The Thursday Buy: The Shinola Guardian Watch is the Best Dress Watch to Buy Right Now

Is there any time like the present to pick up one of the best men’s leather watches (or perhaps, add it to your holiday wish list)? Not quite, which is why we’re here today with another standout Thursday Buy recommendation to guide you towards this season with a stylish leather watch in tow. It’s coming your way courtesy of Shinola, the much-loved and simply outstanding Detroit-based maker of lovely, refined watches, beautiful home goods, leather wares and much more. The watch in question today, the Shinola Guardian Watch, isn’t quite as well-known as its everyday counterpart, the famed Shinola Runwell Watch, but that doesn’t make it any less essential in terms of a cool and instantly iconic watch to add to your collection. Yes indeed, the Shinola Guardian Watch (so named for the famed Guardian Building in Detroit) is crisp, refined and naturally made to be worn with fine tailoring, making it one of the best dress watches you can buy this instant.

Helpfully, it’s a great time of year to add one of the best men’s dress watches to your rotation, with holiday parties and gatherings on the horizon. Of course, the Shinola Guardian Watch wears quite well any day of the week, what with its clean lines, its distinctive sandblasted stainless case with a throwback-inspired rounded square dial design, and plenty of on-point details. The Shinola Guardian Watch is a more recent introduction to the brand’s well-reviewed line of watches, but it’s no less worthy of consideration as you shop to expand (or start!) your watch rotation.

The design specs are exactly what you’d expect from a brand like Shinola, which takes great care to assemble its watches with pride in Detroit. It’s a sight to behold, and it starts with the Swiss Argonite movement that the team builds in Detroit. That makes this a quartz watch, but again, for the value this stylish leather dress watch provides, that’s not a bad thing at all (it retails for either $675 or $725 at Shinola). In any of the three striking color and strap combinations, the Shinola Guardian Watch is a surefire winner (I’m especially a fan of the handsome Midnight Blue option shown above). The sapphire crystal on the dial provides durability (it’s second only to diamond in terms of material hardness), yet another way in which Shinola provides excellent value for your hard-earned cash.

And helpfully, the Shinola Guardian Watch is so crisp and classic, you can wear it with holiday style ensembles (like a tailored flannel shirt, a shawl cardigan and dark blue jeans) as readily as you can wear it with a winter wool suit or a tan herringbone blazer. Heck, you could even add the Shinola Guardian Watch to a more rugged fall style ensemble (think a waxed trucker jacket and your favorite henley) if need be. An eye-catching leather strap with raised stitching finishes off every iteration of the Shinola Guardian Watch, which is ideal — you can’t go wrong Shinola, no matter which way you look at it. Happy shopping, my friends.


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