The Thursday Buy: Arvin Goods Is Making the Best Socks to Wear with Your Favorite Boots

Crew Sock - Performance — Hemp Biofiber – Arvin Goods

Stepping out to face winter weather can be quite the process some days, sure, but you can’t step out the door if you’re not wearing a pair of the best boot socks. That’s right: Before you can lace up your favorite pair of leather boots for winter, you need some of the best men’s boot socks in tow, hence why we’re here today to get you up to speed with the latest and greatest at Arvin Goods. You might recognize the brand from past Arvin Goods reviews on this site, specifically when its no-show socks were sold at Huckberry, but here’s a refresher as you get ready to lace up your rugged winter boots again. They’ve grown steadily over the years with an uncompromising focus on sustainability, turning a notorious industry into one that’s slowly but surely becoming more eco-friendly. How does Arvin Goods do it, and how does it all result in some of the best men’s socks on the market? Let’s take a closer look, and then we’ll get into what makes the Arvin Goods Recycled Wool Boot Socks your next go-to pair.

Right off the bat, the good folks at Minnesota-based Arvin Goods — who also make a nice rotation of stylish, sustainable headwear — use the right materials, including recycled or discarded fabric scraps repurposed into new, comfortable socks. They’ve outlined it in great detail on their Responsibilities page, noting how the process uses almost no water and at the same time, keeping old textiles out of landfills. It’s a pretty innovative and eco-conscious approach, one that makes Arvin Goods one of my favorite sustainable brands of the moment (up there with rugged outdoor apparel brand Outerknown, of course). But back to what we were talking about earlier — the best men’s boot socks, right?

All of this sustainability and a continued focus on excellence results in, well, terrific socks for your feet and your wardrobe. The Arvin Goods Recycled Wool Boot Socks are made from a blend of recycled wool, polyester and acrylic, giving them some stretch and some give while still keeping your feet toasty without overheating. It’s a tricky balance to strike, but that’s what the Arvin Goods Recycled Wool Boot Socks do when worn day in and day out. You can also get multi-packs from Arvin Goods, including the brand’s classic crew socks, but I’d suggest getting at least two of, heck, each color of the Arvin Goods Recycled Wool Boot Socks — you’re going to be wearing boots all winter, yes? Might as well do it the right way in terms of your sock rotation.

Ribbed stitching offers support and a stay-upright fit, and the reinforced heel and toe is precisely what you need from socks that are going to be worn with heavier, durable leather boots. On top of that, the three colors in which you can snag the Arvin Goods Recycled Wool Boot Socks are about as reliable as it gets, and able to be paired stylishly with a pair of the best men’s blue jeans or better still, a pair of the best men’s chinos when you wear boots to the office. Thanks to their Portuguese-made construction, the Arvin Goods Recycled Wool Boot Socks will run slightly pricier than your average pair of socks, but again, the fit, comfort, quality and warmth here is fair above average. Any time you need to wear socks with boots, any time at all, keep a pair of the Arvin Goods Recycled Wool Boot Socks close by. Your feet will thank you.


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