The Thursday Buy: This Schott NYC Cafe Racer Jacket is the Best Leather Jacket on the Market

A sleek, heritage-quality cafe racer jacket from a lauded brand.

Where are you headed to get your new favorite leather jacket? I’ll make it easy on you today. Swing through UNCRATE to pick up what I’d easily call one of the best leather jackets for men on the planet: The one and only, the lauded Schott NYC Perfecto Cafe Racer Jacket, a truly unique pick-up you’ll have for years and years … and years. Now, that’s what I call an ideal pick for The Thursday Buy, ehh?

We’ve talked in the past on the blog about what makes Schott NYC such a remarkable brand, but it bears repeating now: This brand came from humble beginnings, launched in 1913 as a small, small raincoat company out of a Lower East Side basement, and the rest is, as they say, history. There’s more to it than that, but the Schott Cafe Racer Jacket has an illustrious heritage all own. Worn through the 1950s and ’60s by motorcycle riders and counterculture heroes alike, this rugged leather jacket makes use of durable horsehide leather to this day, meaning it’ll age handsomely over time.

SHOP: The Schott NYC Perfecto Cafe Racer Jacket

Durable hardware makes the difference with this rugged leather jacket.

This leather jacket is also cut for ease of movement, with underarm gussets and bi-swing back construction — yes, Schott NYC continues to think of everything. What’s more, the sleek-as-can-be is finished off with tough hardware, an iconic stand-up button collar and a quilted lining. The details separate this heritage-quality leather jacket from the pack, and there’s only one way to ensure you get the best of the best: By stopping by UNCRATE to buy your favorite fall jacket.

SHOP: The Schott NYC Perfecto Cafe Racer Jacket

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