The Friday Read: Billy Reid Early Spring Menswear, The Best Men’s Sweats & A Suitsupply Review

Best early spring menswear picks.

You see that man at the top of the page on this fine late February Friday? That’s none other that one of America’s best menswear designers, Billy Reid — the man with the plan to help you dress sharply wearing some of the best early spring men’s style gear this season. You’re in luck heading into the weekend and into a new month, seeing as the Billy Reid Spring 2022 Menswear Collection just hit online stores, and that’s nothing but a great thing for you. In fact, because you can still shop deals from the Billy Reid Winter Clearance while at the same time scoring picks like the best crewneck sweatshirt & more, I’d say it’s really a windfall. Do yourself a favor and start planning accordingly for spring.

I’ll be shopping some of those picks this coming weekend, but right now, I’m kicked back and relaxing on yet another Florida trip, this one nicely timed for a bit of a mid-winter getaway. Already, I’ve had the chance to catch up with family and sip on new Point Ybel Brewing beers, and there’s more of the same on the agenda this weekend. Be sure, as ever, to follow my Instagram to keep up with all the fun, and be sure to check out a few more reading and shopping style picks for your weekend below. Cheers!

Best new whiskey.
  • OK, here’s a fun one if you’re a fan of some of the best whiskey on the market, not to mention… ice cream. Yes indeed, ice cream. Incredibly, I’ve had the chance to test out a product that blends the best of both worlds — ice cream from famed California ice cream purveyor McConnell’s, infused with fine Texas bourbon from Garrison Brothers. If you want a sweet treat for yourself or for your next dinner party, track down a pint or two here. Like I said, it’s the best of both worlds. Naturally, you can also get Garrison Brothers whiskey delivered to your door with Drizly.
Best custom suiting for men.
  • Finding yourself in need of a new suit for a special occasion coming up, like an early spring or late winter wedding? If you’ve got some time (say, about a month or so?) before that big event, consider heading to Suitsupply and checking out the Suitsupply Custom Made Program. Last fall and this winter, I had the chance to get fitted for a new custom suit made from beautiful navy tropical wool, and I reviewed it for Maxim this week. Time to look sharp, my friends!
  • Last but not least, since it’s the weekend and I’d say some laidback lounging is in store for you, consider upgrading your athleisure rotation with a pair of the best men’s sweatpants. There are even pairs tailored and stylish enough to wear outside the house, and that’s why I wrote all about the best men’s sweats over at Fatherly. Happy shopping, folks!

That’s going to close the books on this weekend intro. I hope you’re able to kick back and relax with, perhaps, some bourbon from Garrison Brothers while reading about new sweats or a custom suit (or both). As for me, I’ll soak up some Florida rays for all of us. Thanks for reading and we’ll see you back here for tomorrow’s Style Pick of the Week!


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