The Thursday Buy: The Todd Snyder Nomad Boots are the Best New Chukka Boots for Guys

Best chukka boots for men.

Stepping into mid-May wearing a pair of the best men’s chukka boots might seem a bit unusual at first, but think again, and it all starts to make sense. That’s particularly the case when the boots in question are the newly launched Todd Snyder Nomad Boots, a standout new addition to the all-American menswear designer’s full rotation of the best men’s style essentials for any time of year.

Perhaps you’ve already shopped one of the most affordable graphic tees or picked up your new favorite summer shirt, but you’re going to need some footwear to round out this style moves, right? Hence, the Todd Snyder take on the classic chukka boot, a style with history that every guy can lace up in modern times. The chukka boot was prized for its soft rubber sole and supple, easy-to-wear upper, and here, the details get even better when you look closely at a new essential pair of Todd Snyder Nomad Boots. Start with the Italian suede, and then look at the durable rubber sole and made-in-Italy construction.

Best suede chukka boots for men.

The Todd Snyder Nomad Boots could quickly become your new go-to pair of boots, especially when paired with anything from the best lightweight jeans for spring to a pair of breezy chinos. The low profile on the Todd Snyder Nomad Boots works especially well in business casual situations, the kind where you can wear an Oxford shirt and a lightweight summer blazer with an aforementioned pair of chinos, for instance.

And another thing about the Todd Snyder Nomad Boots: Any which way you slice it, any color you select — be it Tobacco, Olive, Tan or Grey — is going to pair up with plenty of other neutral style staples in a laidback summer wardrobe. That’s an unexpected menswear move worth making right now.


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