s watches on the market (at least, innovative for the price).

You see, Shinola focuses on quality, timeless designs and relentless functionality, the sort of approach that’s boiled down very nicely indeed with the Shinola Monster GMT Automatic. On the surface, it looks like one of the best dive watches for men, with an investment-level price tag to match (try $1,995). Go deeper though, and it’s got some seriously cool utility built right in.

If you’ve been wondering, perhaps “What is a GMT watch?” and even, “Why should I own a GMT watch?” well, allow Shinola to answer that question for you.

Best men's GMT watches

A GMT watch (GMT stands for Greenwich Mean Time) tells the time where you’re currently located, sure, but it’s a fourth hand that rotates once every 24 hours that allows you to track the time in another location. It’s a very neat, innovative yet relatively simple, subtle touch that makes this one of the best new watches for men, the sort of rugged, highly useful timepiece you can wear from one time zone to another without missing a beat).

The Shinola Monster GMT might be one of the best watches for travelers in that regard, but other details — like the stainless steel design and rich green dial — simply make it one of the best men’s watches out there right now, period.

Best men's GMT watch

And lest you think this is one of those Shinola men’s watches that’s just a bit too price (again, it clocks in at nearly $2K), think again: The Shinola Monster GMT also comes with a second strap, in this case a rich green #tide® ocean-bound plastic woven strap.

That means you’re essentially getting two watches for the price of one, and when you consider the nicely sized 40mm case diameter, this is also a timepiece that’s rugged enough to wear out in the field, yet refined enough to wear with the best business casual wardrobe options in your rotation, too. If you or someone you know is more than deserving of an exceptionally functional watch upgrade, make sure the Shinola GMT Monster is in your shopping cart ASAP.

Style Pick of the Week: Satchel & Page Leather Bomber Jacket – Most Stylish Men’s Leather Jacket

Best leather bomber jacket for men.

From time to time, it can feel great to splurge on a hard-earned menswear pick-up from one of the best leather goods brands on the market — a purchase like one of the best leather bomber jackets. Sure, a leather bomber jacket isn’t an absolute, 100 percent wardrobe must-have in the same manner as, say one of the best winter puffer jackets or a stylish pair of snow boots, yet you should still give it a fair shake. After all, it comes from the same brand that makes your favorite weekender bag (that’d be Satchel & Page, folks).

Shop New Arrivals from Billy Reid

When you find the right one — like the luxe, impossibly cool and extremely well-made Satchel & Paige Leather Bomber Jacket — it’s a mighty fun, incredibly wool wardrobe investment. And every so often, it’s also fun to shake things up and spend — wisely, of course! — on one of the best leather jackets for men. Again, this handsome, refined, stylish shearling bomber jacket isn’t a true necessity, but the Satchel & Paige Leather Bomber Jacket is an awfully hard style splurge to pass up (if you ask your Brooklyn style writer, that is).

Best shearling bomber jacket for men.

The Satchel & Paige Leather Bomber Jacket is made with care the right way, the old-school way, using some of the finest materials and processes on the market. The materials and processes that go into the Satchel & Paige Leather Bomber Jacket include *drum roll please* beautiful French Calf leather throughout, vegetable-tanned to get better with age. Beyond that, the handsome Satchel & Paige Leather Bomber Jacket features a Spanish wool shearing collar — a luxe upgrade to a retro touch — and is lined with brushed cotton tartan lining.

Stylish men's leather jacket to shop now.

Of course, the Satchel & Paige Leather Bomber Jacket is a splurge, as we talked about earlier, at nearly $700. You should also pay close attention to the company’s sizing notes. Yet, if you think this jacket checks the proper boxes for you — and if you think it’ll hold up and get better the more you wear it! — then the instantly iconic Satchel & Paige Leather Bomber Jacket is a worthy investment this season (and beyond).

Style Pick of the Week: Billy Reid Mo Shirt Jacket – Save 20% for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Best shirt jacket for men.

When the opportunity comes up to shop and save on some of the best menswear on the market, there’s no time to waste — strike while the iron is hot to get the best deals on your favorite menswear brands, yes? And when one of those brands is a refined retailer that doesn’t often discount its top styles — a brand like Billy Reid, for instance — it’s all the more important. So, let’s dive into today’s Style Pick of the Week.

Menswear deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday abound, but the discount up for grabs at Billy Reid is worth your time and hard-earned cash. You can get 20 percent off orders of $400 or more, 30 percent off orders of $800 or more, and yes, 40 percent off orders of more than $1,200. Sure, that’s quite a hefty chunk of change to drop, but allow me to present one of the best men’s shirt jackets for consideration all the same.

Fully fashioned crewneck sweater to keep you warm against the harshest winter climates.

The Billy Reid Mo Shirt Jacket, normally $498, is a rare weekly style pick in the pages of this blog that’s actually on sale, and on sale only for a very limited time. Like I said, pay close attention to plentiful deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday in the menswear space, and you’ll be rewarded handsomely. In fact, the Billy Reid Mo Shirt Jacket is worthy of buying at full price — it’s the perfect go-between in place of a blazer, given its luxe design — but that 20% discount is too good to pass up.

Crucially, the Billy Reid Mo Shirt Jacket is made from an exceedingly handsome, warm wool blend in a rich color that wears well with a pair of the best men’s blue jeans or else, with burgundy corduroys and some of the best wingtip boots (to name but one outfit idea).

The Billy Reid Mo Shirt Jacket also has plenty of other stylish design details in the mix, including the use of embossed leather under the collar, plus a leather locker loop. And for good measure, yes, your new favorite shirt jacket is now 20 percent off at Billy Reid. Do yourself a favor, shop some of the best men’s style deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and then thank me later. Cheers and thanks for reading!

Style Pick of the Week: Season Three Ultralight Hiking Boots – The Most Comfortable Boots for Fall and Winter

Most comfortable boots for men this fall.

Folks, step right up and step into the most comfortable boots for fall and winter in today’s prime Style Pick of the Week. It’s a late November weekend, after all, and if you still need to upgrade your fall and winter footwear rotation with a selection of the best men’s boots, you could do worse than picking up a pair of the Season Three Ultralight Hiking Boots.

The NYC-based upstart footwear brand focuses on keeping things subtly stylish, retro-minded and supremely comfortable with its selection of the best hiking boots for men (and women), and they’re a personal favorite of your Brooklyn style writer. And in any style situation this fall and winter, comfort and style are the name of the game — Season Three boots deliver both in spades.

Most affordable hiking boots for men.

The even better news is, these stylish men’s boots are now 40 percent off ($237 vs. $395 full-price). In fact, some pairs of the Season Three Ultralight Hiking Boots are as much as 60 percent off. 60 percent off! So, et’s keep this rolling, shall we?

The best boots for fall and winter, stylish as they might be, are no good if they’re not easy to wear, and luckily for all parties involved, the Season Three Ultralight Hiking Boots deliver on that promise. These sleek yet functional boots are made in a family-owned Northern Italy factory, a haven for the best footwear on the planet. The springy comfort of Ortholite insoles combines with durable Vibram outsoles for a unique blend of traction and exceptional wearability with the Season Three Ultralight Hiking Boots, too. That’s not the only these stylish winter boots have going for ’em.

Best winter boots for men.

Crucially, the Season Three Ultralight Hiking Boots come in a range of cool, eye-catching colors, the kind that call to mind retro hiking boots (especially with contrasting laces in the stylish pair of hiking boots as shown above). Better still is the fact that the Season Three Ultralight Hiking Boots check all the right boxes in other key areas of winter style, too: Just dive into the waterproof nubuck leather found on the Season Three Ultralight Hiking Boots as a starting point.

Shop New Arrivals from Billy Reid

For good measure, these stylish men’s winter boots also retain other timeless hiking boot touches, like D-ring lacing and metal hardware. And yet, it all sits atop a chunky, super-comfortable Vibram outsole for plenty of grip on slick city streets and slippery terrain. Yes indeed, the Season Three Ultralight Hiking Boots can do just about anything you ask of them in matters of casual style:

The profile on the Season Three Ultralight Hiking Boots is sleek enough to wear with tailored chinos and your favorite peacoat for polished weekend outings. And once again, here’s the kicker: Right now, the Season Three Ultralight Hiking Boots are on sale for 40 percent off. So, you can get your new favorite pair of winter boots for 40 percent off for a limited time — what are you waiting for, right?

Style Pick of the Week: Buck Mason Herdsman Shawl Cardigan – The Best Winter Sweater to Shop Now

Best men's cardigan for winter

It’s sometimes nice to treat yourself to a luxe upgrade to a style classic — a better, more improved version of a trusty staple you’ve had in your closet for years, like one of the best men’s sweaters. And this season, that upgrade is the Buck Mason Herdsman Shawl Cardigan, as high-quality, warm and stylish a cardigan as you’re apt to find on the market.

Shop Men's Apparel from Billy Reid

Of course, you ideally know the brand from making timeless seasonal picks like one of the best corduroy shirts, or everyday carry essentials like the best leather wallet for men, but this soft-yet-rugged sweater takes things a step further in terms of quality, and that’s probably an understatement. The Buck Mason Herdsman Shawl Cardigan looks like something a style icon like Hemingway or McQueen might have worn, for starters. and it only gets better from there. Note the use of merino wool and cashmere to craft a stylish men’s sweater that’s breathable, warm and anti-microbial.

Crucially, the Buck Mason Herdsman Shawl Cardigan is also built the right way beyond just that luxe, upgraded fabric — the sweater features a thick ribbed vertical knit for maximum warmth and a touch of visual interest, too. Buck Mason is certainly right to call your new favorite winter sweater a “timeless cold weather staple,” because the Buck Mason Herdsman Shawl Cardigan checks all the right boxes when it comes to the best men’s winter sweaters (fabric very much included).

Satchel and Page

Yes indeed, the Buck Mason Herdsman Shawl Cardigan also features a ribbed hem, cuffs and collar (simply roll the thick wrist cuffs back to customize a perfect fit for the Buck Mason Herdsman Shawl Cardigan). The sweater itself is also garment-washed for a more lived-in feel that might make you think you’ve had this sturdy, cozy, rugged cardigan for years.

Satchel and Page

Heck, the Buck Mason Herdsman Shawl Cardigan even looks like an old-school sweater with a more relaxed fit, ideal for layering atop a Buck Mason shirt for holiday and winter gatherings aplenty. Keep in mind that this classic men’s cardigan is a pricier investment than average at $228, but bear in mind that they just don’t make sweaters like the Buck Mason Herdsman Shawl Cardigan anymore. Pick this one up as soon as you can, my friends.