The Thursday Buy: The Rhodes Winslow Boots from Huckberry are the Most Versatile Boots to Wear This Season

Now’s the perfect time to lace up your new favorite pair of boots — if you’ve taken care of shopping for the boots in question, that is to say. If not, well, you’re just in time to stock up on some of the best men’s boots, a pair that’s as stellar, rugged and stylish as they come. That’d be the Rhodes Winslow Boots, one heck of a pair of stylish leather lace-up boots that check all the right boxes this season and well beyond. Checking off the boxes, after all, is something of a Huckberry specialty, and the good folks at the San Francisco-based retailer set out to make a set of workwear-inspired boots with plenty of knowledge and a sturdy vision in mind. You see, the Rhodes Footwear line is a lot like the rest of Huckberry’s standout offerings, including the best waxed trucker jacket on the market.

Rhodes debuted in the fall of 2018 with a focus on making subtly stylish, well-priced and expertly made boots, mostly of the dress and chukka varieties, but the latest and greatest launch is, again, workwear boots that offer something slightly lighter, slightly more casual and still plenty wearable all the same. The Rhodes Winslow Boots are an ideal pair of boots to buy right now if you want to ease into the colder months without reverting right away to snow boots, which is as it should be, after all. These toe the line (literally) between bulky work or snow boots and less substantial (but no less essential) chukka boots. Think of the Rhodes Winslow Boots like an excellent middle ground, and some of the best men’s boots for fall, right down to the small details.

Those small details, naturally, are what Huckberry has worked so hard to get right, and with the Rhodes Winslow Boots, that effort shines through. For under $200, you get a pair of boots made with rich full-grain roughout leather designed to only get better with age (these are some of the best boots for men, after all). The upper totals 5 inches, so they aren’t outrageously high — more like a mid-boot than an ankle or chukka boot, but again, no less useful for the fall and winter months.

The Rhodes Winslow Boots are also built atop a soft and springy Meramec outsole, which gives them less traction in the snow but provides a mighty smooth ride in plenty of other types of weather, or simply on blustery fall days with crunching leaves underfoot. The boots are also handcrafted in the footwear mecca that is Leon, Mexico, another place where plenty of the best boots for men are made, season after season. Because they’re a plain-toe boot with a wedge outsole, you’re going to get plenty of wear out of ’em with all of your favorite casual style essentials, from faded denim, a classic henley and the best waxed trucker jacket to a chambray shirt and tan chinos for a nice blend of high-low style. You can even wear them this holiday season (and they’d be great boots to wear for Thanksgiving) — just add a soft, slim-fit flannel shirt and tailored blue jeans to hit the mark, folks. The next time you need a pair of reliable-as-can-be leather boots, the Rhodes Winslow Boots are going to come through in the clutch.


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