The Sunday Sale: Save $100 on the Best New Spring Boots from Bespoke Post

The best spring boots for men.
Has there ever been a better time to shop Bespoke Post in search of the best on-sale menswear? And specifically, in search of the best men’s boots for spring? I’d say certainly not, and that’s never been more clear than right now — when you take a spin through the well-stocked yet fast-selling Bespoke Post Sale section, that is. I’ve certainly sung the praises of saving on the best new menswear through Bespoke Post, but if this is your first rodeo shopping the NYC E-commerce retailer, I’d suggest you saddle up, get that credit card and prepare to save on stylish new boots (and plenty more!).

The boots in question are the Shoe The Bear Cosmos High Lace Boots, a suitably lightweight and springy pair of lace-ups that represent the best of the best when it comes to both easygoing wearability and seasonally ready functionality.

What makes the Shoe The Bear Cosmos High Lace Boots so essential? For starters, they’re a downright steal at their current price — $95 versus $195 at retail. You’ll find the Shoe The Bear Cosmos High Lace Boots in both Golden Suede and Black Leather, set atop a rubber outsole for spring-friendly traction on slick city streets.

The Black Leather edition of the Shoe The Bear Cosmos High Lace Boots leans edgy and dressy, while the Golden Brown version of these stylish new men’s boots is more than ready to pair up with light wash jeans and your favorite henley. Either way, you absolutely can’t go wrong when you shop and save a cool $100 on the best men’s spring boots. If you end up picking them up, let me know in the comments. Cheers and stay stylish!


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