The Tuesday Steal: These Huckberry Slippers Are The Best Indoor-Outdoor Shoes Right Now

Early fall brings with it all manner of pursuits, especially ones best enjoyed when dressed casually and enjoyed leisurely. That’s quite the Venn diagram (I’m thinking most commonly of upstate New York trips and northern Michigan getaways), and that’s where you need a pair of the best indoor-outdoor shoes, all the better to truly tackle the best, most inviting activities of the season. That makes today’s fairly priced Tuesday Steal a downright bargain: The Greys Outdoor Slipper Boots are on sale right now in a variety of colors, often for under $100, making them an excellent pick as far as the best casual shoes for fall are concerned. Now, to be sure, casual fall shoes for men often run the gamut, from laidback leather sneakers to the best chukka boots, but the best indoor and outdoor shoes are quite literally built different from the rest of the pack. That’s not a bad thing, and it makes them especially well-suited for laidback days at home and on the road. What exactly makes them so essential? Keep on scrolling to find out.

The Greys Outdoor Slipper Boots are the perfect sort of hybrid shoe to have on hand as we move from September into early October, when the weather turns ever-so-slightly more crisp and fall’s best moments, including leisurely bonfires and easygoing morning coffee runs, come back into your life. That’s because the Greys Outdoor Slipper Boots have all the qualities of your favorite normal fall shoes, including a chukka boot-like ankle cut, with the relaxed comfort of fall slippers. It’s a temperature-regulating wool blend that makes these both warm and yet remarkably comfortable, all the better to wear without socks alongside your favorite pair of weekend sweatpants. The hybrid appeal only grows from there.

The Greys Outdoor Slipper Boots sit atop a grippy rubber sole for maximum traction moving through the yard or throughout town, too. And the silhouette of the ever-versatile Greys Outdoor Slipper Boots is not unlike a pair of slip-on boots, unlike traditional slippers. That means that in a pinch, you could even wear them with casual faded jeans. Of course, when you do hit the road, either to a boutique hotel or out and about for a weekend with friends, it’s always nice to have a pair of shoes you can throw on and then forget about for a breezy morning cup of coffee. In whichever color you prefer, the Greys Outdoor Slipper Boots are the best indoor-outdoor shoes for those pursuits.

Get these go-anywhere slippers now

Available for under $100 at Huckberry

Add in small details like a leather pull tab, the reinforced toe box for greater durability, and again, the fact that you can rock ’em with or without socks, and the Greys Outdoor Slipper Boots are your new go-to pair of casual fall shoes, weekend or weekday vacation, no questions asked. Get them right now in the color of your choice for under $100, and be prepared to field all sorts of compliments when it comes to casual fall style.


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