See Now, Buy Now: The GREATS Wooster Sneakers Are the Best Men’s Sneakers For Fall

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No fall wardrobe is complete without some essential building blocks, pieces like a stylish flannel shirt, expertly faded jeans or the best men’s sneakers for fall. That’s right: Just as you should also be wearing some of the best men’s boots, it’s in your best interest to pick up some stylish high-top sneakers. Think of leather high-top sneakers, especially the GREATS Wooster Sneakers, as a more casual answer to your dependable boots. The GREATS Wooster Sneakers are an outstanding change of pace, especially when you want to lace up something that hits the sweet spot between leather boots and low-top summer sneakers. Yes indeed, stylish leather high-top sneakers are perfect happy medium, especially the GREATS Wooster Leather Sneakers. After all, it’s the use of rich full-grain leather and nylon, plus durable high-top construction, that makes them better suited for fall than, say, the low-cut GREATS Royale Sneakers. And this particular pair is available in both leather (as seen above) and rich tan (Cuoio) suede. Not bad, right?

Add to your fall sneaker rotation now

These are the best men’s sneakers to shop for fall

As it were, you’ll find these classic high-top sneakers are but one standout offering when it comes to the new GREATS Fall Arrivals section, packed with rich leather and suede sneakers in seasonal shades. But the GREATS Wooster Mid Sneakers are simply the best of the bunch, at least in my humble opinion. When the time comes to trade in your boots for more casual sneakers (perhaps for a road trip with long hours in the car, or for a casual weekend coffee outing), it’s high-top sneakers made with high-quality materials that you’re going to want. And there’s plenty more where that came from (keep scrolling). Oh, and another thing: You can get free shipping and free returns on all orders. Onward!

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Yes indeed, the GREATS Wooster Sneakers deliver on every possible front, right down to the agreeable price tag ($169) and the use of responsibly sourced materials. The rich suede option really shines in particular, especially against contrasting two-tone yellow laces (not all that different from your favorite work boots, right?). The GREATS Wooster Sneakers are also built with a vulcanized rubber outsole, all the better to add some tough durability to some of the coolest sneakers in your wardrobe.

And speaking of the rest of your wardrobe, well, the GREATS Wooster Sneakers are going to fit right in with plenty of casual fall style favorites. To me, these classic high-top sneakers, in either leather or suede, would work remarkably well with classic slim blue jeans and your favorite flannel shirt, perhaps layered over a rugged henley. You can also wear these high-top sneakers with tan chinos and a blue Oxford or chambray shirt, sleeves rolled and untucked, at the office. The GREATS Wooster Sneakers are well-made enough to last you this fall and plenty more seasons to come, so invest in the best men’s sneakers for the season right now, and then reap the rewards.

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