See Now, Buy Now: The Flint and Tinder All-American Stretch Jeans are Some of the Best Jeans to Buy Now

Best fall jeans for men.

There are certain foundational building blocks every guy’s wardrobe needs to cover, and you can certainly count the best men’s jeans as a building block of any well-curated set of menswear essentials. So, what’s a guy to do if he needs to upgrade his denim — all the while rolling through fall? To me, that’s easy: Head to Huckberry, routinely one of the best online shops for men and a reliable source for everything from on-sale men’s sneakers to the best workshirt for men.

It only seems to get better from there with each passing season, and that’s especially true if you shop the Flint and Tinder All-American Stretch Jeans, some of the most versatile, comfortable men’s jeans out there. Hopefully, you recognize Flint and Tinder from this blog: The in-house brand at Huckberry makes the sort of rugged gear that looks great on every guy, particularly in casual style situation.

That’s true whether you’re considering the Flint and Tinder All-American Stretch Jeans or something as classic as the Flint and Tinder Waxed Trucker Jacket. Let’s keep it rolling, shall we?

Best classic blue jeans for men.

Notably, the Flint and Tinder All-American Stretch Jeans check all the right boxes, including the use of one percent stretch in the fabric, plus a soft-washed finish in a variety of shades of pleasing, wear-with-anything blue. You’ve also got your pick between three fits and plenty of size options with the Flint and Tinder All-American Stretch Jeans, and details like antique metal hardware and herringbone pocketing are nice touches that could make these your new favorite pair of jeans. Pick up a pair and see for yourself.

The Thursday Buy: Get the Best New Sunglasses from Huckberry For Under $100

Just when you thought you had your wardrobe all squared away with the best style essentials for men, allow Huckberry to re-enter the fold and deliver the accessory you didn’t know you needed this early fall. The accessory in question? Why, that’s easy: Some of the best sunglasses for men, from a new in-house brand developed by the hard-working folks at one of the best online menswear shops.

Walden Sunglasses hit all the right marks in terms of style, functionality, price and design — how’s that for going four-for-four to close out summer? Make no mistake, you still need a pair or two of the best men’s sunglasses even as summer draws to a close — heck, you can make the argument you need to wear your favorite pair of sunglasses all year long, even in winter. Luckily, Huckberry’s Walden Sunglasses make it easy on you in every way possible. Let’s dive in, yes?

Best new sunglasses for men

Walden Sunglasses draw from vintage design inspiration (like the 1950s inspired Walden Woods Sunglasses, or the classic square look of the Walden River Sunglasses), and in the process, they strip away “unnecessary details in favor of simplicity,” as Huckberry says.

This, my friend, is great news for you. Along the way, the Walden Sunglasses use sturdy, durable and eco-conscious materials, like a recycled steel internal frame, nylon lenses made from materials like fossil carbon, and external frames made from bio-based content.

It’s an impressive approach to design that only gets better when you consider that these pairs are under $100, and they’re made to wear well with, say, plenty of Huckberry Bestsellers. If it seems like Huckberry thought of everything when designing your new go-to sunglasses, it’s because, well, they did. Secure your pair now for effortless early fall style, folks.

See Now, Buy Now: Shop the Best Early Fall Menswear With Huckberry’s New Fall Collection

Best rugged early fall menswear

Folks, let’s dive into another week as we cruise into these final few days of August — and if that’s the case (which it is!), then it’s high time you shopped the best early fall menswear from one of your favorite retailers. The retailer in question, of course, is Huckberry, the San Fran and Austin-based curators and purveyors of some of the most rugged menswear on the planet.

HELM Boots- $50 Off Your First Purchase

Perhaps you’re already well aware of both Huckberry’s in-house brands — like the famed Flint and Tinder Waxed Trucker Jacket — as well as its penchant for stocking and selling brands like Taylor Stitch. Take it all together, and the Huckberry Fall 2022 Collection features some of the best seasonal menswear for guys on the market right now.

Be it the coolest new hoodie on the market or, again, the ever-popular Flint and Tinder Waxed Trucker Jacket, the Huckberry Fall 2022 Collection is jam-packed with versatile, rugged picks aplenty. Those picks include just about anything you could hope to add to your fall wardrobe, from the Wellen Organic Cord Shirt (one of the best fall shirts for men, mind you) to the always-stylish Flint and Tinder All-American Stretch Denim.

Best fall shirt for men

If ever it seems too early to start shopping for fall, just check your calendar and know that the best season in menswear will certainly be well upon us before you know it. Luckily, the Huckberry Fall 2022 Collection is the best place to start shopping early and often for the best fall menswear, my friends, and you heard it here first. Cheers!

See Now, Buy Now: The Huckberry x Billy Reid Dover Hoodie Is Your Next Wardrobe Upgrade

Best men's hooded sweatshirt

There are certain style essentials you might think you’ve got covered in your wardrobe, like one of the best hooded sweatshirts. But what if I told you there’s always a chance to step things up a bit in a way that’s super-premium and super-unexpected in terms of design and quality? Yes indeed, that’s what we’re all about here at The Style Guide, and that’s the very idea behind the standout new Billy Reid x Huckberry Dover Hoodie, an absurdly cool, extremely well-made and highly stylish hooded sweatshirt for fall.

Sure, we might currently be in the depths of August, but by the time autumn rolls around, you’ll already have your new favorite hooded sweatshirt on lock – and my oh my, what a hooded sweatshirt you’ll have on hand for breezy fall days. It makes perfect sense that the good folks at Huckberry and Billy Reid would team up on a premium update to a laidback style staple.

After all, Huckberry specializes in rugged-yet-versatile menswear for nearly any occasion, and Billy Reid focuses on fresh updates to American classics.

Best new hooded sweatshirt for men.

In that sense, the Billy Reid x Huckberry Dover Hoodie hits the mark perfectly. Sure, it’s got the same look and feel as your go-to weekend hoodie, but with plenty of design touches that make it so cool, you could even wear it to the office on a casual Friday — yes, seriously. Of course, it goes without saying that the handsome elbow patches and leather pull tab detailing set the Billy Reid x Huckberry Dover Hoodie apart from the pack in a major way, and it only gets better from there.

Satchel and Page

The Billy Reid x Huckberry Dover Hoodie is made from soft, super-comfortable terry fabric, complete with herringbone twill detailing for a classic Billy Reid touch. Beyond that, it should prove easy to layer the Billy Reid x Huckberry Dover Hoodie atop everything from a classic long-sleeve tee to an Oxford shirt for a touch of high-low, office ready style.

To be clear, the Billy Reid x Huckberry Dover Hoodie is a splurge at just a shade under $250 ($248, to be exact), but either the timeless Dark Midnight or Grey color options will prove endlessly versatile this fall. When you want to shop the best hoodie for men on the market, look no further than the Billy Reid x Huckberry Dover Hoodie — it’s as easy as that.

See Now, Buy Now: It’s The Last Day to Shop More Than 1,300 On-Sale Items at Huckberry’s Summer Sale

I’m of the opinion that when it comes to building a great wardrobe, or figuring out the menswear essentials that work best for you, it’s all down to one thing: Repetition. That’s why I’m repeating myself ever-so-slightly to start the week, and I’m directing you to once again shop the Huckberry Summer Sale.

As you might have read on the blog over the weekend, Huckberry’s Annual Summer Sale only runs through today — yes, today as in Monday — and it’s packed with a stunning array of gear you can actually wear the rest of this summer (unlike other sales, which tend to feature menswear from last season).

The fact that the sale gives you up to 45 percent off the best menswear essentials is impressive in its own right, as is the array of stylish menswear on tap from the lauded San Francisco and Austin retailer. If you haven’t yet shopped this sale, rest assured that there’s still just enough time to get everything from the best men’s shorts to your new favorite T-shirt — and so much more, assuredly.

A few of my favorites? Of course, it’s tough to pick just a few, but I’m all about Wellen’s stylish swim trunks, a pair of the best men’s shorts from Flint and Tinder, and some of the best summer slip-ons for easygoing style. Act now to make each of these picks yours, because time is of the essence. Stay stylish, my friends!

The Weekend Sale: The Huckberry Annual Summer Sale Features the Best Menswear Deals Around Right Now

Huckberry Summer Sale 2022

When a once-a-season sale rolls around, especially one jam-packed with some of the best menswear and best gear of the moment, it’s in your best interest to shop that sale — of course, if you read the blog, you know this too well. The sale in question today? It’s an impressive one, and notably, it only runs for one more day — it’s the Huckberry Annual Summer Sale, boasting up to 45 percent off some of the most rugged menswear and gear on the market. Again: The Huckberry Summer Sale only runs through Monday, so it’s high time for you to start shopping (if you didn’t hop right on it earlier this week, that is).

Shop and save now at Huckberry

These deals run through July 25th

Of course, we’ve talked plenty in the past about how rare it can be to get deals on the best in-season gear — as in, gear you can actually wear once it arrives on your doorstep. As one would hope, the Huckberry Summer Sale features plenty of gear picks that hit the mark, including fan favorites like the much-loved Flint and Tinder 365 Shorts, plus some of the best men’s T-shirts and even some stylish summer slip-ons for your next breezy vacation.

It’s worth repeating that the Huckberry Summer Sale only runs through Monday — in the spirit of giving you plenty of time to shop, I’m going to wrap up this post, folks. Stock up, save and get ready to take on the rest of summer in style: I’ll see you out there.

Style Pick of the Week: Flint and Tinder 365 Shorts – The Best On-Sale Shorts for the Summer Heat

Best summer shorts for men.

It doesn’t take much to recognize we’re in the midst of some intense summer heat, the kind that calls for — among other menswear essentials — a pair of the best shorts for men. That much might be obvious, but when you get the chance to shop a set of shorts as well-made and much-loved as the famed and highly stylish Flint and Tinder 365 Shorts, it’s time to step up to the plate and add ’em to your cart.

Here’s where it gets even better: Your new favorite pair of summer shorts just so happen to be on sale right now for about 30 percent off via the Huckberry Summer Sale — to say you should act quickly is an understatement.

Of course, these shorts have plenty going for them aside from the sale price (which only lasts until Monday!). Crucially, the Flint and Tinder 365 Shorts are made from the same material as the Flint and Tinder 365 Pants, a staple of the Huckberry lineup that blends the style of chinos with the comfort of five-pocket pants and the durability of stretch cotton fabric.

Mack Weldon

Versatile doesn’t begin to cover it, and you get that same set of much-loved features from the Flint and Tinder 365 Shorts, right down to the easily wearable 7-inch or 9-inch inseam (both of which should work for most guys). Plus, you’ll find the Flint and Tinder 365 Shorts in a wide array of colors and sizes, enough to suit every style and body type. And yes, once again, now through Monday, the Flint and Tinder 365 Shorts are on sale for about 30 percent off. Your next go-to summer style move awaits, my friends.

The Sunday Sale: Marine Layer’s Saturday Shorts Are More Than 30 Percent Off at Huckberry

If there’s one thing we’ve talked about as of late here on the blog, it’s the importance of using a keen eye to stock up and save on the best deals on menswear — menswear that happens to fit the current season, that is. It’s a tricky proposition at times to find a deal on, say, the best men’s shorts, but that’s where the ever-well-curated Huckberry Sale section comes back into play once more. The deal in question today is a standout offering: Marine Layer’s Saturday Shorts are nearly 40 percent off, with plenty of sizes and two versatile colors up for grabs. If you ask me, that’s a deal worth diving into — but let’s find out why, shall we?

Shop and save on casual shorts at Huckberry

The best men’s shorts are within your reach

What’s the catch with the Marine Layer Saturday Shorts, and why are they on sale? Well, as I’ve said in the past, there’s no catch, folks: These are simply some of the best shorts for men — especially if laidback, easygoing style is your M.O., and the deal is one not to be missed.

The Marine Layer Saturday Shorts use a blend of cotton and elastane, plus a drawstring elastic waistband, for a look that’s at once polished and easygoing. The side hip slant pockets offer a clean finish, while the 7-inch inseam should work well on most guys while hitting above the knee.

As an added bonus, colors like Asphalt and the breezy blue of Faded Denim should work nicely no matter what essentials you wear alongside the Marine Layer Saturday Shorts. For now, just know that your new favorite summer shorts are a whopping 36 percent off — shop accordingly, my friends.

The Tuesday Steal: These Classic Shorts Are More Than 40 Percent Off at Huckberry

Best men's shorts for summer

When you scour the market for the best deals on menswear, coming across a deal that seems too good to be true is bound to happen, right? Take the well-stocked Huckberry Sale section. If you’ve read the blog as of late, you know it’s the place to go for the best deals on the best men’s gear, including a pair of the best men’s shorts for summer. That’s high praise, but that’s precisely what you’re getting with the classic TSPTR Zuma Shorts — crucially, they can now be yours for more than 40 percent off.

What’s the catch with the TSPTR Zuma Shorts — as in, why are they on sale right now? The easy answer would be, well, there’s no catch: They’re just an iconic pair of retro-minded shorts, the kind that are inspired by the ’60s counterculture movement and take lots of cues from breezy SoCal style.

They feature plenty of engaging details, like an eye-catching all-over print — perfect for pairing with more minimal style essentials, like a white pocket T-shirt — and they’re made from a lightweight, quick-drying fabric. Plus, don’t forget the seriously cool front patch pocket design for your everyday carry. If it seems like the TSPTR Zuma Shorts check all the right boxes, well, that’s because… they do. Make them yours today.

Style Pick of the Week: Iron and Resin Revival Jacket – The Coolest Lightweight Summer Jacket

Best summer jacket for men.

There comes a time in every guy’s life — especially in the summer months — when he’s got to gear up to hit the road with only the essentials in tow, and that’s where one of the best lightweight jackets for summer enters the equation. In fact, it’s coming at you courtesy of a brand that knows all too well how to outfit guys for the road in rugged situations aplenty: That’d be Iron and Resin, and of course, they’re stocked and sold right now by the great folks at Huckberry. I’ve lately sung the praises of Huckberry for selling summer gear like some of the best sunglasses for men, and you should certainly add the durable, very well-made Iron and Resin Revival Jacket to the list.

It’s part of the latest and greatest crop of Huckberry New Arrivals, the sort of gear that’ll have you ready for the open road in no time. What makes the Iron and Resin Revival Jacket worthy of your hard-earned cash and time this season? Reader, I’m glad you asked. It’s modeled after classic 1950s service station jackets, giving it a sense of old-school cool that you can’t find everywhere these days.

Best lightweight summer jacket for men.

The Iron and Resin Revival Jacket is also made with the kind of durable-yet-lightweight fabric you need on breezy summer days and nights, especially times when a T-shirt simply won’t cut it. Button flap chest pockets make it similar to your favorite trucker jacket, while the cool aloha-print lining on the Iron and Resin Revival Jacket is a nice throwback touch, too. It’s unique, durable and timeless jacket made to be worn on all your summer adventures — act accordingly and add one of the best men’s lightweight jackets to your wardrobe ASAP.