The Sunday Sale: The Outerknown Outerworn Collection is the Best Resource for Pre-Owned Menswear

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There are plenty of brands that make high-quality menswear, but few that do it with quite the sustainable design approach as Outerknown. Founded by surfing legend Kelly Slater, Outerknown is your go-to source for the best sustainable menswear on the market, but there’s more to ’em than just that. The aptly named Outerknown Outerworn Collection is a full rotation of pre-owned menswear from the brand, available at low prices and still in great shape: Think of it like a more modern “vintage” shop that keeps sustainable gear top of mind via a circular system. The Outerknown Outerworn Collection offers you the chance to score big on menswear that otherwise wouldn’t go to good use; we’re talking slim-fit jeans for 40 percent off, plus 40 percent off the brand’s best-selling Outerknown Blanket Shirt.

You already know Outerknown as a terrific resource for new gear like one of the best men’s flannel shirts, and you can assuredly trust that they wouldn’t sell anything of less than stellar quality through the Outerknown Outerworn Collection. The key to keep in mind with this assortment of pre-owned menswear? Outerknown carefully lays out the color, fit and style, plus the condition of each piece, ensuring you’re not taking a chance on an item that’s not in great shape. Would you have it any other way?

With the Outerknown Outerworn Collection, there are even seller notes and a photo of the item — again, it’s a careful process you can trust. The rotation of gear even includes a reversible puffer jacket, stylish tailored moleskin pants and even some women’s offerings, all the better to gift the eco-conscious lady in your life. As if all of that wasn’t enough, well, the deals within the Outerknown Outerworn Collection are pretty remarkable, dropping items well below $100 in a number of categories. There’s lots to sort through with this collection of stylish pre-owned menswear, so I’ll leave you to it. That being said, the Outerknown Outerworn Collection is a true must-shop if you want eco-conscious gear at great prices.


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