The Thursday Buy: Filson’s Double Layer Henley is the Best Base Layer for Fall

Keep your rotation well-stocked for fall when it comes to the best menswear for fall, and you’ll never run out of the right gear to rock. Start with your base layers, like the Filson Double Layer Henley, and things only get better from there. It’s part of the outstanding and perfectly fall-minded Filson New Arrivals section, one that’s worth scouring for hours on end in its own right. But it’s one of the best men’s henleys that you’re really going to need these days, especially as the weather turns colder and you add other outfit essentials atop the ever-so-rugged Filson Double Layer Henley. Filson says you can wear this shirt all by itself or as that always-critical base layer, which is just the beginning when it comes to its list of standout features.

Get ready for fall with Filson’s New Arrivals

The heritage retailer has you covered

And when it comes down to it, one of the best henleys for men is just a staple piece that every guy looks good wearing. The multi-button placket provides more visual interest than just a crewneck T-shirt or sweatshirt, making it an easy contrasting layer beneath, say, a rugged Filson flannel shirt. In fact, you can wear this shirt buttoned all the way up or unbuttoned slightly to regulate airflow. Henley shirts were worn originally for athletic pursuits (rowing on the River Thames in Great Britain), and they needed to function as both a warm base layer and a sporting shirt, and the Filson Double Layer Henley carries on that lineage nicely (no matter if you’re not much of a rower — neither am I!). The Filson Double Layer Henley checks all the right boxes in terms of fabric and fit, too.

Let’s start with the fabric when it comes down to one of the best henleys for men. Filson is using a jersey cotton blend in a double-knit design with both cotton and polyester. It’s also made with rib knit cuffs and collar, meaning you can customize the sleeve length to your liking as you layer underneath the Filson Mackinaw Jacket or the aforementioned rugged Filson flannel shirt. And because it’s Filson, you also get variety in matters of style: Take your pick between four colors, each wearable with plenty of other Filson style staples (the Dark Navy or Fir might be my personal favorite).

Whether you wear it under a waxed jacket for a fall day hike, on its own for a hot cup of coffee on a cool morning or layered underneath a chambray shirt for a day in the yard, the Filson Double Layer Henley is your new go-to fall henley (that’s saying quite a lot in a crowded market). It’s just the Filson way.


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