Style Pick of the Week: Flint and Tinder 365 Shorts

A classic pair of shorts from one of your author’s favorite brands.

Ahh, yes — what else to say about the Flint and Tinder 365 Shorts other than the fact that they’re potentially the best men’s shorts for summer? Well, given that high praise to start this post … I actually have a lot more to say (and all good things, mind you). With Memorial Day bearing down on us and many summer adventures calling, you’re going to need a pair of shorts that work with every single off-duty look you can muster, the type of stylish shorts that you can wear to plenty of warm-weather happy hour outings, BBQs and beach trips.

In that regard, I’m quite pleased to report that the Flint and Tinder 365 Shorts get the job done — and then some. Along with a pair of new sunglasses and perhaps a stylish tee or polo, the right pair of shorts are a make-or-break when it comes to building summer outfits. Cargo shorts are out of the question, as are overly baggy shorts (even if they don’t have an abundance of pockets). No sir, you want to be looking for a pair with a tailored fit and a length that hits above the knee — exactly like the Flint and Tinder 365 Shorts. As sold by our friends at Huckberry, they’re also an excellent value for the quality; in fact, they’re not too different from a “shorts version” of the lauded Flint and Tinder 365 Pants, and that includes the fact that they’re sold in neutral colors like Earth and Moss (all the better to wear all the time).

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The Moss colorway is highly versatile and quite stylish, to boot.

Helpfully, the Flint and Tinder 365 Shorts feature the sort of specs and wearability you expect from the F&T brand. That means they’re made from 97 percent cotton and 3 percent Lycra for stretch and all-day comfort, from the coffee shop to the park to the bar (preferably when worn with something like a classic henley and vintage-inspired sneakers). They’re also garment-dyed for extra comfort right out of the box, so they’ll feel like your favorite pair of shorts from the first wear.

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And although it’s a small attribute, the Flint and Tinder 365 Shorts are preshrunk, so no need to worry about that happening when you wash ’em. We already covered off on the versatile color offerings, but to me, a pair of the Flint and Tinder 365 Shorts  in the Earth (think khaki) shade is as good as it gets, imminently wearable with a navy polo and brown leather loafers or beat-up canvas sneakers and a short-sleeve henley. If you want shorts that are nearly as versatile as your favorite chinos, you should reach for tthe Flint and Tinder 365 Shorts. They’re so good, you might be tempted to wear them to the office … but save ’em for the weekends instead.




Style Pick of the Week: Garrett Leight Co. Brooks 47 Sunglasses

The super-premium, truly timeless sunglasses to wear this summer.

Now that we’re two weekends into May, maybe you’ve found yourself fumbling about aimlessly for a pair of the best men’s sunglasses and wondering … “Where did that one pair I loved go?” Well, in the event that you’ve lost your favorite sunglasses in between then and now, these Garrett Leight sunglasses are here to save the day — and your eyes — from the sun. The Garrett Leight Co. Brooks 47 Sunglasses are truly one-of-a-kind, and certainly one of the more premium pairs your Style Guide author has seen in some time. You’re investing in this particular pair ($395 via Huckberry), so you’re going to want to take good care of them (and ensure you don’t sit on them or step on ’em as you head to the pool). But like all things great in the menswear world, if you invest the time and money, you’ll reap the rewards.

Save up to $200.Namely, these Garrett Leight sunglasses nail that hard-to-find balance between casual and dressed-up in terms of stylish shades — these aren’t an outrageous pair of sunglasses made to stand out on a runway, nor are they ultra-sporty. Plus, the frames are handmade out of high-quality acetate, a difference you can feel (seriously, compare them to a cheap pair of gas station frames).

SHOP: The Garrett Leight Co. Brooks 47 Sunglasses

They’re available in two color combos, and we can’t recommend ’em enough.

And the Garrett Leight Co. Brooks 47 Sunglasses are made with completely polarized frames and lenses, a novelty in the sunglass world — I haven’t even mentioned that those same lenses are scratch and smudge-resistant, all the better to be worn day after day. And with a pair of ultra-premium Garrett Leight sunglasses, that’s exactly what you’re going to want to do.

MenloNR 320x50Heading to the office wearing a trusty chambray shirt and slim tan chinos? Throw on these Garrett Leight sunglasses.  Heading out on the weekend to your favorite brewery? The Garrett Leight Co. Brooks 47 Sunglasses are the way to go, especially when worn with slim faded denim and a rugged short-sleeve henley. And the real topper? These sunglasses even work at a summer wedding when worn with a khaki cotton suit and brown leather brogues. Bingo.

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Style Pick of the Week: Uniform Wares Rose Gold Dress Watch

A crisp, clean dress watch you can wear all spring and summer.

Your search for the best men’s dress watch just got a little bit — or a lot — easier, thanks to this Uniform Wares C35 Dress Watch. Hyperbole? Hardly. This stylish leather dress watch delivers the minimal style you need in a refined timepiece, and although it comes with an investment-level price tag ($700 via Need Supply Co.), it’s worth it. In short, this is one of the best men’s watches I’ve found anywhere. How so? Bear with me.  Now, if you follow me on Instagram or read the blog regularly, you might notice that I favor slightly more rugged watches, but the Uniform Wares C35 Dress Watch caught my eye for another reason altogether.

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The best style is, after all, subtle and simple rather than over-the-top — at least in my mind. That’s what this watch brings to the table, and I applaud Uniform Wares for that. The specs are something to behold, from the brown Milanese cordovan leather strap (it’s not too often you find a cordovan dress watch), to the clean and crisp dial design. The stainless steel case on the Uniform Wares C35 Dress Watch also comes in a cool, on-trend (but not over-the-top!) rose gold color — seriously perfect for adding some spark to a khaki cotton suit-blue chambray dress shirt combo this season.

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This Uniform Wares dress watch is undoubtedly sharp and versatile for all-day style.

But here’s the even better thing about the Uniform Wares C35 Dress Watch — it’s so sharp and minimal that you can wear it with practically anything, from the aforementioned summer suit to your favorite henley and light wash denim. It stands subtly for all the right reasons, including that crisp, timeless look. You’re investing in this timepiece, without a doubt — but it’s not often that a watch is actually deserving of running more than $700. But the Uniform Wares C35 Dress Watch? It assuredly is. It’s got all the durability you’d typically find in a rugged field watch, but with the ability to be worn to the office or on the weekend. And the clean look of this classic leather dress watch also lends itself to mixing and match with plenty of other men’s style essentials, like a straightforward-but-enduring chambray shirt and inky blue denim. Consider this Uniform Wares watch the workhorse dress watch you didn’t know you needed.

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Style Pick of the Week: Mott & Bow Liam Cotton Crew Sweater

The crisp, casual, classic sweater from your favorite denim maker.

You assuredly know Mott & Bow — a longtime favorite of the blog — for the brand’s stylish men’s denim in a range of fits and washes. But, did you know they’re now making one of the best men’s sweaters your money can buy? Yes, that’s right — I went there. Bear with me. The Mott & Bow Liam Sweater is a perfectly minimal, perfectly made casual spring sweater for your daily grind and your relaxing weekend pursuits in equal measure. And as luck would have it, it’s practically made to complement any Mott & Bow denim you already own (if you read the blog, I’d hope you have at least a pair or two!).

In the same way that Mott & Bow uses premium Italian cotton and quality construction to makes its denim, they’ve applied the same principles to the Mott & Bow Liam Sweater. In this case, that means it’s made with a unique blend of Supima cotton and wool — that gives it some stretch and breathability, along with the opportunity to use it as a top layer over a classic chambray shirt or a white Oxford shirt. Better yet, feel free to throw it on casually over a Mott & Bow T-shirt for easygoing comfort.

SHOP: The Mott & Bow Liam Sweater 

A classic, casual sweater from the makers of your favorite denim.

The Mott & Bow Liam Sweater toes the right balance between casual and polished — sportswear-inspired stitching at the collar helps this sweater pop a little bit, so you should take it for a spin at the office (again with that classic white Oxford, some slim tan chinos & maybe, just maybe, some brown leather brogues). See? Mott & Bow makes it truly easy to look great. It helps that the Mott & Bow Liam Sweater comes in sharp, neutral, totally wearable colors from Slate Gray (your author’s personal favorite) to Sand. Any shade would work quite well with inky blue  Mott & Bow denim or an expertly faded pair of M&B light wash jeans, too. And from trying out this sweater over these past few weeks, I can confidently say you can rock it all on its own during a spring evening, or else layer it up under your new favorite trucker jacket for a blend of edgy and casual style. The point is, the Mott & Bow Liam Sweater is no fuss and no frills — it’s just a subtly stylish, well-made, perfectly executed sweater. Potentially the perfect sweater for spring and summer? I’ll let you be the judge of that.

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Style Pick of the Week: Bespoke Post Lather Box

The shaving essentials you need now.

Your search for the perfect shave just got a whole lot easier — in fact, when you pick up the Bespoke Post Lather Box, the perfect shave has a price to it … a price of just $45 (when signing up for Bespoke Post, that is). Why the Lather Box, and why now? Well, we’re truly into spring — perhaps you’re the type of guy who grows out a beard for the fall and winter, and you want to part with it (sheds single tear). Perhaps, you just appreciate a classic, old-fashioned shave — either way, the Bespoke Post Lather Box is here to help. Changing up your facial hair as a new season rolls in is something you might be considering, but if you needed another reason to give it a shot, consider this one last push.

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SHOP: The Bespoke Post Lather Box

That’s certainly why we count on Bespoke Post here on the blog: Think of something you need, and they’ve got it. And you DO need that close, essential shave, especially to start a new season. It’s even better that the Bespoke Post Lather Box is packed with men’s grooming essentials from Base Light, a modern brand that still respects old-school traditions. So, you’re not only getting Pure Badger Shaving Brush, you’re also getting Base Light’s Hydrate Shave Cream to go along with it — see, that’s the best of the old and the new, all wrapped up in the Bespoke Post Lather Box.

Another considered step to add to your grooming routine.

As if that wasn’t enough, the Bespoke Post Lather Box helps you store your shaving essentials as well, thanks to a modern chrome shaving stand, along with a concrete shaving bowl. That these are two modern takes on the type of products your grandfather would have used is certainly intentional — and the Bespoke Post Lather Box is all the better for it. The final step in the perfect shave for your whiskers? Adding in some of the Restore Post-Shave Balm, designed to cool and soothe your skin. Set aside the balm and the shaving cream, store the brush, then call it a day — the Bespoke Post Lather Box really does make it that easy. Plus, it looks cool and channels that timeless, old-school cool you used to see in Old Spice commercials. Don’t take my word for it, though. Get your hands on the Bespoke Post Lather Box, and your face will thank you.

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Style Pick of the Week: Vetra Cotton Blazer

The stylish, rugged, casual spring blazer you need now.

Slowly but surely, we’re getting into the time of year where your outerwear and blazer rotation should be catching up to the rest of your wardrobe. That is to say, you need to lighten up with one of the best men’s blazers, and more specifically, one of the best men’s blazers for spring and summer — a jacket that works every bit as hard as you do. A jacket not unlike the Vetra Cotton Blazer, in fact. For when you need to shelve your rugged denim trucker jacket in place of something more polished — but no less casually cool — that’s when you turn to the Vetra Cotton Blazer. There’s a time and a place for breaking out a stylish spring and summer blazer, from rooftop date nights to a polished casual Friday, and the Vetra Cotton Blazer, especially with a pleasing, seasonally friendly off-white color, can do it all. So, while April can surely bring plenty of showers (and the requisite outerwear needed), it won’t be dreary the whole way through.

SHOP: The Vetra Cotton Blazer

Yes indeed, for shaking up your office style or stepping things up for Sunday brunch (maybe with tan chinos and a blue chambray shirt, plus brown leather loafers?), you could do worse than the workwear-inspired Vetra Cotton Blazer. It’s finished off with military-esque details and a helpful cotton-linen blend for extra breathability, too. All of this begs the question: Could it be your new favorite blazer? You’ll have to see for yourself — but if it’s sold by Huckberry (which it is!), you can count on the Web site’s coveted seal of approval. Now then: If you’re more of a classic blue blazer guy, or if you don’t often wear a stylish blazer, how to incorporate this into your daily #OOTD? Fear not.

Classic workwear details incorporated into a sharp blazer.

The Vetra Cotton Blazer is surprisingly rugged compared to your traditional take on the blazer — it’s got three buttons and thus more of a casual feel, by nature. This is almost the type of jacket to act as a grab-and-go piece on a breezy spring day atop a classic chambray shirt and blue denim — heck, you can even flip up the collar for some extra protection from the wind. That rugged appeal means the Vetra Cotton Blazer will also wear well with more high-low style combos — think an olive henley and tan chinos, plus stylish brown leather boots. Feel like switching it up at the office?

Wear the Vetra Cotton Blazer with a crisp blue Oxford, olive chinos and classic brown leather brogues (keep the collar flipped down this time, though). And remember: The blend of linen and cotton, plus the casual patch pockets — again with that workwear inspo — means this stylish jacket is going to look even better when it gets a little rumpled. Am I saying you should feel free to wear it with a merino tee and your favorite chukka boots on your next long flight? Yes. Am I also saying you should wear the Vetra Cotton Blazer right out to a neat speakeasy when you deplane? Yes, yes I am. This jacket works as hard as you do.

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Style Pick of the Week: Billy Reid Mini Waffle Henley

The perfect spring henley? Well, it’s certainly one of the best henleys this season.

Not so fast: Don’t store your long-sleeve henleys just yet. In fact, if I were you, I’d consider adding another option to your arsenal of stylish spring layers: The Billy Reid Mini Waffle Henley is one of the best men’s henleys to buy now, and that’s just a fact. It’s no less than a classic henley option from one of my favorite menswear brands, one that delivers luxurious takes on men’s style staples — that includes the coveted Billy Reid Bond Peacoat and now, the Billy Reid Mini Waffle Henley. What’s the case for keeping a henley on hand as the temperature heats up? Well, my friends, the Billy Reid Mini Waffle Henley is made witha  waffle thermal fabric that should breath nicely and layer easily without being too suffocating. In fact, I’d even pair the Billy Reid Mini Waffle Henley with the seriously cool, rugged Billy Reid Denim Shirt for easygoing spring style. The henley really can be your best friend when it comes to spring layering, and that’s a fact.

It starts with the washed-out, spring-friendly Terracotta color of the Billy Reid Mini Waffle Henley — this is the perfect complement to slim light wash denim and classic chukka boots for when it’s too warm for a jacket, but slated to get a bit breezy later. You could even layer the Billy Reid Mini Waffle Henley underneath a stylish zip hoodie (as seen in this post) for an early morning weekend coffee run or a day of travel. And to be sure, you can absolutely wear the Billy Reid Mini Waffle Henley with a navy cotton blazer — paired up with tan chinos and leather loafers — for some office-ready style on an easygoing spring day.

A nicely textured henley that’ll layer up with ease.

And if you’re hesitant about diving headfirst into the henley game with one that’s more than $100? Just know that the Billy Reid Mini Waffle Henley should consistently deliver on quality given what the Billy Reid brand has going for it — the lauded American designer uses prime attention to detail in all facets of the menswear game. So, this isn’t a flimsy henley from a fast-fashion brand … you can be sure of that. From the light spring color to the easy wearability, it should become a new go-to with everything from off-white jeans and tan suede chukkas to indigo denim and a light chambray shirt — talk about essential spring style, right?