The Tuesday Steal: These Astorflex Chukka Boots are the Perfect Fall Chukka Boots Right Now

Welcome to another quick-hitting edition of The Tuesday Steal, where today, we’re all about the best chukka boots for men to lace up as we head into early fall. Heck, this won’t be the last post on the blog this week about the best men’s boots in general (or on the best new menswear for fall), so you’d better get used to it. And yet, I’d wager the well-crafted, sustainable Astorflex Ettoflex Boots are going to be a mighty easy pair of boots to get used to wearing as we draw ever closer to Labor Day and early fall. As sold by Huckberry, they’re about everything you could ask for in a pair of the best transitional boots: Neither too lightweight nor too bulky, neither too flashy or too boring. That qualifies them handily as some of my new favorite chukka boots, and you very well might feel the same way.

If you’ve had the chance to try any Astorflex chukka boots, you’re in luck as far as that same quality and attention to detail is concerned. For starters, any and all Astorflex chukka boots are made sustainably, a huge bonus as far as fashion and function is concerned. The use of European leather only gets more impressive when you consider that it’s aged naturally for 30 days in a combination of water, bark, oak and powdered mimosa. The result is a supple and stylish leather that really lends itself quite well to a pair of the best chukka boots for men.

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The Astorflex Ettoflex Boots are also a bit more sporty than a classic pair of Astorflex chukka boots, although there’s nothing wrong with having more than one pair in your rotation. It’s the crepe wedge outsole that gives this pair of chukka boots a blend of durability, style and rugged appeal (never a bad thing to have in your footwear rotation). The roughout leather used on the Astorflex Ettoflex Boots is also tough and uniquely textured, a fitting fall style move when worn alongside, say, some Flint and Tinder jeans for a breezy late summer or early fall day.

The memory foam insole is also lined in calfskin for plenty of comfort through long fall days strolling through the park or visiting a favorite brewery. The Astorflex Ettoflex Boots are also polished enough to wear to the office in business casual situations, though. A rugged shawl cardigan and the expertly cut Flint and Tinder 365 Pants are a fine match for the well-made, versatile and exceedingly comfortable Astorflex Ettoflex Boots. What are you waiting for? If you do end up trying them out, be sure to let me know on Twitter. Here’s to the start of fall, folks!

SHOP: The Astorflex Ettoflex Boots


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