The Sunday Sale: Subscribe and Save on a Trio of the Best Men’s Grooming Essentials from Caldera + Lab – Caldera + Lab Review

The Good

Some grooming routines are overly complicated, especially if you want a few quick and easy steps to upgrade your daytime and nighttime skincare. Folks, you’re in luck with today’s Sunday Sale. Meet one of the best grooming brands for men, Jackson, Wyo.-based Caldera + Lab. They’re an eco-conscious grooming brand using rigorous testing and research to perfect just three essentials for your daily routine, each designed to work seamlessly alongside each other, and each available for a discount if you start a membership through Caldera + Lab.

Editor’s note: Thank you to Caldera + Lab for providing products for this review. All opinions are my own.

As to becoming a member at Caldera + Lab, why wouldn’t you? The benefits of adding a Caldera + Lab trio to your rotation are exceptional. Let’s dig deeper, starting with the fact that the company is ethically certified as a Certified B Corporation and focused on U.S.A.-made production. On that note, any Caldera Lab review certainly has plenty of ground to cover.

Within the aforementioned trio, you get the Base Layer from Caldera + Lab, one of best face moisturizers. You’ve also got the chance to pick up The Good, the Caldera + Lab face serum, and the Clean Slate, a remarkable facial cleanser. Collectively, if you become a member at Caldera + Lab, you’re saving 20 percent on a trio of the best men’s grooming essentials, and that’s an offer that’s too good to pass up. If you haven’t yet tried a facial serum (The Good is the standout product from Caldera + Lab), fear not — each product on its own is essential and high-quality, but the serum is next-level, as they say.

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The Clean Slate

Caldera + Lab operates with meticulous care and attention to detail, using wild-harvested organic and rigorously certified ingredients to craft a facial serum that moisturizes your skin, soothes and softens your face and reduces wrinkles. Seriously, The Good is something else, and if you’re a member of this organic grooming brand, you save $20 on your purchase (it normally retails for $97). The Clean Slate is a mineral-rich, plant-based cleanser packed with nutrients your skin needs, with the ability to protect and soothe your skin through a diverse array of safe ingredients. And it’s also on sale through a membership through Caldera + Lab, which knocks the price down to $29 from $37.

Last but certainly not least among the carefully curated and expertly crafted array of Caldera + Lab grooming essentials, you’ve got a prime finishing touch: The Base Layer from Caldera + Lab, a moisturizer that targets everything from environmental stress to blue light pollution. And it might sound too good to be true, but you’re picking this one up for $11 off. When you buy all three Caldera + Lab essentials, you are indeed saving 20 percent on some of the best new grooming products for men. If it sounds too good to be true, it certainly isn’t. You’ll see results nearly right away (I know from personal experience), so starting a membership through Caldera + Lab is the best move you’ll make right now.

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