The Sunday Sale: Shop and Save on the Best Sustainable Socks from Arvin Goods

I’m not sure about you, but I’m personally always on the lookout for the best menswear brands in all their various forms, including brands with a deep level of expertise in a specialized area — like Arvin Goods, makers of some of the most sustainable socks on the market. I’ve previously talked about the fact that the brand makes some of the best socks to wear with boots, not to mention an array of more lightweight, casual yet comfortable socks fit for plenty of occasions (especially if you like to rock light socks with sneakers and rolled jeans through the spring and summer).

Today’s Sunday Sale is an even better way to ensure you add some of the best socks for men to your rotation, because you can get a bundle of Arvin Goods socks while saving a few bucks in the process.

Shop and save on new socks at Arvin Goods

Sustainable basics are up for grabs

Take your pick from a variety of colorful Arvin Goods sock packs, giving you access to either a 3-pack or a 6-pack of vibrant socks in the brand’s sustainable fabric. You can save $10 on the brand’s no-fuss black crew socks, or you can knock $24 off a six-pack of Arvin Goods‘ performance hemp biofiber socks, and the savings only get better from there.

The company is doing some seriously cool things by turning old fabrics and fibers into new socks, all the while looking out for the environment and selling some of the best socks for men at low prices. And if those savings still sound a bit pricey, rest easy knowing that Arvin Goods socks are built to last and built to take some wear and tear off the environment. That’s an investment you can feel good about making, right? Invest and save in some Arvin Goods sock packs today — your feet will surely thank you.

The Thursday Buy: Arvin Goods Is Making the Best Socks to Wear with Your Favorite Boots

Crew Sock - Performance — Hemp Biofiber – Arvin Goods

Stepping out to face winter weather can be quite the process some days, sure, but you can’t step out the door if you’re not wearing a pair of the best boot socks. That’s right: Before you can lace up your favorite pair of leather boots for winter, you need some of the best men’s boot socks in tow, hence why we’re here today to get you up to speed with the latest and greatest at Arvin Goods. You might recognize the brand from past Arvin Goods reviews on this site, specifically when its no-show socks were sold at Huckberry, but here’s a refresher as you get ready to lace up your rugged winter boots again. They’ve grown steadily over the years with an uncompromising focus on sustainability, turning a notorious industry into one that’s slowly but surely becoming more eco-friendly. How does Arvin Goods do it, and how does it all result in some of the best men’s socks on the market? Let’s take a closer look, and then we’ll get into what makes the Arvin Goods Recycled Wool Boot Socks your next go-to pair.

Right off the bat, the good folks at Minnesota-based Arvin Goods — who also make a nice rotation of stylish, sustainable headwear — use the right materials, including recycled or discarded fabric scraps repurposed into new, comfortable socks. They’ve outlined it in great detail on their Responsibilities page, noting how the process uses almost no water and at the same time, keeping old textiles out of landfills. It’s a pretty innovative and eco-conscious approach, one that makes Arvin Goods one of my favorite sustainable brands of the moment (up there with rugged outdoor apparel brand Outerknown, of course). But back to what we were talking about earlier — the best men’s boot socks, right?

All of this sustainability and a continued focus on excellence results in, well, terrific socks for your feet and your wardrobe. The Arvin Goods Recycled Wool Boot Socks are made from a blend of recycled wool, polyester and acrylic, giving them some stretch and some give while still keeping your feet toasty without overheating. It’s a tricky balance to strike, but that’s what the Arvin Goods Recycled Wool Boot Socks do when worn day in and day out. You can also get multi-packs from Arvin Goods, including the brand’s classic crew socks, but I’d suggest getting at least two of, heck, each color of the Arvin Goods Recycled Wool Boot Socks — you’re going to be wearing boots all winter, yes? Might as well do it the right way in terms of your sock rotation.

Ribbed stitching offers support and a stay-upright fit, and the reinforced heel and toe is precisely what you need from socks that are going to be worn with heavier, durable leather boots. On top of that, the three colors in which you can snag the Arvin Goods Recycled Wool Boot Socks are about as reliable as it gets, and able to be paired stylishly with a pair of the best men’s blue jeans or better still, a pair of the best men’s chinos when you wear boots to the office. Thanks to their Portuguese-made construction, the Arvin Goods Recycled Wool Boot Socks will run slightly pricier than your average pair of socks, but again, the fit, comfort, quality and warmth here is fair above average. Any time you need to wear socks with boots, any time at all, keep a pair of the Arvin Goods Recycled Wool Boot Socks close by. Your feet will thank you.

Online Shopping Picks: Add to Your Wardrobe with the Best Men’s Socks for Fall and Winter

OK, let’s take stock of what’s on your feet in today’s new Online Shopping Picks entry — no, not your stylish leather boots. Instead, let’s look at … your socks. Yep.  Stylish men’s socks are quite the underrated part of an outfit, it seems; at the very least, they can be an afterthought. But rest assured, no matter whether you’re lacing up classic leather sneakers or classic chukka boots, your socks are just as important as the rest of your outfit. That’s especially true during the chilly fall and winter months, as the right pair of socks can add warmth and comfort — plus serious style points — to your rugged style ensemble. That goes for dressing in casual weekend style just as it does with getting dolled up for a day at the office. And y’know what? We’ve got some excellent pairs on tap for any occasion today, from brands you know (like Anonymousism) and brands that might be a bit newer (take CHUP, for instance).  Either way, you’re going to be stepping out in style this season. If you’ve got feedback or picks of your own, you can hit me up on Twitter. Cheers!

#1. Anonymousism Slub Crew Sock in Brown — $18

Finely crafted socks that are stylish enough to work at the office and laidback enough to wear on the weekend.

Stylish socks can be just as critical as other more essential fall style picks when it comes to adding texture and seasonally appropriate color to your ensemble. Take the Anonymousism Slub Crew Socks. Featuring neat texture and a color that’s very ready for fall and winter, the Slub Crew Socks should fit right in as they peek out from beneath slim blue denim and classic suede lace-up boots. $18 is definitely a fair bit of change to drop on socks, but Anonymousism makes it worth your time & money.

#2. American Trench Fair Isle Socks in Merino and Cashmere — $33

Another pair of socks worth your money, if only for the great pattern and quality.

Let’s keep this list rolling with yet another pair of investment-worthy socks. Yes, investment-worthy is certainly something that applies to well-made American Trench socks like the Fair Isle Socks in Merino and Cashmere. Why the high price tag? Well, American Trench works with family factories to source the materials and produce some of the best men’s socks out there. The fact that the Fair Isle Socks in Merino and Cashmere just so happen to add some cool pattern to any outfit is just a bonus. Wear these with slim charcoal trousers and a navy cardigan for fall-friendly style.

#3. CHUP Vivienda Socks — $35

Japanese-made socks that are the real deal in terms of excellent design and great quality.

You very well might recognize CHUP from our #OOTD series here at The Style Guide — the brand’s reliable socks are unique, carefully made and packed with cool patterns. These Japanese-made socks are made using time-tested methods on stocking frame knitting machines, one of the first types of knitting machines invented. So, the Vivienda Socks have got quite a lot of quality packed in. And when it comes to looks? The CHUP Vivienda Socks blend an intricate pattern with a neutral gray base — the perfect socks to wear when you want to stand out quietly.

#4. Arvin Goods Crew Socks (Three-pack) — $23.98

Simple socks for simple style, particularly on a fall or winter weekend.

There are times you just need a casual pair of socks that look sharp while providing comfort. Nothing fancy — just function with a dash o’ good locks. That’s where the Arvin Goods Crew Socks enter the mix, folks. Equal parts sporty and casual, these Arvin Goods socks are made, like the rest of the brand’s line, with sustainability and style top of mind — good news for us eco-conscious style fans. Wear these with slim sweatpants and stylish leather sneakers, plus a rugged grey crewneck sweater, for your next weekend brunch.

#5. Wigwam Cypress Trail Socks — $26

Functionally minded socks made with outdoor adventure in mind.

We turn once again to simple, understated socks that work in a pinch — especially when you need a durable pair of socks for fall and winter exploration. Thankfully, the Wigwam Cypress Trail Socks come in quite handy in that regard. Namely, if you need a pair of “get-the-job-done” socks to wear alongside rugged leather boots and the Taylor Stitch Chore Pants on your next hike, the Cypress Trail Socks are the way to go. Every guy needs a go-to pair of tough socks in his closet, right?

#6. American Trench Sawtooth Argyle Socks — $29.50

Crisp socks with a dressier look and feel than other options on this list — yet another job well-done from American Trench.

You knew weren’t done recommending American Trench socks, right? Just as with the brand’s Fair Isle socks, the Sawtooth Argyle Socks feature the comfortable and exceptionally well-made blend of merino and cashmere, all the better to keep your feet feeling great. In fact, that fabric blend is engineered to prevent odor and keep your feet dry at the same time — not a bad job from American Trench here. The Sawtooth Argyle Socks are slightly dressier — feel free to punch up your worsted wool navy suit and stylish men’s dress shoes with these American-made socks this fall and winter.

#7. Etiquette Clothiers Sherpa Boot Rib Socks — $24

The perfect wool socks to wear with leather boots in chilly weather this fall and winter.

As previously seen in an edition of The List — featuring rugged fall style picks galore — the Etiquette Clothiers Sherpa Boot Rib Socks are quite possibly your new favorite socks to wear with …. your favorite fall boots. If ever there was a pair of thick, durable socks to stand up to harsh weather while still looking great, I’d say it might be the Sherpa Boot Socks. Made in Italy from a wool-acrylic blend and done up in a fall and winter-ready color, the Sherpa Boot Socks  would fit right in with black denim and tan leather boots, and they’d also add a shot of vintage-inspired style to charcoal herringbone trousers and chunky wingtip boots (plus a rugged field jacket for a bit of high-low style).

#8. American Trench Kennedy Luxury Athletic Socks — $19.50

Vintage-inspired socks that add sporty, old school looks to any outfit — particularly white leather sneakers, a classic cardigan and tan chinos.

Our last and final pick comes at you from … welp, American Trench. The brand continues to branch out into new, different directions in terms of products — the Kennedy Luxury Athletic Socks are a prime example of that unique approach, with quality still at the forefront. The Kennedy Athletic Socks play off the same styles seen on icons like JFK, so think of these as more old school-style socks than a pair you’d wear to the gym. At any rate, the American Trench Kennedy Luxury Athletic Socks should serve you just fine, especially when teamed with a stylish field jacket and durable chinos.

OK, my friends. Of the above pairs, which one did you like best? Or did you have more than one pair in your sights? Perhaps the sporty and vintage-inspired American Trench Kennedy Luxury Athletic Socks will work for your weekend style pursuits? Or maybe the tough, rugged Etiquette Clothiers Sherpa Boot Rib Socks are more your speed — especially if you consistently reach for boots like the Wolverine Original 1000 Mile Boots. For straightforward style, casual function and comfort — an oh-so-important mix — the Arvin Goods Crew Socks are a prime pick-up, as are the trail-ready Wigwam Cypress Trail Socks. When it comes to dressy situations, a crisply made pair like the Sawtooth Argyle Socks from American Trench fit the bill nicely, and no list would be complete without essential, versatile socks like the CHUP Vivienda Socks. Oh, and what pair of socks to put on for everyday wear? Easy — the Anonymousism Slub Crew Socks are your go-to move. Have any picks you’d add to this list — or remove? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter.
Thanks for reading!

Style Pick of the Week: Anonymousism Wool Herringbone Crew Socks

Well-made, crisply designed socks that’ll work with tailored or casual outfits — just what you need from Anonymousism.

Is this post just about … socks? Only socks? Well, bear with me here, because these certainly are stylish men’s socks. As we often bring up at The Style Guide, the little details make a difference in your ensembles, from fit and comfort to sharp looks. And if you find a stylish accessory that you love and that happens to be well-made — like the Anonymousism Wool Herringbone Crew Socks seen here — I’d urge you to stock up as much as you can. When building outfits from the ground up, sharply designed socks shouldn’t be an afterthought — that much is true. They can add a bit of visual interest to slim charcoal trousers, they can provide some needed insulation when worn with rugged leather boots, and great-looking men’s socks can even blend in seamlessly with dressier ensembles (the Wool Herringbone Crew Socks would work nicely with a navy worsted wool suit). So, we’ve got all that down pat. What’s the upside to buying pricier Anonymousism socks? Read on, because you’re going to like what you see. Anonymousism is stocked at retailers from J. Crew to Bespoke Post, providing the kind of classic yet visually striking patterns that can work as a complement to so many fall outfits. And the kicker (pun intended) when it comes to Anonymousism socks? They’re made with excellent materials, folks.

Need a little more pattern in your life? These Jacquard Crew Socks from Anonymousism ought to do the trick.

And if you like what you see when it comes to the Wool Herringbone Crew Socks, you’ll assuredly like other, more pattern-friendly options from the Anonymousism line, like the Jacquard Crew Socks seen above. Whichever pair you pick, you’re getting Japanese-made quality and the type of durability you’d expect for the price tag — most Anonymousism socks will set you back upwards of $20. Here’s the good news with the stylish Wool Herringbone Crew Socks, though: When you sign up for Bespoke Post, you can pick ’em up at the discounted price of $18. Every buck counts, right? Certainly, the Wool Herringbone Crew Socks are nearly the perfect fall and winter sock. If that sounds silly to say, well, the herringbone pattern is a cold weather staple across everything from shirting to blazers, so these Anonymousism socks are going to look refined and on-trend peeking out from beneath your favorite pair of blue denim and some classic suede chukka boots. What’s more, these Anonymousism socks are going to last you quite a long time — I’ve been mighty pleased with the durability of my pairs, and that’s good news. Plus, they’ll also provide crucial versatility with plenty of outfits. Tan chinos and a white Oxford? Add stylish men’s dress shoes and Anonymousism socks. Black denim and a heather grey crewneck sweatshirt? Yes sir, the Wool Herringbone Crew Socks are a go-to accessory. Again, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Oh, and don’t forget to sign up for Bespoke Post to get that discount (wink, nudge). Let me know via The Style Guide Facebook page if you plan on investing in a pair  … or two … or three of Anonymousism socks this season.

Style Pick of the Week: Sock Genius No-Show Socks

Editor’s note: Expect these posts weekly detailing one standout item coveted by yours truly. Sometimes, these fit within budgetary restrictions and other times, they’re expensive splurges worth saving for. For more Wish List items from Beau, head here, and to see other Style Picks, head here.

A whole post on socks? Sure thing, especially when they're comfortable and well-fitting ones from the Sock Genius line at

A whole post on socks? Sure thing, especially when they’re comfortable and well-fitting ones from the Sock Genius line at

Before we dive into this week’s post, know that the title is no mistake — we’re really talking no-show socks here today. And there’s plenty of good reason for that. It’s the end of July — so it’s plenty hot, and that heat isn’t going anywhere any time soon. If you snagged a pair or two (or heck, three) of no-show socks near the start of summer, you’ve probably been wearing them a lot. After all, they’re an essential to pair up with classic leather sneakers  or even suede Derby shoes beneath your favorite pair of rolled chinos. And if they’ve seen a lot of wear, maybe they could use a refresh. And maybe you want to check out a new, inexpensive and high-performing brand — that’s where the Sock Genius line of socks through slides into the equation (and onto your feet). The brand’s no-show socks come in a range of patterns and colors, although a personal favorite is the Villa Park Stripe No-show Sock as seen above. In fact, I happen to be rocking this weekend on a trip back to Michigan to complement some classic SeaVees sneakers (more on that on Monday, though). The point is, once you give Sock Genius no-show socks a try, you might want to pick up plenty more pairs. And given that the quality and pricing is quite agreeable, it’s worth it — I was definitely pleased when I wore one of the brand’s ties and a sharp pocket square to a recent Michigan wedding, and I’ve found their no-show socks to be similarly pleasing to wear.

One of the many color and pattern combinations available through and its Sock Genius line.

The La Habra no-show sock — one of the many color and pattern combinations available through and its Sock Genius line.

Buck Mason - Timeless Design. Made in America.

Just like a comfortable and well-fitting pair of boxer briefs or a high-performing undershirt, the basics that are closest to your skin should stand up to the heat of the summer — that’s particularly true when being on your feet during the hot summer months. And whether you’re heading to Sunday brunch or bringing along a cooler to a backyard barbeque, you need no-show socks that can handle a lot. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that the variety of Sock Genius options (nearly 20)  combine nice patterns and colors that don’t look bad at all when it’s time to slip off your… slip-on sneakers, ehh?. If a pop of color (like the La Habra seen above) is too much though, they’re also offering up a classic four-pack of solid no-show socks for $30 — that’s quite the deal when one considers you’re getting a pair of no-show socks for almost every day of the work week. Again, style upgrades are in the details, and when you can snag no-show socks that perform admirably and look great, I say jump right on it. And hey, you can pick up a classic tie or pocket square while perusing the site, too. See how to style no-show socks with other essentials on the daily at my Instagram, or ask away on any and all things #menswear over at The Style Guide.

Do you own any Sock Genius socks? Would you add the brand to your rotation, or is your sock drawer full?

Style Q+A: American Trench

Editor’s note: To check out other Style Q&A pieces, head here. 

Just a snapshot of some of the eyecatching styles produced by American Trench. Photo courtesy of the brand.

Just a snapshot of some of the eyecatching styles produced by American Trench. Photo courtesy of the brand.

You can’t help but admire brands that delve into a product niche and ideology, and really live out that commitment. Jacob Hurwitz and David Neill have done that and then some as they’ve built American Trench, a brand with whom you may be familiar if you’ve read any of my work on VOUCH Mag — or if you’ve seen their socks in GQ. The duo developed the brand with the simple idea that manufacturing high-quality goods can be done right here in America, and they’ve stuck to it with the help of a Kickstarter launch in late 2012. I had the great fortune to check out a set of excellent American Trench socks for a review on GearHungry (and you can expect to see more of them around these parts, too). The socks are eyecatching, comfortable and quite well-made — everything you could want on your feet. And in corresponding with Jacob, he and David have a tremendous focus on doing right by the people they work with — something to be applauded and recognized. The brand makes a pretty killer trench coat, to boot. I caught up with Jacob for a few questions recently, and the interview is (I think) absolutely worth a read if you’re into supporting brands who take care of their own — and make a pretty nice product, to say the least!

The Style Guide: Tell me more about the inception of American Trench and the ‘A-ha!’ moment that spurred it on?
American Trench: I took a trip to London with my wife in the summer of 2009 and bought a trench coat there, because when in London, one must buy a rain coat, even in the summer.  After getting home and reading day after day about continuing layoffs and job losses, my friend David and I were talking about US manufacturing.  We wanted to make something. The idea came up…who makes trench coats in the USA?  The answer – no one.  So we set out to do it.  We had no experience in apparel, so it took 2.5 years, but we make something special.
TSG: American manufacturing is at the core of your business — expand a bit on your philosophy behind that commitment to domestic manufacturing, and are there other brands you admire doing similar things?
AT: American manufacturing is why started the company, plain and simple.  All of our products are either knit or cut and sewn in the USA.  We try to use domestic source materials when possible and appropriate, but each item has been manufactured at a factory in the United States.  Our philosophy can be summed up pretty succinctly: make the best you can make and do the best you can for the people around you. When we read about Brunello Cucinelli’s desire to make all of his products in Italy, which is well documented, it doesn’t sound nationalist. He makes it very clear that this is how he can best help the people around him.  The best part about buying USA made?  It’s totally in alignment with the core principles of our country – freedom and liberty.   Buying USA made is not mandatory nor does it require belonging to a specific race, class, group, or political party.  In the land of liberty, the greatest freedom we all have, what we choose to buy, can actually can create change!  So there it is — vote with your wallet.

The brand's relatively understated styles add a nice touch of color to any outfit. Photo courtesy of American Trench.

The brand’s relatively understated styles add a nice touch of color to any outfit. Photo courtesy of American Trench.

TSG: American Trench has a pretty particular product focus between knitwear, socks and your outerwear — how did that come about?

AT: We decided to launch a Kickstarter campaign to bring our trench coat to market and realized that we wanted to have a way for people to support us on Kickstarter even if they didn’t have $700+ to drop on a rain coat.  So we decided to offer USA=made socks, because who can’t afford a pair of good socks?  After Kickstarter, we started to get wholesale interest in the sock side of the business.  People were looking for made-in-the-USA (product) and accessories, and we had both.  We also found some awesome sock mills — one in Reading, PA and another in North Carolina.  Interest in the rain coat never died down, so we become dual-focused on accessories and outerwear.

TSG: What was the biggest challenge (or series of challenges) you encountered in your journey to source fabric, materials and production partners for your trench coat?
AT: There have been challenges at each step, although that’s true for any business.  Making the trench was a beast, we choose to make a super complicated product to start, with 70-plus pattern pieces.  It took two tries to find the right factory, and not without a lot of screw-ups and fixes.  Pattern making is not easy, nor is production.  It’s a complicated business. Knitwear is not walk in the park either, samples and production sometimes don’t end up being the same.


TSG: What’s one style mistake you see too many guys make?  
AT: Scale and proportion.  If you going to wear slim jeans or trousers, the rest of the outfit should be slim.  Then all items will be in proportion.  You can’t wear your favorite decade old blazer with your new trim pants and vice-versa, the scale of each garment is totally out of sync.  Likewise, sometimes a little looser look can be really refreshing, but make sure the rest of your outfit matches the same scale.
The other thing I would say is that less is more.  Don’t cram too many colors, patterns, and styles into one outfit.  For example —  if you wear your double-monk shoes, keep the suit solid and the socks toned down; double-monk shoes are a big statement.  Instagram style is its own universe, and should be taken treated as half-fantasy, half-reality.  Less is more!
If you have square-toe dress shoes in your closet from ten years ago, thank them for their service and put them in the trash.
TSG: What’s one style-related item every guy should own?
AT: Tough one.  But regardless of the item, quality over quantity.  I think a good pair of versatile shoes is a must.  I’m talking about something that can be dressed up or down, with a suit or denim.  Great shoes make a good suit look great and turn your socks into a star.  The Longwing 975 and PTB 990 styles by Alden are classic.  They ain’t cheap, but you can wear them with anything.  I really love the Rancourt cap toe as well.
That’s all from Jacob this go-round. If you’d like to support the brand more, check out their Web site or catch them on Twitter.