The Tuesday Steal: These Classic Shorts Are More Than 40 Percent Off at Huckberry

Best men's shorts for summer

When you scour the market for the best deals on menswear, coming across a deal that seems too good to be true is bound to happen, right? Take the well-stocked Huckberry Sale section. If you’ve read the blog as of late, you know it’s the place to go for the best deals on the best men’s gear, including a pair of the best men’s shorts for summer. That’s high praise, but that’s precisely what you’re getting with the classic TSPTR Zuma Shorts — crucially, they can now be yours for more than 40 percent off.

What’s the catch with the TSPTR Zuma Shorts — as in, why are they on sale right now? The easy answer would be, well, there’s no catch: They’re just an iconic pair of retro-minded shorts, the kind that are inspired by the ’60s counterculture movement and take lots of cues from breezy SoCal style.

They feature plenty of engaging details, like an eye-catching all-over print — perfect for pairing with more minimal style essentials, like a white pocket T-shirt — and they’re made from a lightweight, quick-drying fabric. Plus, don’t forget the seriously cool front patch pocket design for your everyday carry. If it seems like the TSPTR Zuma Shorts check all the right boxes, well, that’s because… they do. Make them yours today.

Style Pick of the Week: Wellen ’66 Stretch Boardshorts – Summer’s Best Boardshorts

Best men's swim trunks for summer.

Back in the day, years ago, boardshorts used to get a bit of a bad rep, did they not? You know the ones I mean: Baggy boardshorts with way too many pockets, the kind you might have worn growing up (no harm, no foul!). But that’s all changed: The best men’s swim trunks for summer, like the Wellen ’66 Stretch Boardshorts, are both better-fitting, more mature and just cooler (seriously!) than the pairs you might have worn back in the day, and that makes them a worthy candidate for today’s Style Pick of the Week.

It all comes down to the fact that the Wellen ’66 Stretch Boardshorts boast a vintage-inspired cut that streamlines things from a pair of early 2000s boardshorts, and that’s a great thing for all involved. The moisture-wicking and quick-drying, lightweight fabric also gives you added mobility in the water and on land, another major benefit of upgrading your boardshorts in a modern manner. Above all else, the Wellen ’66 Stretch Boardshorts add some serious style points to your summer swimwear rotation.

They’re also part of Huckberry’s sustainable in-house brand Wellen, another major benefit if you want to upgrade your style the right way this season. Plus, you get your pick between sun-faded color options aplenty when it comes to the Wellen ’66 Stretch Boardshorts, and they retail for the agreeable price of $68, meaning you can pick up more than one pair with relative ease if you so choose. The next time you get the feeling your boardshorts need a style upgrade, snag the Wellen ’66 Stretch Boardshorts.

Style Pick of the Week: Iron and Resin Revival Jacket – The Coolest Lightweight Summer Jacket

Best summer jacket for men.

There comes a time in every guy’s life — especially in the summer months — when he’s got to gear up to hit the road with only the essentials in tow, and that’s where one of the best lightweight jackets for summer enters the equation. In fact, it’s coming at you courtesy of a brand that knows all too well how to outfit guys for the road in rugged situations aplenty: That’d be Iron and Resin, and of course, they’re stocked and sold right now by the great folks at Huckberry. I’ve lately sung the praises of Huckberry for selling summer gear like some of the best sunglasses for men, and you should certainly add the durable, very well-made Iron and Resin Revival Jacket to the list.

It’s part of the latest and greatest crop of Huckberry New Arrivals, the sort of gear that’ll have you ready for the open road in no time. What makes the Iron and Resin Revival Jacket worthy of your hard-earned cash and time this season? Reader, I’m glad you asked. It’s modeled after classic 1950s service station jackets, giving it a sense of old-school cool that you can’t find everywhere these days.

Best lightweight summer jacket for men.

The Iron and Resin Revival Jacket is also made with the kind of durable-yet-lightweight fabric you need on breezy summer days and nights, especially times when a T-shirt simply won’t cut it. Button flap chest pockets make it similar to your favorite trucker jacket, while the cool aloha-print lining on the Iron and Resin Revival Jacket is a nice throwback touch, too. It’s unique, durable and timeless jacket made to be worn on all your summer adventures — act accordingly and add one of the best men’s lightweight jackets to your wardrobe ASAP.

See Now, Buy Now: The Huckberry Cruisers are the Best, Most Affordable Sunglasses On The Market

Best sunglasses for men

When you find a style essential that hits on all the right cylinders, the kind that properly blends affordability, style and functionality, it’s wise to pick up that style essential early and often — yes? And for my money’s worth — and yours — no one does that better at the moment than Huckberry. Known for stocking and selling everything from stylish chinos to the best men’s T-shirts (simply check out this impressive page of Huckberry Bestsellers), they’ve absolutely done it again with the Huckberry Cruisers, the most affordable sunglasses for men on the market — yes, really.

For starters, they clock in at just $35, an astoundingly low price given the quality and style points you’re getting. They’re also polarized, a very nice touch you’re not normally going to find in many pairs of sunglasses below $40 (if any).

The Huckberry Cruisers are, quite simply, the perfect mix of classic looks and dependable style, available in a durable and lightweight design that goes with just about anything in your summer style rotation. The Huckberry Cruisers are also branded as “one-size-fits-all,” a useful design detail that makes them even more versatile than you might have thought. And again, at that price, they’re a downright steal — consider getting more than one pair of the Huckberry Cruisers when you need stylish new sunglasses in a pinch.

The Friday Read: The Huckberry Memorial Day Sale, The Best Everyday Carry Picks & The Best Summer Sunglasses

Folks, can you believe it’s already here?? I’m talking, of course, about Memorial Day weekend, the unofficial start of summer and the chance to stock up — naturally — on the best summer menswear. Now, we’ve covered plenty of seasonal style staples as of late on the blog, including the best casual T-shirt and the best new summer shorts from Huckberry, but now’s your chance to really make these picks work for you. How so? Well, the Huckberry Memorial Day Sale is well underway, with the chance to take up to 35 percent off the best summer menswear across the board — this is one sale you’re not going to want to miss out on.

So, that’s my one recommendation to get your weekend rolling the right way — of course, I’ve got other style reads for your perusal below. And as for me, I’ll be enjoying the long holiday weekend right here in Brooklyn after several weeks of media trips (and one bachelor party!), which you’re well aware of if you follow me on Instagram. How do you plan to spend your weekend? Here’s to taking some time off, taking the time to honor our nation’s heroes and taking the time to shop some stylish menswear and sip some cold beer. Cheers and thanks for reading!

Best everyday carry essentials
  • What exactly makes up a great everyday carry? You know, those items you simply can’t leave the house without on the daily, be it your trusty pen, a notebook, a watch or your favorite pair of sunglasses? Over at SPY, I took a deep dive into the best EDC essentials to ensure you’re never without the right tools you need to take on your day-to-day adventures.
  • Despite my travels, I’ve been staying plenty busy on the writing front, all in the name of ensuring you gear up the right way for summer. With that lofty aim in mind, I wrote all about the coolest sunglasses for summer over at Maxim, and I got to shout out some of my favorite brands.
  • Here’s one more sale deal to get you primed and ready for the weekend. Just earlier this week on the blog, I wrote about the chance to save 30 percent on a standout Timex x Todd Snyder watch, the kind you can wear from sunrise to sunset and beyond this season. Shop accordingly, my friends.

That’ll do it for today’s edition of the Friday Read. I hope this weekend, you get some time off, you get a chance to reflect and rest, and of course, I hope you get ample opportunity to shop and save on the best summer menswear across the board. As always, thanks for reading!

See Now, Buy Now: The Forty Five Slub Pocket Tee is the Best Casual Summer Tee

Oftentimes, the best menswear essentials are actually the most seemingly simple and effortlessly versatile — like one of the best men’s T-shirts, for instance. The T-shirt was once only an undergarment, but those days are long gone — these days, a well-fitting T-shirt can stand out quietly on its own when paired with other top menswear moves (think of the classic jeans-and-a-T-shirt combination, after all). And that brings us to today’s subtly stylish, well-made pick: The Forty Five Slub Pocket Tee, one of the best T-shirts for men of the moment.

The idea behind the Forty-Five line of T-shirts at Huckberry is simple enough: Each tee is designed to be perfectly well-made to stand on its own, much like the power behind the 45 RPM, or 7-inch, record. One perfect song translates to one perfect T-shirt, does it not? Luckily, you’ll certainly find one of the best men’s casual tees within the digital confines of San Fran and Austin-based Huckberry, and this one starts with slub cotton fabric for a textured look and feel.

Better still is the fact that it’s priced at just $35 (or three for $95), making it a terrific style move and an affordable menswear pick-up. Sounds too good to pass up, right? So go on then, get the Forty-Five Slub Cotton Tee from Huckberry right now in as many colors as you can.

The Sunday Sale: Get This Taylor Stitch Western Shirt for 50 Percent Off at Huckberry

Shopping for the best menswear essentials on the market, especially at a site like Huckberry, requires a keen eye for finding the gear that’s going to best serve you. So, while the well-stocked Huckberry Sale section right now has tons of cold-weather gear marked down to low, low prices, the real key is to look for some of the best deals on summer menswear that you can buy right now. In the case of today’s Sunday Sale, the summer menswear deal in question is a great one: 50 percent off one of the best men’s Western shirts of the moment from Taylor Stitch.

That brings the Taylor Stitch Western Shirt down to 50 percent off right now, just a shade over $60. Bear in mind that it’s made from sturdy 8oz. organic cotton, the kind that only gets better with age, so it’ll function nicely as an overshirt on breezy summer nights — yet you can also wear it unbuttoned over your favorite T-shirt atop stretch chino shorts plenty of times in the season ahead. Rest easy knowing that plenty of sizes are available right now, and then get ready to shop and save at Huckberry.

The Tuesday Steal: Shop and Save on New Active Shorts from Proof at Huckberry

Best casual shorts for men.

Anytime you find yourself in the thick of a new season — like the impending start of summer — it can be tricky to actually save on the best menswear essentials, like the best shorts for men, yes? What if I told you there was a better way to do just that, though? My friends, that’s why we’re here, and that’s why you’re going to love the Proof Caldera Shorts. Part of the exceptionally well-stocked yet fast-selling Huckberry Sale Apparel section, they’re the perfect blend of active shorts and casual shorts — and they can be yours for under $60 today.

In these ever-more casual times, you sometimes need shorts that are polished enough for a coffee run, comfortable enough for a day on the road, and pleasing enough to wear at home. Make the Proof Caldera Shorts your pick for all those times (and again, know that they’re selling fast, so we’ll keep it fairly brief today). These shorts come from the same Huckberry in-house brand that makes the Proof Rover Pants — arguably your favorite pants, right? — and they feature temperature-regulating, four-way stretch fabric.

Stock up and save on Huckberry Sale gear now

See You Out There

The elastic waistband is nothing but comfortable and snug (so you can actually wear them to work out), while the fit itself is streamlined and tailored (so they don’t look like baggy gym shorts). The next time you need shorts that toe the line between casual and active — and the next time you want to save on your new favorite shorts — go for the Proof Caldera Shorts. Get right to it, my friends!

Style Pick of the Week: Relwen Pique Pocket Tee – The Best Pocket Tee on the Market Right Now

Best pocket T-shirt for men

When is an item so seemingly simple on the surface actually so essential to your spring and summer wardrobe? When it’s one of the best T-shirts for men, that’s when. It’s a go-to in times casual and in times more rugged, be it on day hikes or brewery visits or days in the sun, and you needn’t cut corners when finding one of the best men’s T-shirts to add to your rotation. Who’s with me on that? In that case, allow me to introduce you to one of the coolest tees you can snag right now, a premium option from Huckberry: The Relwen Pique Pocket Tee has precisely the makings of your next casual wardrobe upgrade.

As you might expect with all gear sold by Huckberry — the rugged-meets-refined-meets-versatile gear purveyors based out of San Francisco — it’s a keeper in every sense of the word. The specs on the Relwen Pique Pocket Tee make it so much more than just your average T-shirt, similar to how your new favorite summer sneakers (as sold by Huckberry) are also more than your average set of kicks. Now, you might know Relwen for making one of the best winter jackets — and other hard-wearing winter gear — but the Relwen Pique Pocket Tee lightens things up in a suitably stylish way.

Best pocket T-shirt for men

Although it looks like a standard tee, the Relwen Pique Pocket Tee is anything but that. Witness the use of mid-weight cotton pique fabric that feels good and looks even better (it’ll hold its shape over time). The split-tail bottom hem is also a nice touch that differentiates this tee from others on the market, while the tonal stitching on the ringer collar is a suitably old-school touch you can only expect from Relwen.

The Relwen Pique Pocket Tee also comes in ever-versatile colors, like Dark Navy or a fun and summer-ready Pale Blue. Note the small logo on the pocket, a nice touch that’s not too gaudy — make no mistake, the Relwen Pique Pocket Tee looks great on its own, layered underneath a denim jacket or worn in breezy fashion underneath, say, a rugged short-sleeve shirt from Filson. Invest in this sub-$80 tee, and wear it plenty of days this summer.

See Now, Buy Now: Shop Smart Casual with Huckberry’s Latest 9-to-5 Offering

Best smart casual style for men
My friends, you don’t need me to tell you that the folks at Huckberry offer up some of the best menswear essentials day in and day out, season after season. From one of the best men’s chambray shirts to essential waxed jackets for men, the San Fran retailers have you covered from head to toe in every possible scenario. That’s also the case with Huckberry’s latest curated offering: Call it the Huckberry 9-to-5 Collection, a carefully selected assortment of the best smart casual style for men.

What exactly does that mean? Well, there’s something for everyone in the offering — you could also call it the Huckberry Smart Casual Collection. From super-soft tees to crisp-yet-easygoing polo shirts, the best men’s Chelsea boots, expertly faded denim and the best men’s chinos, the hand-picked assortment offers up something for everyone.

Shop the best smart casual menswear now

Huckberry has everything you need

Whether your style leans more rugged or more refined, more business casual or more of a hybrid look (think a T-shirt layered underneath a soft-shouldered blazer, for instance), this expertly designed array of your new favorite style essentials is — to put it one way — quite perfect. There’s lots to shop there right now, so I’ll wrap this post up and let you get on with adding the best new menswear to your cart.