See Now, Buy Now: The Shinola Bronze Monster Automatic Is the Rugged Watch Upgrade Your Collection Needs

Best leather strap watch for men.

Perhaps as a new year rounds into another month, you’re still looking to really build out your rotation of the best watches for men in a big way. And when I say in a big way, I mean investing in one of the best leather watches from a brand you can really trust, and a brand that’s worth splurging on: That’d be Detroit-based Shinola, a longtime favorite of your Brooklyn style writer (and Michigan native!).

While classic offerings like the Shinola Runwell Watch routinely sell for well under $1K, the brand also offers plenty for those who don’t mind spending a bit more on their new favorite watch. Take theShinola Bronze Monster Automatic , an incredibly rugged, handsome, versatile watch that carries on the legacy of the Shinola Monster line quite nicely.

The handsome bronze case and black dial are visually striking features right off the bat, with quality befitting the higher price (the Shinola Bronze Monster Automatic will set you back $1,850). There’s plenty more beneath the surface, as with other outstanding Shinola men’s watches, of course.

Best bronze watch for men.

Of note, the Shinola Bronze Monster Automatic is delivered on a supple leather strap, but also comes complete with a durable khaki NATO strap for a sporty change of pace. Think of the Shinola Bronze Monster Automatic like two watches for the price of one regular Shinola watch, really ($1,850 divided by two, my friends!). Of course, it’s what’s inside that counts, including the SW200-1 Swiss automatic movement, which powers the Shinola Bronze Monster Automatic in reliable fashion.

Shinola Bronze Monster Automatic

The Shinola Bronze Monster Automatic also boasts a distinctive 43mm case size, which is larger than the classic Shinola Runwell at 41mm but not so large as to throw things off (pair it with similarly beefy winter style staples like your favorite shawl cardigan, for instance). Other touches like a uni-directional bezel and Super LumiNova markings (for added visibility in low-light situations) make the Shinola Bronze Monster Automatic a surefire, highly functional yet stylish winner in the watch world.

Note that the Shinola Bronze Monster Automatic will develop a patina over time on its bronze case, so pay close attention to care instructions for this investment-worthy watch. Beyond that, be sure to wear the Shinola Bronze Monster Automatic as often as possible, because it’s one investment that’ll only get better with age.


The Thursday Buy: Start Your Year Off with the Classic Shinola Runwell Watch

Best stylish leather watch for men.

We haven’t yet hit 2023 yet, but if I were you, I’d take this time to start planning for the new year with a few choice style upgrades: Like the chance to step up and buy one of the best leather watches for men from a trusted brand. The brand in question, of course, is one you know and love if you read the blog on the daily: Detroit-based Shinola, at once a rugged-yet-refined lifestyle brand and an American-focused designer and builder of some of the best watches for men, period.

Yes, they also make reliable style picks like some of the best leather wallets, not to mention one of the best investment-level watches on the market, but there’s something to be said about a sub-$600, classic, crisply designed watch like the fan-favorite Shinola Runwell 41mm Watch.

The trusty and retro-leaning (yet modern!) Shinola Runwell is a flagship design for the brand, and it’s the kind of stylish men’s watch that checks plenty of boxes for today’s gentleman (like you!). Let’s look at what makes this thing tick, yes?

Best leather strap watches for men.

With the truly timeless Shinola Runwell — a personal favorite of this Brooklyn style writer — it all starts with the specs, like Shinola’s Argonite 1069 movement. Keep in mind that the movement of the Shinola Runwell is assembled in Detroit from Swiss parts, so you’re getting the best of all-American craftsmanship and Swiss watchmaking precision (in my humble opinion!).

The 41mm stainless steel case on the Shinola Rundell is nicely sized for most wrists, not too bulky or too slender — just right for casual, everyday style scenarios like wearing with your favorite henley and the best men’s blue jeans, for instance. Naturally, the Shinola Runwell is an exceptional business casual watch as well, a stylish pairing with one of the best winter blazers (or a lightweight cotton blazer come spring and summer).

Of course, the Shinola Runwell hits the mark in matters of style, too: Note the handsome leather strap with contrast stitching for a distinctive touch. In fact, the entire Shinola Runwell Collection offers up something for everyone, quite literally, whether you’re in the market for one of the best chronograph watches or whether you want the Shinola Runwell 47mm in a beefed-up design.

Is there a better, more stylish everyday watch than the Shinola Runwell? I’ll let you be the judge, so choose carefully to start 2023.

Style Pick of the Week: Shinola Monster GMT Automatic – This Season’s Best Investment Watch

If you’re looking for a rugged, stylish watch to wear through the holidays and into the new year — perhaps the perfect splurge gift for the watch lover, or the perfect timepiece upgrade for yourself, you’ve come to the right place. In fact, that’s probably an understatement, because the Shinola Monster GMT is the type of rugged men’s watch that doesn’t come around very often. In fact, it’s just the latest in a series of some of the most innovative men’s watches on the market (at least, innovative for the price).

You see, Shinola focuses on quality, timeless designs and relentless functionality, the sort of approach that’s boiled down very nicely indeed with the Shinola Monster GMT Automatic. On the surface, it looks like one of the best dive watches for men, with an investment-level price tag to match (try $1,995). Go deeper though, and it’s got some seriously cool utility built right in.

If you’ve been wondering, perhaps “What is a GMT watch?” and even, “Why should I own a GMT watch?” well, allow Shinola to answer that question for you.

Best men's GMT watches

A GMT watch (GMT stands for Greenwich Mean Time) tells the time where you’re currently located, sure, but it’s a fourth hand that rotates once every 24 hours that allows you to track the time in another location. It’s a very neat, innovative yet relatively simple, subtle touch that makes this one of the best new watches for men, the sort of rugged, highly useful timepiece you can wear from one time zone to another without missing a beat).

The Shinola Monster GMT might be one of the best watches for travelers in that regard, but other details — like the stainless steel design and rich green dial — simply make it one of the best men’s watches out there right now, period.

Best men's GMT watch

And lest you think this is one of those Shinola men’s watches that’s just a bit too price (again, it clocks in at nearly $2K), think again: The Shinola Monster GMT also comes with a second strap, in this case a rich green #tide® ocean-bound plastic woven strap.

That means you’re essentially getting two watches for the price of one, and when you consider the nicely sized 40mm case diameter, this is also a timepiece that’s rugged enough to wear out in the field, yet refined enough to wear with the best business casual wardrobe options in your rotation, too. If you or someone you know is more than deserving of an exceptionally functional watch upgrade, make sure the Shinola GMT Monster is in your shopping cart ASAP.

See Now, Buy Now: Invest in the Best This Holiday Season with This Handsome Shinola Leather Brief

Best leather briefcase for men.

It can certainly be hard to shop for the man who has everything (perhaps you even include yourself in that category!), but there are two things I think everyone can appreciate at any given time: A stylish men’s watch and a well-made leather bag. Luckily for all of us, there’s one brand your Style Guide author recommends that carefully crafts standout examples in each category.

Of course, the headline gave it away: Detroit-based Shinola, as you know if you read this blog, makes some of the coolest men’s watches AND today’s standout style highlight: The Shinola Computer Brief, one of the best leather bags for men. It’s the sort of piece that would make a fine, heirloom-quality gift for the guy on the go this season, so let’s find out why, shall we?

Best leather brief for men.

A word to the wise: The Shinola Computer Brief isn’t just any standard leather bag, although it checks off all the boxes you’d expect from a highly functional yet stylish everyday messenger bag in that regard, too. It’s made from the brand’s signature, oil-infused Navigator leather, done up in a handsome shade of brown that’s not unlike some of the best leather watches also made by the company. The Shinola Computer Brief will develop a rich patina over time because of that leather, although you can also buff out those scratches and protect this handsome leather briefcase, too.

Better still is the fact that the sleek Shinola Computer Brief still manages to incorporate plentiful pockets for your everyday carry, including a long interior zip pocket and open pockets for your cellphone and naturally, other stylish Shinola leather goods. Within, you’ll also find that the Shinola Computer Brief features a 15-inch laptop pocket and a pen holder, both crucial for the modern man on the go.

Bear in mind that the Shinola Computer Brief is certainly investment-worthy at nearly $900, but given that it’s a highly useful, durable, sharp everyday leather bag, it’ll absolutely pay for itself time and time again.

See Now, Buy Now: The Shinola Scout Detrola Is the Best New Watch for the Watch Enthusiast This Season

Most stylish men's watch

If you’re starting to feel like you’re behind in the game a bit when it comes to shopping for the best holiday gifts for men — especially as something as tricky as the best gift for the watch enthusiast — allow me to offer up a helpful suggestion from your new favorite watch brand. Or rather, not a new watch brand, but the classic watch purveyors at Detroit-based Shinola, one of the coolest horology brands out there. Of course, Shinola is also a highly reliable spot for all manner of cool gifts for guys, including home goods, desk accessories and everyday carry essentials, but it’s the Shinola Scout Detrola that’s of particular interest today.

The Shinola brand simply doesn’t seem to slow down, whether it’s churning out road-ready timepieces like the Shinola Traveler Watch or delivering on the promise of a subtle, stylish yet surprisingly rugged timepiece (that’d be the Shinola Scout Detrola). Now, is it quite a lot to ask to buy a new watch for someone on your list?

Yes indeed, perhaps — but if you’re looking for the one and only, the best gift for the watch enthusiast, and one that’s way less expensive than a flagship timepiece like *gulp* a Rolex Submariner, for instance, well, the Shinola Scout Detrola is a sub-$400 winner and one of the best new watches for men.

Best men's Shinola watch.

Of course, the Shinola Scout Detrola is a terrific purchase aside from just price, although the $395 price tag makes the Shinola Scout Detrola a downright steal in the eyes of this Brooklyn style writer. It’s a more casual option than stylish Shinola leather watches, hence that lower price tag, with the rugged specs to match. To wit: The Shinola Scout Detrola boasts a lightweight, nicely sized 43mm TR90 resin case, the kind that’s durable enough for everyday adventures and outdoor wear.

Beyond that, the case itself is a neat yellow-gold color for some added style points, while the Shinola Scout Detrola also uses old-school red and yellow details for a crisp, retro effect on its black dial. For good measure, the flexible silicone strap is durable, hard-wearing and comfortable.

It’s also perfectly casual, whether you wear the Shinola Scout Detrola with the best men’s blue jeans, your favorite boots and a shawl cardigan or with tailored joggers and the best men’s henley. Options abound with the Shinola Scout Detrola, and any watch lover on your gift list this year would be honored to receive such a cool timepiece — at least, that’s my take. Happy shopping!

The Friday Read: AETHER Apparel’s Summer Sale, The Best New Sunglasses & Lincoln x Shinola Watches

Best summer sunglasses for men.

My friends, we did it: We made it through another hectic, hot week, so kick back, take a load off and start your weekend in style. One way to do that? With another edition of the Friday Read, and perhaps with a bit of online shopping at a brand famed for making some of the best men’s sunglasses. That brand would be California-based RAEN, makers of some of the coolest sunglasses for men (as sold by Huckberry as well as the brand’s own site, naturally). Not familiar with the company? Consider this your introduction — and my own stylish recommendation for the best sunglasses for men, of course.

Now that we’ve got that sorted out, let’s keep the rest of today’s weekly recap rolling along smoothly. I’ve stayed plenty busy this week writing style content for Maxim (more on that in a second!), not to mention writing about men’s style essentials like the best men’s T-shirt here on the blog. I also made time to see one of my favorite bands play a stunning, high-energy outdoor Brooklyn concert — that’d be Scottish synth pop trio CHVRCHES, and what a show it was!

Perhaps use that band to power your weekend, and of course, consider checking out the style essentials recommended here — including the best sunglasses for men from California-based RAEN — to get your weekend started in fine fashion.

  • Now, here’s a bit of style news you’ll be able to appreciate if you love fine automobiles and stylish men’s watches. New as of today, famed Detroit lifestyle brand Shinola — makers of some of the best watches for men, of course — launched a special set of two limited-edition watches in partnership with Lincoln. The occasion? 100 years of remarkable automobile craftsmanship from Lincoln itself. Both watches should prove more than fitting to wear the next time you hit the road.
  • Over the years, you might recall reading about the technical-yet-stylish menswear purveyors at AETHER Apparel, makers of essential picks like one of the best lightweight sweaters, for instance. Premium gear often comes at a premium price, though, which is why today’s news is even better if you value style and a bargain. The deal in question? Well, the AETHER Apparel Summer Sale is here and running through August 15th, and it’s giving you the chance to get up to 70 percent off the best style gear on the market. Happy shopping, folks.
  • Here’s one I know you’ll appreciate if you, like me, can’t wait to get to your next music festival. With the spirit of dressing for adventure and being ready for anything, I wrote for AskMen about the best boots to wear to your next summer festival. Step out in style and let’s get rocking, my friends.

Now, that ought to just about to do it when it comes to today’s Friday Read. What’s on your weekend agenda and which of the above picks will you be shopping right now? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: If it’s stylish menswear you seek, you can’t go wrong with, say, some of the best sunglasses for men from California-based RAEN — among my other favorite picks this week. As always: Thanks for reading and stay stylish!

See Now, Buy Now: The Shinola Traveler Subsecond Watch is the Coolest New Timepiece For Men

Best new men's watch

If the above watch looks ever-so-slightly familiar, that’s because, well, it is indeed slightly familiar. Or rather, the new Shinola Traveler Subseconds Watch is an update to a highly stylish, functional watch we’ve talked about on the blog in the past — that’d be the Shinola Traveler Watch itself, the best watch for your next road trip.

It’s fitting, of course, that we’re talking about Shinola men’s watches on the Fourth of July — the all-American brand uses finely crafted Swiss parts and a meticulous assembly process in Detroit, and the stunning Shinola Traveler Subseconds Watch takes everything you know and love about the brand’s timepieces and ups the ante even further.

Shop Shinola watches for men right now

For starters, the handsome, elegant and versatile Shinola Traveler Subseconds Watch perfectly straddles the line between work and play — the crisp textured dial is both retro and yet modern, the sort of timepiece you can wear with something as simple as stretch chino shorts and your favorite T-shirt, or else a chambray shirt and dark blue denim. The durable canvas strap leans more casual, but you can also switch up the look of the Shinola Traveler Subseconds Watch by swapping in a Shinola watch strap with ease.

But perhaps the best update to the Shinola Traveler Subseconds Watch is, well, that cool subseconds dial so you can keep track of your time on the road. If you’re looking for a watch that can practically do it all, from day to night in the season ahead — and at an agreeable price of $650 — then the Shinola Traveler Subseconds Watch is the timepiece for you. Happy shopping, my friends.

The Tuesday Steal: The Shinola Detrola Watch is One of the Best Men’s Watches Under $400

Best men's watches under $400.

It’s hard not to love what the ever-stylish folks at Detroit-based Shinola are doing when it comes to making the best men’s watches — and plenty more — is it not? The brand, now a decade-plus old and specializing in stylish home goods, audio gear and an entire lifestyle collection, hasn’t taken its eye off the prize when it comes to crafting some of the best watches for men, as we’ve discussed on the blog time and time again. There’s a wide variety available, from one of the best versatile everyday leather watches to a durable dive watch for inclement weather, but today’s Tuesday Steal goes deep with a real winner: One of the best watches under $400, the fun, poppy and yet easily wearable Shinola Detrola No. 2 Watch.

The entire Shinola Detrola Collection was launched as a more affordable, casual and vibrant alternative to the brand’s elegant, Art Deco-inspired and classically designed timepieces, like the fan favorite Shinola Runwell Watch, and it sure does hit plenty of the right marks in terms of stylish design and agreeable pricing. The Shinola Detrola No. 2 Watch in particular shines through as the most versatile of the bunch, blending a lighweight resin case with a stainless steel core and a bright vibrant yellow-orange color. If you favor shades of olive, indigo, grey or black in your daily style moves, the Shinola Detrola No. 2 Watch is a standout new offering — all for under $400.

Best casual everyday watch for men.

The best watches under $400 tend to lean more casual and less dressy (thanks to the more simple design and simple yet high-accuracy quartz movement), and the Shinola Detrola No. 2 Watch is no different there. Note the black silicone rubber strap, which is less refined and more rugged than a leather watch strap. Quick-release pins make it easy to swap out the strap on the Shinola Detrola No. 2 Watch, though, giving you two watches for the price of one sub-$400 watch (naturally, Shinola also stocks some of the best watch straps on the market for watches of all sizes, too).

Unlike other Shinola models, the Shinola Detrola No. 2 Watch clocks in at 43mm, which is larger and more bold than the Shinola Runwell (available in the classic 41mm case diameter). Any which way you decide to rock your new Shinola Detrola No. 2 Watch — be it with your favorite thermal henley and jeans on breezy days, or with a soft cotton tee, chino shorts and canvas sneakers, it’s a downright steal at under $400. Get it on your wrist today.

The Thursday Buy: The New Shinola Runwell Grey Watch is one of the Coolest Timepieces on the Market

Best leather watch for men.

For as important as it is to stock your full rotation of menswear essentials for spring — like the best rain jacket, for instance — it’s also crucial to make sure your accessories are on-point, like seeking out one of the best leather watches for men. No outfit is complete without the little details (word on the street is that folks notice both the watch on your wrist and your shoes first), so why not invest in the best with a rugged new Shinola men’s watch? Sounds pretty ideal, right? Don’t you and I both know it. I’ve talked plenty on the blog about the rugged appeal and timeless style points of the Shinola Runwell and other styles — like the hard-wearing, weather-ready Shinola Duck Watch, too — but there’s something a bit different about the Shinola Runwell 47mm in Matte Gray.

The 47mm case diameter, for starters, is a bold and tough Shinola favorite, the kind that might be too big on some wrists but sits nicely on others (remember, they also make the Shinola Runwell 41mm). This new edition of the Shinola Runwell can certainly take a few dings, but it’s the gunmetal PVD brushed case finish that takes it to the next level in terms of durability and eye-catching style. Trust me, your watch collection needs both, and the Shinola Runwell 47mm in Matte Gray delivers.

Best everyday leather watch for men.

The Shinola Runwell 47mm in Matte Gray features other useful, Shinola-esque details, like a handsome bit of contrast between the black dial, crisp white markings and the vibrant Shinola logo detailing (again, it’s the little things that make a big difference). There’s a helpful sub-dial and within that tough watch case, the Shinola Runwell 47mm in Matte Gray is powered by the brand’s Argonite 1609 quartz movement. Quartz is a less expensive movement in the watch world, but that’s what helps make the Shinola Runwell 47mm in Matte Gray such a steal anyways — it looks like a much more expensive watch, but is priced reasonably at $675. That’s part of who Shinola is as a brand: Making some of the best men’s watches at agreeable prices, packed with plenty of style details. Yes indeed, the Shinola Runwell 47mm in Matte Gray is next on my wish list when it comes to the best watches for men.

To finish things off, the brand places the Shinola Runwell 47mm in Matte Gray on a remarkable whiskey cordovan leather strap. That contrast between black and brown just works handsomely, giving you the option to wear your new favorite watch with rugged, durable leather boots, indigo blue jeans and one of the best men’s henleys, or with stretch washed chinos and a classic Oxford shirt back at the office. Any way you wear the Shinola Runwell 47mm in Matte Gray, it’s going to come through in matters of both style and precise timekeeping. Go forth and add it to your collection, my friends.

The Thursday Buy: The Shinola Runwell Automatic Is the Most Versatile Everyday Watch on the Market

Make no mistake, there are any number of the best men’s watches you could select and wear essentially on the daily from Detroit-based Shinola, as many a Shinola review will tell you. For your Brooklyn style writer and Michigan native, they consistently craft some of the best watches for men on the market in a range of accessible styles, be it a rugged dive watch or an investment-level dress watch. But what about if you want a watch that’s a little more toned down, a bit more easygoing and yet still just as ready for everyday wear? That’s when you should consider the Shinola Runwell Automatic 39.5mm, a sized-down version of its Shinola Runwell made for slightly smaller wrists and featuring a refined look and feel, to say the least.

What’s the key with the Shinola Runwell Automatic 39.5mm and why should you make it work for you? It’s got everything going for it that you might expect in one of the best everyday watches, starting with a crisp, retro-yet-modern dial design that wears just as well with a wool winter suit as it does with a pocket tee and your favorite pair of blue jeans come spring. Of course, the automatic movement is a big step forward for the brand, one that makes the Shinola Runwell Automatic 39.5mm noteworthy in its own right.

Best Shinola watch for men.

As you very well might have guessed, the specs on the investment-level Shinola Runwell Automatic 39.5mm (it clocks in at $1,095 at Shinola) are befitting of a handsome, elegant, and next-level everyday watch. The handsome leather strap and sharp black dial make the Shinola Runwell Automatic 39.5mm a true keeper in form as well as function, with a Swiss automatic movement (I.E. A stellar movement) to keep things ticking along in fine fashion. The Shinola Runwell Automatic 39.5mm looks timeless and sharp, ready to wear to the office with the sleeves of your Oxford shirt rolled up, and then just as at ease on the weekend alongside a rugged shawl cardigan.

If you want versatility on the daily with your watch rotation, you want the Shinola Runwell Automatic 39.5mm in your collection ASAP. A watch that can do it all can be hard to find these days, but you can rest assured you’re in great hands with Shinola’s latest and greatest innovation. Now, the only thing you need to do is get it on your wrist.