The Friday Read: Buck Mason’s Rare Winter Sale, The Best Men’s Hair Spray & a New Shinola Watch

Buck Mason Early Access—The Gettin's Good Sale (Up to 60% off) :  r/frugalmalefashion

Folks, welcome to Friday and another edition of the Friday Read, which’ll have you outfitted and ready for the weekend in no time. Speaking of getting outfitted for the weekend, well, that photo above says it all. Buck Mason, one of my favorite brands and purveyors of some of the best winter menswear around, is holding a very, very rare sale, featuring up to 60 percent off some of the company’s essential gear via the recently launched Buck Mason Gettin’s Good Sale (get it while you can, my friends). It’s even better than the well-stocked Buck Mason Last Chance Section, since these are deep discounts on a wide array of menswear. If you’ve had your eye on, say, one of the best men’s cardigans via the lauded retailer, now’s the time to shop. The Buck Mason Gettin’s Good Sale is a must-shop for your weekend — I’ll leave you to it, but please do keep on scrolling to kick off your weekend the right way.

For those of you who aren’t quite dropping everything to shop Buck Mason just yet, well, I’m with you — at least in spirit. That’s because this weekend, I’m heading somewhere extra layers aren’t really needed: I’m trekking down to breezy, sunny Florida to kick off my 30th birthday week (weekend?) and spend some time at Disney World with my family! I couldn’t be more excited to safely trek down there, and if you’d like to keep up with all the fun (and get some style tips in the process), you can — and should go follow me on Instagram. For now, I’ve got a few more stories to tidy up before the weekend, so I’ll leave you with some more reading and shopping tips below. Cheers to Friday, folks!

  • If you’ve been keeping up with the blog as of late, then you’re well aware that I’m a big fan of Detroit-based Shinola and its full array of some of the best men’s watches. That includes the remarkable new Shinola Bronze Monster (as I wrote about here), as well as the stunning, recently launched Shinola Forged Carbon Monster Automatic. This watch is truly a sight to behold, featuring light yet tough construction. What’s more, you can head to Maxim to read my full dispatch on this stunning watch.
  • Looking for a way to revamp your hair this winter, all the while avoiding hat hair on cold days? Then you’re in luck — if you read my latest AskMen guide on the best men’s hair sprays. Yes, that’s right: Hair spray for men is very much available, with the quick and easy potential to revamp your ‘do the right way. Check out that guide and let me know what you think.
  • Here’s one in case you missed out on the fun on the blog this week. It’s always wise to shop the latest and greatest Billy Reid menswear, especially when those layers are both rugged and refined, like this Billy Reid shirt jacket I covered just yesterday. It’s time to layer up in style, my friends.

So, that’ll wrap things up in fine form as we head into the weekend. There’s lots to read and shop if you peruse the pages of this blog and my other bylines, but I’d urge you — more than anything — to shop the exceptional Buck Mason Gettin’s Good Sale for the best deals on the best winter menswear and much more. If you do end up picking anything up, let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading and cheers to the weekend! 

Style Pick of the Week: Shinola Bronze Monster Automatic Watch – The Best Investment-Level Watch to Shop Now

I’d wager that if you’re reading this blog, you’re willing to do your research when it comes to investing in, for example, one of the best men’s watches from a brand like Shinola, right? In fact, I’d bet you’re willing to dig in and do the work when it comes to tracking plenty of the best gear for men, be it finding the best leather boots for men or layering up with a best-selling men’s shirt jacket. This approach will certainly serve you well when it comes to finding and selecting the perfect watch to wear on your wrist every day, with just about every single ensemble you can dream up. Allow me, then, in that case, to introduce you to the iconic, expertly crafted, dressy-yet-rugged Shinola Bronze Monster Automatic, an exceptional watch with a price tag to match (it retails for $1,650 at Shinola, as it were).

Now, if you’ve read the blog, you know that I’ve shared a Shinola review or two singing the praises of the Detroit-based brand. That trend isn’t going to let up any time soon. The Shinola Bronze Monster Automatic, like all Shinola men’s watches, is made with exacting attention to detail and incredible materials befitting of the higher price tag (most Shinola watches for men retail for under $1,000).

While with some luxury watches, you’re really paying for the designer name as much as the watch itself, the Shinola Bronze Monster Automatic defies convention and packs in a whole lot of excellent technical specs to go along with the now-iconic Shinola name. Designed as an homage to the 1920s and Michigan rumrunners during Prohibition, it’s an elegant yet hard-wearing watch that looks incredible and performs just as nicely. The Shinola Bronze Monster Automatic features an intricate 26-jewel automatic movement with a 38-hour power reserve. This is a very good thing: The power reserve allows the watch to keep running accurately even when you’re not wearing it, because an automatic watch like this one winds according to the wearer’s wrist movement. In short. the Shinola Bronze Monster Automatic, without getting overly technical, is carefully designed, hard-working and supremely stylish.

About those style points, though. The Shinola Bronze Monster Automatic features a handsome brushed bronze case and a visually striking, slightly larger 43mm case diameter. That means it stands out more on your wrist and is less of a dress watch, and more of a watch to wear with rugged menswear like one of the best men’s chambray shirts, dark blue denim and brown leather boots. Of course, the Shinola Bronze Monster Automatic looks great with just about anything you pair it up with (even a worsted wool suit!, That’s true whether you rock it with the additional leather strap (shown here) or the khaki nylon field watch strap. In either iteration, the Shinola Bronze Monster Automatic is a wearable work of art befitting of the heftier price tag. It’s one of the best watches for men and one of the best investment-level timepieces to consider adding to your collection.

The Friday Read: Tommy Stinson, The Best Non-Alcoholic Beers & New Gear from Myles Apparel

My friends, let’s jump on into a new year and into another winter weekend, one which technically happens to be the first full weekend of 2022. If you’ve got fitness resolutions aplenty on your list right now, then the latest performance gear from Myles Apparel should set you on the path to a happy and healthy start to 2022. Specifically, the brand dropped the Myles Apparel Momentum Active Track Pants earlier this week, with all the right specs to bolster any training sessions on your to-do list. Made with a quick-drying blend of nylon and spandex, they look and feel great, and they’re more than ready for whatever workouts you throw their way. How’s that for starting 2022 with some of the best workout gear for a new year, right? Not bad at all, if you ask me. Oh, and just remember: You get free U.S. shipping on orders of more than $100. Stock up ASAP, folks.

Now that you’ve conquered the gear you need for weekend workouts, how about some music and relaxation? Of course, you very well might know that I also write about indie music for Atwood Magazine, and I run a music and menswear newsletter. It’s with both of those pursuits in mind that I’m so excited to head down to Norfolk, Virginia as we speak to see legendary rock n’roller Tommy Stinson (of The Replacements fame) play a small show in the famed Virginia city! I previously wrote about Stinson’s career in The Replacements, and my love of the band, over at InsideHook. Now, I won’t be covering the show, but I’ll be enjoying tunes safely all the same, and I’ll be packing some of my favorite travel menswear and gear, too. To keep up with all of the action, be sure to follow me on Instagram. In the meantime, let’s get to the rest of today’s Friday Read!

  • If you’re undertaking Dry January, then my congrats and best wishes to you, as moderation is crucial these days. It’s with that approach in mind that I wrote about the best non-alcoholic beers for Dry January, packing plenty of sudsy flavor into a low-cal, no-booze can. Head to SPY to check out my picks, folks.
  • We’re not quite out of the woods yet in terms of reacquainting ourselves with how to get dressed in style for the office. The next time you need to suit up, be it for date night, a meeting or a winter wedding, refer to my handy guide to the best winter suits for men over at Fatherly. It’s got everything you need, and then some.

I talked above about one of the best men’s weekender bags from Shinola, so in the spirit of winter travel and the best gear on the market, here’s another blog post to get your mindset squared away. Keep it tuned here to The Style Guide to read about the best Shinola duffel bag for men. It’s going to get you from point A to point B in style, and after all, shouldn’t that be the goal of every weekend? Happy shopping, safe travels and thanks for reading, folks!

The Thursday Buy: The Shinola Vinton Watch is the Classic Timepiece You Need Now

There are some men’s accessories that are so timeless and sharp, it’d almost be foolish not to invest in them. That’s the case, at least, with the best watches for men as produced by Shinola, a full lineup from the Detroit-based watchmaker and luxury goods brand, and that especially applies to the seriously cool, super-sharp Shinola Vinton Watch. If you’re a fan of the brand (new or old!), then you know that Shinola can do it all, from making one of the best weekender bags on the market to delivering one of the coolest dress watches for your wrist. It’s with that blend of classic and modern style that they’ve added the Shinola Vinton Watch to the brand’s ever-expanding and yet carefully curated lineup of watches. The Shinola Vinton Watch hits on all the right notes if you want a watch (particularly heading into the holiday season) that you can wear to the office and to holiday gatherings without missing a beat.

It features classic stainless steel construction found in durable dive watches, but the Shinola Vinton Watch really stands apart (quietly, of course) thanks to its crisp dial design and a nice, dressy 38mm case diameter. It’s a solid change of pace from the ever-so-slightly more rugged Shinola Runwell Collection, which boasts options with case diameter measurements of up to 47mm. Yes indeed, the Shinola Vinton Watch just gets the details (big and small) correct.

The specs on the Shinola Vinton Watch, of course, hold up to scrutiny, and they do so at a price that’s lower than expected ($550 at Shinola, to be exact). The dial is both crisp, timeless and refreshing, as all Shinola watch dials tend to be, and the option to get something as sharp as a blue dial against a smooth stainless steel case makes the Shinola Vinton Watch just the right blend of tailored and laidback. The Shinola Vinton Watch is the kind of watch to pair with casual staples (like a thermal crewneck and dark blue denim) as well as more business casual offerings, like tailored chinos and your favorite cardigan.

Other watch design options include a visually striking Midnight Blue paired with handsome PVD gold hardware, right down to the bracelet itself. It’s a worthwhile option to consider the most versatile offering for your own wardrobe with the Shinola Vinton Watch, but it’s almost hard to go wrong with any option (this is Shinola we’re talking about, after all). The best men’s watches also beat the rest of the field with small touches, like a date window at 3 o’clock, set against that well-done dial design you only get at Shinola. When you want to upgrade what’s on your wrist, the choice is clear: Make it Shinola, and make your next purchase the Shinola Vinton Watch.

See Now, Buy Now: Gift this Shinola Leather Wallet to the Stylish Man In Your Life (Or Yourself)

If you’ve got a stylish guy on your Christmas list this year (or if you’re building out your own style wish list), it’s hard to go wrong with something as covetable and, well, stylish as one of the best men’s leather watches. That goes for just about anything you’re apt to find at Detroit-based Shinola, which just so happens to be stocking plenty of the best leather gifts for men this season. It’s an impressive assortment, and one that includes the Shinola Pocket Bifold, a handsome and refined leather wallet made for the modern man. And if the gentleman on your list happens to be in need of a new leather wallet, well, that’s really all the better. Yes indeed, the time is right now to upgrade his everyday carry and perhaps, to add a few covetable items from Shinola to your own list. After all, Shinola does so much more than just craft some of the best watches for men. They also happen to make one of the best men’s weekender bags and a throwback-inspired dress watch that any guy would be very happy to find under tree this season. But back to the Shinola Pocket Bifold — it’s an easy choice as far as a seriously upgraded leather wallet is concerned.

The Shinola Pocket Bifold isn’t any old wallet you might find made from cheap materials — far from it, in fact. It’s worth every bit of its $250 price tag, a true marker of quality and not just of a brand name. And the specs on the Shinola Pocket Bifold? I’m glad you asked, friends. It’s made from smooth, rich Vachetta leather, the kind that gets better with age the more you use it (and trust me, he’ll want to use the Shinola Pocket Bifold every single day). It’s neither too bulky nor too flimsy, made with six lined card pockets and an unlined bill pocket, plus a handy receipt pocket. It’s small touches like those that set the Shinola Pocket Bifold apart from others you can buy this season, make no mistake about that.

And it’s all the better to pick up one of the best wallets for men if the stylish guy in your life is already familiar with the esteemed maker of some of the best watches for men. It’s also stamped with the Shinola logo and sewn in the U.S.A. — again, the Shinola Pocket Bifold lives up to the brand’s reputation in every way you’d expect. If the guy in your life expects the best (which I’m sure he does), then the Shinola Pocket Bifold is one way to deliver that, right down to his accessories. Happy holidays, folks!

See Now, Buy Now: This Shinola Weekender Bag is the Perfect Everyday Carry for Holiday Travel

You’re no doubt familiar with Detroit-based Shinola as the brand behind some of the best men’s watches on the market, from the perfect watch for dressy occasions to one of the best men’s everyday watches, period. But if you’ve kept a close eye on the brand in recent years, you’ll know they’re so much more than that: They’ve grown into a brand that makes the best everyday carry goods, leather accessories and more, including one of the coolest weekender bags for holiday getaways (and of course, more occasions beyond just this season). Without a doubt, the Shinola Canfield Classic Holdall shakes up the traditional weekender bag formula in a way that only Shinola can, and this is a very, very good thing indeed. Named for the West Detroit neighborhood lined with stylish Victorian homes, the Shinola Canfield Classic Holdall is a bag you don’t have to think too much about buying, or about packing up when the occasion calls for hitting the road in style. It delivers in much the same way as a stylish Shinola men’s watch — reliable, refined-yet-versatile, and rugged at the same time.

The Shinola Canfield Classic Holdall is at its best in the edition featuring durable canvas and handsome Italian Vachetta leather trim, all the better to blend durability and style points. It retails for $895 at Shinola, certainly an investment but one that’ll pay off from the very first time you pack up this bag to hit the road this holiday season. After all, if the Shinola Canfield Classic Holdall becomes the only weekender bag you use, then opportunities are plentiful to get your money’s worth, right? No doubt about it.

Because it’s Shinola we’re talking about, all the details of this stylish men’s weekender bag have been taken care of, so you needn’t worry about them. Take the brass hardware, delivered with a matte nickel finish that’s not too loud or ostentatious. Then, consider the interior zip pocket (perfect for holding a classic, crisp Shinola men’s watch), not to mention the fact that the pocket itself within the Shinola Canfield Classic Holdall features space for up to a 15-inch laptop. The durable canvas can withstand long days of travel, and the Italian leather is actually going to get better and more supple the more you use this handsome weekender bag.

Now, this weekender bag might not work all that well if you’ve planned out a ton of outfits — remember though, versatility is king — or if need to pack up a suit or a blazer. Shinola has you covered there with a garment bag-duffel hybrid, but for traveling on the fly in style, the Shinola Canfield Classic Holdall delivers the goods and looks great doing it. Like any Shinola product, it’ll stand the test of time and look great all the while. If that sounds like the sort of bag to bring with you throughout holiday travel, then act accordingly now — and book tickets for that next trip! Happy shopping and safe travels, folks.

The Thursday Buy: The Shinola Guardian Watch is the Best Dress Watch to Buy Right Now

Is there any time like the present to pick up one of the best men’s leather watches (or perhaps, add it to your holiday wish list)? Not quite, which is why we’re here today with another standout Thursday Buy recommendation to guide you towards this season with a stylish leather watch in tow. It’s coming your way courtesy of Shinola, the much-loved and simply outstanding Detroit-based maker of lovely, refined watches, beautiful home goods, leather wares and much more. The watch in question today, the Shinola Guardian Watch, isn’t quite as well-known as its everyday counterpart, the famed Shinola Runwell Watch, but that doesn’t make it any less essential in terms of a cool and instantly iconic watch to add to your collection. Yes indeed, the Shinola Guardian Watch (so named for the famed Guardian Building in Detroit) is crisp, refined and naturally made to be worn with fine tailoring, making it one of the best dress watches you can buy this instant.

Helpfully, it’s a great time of year to add one of the best men’s dress watches to your rotation, with holiday parties and gatherings on the horizon. Of course, the Shinola Guardian Watch wears quite well any day of the week, what with its clean lines, its distinctive sandblasted stainless case with a throwback-inspired rounded square dial design, and plenty of on-point details. The Shinola Guardian Watch is a more recent introduction to the brand’s well-reviewed line of watches, but it’s no less worthy of consideration as you shop to expand (or start!) your watch rotation.

The design specs are exactly what you’d expect from a brand like Shinola, which takes great care to assemble its watches with pride in Detroit. It’s a sight to behold, and it starts with the Swiss Argonite movement that the team builds in Detroit. That makes this a quartz watch, but again, for the value this stylish leather dress watch provides, that’s not a bad thing at all (it retails for either $675 or $725 at Shinola). In any of the three striking color and strap combinations, the Shinola Guardian Watch is a surefire winner (I’m especially a fan of the handsome Midnight Blue option shown above). The sapphire crystal on the dial provides durability (it’s second only to diamond in terms of material hardness), yet another way in which Shinola provides excellent value for your hard-earned cash.

And helpfully, the Shinola Guardian Watch is so crisp and classic, you can wear it with holiday style ensembles (like a tailored flannel shirt, a shawl cardigan and dark blue jeans) as readily as you can wear it with a winter wool suit or a tan herringbone blazer. Heck, you could even add the Shinola Guardian Watch to a more rugged fall style ensemble (think a waxed trucker jacket and your favorite henley) if need be. An eye-catching leather strap with raised stitching finishes off every iteration of the Shinola Guardian Watch, which is ideal — you can’t go wrong Shinola, no matter which way you look at it. Happy shopping, my friends.

Style Pick of the Week: Shinola Canfield Sport Watch – The Best Watch to Wear All Fall and Winter

From this Brooklyn writer’s point of view, there are assuredly small style essentials that go a long way towards upgrading your overall look. Have you ever heard the adage that people notice both your shoes and your watch first? Well, make that first impression a great one: Get one of the best men’s watches — the Shinola Canfield Sport Watch — and wait for the compliments to roll in. But why Shinola, and why now? I’m glad you asked, my friend. A quick history lesson: The Shinola Canfield Sport Watch is so named for the West Canfield Historic District in Detroit. Not bad at all! Now, this certainly won’t be the last time you hear about the Detroit-based maker of watches and leather goods this season and beyond, so let’s step forward into the future on time and in style. For starters, Shinola makes some of the best accessories for men (and women!) on the market, striking a tricky balance between premium, refined style, rugged appeal and fine, precise craftsmanship. The Shinola Canfield Sport Watch is a prime example of that dedication, with well-made details any watch lover will appreciate, and plenty of style points regardless, particularly if you’re just tipping your toe into the world of men’s watches.

What’s a chronograph watch, for starters? A chronograph watch features sub-dials within the main watch dial. Here’s the kicker: As the main dial tracks the time itself, and the three chronograph dials (on the Shinola Canfield Sport Watch in particular) can be used to track details like one-tenth of a second, as well as minutes or hours. It’s an added bit of functionality that’s made watches like the Shinola Canfield Sport Watch prized for their utility in travel, road racing (or road trips) and more. At the end of the day, all Shinola men’s watches perform readily under pressure and look mighty stylish either way. It only gets better from there.

The Shinola Canfield Sport Watch is especially well-suited for fall and winter because it’s built to handle just about anything. Unlike a NATO strap watch, typically worn during summer and often featuring a smaller-size case diameter (as NATO strap watches are often made for the field), a timepiece like the handsome Shinola Canfield Sport Watch features a larger 45mm dial diameter. This means that the watch is going to stand up stylistically to the more rugged, burlier fall style essentials you’re wearing, from a thermal henley and flannel shirt to your favorite waxed trucker jacket and a tough denim shirt. Yes indeed, the Shinola Canfield Sport Watch simply is firing on all cylinders.

Naturally, the Shinola Canfield Sport Watch is also dressy enough to be worn in business casual situations, especially with one of the best men’s Oxford shirts, sleeves rolled up, this fall and beyond. There are several varieties of the Canfield watch, but the blend of a rich cognac leather strap and a cool-as-can-be black dial is pretty inviting, is it not? Pick up any version of the Shinola Canfield Sport Watch, and wear it as often as possible: You won’t be disappointed in matters of style or versatility.

The Tuesday Steal: Invest in the Best with A Classic Shinola Runwell Watch

The Story Behind The Runwell Automatic | The Journal

Today’s Tuesday Steal might seem a bit out of the ordinary — after all, if you’re investing in something as nice as one of the best men’s leather watches, isn’t that not quite exactly a steal? Well, perhaps that’s the case, but when it comes down to Shinola watches, it’s actually quite easy to get a lot of bang for your buck. That’s because Shinola men’s watches are packed with intricate details, quality construction, style points aplenty and much more for what you’re ponying up. The Shinola Runwell Watch, in its many iterations and in the timeless design shown above, hits the nail on the head, to say the least, making it as fine a purchase as any this season (and well beyond). Note that the original Runwell features a quartz movement, but you can also track down the Shinola Runwell Automatic. OK, onward!

Now, if you’ve read my blog over the years, you’ll know that I’ve long admired Michigan-based Shinola for its commitment to accessible quality, iconic designs and a nice blend of rugged and refined design. Note that the brand uses Swiss parts to make its watches in Detroit, but it’s still more than worthy of consideration when you want to dive into the best American watch brands.

What exactly makes the Shinola Runwell Watch such a solid purchase if you want standout style that delivers plenty of versatility and rugged appeal? That, my friends, is pretty plain to see. The Runwell clocks in with a case diameter of 41mm, highly wearable on most wrists, and uses a striking dial design that’s somehow classic and just a bit mid-century-modern, and yet undeniably fresh. It’s made with a high-accuracy quartz movement, one of the reasons why those who prefer more expensive, mechanical watches might not prefer the brand. But when you consider the handsome and frankly iconic design of the Shinola Runwell Watch, plus the price — a more than agreeable $595 for some models of the Shinola Runwell Watch — you start to see why this is a true Tuesday Steal in every sense of the word.

And if you’re the type of guy who’s just entering the world of watches, then something as accessible and highly wearable as any number of Shinola men’s watches is a great place to start. With the right mix of rich leather straps and bold, contrasting designs, plus options like chronograph functionality (for tracking other, smaller units of time aside from the main watch dial), Shinola men’s watches are a seriously cool and useful bet. Plus, you can wear a design like the Shinola Runwell Watch with everything from a navy wool winter suit to your favorite henley and faded blue jeans (I should know — I’ve done both). With any option you buy, the Shinola Runwell Watch gives you standout wearability and classic looks, no matter what.

Invest in the very best with a Shinola Runwell

This watch is the right way to go, any day of the week

The Friday Read: Jack Black Grooming Sets, New Wolverine Boots & A New Shinola Watch

Jack Black men's grooming

Filling you in on the best men’s groming picks from Jack Black right now.

Folks, if you can believe it, we’re back once more with another edition of the Friday Read, and on top of that, it’s the final edition of … October. Wow. Color me shocked, right?? It’s been a momentous and busy few weeks here at The Style Guide’s Brooklyn HQ, if you will — a couple weeks back, I filled you in on how you can get a discount on your new favorite weekender bag from Boarding Pass NYC (use the code BEAUKNOWS to get $10 off any purchase over $70!), and this week, I’m similarly looping you in onto some great fall deals. Let’s talk about the best men’s grooming essentials for a second, shall we? The other week, I had the chance to chat with the team at Jack Black about the Dallas-based grooming brand’s 20th anniversary, to go along with plenty of the best men’s grooming sets. I mentioned Jack Black in a previous edition of the Friday Read, but how about a refresher (literally)? From beard oil to the much-loved Most Wanted Gift Set, the brand is an outstanding resource for the best men’s grooming picks, not to mention the best men’s gift sets and stocking stuffers aplenty. Yes, stocking stuffers. It’s never too early to plan ahead, folks!

On that note, I’ve been busy elsewhere this month writing about the best Christmas jumpers for The Manual, to go along with writing about rugged Taylor Stitch boots at GearMoose. Yes indeed, my friends, if you want to plan ahead for this season and the next, I’d say I’ve got you covered (I’m biased, though!). Aside from menswear writing, I’m looking forward to getting some R&R this weekend and watching — strange as it might sound — some college football, as my beloved Michigan State Spartans take on hated rival Michigan on the road in Ann Arbor. It’s the sort of game that makes me miss Michigan in the fall, but I’ll make the best of it all the same with a cold Oktoberfest beer at a sidewalk bar. Follow along with my writing and my off-duty pursuits via my Instagram, and let’s dive into the rest of the Friday Read below.

Stylish packaging and great coffee? Sign me up.

  • To power my freelance menswear writing, I’m often imbibing quite a bit of coffee. And lately, I’ve been digging what Equator Coffees is churning out (thanks to my buddy Micah for allowing me to test the brand!). Here’s the scoop: Sustainable, high-quality coffee delivered in cool, bright red packaging — always a plus! — and made with a focus on giving back (check out the B’Cause Blend Voting Project, for starters). They also offer subscriptions and gift sets, always a bonus if you or someone you love is BIG into great coffee on the daily. The next time you want great coffee for a great cause, get yourself some excellent beans from Equator Coffees.
  • The headline of this post mentions a new Shinola watch, and that’s exactly what I had the chance to cover recently for Maxim. The Shinola Ice Monster is a burly, rugged and yet stylish watch that draws design inspiration from Michigan’s frigid winters, which I can’t help but remember (sometimes fondly, sometimes not so fondly). It’s here in time for fall and winter, so act accordingly.

As far as today’s Friday Read goes, well, we’re just about wrapped up around these parts. I’ll leave you with one final buying recommendation for fall, and that’s to pick up the season’s most versatile shirt from Western Rise. Head to my blog post here to check out the the Western Rise AirLight Shirt, a shirt that’ll fit right in both on a weekend drive or a weekend park stroll without missing a beat. Make it yours, then reap the rewards. And while you’re at it, amp up your grooming game with the best men’s grooming sets and perhaps a new pair of Wolverine men’s boots to round out your style favorites.

Most importantly: Thanks for reading & stay safe!