Style Pick of the Week: Outerknown Chroma Blanket Shirt – Spring’s Best Men’s Overshirt for Rugged Layering

Best shirt jacket for men.

As I often say here on the blog, building a stylish wardrobe of menswear essentials is a bit like looking into the future: You need to be ready for just about anything, and that’s particularly true during the blustery days of spring. That means, to me, that if you leave the house on a sunny day wearing one of your favorite pocket T-shirts, you very well might need to layer up as the afternoon goes on and the day gets a bit more blustery.

What’s a guy to do? That’s easy, at least in my book. Shop one of the best men’s shirt jackets early and often, and do it from a brand you can trust: A brand like Outerknown, of course.

The company, founded by surfing legend Kelly Slater, has plenty going for it, including eco-friendly production through every step of the process. That goes for sustainable menswear essentials like one of the best crewneck sweatshirts, and it carries onward into today’s featured Style Pick, the Outerknown Chroma Blanket Shirt. It’s notably part of the Outerknown New Arrivals section, which is always worth a look if you want rugged, durable and versatile gear with a sustainable touch.

Most rugged shirt jacket for men.

What makes the Outerknown Chroma Blanket Shirt such a winner in my book? There’s plenty, of course, starting with the fabric itself. It’s made from an organic cotton twill for a soft yet durable feel, the kind that wears easily as a shirt jacket atop a super-soft Outerknown T-shirt. It’s also not too far off from the much-loved Outerknown Blanket Shirt, which is one of my favorite shirts on the market. But of course, the Outerknown Chroma Blanket Shirt has plenty of character all its own, including eye-catching buttons made from nuts, plus a fit that’s easy to layer.

Notably, the Outerknown Chroma Blanket Shirt also comes in nine versatile, dusty colors, each of which have a pleasingly vintage look to them. This is the kind of rugged, durable shirt jacket you can toss on over your favorite henley for a day hike or a casual afternoon at your favorite brewery, and yet the Outerknown Chroma Blanket Shirt is well-suited for everything from camping trips to cool evenings around the bonfire.

The chest pockets also turn the Outerknown Chroma Blanket Shirt into a highly useful workshirt, and with its wrinkle-fighting design, the brand notes that it’s one of the best travel shirts for men, too. When you want eco-friendly design and plenty of durability to go along with it, opt for the essential Outerknown Chroma Blanket Shirt


See Now, Buy Now: This Outerknown Pocket Sweatshirt is the Laidback Layer You Need This Spring

Best sweatshirt for men.

If you ask me, part of the fun that comes with building a wardrobe of menswear essentials is stumbling across a piece that looks like it’s already a much-loved favorite, already a piece you’ve had for years on end. Take the Outerknown Sur Pocket Sweatshirt. It’s got plenty of the right style details going for it, starting with the garment-dyed finish for what the famed sustainable brand calls a “soft, lived-in feel.”

That alone makes it one of the best sweatshirts for men, especially in terms of laidback spring style, but as with all things Outerknown, there’s plenty more to love about this ultra-sustainable brand.

Hopefully, you’re at least a bit familiar with Outerknown, the brand founded in part by surfing legend Kelly Slater — and founded with a fierce mission to produce some of the best sustainable menswear on the market, no less. They’ve done that through using upcycled and recycled fabrics, plus eco-friendly materials, including hemp (which grows with far less water than other crops) and organic cotton (which cuts out harmful chemicals in the production process).

Both of them are front and center in the Outerknown Sur Pocket Sweatshirt, and you can also find a similarly sustainable approach when it comes to the famed Outerknown Blanket Shirt and one of the brand’s stylish polos, to name but two Outerknown must-haves.

Best sustainable menswear.

The entire Outerknown Men’s Collection is focused on that sustainable approach, which just so happens to yield some seriously stylish results, for good measure. The Outerknown Sur Pocket Sweatshirt, available in five pleasingly faded colors for utterly classic warm-weather style, looks just like a classic sweatshirt you’d find tucked away in a lakehouse closet or at a vintage shop, with all the right details (including raglan sleeves and that useful chest pocket).

It’s made from a 55 percent hemp-45 percent organic cotton blend, with the kind of soft, easygoing feel that pairs up perfectly with everything from tailored joggers to chino shorts for a spring bonfire. It just doesn’t quite get better than the Outerknown Men’s Collection, this sweatshirt very much included, so upgrade your spring layering game in eco-conscious fashion right now.

See Now, Buy Now: The Outerknown Roam Polo is the Best Men’s Polo for Spring and Summer

Best polo for men to buy now.

The search for the best sustainable menswear is never really over, is it? Not in my book, it isn’t — not if you want to dress in sustainable fashion while looking great, and you can even doing that while wearing one of the best polos for men. Yes, the once-preppy polo is now getting a bit of a cool, throwback-minded, breezy upgrade, at least in terms of looks, while also featuring some of the most eco-conscious fabric on the market. Yes indeed, when it comes to talking about one of the best men’s polos, I’m talking about the well-made Outerknown Roam Polo, a new spring style addition from one of the most sustainable menswear brands on the market.

The Outerknown Roam Polo is yet another standout addition to the brand’s lineup, designed by menswear aficionado John Moore and developed by both Moore and legendary surfer Kelly Slater. Perhaps you’ve had the chance to layer up with the brand’s more rugged cold-weather gear, like the famed Outerknown Blanket Shirt, but the Outerknown Roam Polo is an outstanding way to keep that sustainable focus rolling all year long — trust me on that.

Best sustainable polo for men to buy this spring.

Available in colors like Bright Navy and Green Night for an added dose of fresh spring style, the Outerknown Roam Polo is made from an eco-friendly blend of hemp and organic cotton — hemp is a fiber that actually regenerates soil as it grows, all the while without requiring a ton of water. The fact that you can find it put to good, very stylish use in the case of the Outerknown Roam Polo is a major added benefit to your wardrobe. Hemp and organic cotton should also prove softer than traditionally stuffy cotton pique, and again, that sustainability factor is essential when shopping for even more simple basics like the best polos for men. I’d certainly count the Outerknown Roam Polo among that crop (pun intended).

Best of all, the Outerknown Roam Polo features small yet high-quality added touches like mother of pearl buttons — two of them, for a classic, casual touch. Subtle logo embroidery at the left sleeve keeps the Outerknown Roam Polo squarely in timeless, not overly loud territory, while the straight hem and tailored fit should make it easy to wear this stylish men’s polo untucked with your favorite chinos and high-top sneakers all spring long. When you want to make a sustainable spring wardrobe upgrade ASAP, look right away to the good folks at Outerknown.

The Thursday Buy: The Outerknown Chroma Blanket Shirt is the Most Sustainable, Stylish Men’s Shirt for Spring

The best sustainable shirt for men.

Your wardrobe might very well be stocked with a wide array of the best men’s shirts, but I guarantee you don’t have anything quite like the Outerknown Chroma Blanket Shirt, which just so happens to be one of the most sustainable shirts for men on the market. It’s one of Outerknown’s best sellers for a reason, and that’s partially because it’s an update on the brand’s top-selling, incredibly well-reviewed Outerknown Blanket Shirt, which I’ve also written about on the blog. Long story short: If you want to add even more rugged versatility to your ensembles this early spring, you’d do well to look into adding the Outerknown Chroma Blanket Shirt to your rotation ASAP.

There’s plenty to love about this new and improved update to one of the best shirts for men, starting with the rich and carefully crafted array of garment-dyed colors to suit every occasion. Yes indeed, the brand — founded in part by surfing legend Kelly Slater with the design assistance of fashion industry vet John Moore — has taken the Outerknown Chroma Blanket Shirt to the next level in more ways than one.

The best rugged shirt for men.

Sure, the richly curated color selection when it comes to the Outerknown Chroma Blanket Shirt is just the tip of the iceberg, and the specs elsewhere are every bit as covetable (and worthy of the $148 price tag, no less). The Outerknown Chroma Blanket Shirt is fashioned from heavyweight cotton twill, the kind that turns this shirt from a standard buttondown into one that can be worn as a shirt jacket atop your favorite henley or one of the best men’s T-shirts, for starters. Corozo buttons finish off the Outerknown Chroma Blanket Shirt in a way that’s sturdy without going too far over the top, and of course, this rugged, sustainable shirt is made with 100 percent organic cotton.

The Outerknown Blanket Shirt itself already comes in an astounding variety of colors and patterns, but this revamped take is a nice style move if you want to add a distinctive solid color to your wardrobe. Plus, the cotton twill is designed to resist wrinkles, making the Outerknown Chroma Blanket Shirt one of the best shirts for early spring when it comes time to hit the road. If you feel so inclined, you could even wear the Outerknown Chroma Blanket Shirt with a lightweight spring and summer blazer and a pair of sustainable jeans for men from the very same brand, too. When you want options that blend sustainability and style, make sure the Outerknown Chroma Blanket Shirt — in at least one eye-catching color — is close at hand in your wardrobe.

The Tuesday Steal: The Outerknown Blanket Shirt is the Best Men’s Shirt to Buy Now

Blanket Shirt | Men's Shirts | Outerknown

If you’ve been on the hunt for the best sustainable menswear and gear, hopefully, you’re familiar with the brand we’re diving into today. If not, you’re in for a real treat. Outerknown, the men’s and women’s style brand founded by surfing legend Kelly Slater, has long been a favorite brand of mind when it comes to gear that balances the rugged with the versatile, and beyond that, it’s pretty remarkable that they’re perhaps one of the most sustainable style brands on the planet. That brings me to the real reason we’re gathered here today: The Outerknown Blanket Shirt is, quite simply, one of the best men’s shirts you can buy now, and that makes it a prime candidate for today’s Tuesday Steal.

Now, you can get the best sustainable menswear from the Outerknown Outerworn Collection (pre-owned), but it’s always nice to invest in a brand-new shirt made the right way. And of course, the list of positive attributes for the Outerknown Blanket Shirt goes on and on, but let’s start with the durable, eco-friendly construction. It’s made from 100 percent organic cotton, removing harmful chemicals from the production process and still delivering a richly crafted, dependable shirt with a tight twill weave. It only gets better from there.

Naturally, the Outerknown Blanket Shirt is a crowd-pleasing favorite, with well over 600 Outerknown reviews on its site that point towards quality style, reliable construction and standout design. For what it’s worth, I’ve got two Outerknown shirts of my own, and my Outerknown review is that, yes, the Outerknown Blanket Shirt is worth every penny. It’s more expensive than a bargain-bin shirt, to be sure (it retails for $148 at Outerknown), but it’s more than worth it. The Outerknown Blanket Shirt is soft to the touch out of the box but as rugged as thicker cotton flannel shirt, and it’s also a nice hybrid between, say, a regular Oxford shirt and a flannel overshirt. That is to say, you can wear the Outerknown Blanket Shirt as both a shirt jacket or a regular shirt, layered up over your favorite henley or worn buttoned up on its own beneath one of the best men’s trucker jackets.

The Outerknown Blanket Shirt also has plenty going for it on the style front, seeing as it comes in a remarkable array of richly crafted colors and patterns. There are a whopping 46 color and pattern options in which you’ll find the Outerknown Blanket Shirt, enough to satisfy both more adventurous and more subdued style palettes. It’s the kind of shirt to be worn casually, untucked with a pair of sustainable Outerknown men’s jeans, but you can also team it with tailored chinos if the mood strikes you. No matter the option you select, and no matter how you choose to style it, the Outerknown Blanket Shirt is an undeniable winner when it comes to sustainable fashion. It’s your new favorite shirt, without a doubt.

The Sunday Sale: The Outerknown Outerworn Collection is the Best Resource for Pre-Owned Menswear

Cord Trucker Online Sale, UP TO 57% OFF

There are plenty of brands that make high-quality menswear, but few that do it with quite the sustainable design approach as Outerknown. Founded by surfing legend Kelly Slater, Outerknown is your go-to source for the best sustainable menswear on the market, but there’s more to ’em than just that. The aptly named Outerknown Outerworn Collection is a full rotation of pre-owned menswear from the brand, available at low prices and still in great shape: Think of it like a more modern “vintage” shop that keeps sustainable gear top of mind via a circular system. The Outerknown Outerworn Collection offers you the chance to score big on menswear that otherwise wouldn’t go to good use; we’re talking slim-fit jeans for 40 percent off, plus 40 percent off the brand’s best-selling Outerknown Blanket Shirt.

You already know Outerknown as a terrific resource for new gear like one of the best men’s flannel shirts, and you can assuredly trust that they wouldn’t sell anything of less than stellar quality through the Outerknown Outerworn Collection. The key to keep in mind with this assortment of pre-owned menswear? Outerknown carefully lays out the color, fit and style, plus the condition of each piece, ensuring you’re not taking a chance on an item that’s not in great shape. Would you have it any other way?

With the Outerknown Outerworn Collection, there are even seller notes and a photo of the item — again, it’s a careful process you can trust. The rotation of gear even includes a reversible puffer jacket, stylish tailored moleskin pants and even some women’s offerings, all the better to gift the eco-conscious lady in your life. As if all of that wasn’t enough, well, the deals within the Outerknown Outerworn Collection are pretty remarkable, dropping items well below $100 in a number of categories. There’s lots to sort through with this collection of stylish pre-owned menswear, so I’ll leave you to it. That being said, the Outerknown Outerworn Collection is a true must-shop if you want eco-conscious gear at great prices.

The Friday Read: The Best Long-Sleeve Shirts, Rugged Fall Gear from Outerknown & the Best Pomades

Levi's Wellthread X Outerknown Clean up Dirty Denim | The Manual

Folks, if you caught last Friday’s weekly recap, perhaps you’re familiar with the brand featured above. That’d be sustainable menswear brand Outerknown, always a reliable company to shop if you want eco-conscious menswear at agreeable prices. They’re my recommended brand to send you into the weekend, of course, and although its Warehouse Sale ended earlier this week, there’s really not a bad time to shop the Kelly Slater-founded brand. Consider that my first recommendation in a weekly recap post that’s positively packed with ’em. As you’ll see below (and as you know if you follow me on Instagram), I’ve been staying busy with menswear bylines aplenty at some of my favorite sites — hopefully, these picks will guide you when it comes to your dressing and grooming routines.

As for me, I’m going to enjoy a Brooklyn weekend with hot coffee and cold beer at the ready, with some stops lined up at a few of my favorite haunts. What’s on your weekend to-do list? To get things rolling the right way, how about some shopping and reading? Yes, indeed. Take a look and let’s get to it.

Men's Sweats | Mott & Bow | Elevated Basics. Grounded Price.
  • Here’s a very apt style and shopping suggestion for you with a laidback weekend on the horizon. Earlier this week, I wrote all about the best sweatpants for fall and winter here on the blog, and they come from a brand that makes your favorite jeans — that’d be Mott and Bow. Get your new sweats for this weekend right here.
  • Have you started to head back to the office yet? Every now and again? When you do, even if your office leans more casual, it pays off to look and feel your best. That starts with your routine, which can get quite the nice upgrade if you check out my guide to the best pomades for men these days. Head to AskMen for the latest, folks.
  • Layering is of the essence in the fall and winter months, particularly when the thermostat starts to drop. That’s where another menswear guide of mine comes into play. Over at The Manual, I’m offering up my top picks for the best long-sleeve shirts for men, with something in every category and price point.

Before you roll into the weekend, I’ll point you in the right direction — in terms of the best new boots for men, that is. I wrote all about the latest iteration of the Huckberry x Danner Vertigo 917 Gold Rush Boots, a pair of boots that simply can’t be topped in terms of comfort, quality and style points. You won’t want to take these off – trust me, folks. With all that being said, here’s to the weekend, an upcoming Style Pick of the Week and cold, fresh beer. Cheers!

The Friday Read: The Best Denim Overshirts, Outside Lands 2021 & The Best Outerknown Menswear

If a fall weekend is on the horizon — which it assuredly is — then there’s one thing you need to do. Well, at least one thing. First and foremost, check out some of the best sustainable menswear on the planet by way of Outerknown, the rugged-yet-versatile clothing brand founded by surfing legend Kelly Slater. Outerknown makes some of my favorite pieces in my fall menswear rotation, including the best-selling Outerknown Blanket Shirt in a wide array of colors. It gets even better beyond that: Outerknown is running the Outerknown Warehouse Sale right now, giving you up to 60 percent off past-season favorites. It’s a great way to get a standout deal on some of the best fall menswear and more. It’s the sort of sale I’ll be shopping, especially as I take it easy this weekend and watch some Michigan State football from Brooklyn.

I’ll be taking it easy this weekend namely because, well, I was more than busy last weekend, trekking out West covering the excellent Outside Lands Music Festival as one of the many hats I wear. It was my first trip to San Fran in seven years, as I noted in the last edition of the Friday Read and in the most recent entry in my music/menswear newsletter. You should head to Atwood Magazine to catch my full preview — and recap — but let me say that it was an absolutely stellar weekend to be in San Francisco, complete with sunny weather, excellent sets from luminaries like Vampire Weekend and Sharon Van Etten, and even some excellent local beer from Anchor Brewing. I can’t recommend the festival enough, in short. For now though, it’s time for me to power through some end-of-week writing for the Huckberry Journal (and more). As for yourself, here’s to starting your own weekend properly with some of my tips for the best fall men’s style gear on the market. Let’s get to it!

Courtesy of AskMen.
  • I mentioned above that we’d cover the best rugged fall menswear, and allow me to make another suggestion on that front. You should certainly head to AskMen to read my guide on the best denim overshirts for hard-wearing, casual-yet-functional layering this season — it’s that simple, folks.
  • Here’s hoping that you’ve been keeping up with the goings-on here on the blog, but if not, I’m going to point you back towards my Wednesday post examining one of the best sweaters for fall and winter. Of course, the sweater in question comes from Taylor Stitch, and it’s as cozy and reliable as you need it to be right now.
  • If you love travel, and if you’ve been loving a bit of travel — slowly but surely, the right way — here’s one for you. I had the chance in September to head to Detroit to A) See a rock show by Julien Baker whilst visiting old college friends and B) Check out the absolutely wonderful Shinola Hotel in the process. The hotel is elegant, refined, perfectly crafted and quite the ideal encapsulation of the Shinola lifestyle overall. On that note, here’s the full recap of my experience at Maxim — get yourself to Shinola and Detroit when you get the chance — I endorse it wholeheartedly!

I’ll leave you with one last style tip to head into the weekend. If it’s a laidback, casual weekend pullover you need — especially one on sale for under $100 — then Wellen is the way to go. This week’s Tuesday Steal covers the best fall weekend pullover on sale right now. Cheers to some fall weather and fall fun — and fall menswear, of course! Thanks for reading, my friends.

Style Pick of the Week: Outerknown Paz Cord Trucker

A cozy, rugged jacket you’ll want to wear all winter long.

Bundling up can definitely be done in style, my friends, especially with one of the best sustainable brands on the market. Striking the right balance between cozy and comfortable, rugged-yet-stylish, and also sustainable-yet-fashionable … well, it’s a tough act to conquer. And yet, that’s what the good folks at Outerknown have done with the Outerknown Paz Cord Trucker, a perfectly rugged winter jacket that delivers all the warmth and style you could possibly need. Crucially, it’s also a refreshing change of pace from a bulky winter parka or a thermal puffer jacket (although you very well might need both of those in your rotation, too). The Outerknown Paz Cord Trucker is an ideal jacket when you want to toe the line between office-ready (as a commute-friendly layer atop a crisp Oxford shirt and navy knit tie) or outdoor-minded (worn with tough chore pants to truly take on the elements). It’s the kind of workhorse jacket you won’t regret having when it comes time to head out on a Friday night — the classic trucker jacket silhouette is timeless and nearly speaks for itself. Yes indeed, the Outerknown Paz Cord Trucker is stylish without going too far over the top, and that’s exactly the kind of jacket we so love here at The Style Guide. Oh, and in terms of sustainable style? Outerknown continues to take the cake.

SHOP: The Outerknown Paz Cord Trucker

Available in two versatile, neutral colors.

Outerknown crucially focuses on amping up the classics with materials like organic cotton and a focus on using less water in its production — the result is gear that’s as eco-conscious as it is stylish. Case in point: The hemp they’ve used to make this corduroy fabric is both durable and yet perhaps the perfect crop, given that it strengthens the soil in which it’s grown. Heck, the polyester fill and sherpa lining are also made from recycled materials — when’s the last time you heard of a rugged winter jacket that can do all of that at once? Oh, and it goes without saying that the Outerknown Paz Cord Trucker also looks as great as you’d expect — wear this tough trucker jacket atop your favorite henley and a classic flannel shirt for plenty of warmth and winter-friendly style, or keep the Outerknown Paz Cord Trucker handy with a timeless chambray shirt and expertly faded denim. The trucker jacket styling is akin to that of a trusted denim jacket, so you can rest assured that it wears with most of your closet with relative ease — and that’s what you want from one of the best winter jackets, after all. Bundling up with sustainable style in mind? That’s as good as it gets for winter.

SHOP: The Outerknown Paz Cord Trucker

Style Pick of the Week: Outerknown Ambassador Blazer

The rare blazer that’s suited for the office, holiday travel and everything in between.


If you’ve previously thought of your winter blazer as a “one-trick pony” of sorts, able to be worn only to the office or in more dressed-up situations, think again. Yes indeed, the Outerknown Ambassador Blazer, one of the best men’s blazers on the market, is here to make you rethink your blazer game (and not a moment too soon with the holidays quickly rolliing by). It’s theĀ  perfect blazer to wear to a holiday party, but it can also pull that crucial double-duty at the office, and even as *gasp* a stylish travel blazer. Yes indeed, it delivers the goods. But why Outerknown? Allow me to enlighten you. The Outerknown brand is one born of a two-fold approach, that of the mind of legendary surfer Kelly Slater and menswear designer John Moore (as you’ve previously read about on the blog) — that means you’ve got both laidback cool and modern style covered in one fell swoop. In short, pieces like the Outerknown Blanket Shirt are as at home when worn after an early-morning surfing session as they are around a roaring fire this holiday season — and the rugged-yet-versatile Outerknown Ambassador Blazer toes that same line handsomely, too. Again, it’s one of the best blazers for men, but it’s also got plenty more going for it — starting with the fact that it carries on Outerknown‘s crucial approach to sustainable style.

SHOP: The Outerknown Ambassador Blazer

A tailored-yet-easygoing silhouette for perfect fall style.

In this case, the brand looks to make its products with less water and less waste than other fashion brands, and in an industry known for its pollution, that approach is critical. It also helps that pieces like the Outerknown Ambassador Blazer are highly stylish, too. Soft brushed wool and an unstructured design give this classic men’s blazer plenty of layering potential — the lack of rigid structure means you can wear this blazer with everything from a rugged henley and faded denim to a crisp Oxford shirt and grey chinos. It’s one-of-a-kind in terms of its rich Pine color, too — perfect for the holidays when worn with slim tan corduroys, as well. And back to what we said earlier about this being the ideal blazer for holiday travel. The patch pockets lend it a more casual feel (stow your everyday carry essentials in them), while the easygoing silhouette means you can slip it on and off with ease. It’s always the little details that make the difference, and Outerknown knows this. You do now, too — happy holiday dressing!

SHOP: The Outerknown Ambassador Blazer