Style Pick of the Week: Myles Apparel Tour Pants – The Best Performance Pants to Wear Anywhere

The best men's performance pants to buy now.

These days, there’s hardly a scenario where comfort and style don’t go hand in hand, seeing as you’re probably spending a bit less time at the office and a bit more time at home or on the road, dressed casually. This is where you need a pair of pants made with both utility and style in mind: A pair of pants like, well, the Myles Apparel Tour Pants, which just so happen to hit the sweet spot as far as the best performance pants for men are concerned. They’re a perfect hybrid when you need a classier option that sweatpants, yet want the comfort of a pair of stretch jeans or chinos.

In fact, the Myles Apparel Tour Pants — coming from a brand that already makes one of the best performance hoodies and offers up some of the best deals on performance gear — are akin to a more modern take on chinos or five-pocket pants, and this is very good news indeed for you, my friend. And if you’re still coming around on the idea of swapping out your classic blue jeans for a pair of stretch performance pants, know that you can try Myles Apparel for free at home for seven days before you buy. How’s that for practicality, functionality and style? Another bonus: You get free U.S. shipping on orders over $100.

The best stretch five-pocket performance pants for men.

The specs on the Myles Apparel Tour Pants are exactly what you need if you want to ease your way into looking sharp and yet feeling comfortable all day long. They’re made with a quick-drying stretch woven twill fabric, all the better to keep you cool on day hikes, your commute or long weekends on the road. It only gets better from there with the Myles Apparel Tour Pants, because — even more incredibly — they’re made to resist wrinkles and stains, not to mention water (thanks to the Durable Water Repellent finish). You’re also getting a plethora of pockets for everyday carry essentials with the Myles Apparel Tour Pants, including a hidden phone pocket and a zip passport or wallet pocket.

Plus, the front pockets themselves — cut with a slanted finish for easy access — are nicely oversized to allow for maximum EDC storage. Even the waistband on the Myles Apparel Tour Pants features a special touch: A stay-grip design that keeps your shirts tucked in for a clean finish. If it seems as if Myles Apparel thought of everything with these pants, it’s because, well, they certainly did. The Myles Apparel Tour Pants are also available in a whopping nine colors, all the better to suit any palette. And the quick-drying stretch fabric means these are an easily wearable pair of four-season pants, whether you rock ’em now with your favorite henley or whether you keep them close at hand to wear with an American-made Oxford shirt come spring and summer. The only thing you’ve got to worry about now? Picking out your favorite color.

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