The Tuesday Steal: Gift This Stylish Cashmere Beanie for Under $100 Right Now from Todd Snyder

Best cashmere beanies for men.

Shopping for the best gifts for the stylish man in your life is difficult enough, right? After all, there’s a plethora of options when it comes to the best luxury menswear essentials, but few that are actually agreeable in terms of price (and it’s also difficult enough to shop for the man who seems to have everything). That’s where the Todd Snyder Gift Guide can help you cruise through your shopping list as you search for the best gifts for men. Witness today’s standout pick, the Todd Snyder Italian Recycled Cashmere Beanie.

You might think of it as checking all the right boxes when it comes to the best beanies for men (not to mention the best affordable gifts for men), and it’s yet another example of how Todd Snyder gets so many things right on the menswear front. You could certainly splurge with one of the best shirt jackets from Todd Snyder, for instance, but why not shop a bit more affordably, yes? And it’s truly possible to blend affordability with refinement and style from one of the country’s best menswear designers.

Best winter beanie for men.

To wit, the Todd Snyder Italian Recycled Cashmere Beanie hits the right notes in terms of utility (every guy needs a standout winter hat, yes?), as well as luxe design. The Todd Snyder Italian Recycled Cashmere Beanie is made from wool and recycled cashmere, as the name would imply, and it’s crafted in Italy for under $100.

That’s a downright steal considering the quality and style points you’re getting in one relatively affordable stocking stuffer for the stylish guy. Bonus points for the fact that the Todd Snyder Italian Recycled Cashmere Beanie is available in 11 — yes, 11 — seriously cool colors and patterns. Think of it like one of the best affordable gifts for men, and consider picking one up for yourself, too.

See Now, Buy Now: The Todd Snyder Italian Knit Sportcoat Is the Best Fall Blazer to Shop Now

They say that when wearing any fine tailoring — or, for instance, one of the best men’s blazers — it’s crucial that the blazer or suit jacket doesn’t wear you. As in, your choice for one of the best blazers for men should look natural, stylish, comfortable and well-fitting. And as we move into a new season (fall, the best time for menswear on the market!), you should look to hit all the right notes with the Todd Snyder Italian Knit Sportcoat. It’s the perfect example of a blazer that doesn’t “wear you” — rather, it’s got a soft-shouldered, more easygoing design, exceptionally soft Italian cotton fabric and plenty of style points.

And when I say plenty of style points, I mean it: Todd Snyder is known for taking traditionally stuffy classics and making them more casual, easygoing and cool. The Todd Snyder Knit Sportcoat is a perfect example of this approach, without any of the padding or design details that can make a blazer uncomfortable to wear.

Best classic blazer for men.

Plus, the Dark Brown color fits right in with fall style essentials, which is exactly the sort of move you should be looking to make right now (and classic Navy isn’t a bad move, either). Heck, Todd Snyder already makes one of the best summer blazers, so consider this like a fall and winter-worthy alternative, too.

Like most Todd Snyder menswear picks, it’s pricier than average (quite a bit pricier at $698), but it’s absolutely worth it to invest in the Todd Snyder Italian Knit Sportcoat. It’s the kind of blazer you can wear with, say, a Todd Snyder T-shirt as easily as a classic Oxford shirt and the best men’s chinos, for instance. Make no mistake, it’s also a blazer you can wear with jeans, plus your favorite pair of leather boots. If you ask me, that’s a standout fall style look, and you won’t regret investing in one of the best blazers for men this season. Go to it, my friends.

The Sunday Sale: Save More Than 30 Percent on the Best Men’s Chinos at Todd Snyder

Best chinos for men.

When the time comes to stock up on the best men’s style essentials, you need to be prepared — by scouring the market and doing your research, sure, but also by identifying some crucial ways to shop and save on the pieces you’re going to be wearing the most this season. Take a pair of the best men’s chinos, for instance.

The chino is a step up from your favorite pair of denim and from your go-to weekend joggers, wearable at the office or on the road or around town — and mark my words when I say Todd Snyder makes some of the best men’s chinos. The real kicker? Todd Snyder’s Slim-Fit 5-Pocket Chinos are now on sale for more than 30 percent off, and of course, you’ll find them in the well-stocked Todd Snyder Sale section.

The Todd Snyder Slim-Fit 5-Pocket Chinos lean more towards the realm of a pair of the best men’s jeans, thanks to the five-pocket design — which makes them slightly more casual, but no less versatile — and because you’re shopping one of the best menswear designers in the country, you can be sure the quality and versatility is on-point, to say the least.

In fact, you can even team up these stylish men’s chinos with one of the best Todd Snyder polos right now, then keep on wearing those same chinos on into fall and winter with the proper layers. The specs, all the while, remain outstanding.

Case in point: The Todd Snyder Slim-Fit 5-Pocket Chinos are made from a stretch cotton blend that’s also been garment-dyed for even more comfort right out of the box. And crucially, your new favorite chinos also come in a wide range of colors to suit every style. Even the back belt loop patch is high-quality and features the Todd Snyder logo. If you want a pair of the best men’s chinos to buy now and wear through fall and winter, go right ahead and shop these — and be prepared to save.

The Friday Read: The Todd Snyder Summer Sale, Tag Heuer’s New Watch & The Best Corduroy Shorts

My friends, it’s proven another busy, whirlwind week, and we’ve got plenty of ground to cover in today’s Friday Read, so let’s get right to it. I’m going to start things off in proper fashion, of course, by recommending one of the best menswear sales to shop right now: That’d be the Todd Snyder Summer Sale, which offers standout savings on some of the best menswear essentials around.

You won’t want to miss those savings, and you’d also do well to check out yesterday’s post on the best new polo to shop for the season at hand. These are the sort of style picks I’ll be shopping for on my own this weekend as I kick back and relax in Brooklyn (helped along by plenty of coffee and craft beer, of course). Be sure to follow along on my Instagram to keep up with the fun — the rest of today’s Friday Read is below, of course. Cheers, folks!

  • Now, I’m a huge fan of a refined, versatile watch, which is why it was such a treat to write up my latest feature for Maxim — head over to the site ASAP to read about and shop the new Tag Heuer Carrera Red Dial, with words by yours truly. Talk about a stunner of a timepiece, ehh?
  • A guy’s wardrobe assuredly needs options when it comes to summer style, and that includes your rotation of stylish, lightweight shorts. With that in mind, I wrote all about a retro style pick that’s made a major comeback as of late: The best corduroy shorts for the season. Head over to SPY to check ’em out, my friends.
  • I mentioned it earlier, but consider this a proper introduction to one of the best men’s polos from one of the country’s best menswear designers — Todd Snyder, of course. Check out yesterday’s blog post ASAP, folks.

If you ask me, those picks will round out today’s Friday Read nicely, will they not? Here’s to starting your weekend in style — be sure to check back here for this weekend’s Style Pick of the Week, too. Cheers!

The Thursday Buy: Todd Snyder’s Made-in-L.A. Polo Is the Coolest Summer Style Move to Make Now

Best polo for men this summer.

What’s a guy to do when he wants to strike the perfect balance between laidback and casual, yet classy? The answer: Look towards classics that are easygoing yet polished, like one of the best men’s polos. Better still, look to a designer like Todd Snyder — a master at reinventing American style classics — to deliver one of the best polos for men in a way that’s refined and yet still cool-as-can-be.

The Todd Snyder Made-in-L.A. Jersey Polo checks all the right boxes, starting with the extra sort of care and attention to detail you get from a polo that’s made in the States. Los Angeles is also a prime source for quality knitwear production of all sorts, and this stylish men’s polo certainly fits the bill.

Best men's polo for summer.

Crucially, the Todd Snyder Made-in-L.A. Jersey Polo uses soft 100 percent cotton for breezy style in the summer heat, yet the relatively tailored fit makes this polo a polished option for everything from a casual Friday at the office to a summer evening BBQ – yes, it can do all of that (and then some).

Satchel and Page

Plus, timeless and easy-to-style colors like a sharp White or crisp Navy make the Todd Snyder Made-in-L.A. Jersey Polo a solid option any day (or night) of the week. It’s a pricier step up than your average polo shirt at $98, but hey, it’s Todd Snyder we’re talking about here — this is one summer style move that’s worth the price. Happy shopping, folks.

The Tuesday Steal: The Todd Snyder Fourth of July Sale Has All Your New Favorite Style Essentials

Best summer menswear sales.

It’s tough to pass up a great deal on menswear essentials, is it not? That’s likely an understatement, especially when one of the best menswear sales on the market comes along — and just in time for the Fourth of July holiday, no less. That brings us to Todd Snyder, consistent maker of some of the best gear on the market for guys, be it a stylish linen blazer for summer or one of the best men’s watches. And the latest and greatest in question right now might just take the cake.

I’m talking, of course, about the Todd Snyder Fourth of July Sale, an outstanding way to shop and save on a variety of summer style essentials — the kind only Todd Snyder himself can produce, mind you. Here’s the scoop: You can save up to 40 percent on Todd Snyder menswear right now. How’s that for deals and steals, ehh?

Within this latest Todd Snyder sale, you’ll find everything you need to make this your most stylish summer yet — trust me on that. Shop on-trend camp collar shirts, breezy summer shorts, cotton sweaters for chillier-than-normal summer nights, and a slew of fall and winter gear that’ll help you plan for those post-summer cold spells. It bears repeating: The Todd Snyder Fourth of July Sale is here, it’s highly stylish, and it won’t be around forever: Act accordingly and stay stylish, my friends.

The Sunday Sale: This Linen Todd Snyder Blazer Is 50 Percent Off for Tailored Summer Style

Best summer blazer for men.

As nice — and essential — as it is to have a wardrobe well-stocked with tried-and-true classics you can wear on just about any day of the week or in any situation, it’s equally nice to be able to splurge every so often on a menswear pick-up that’s just plain, well, fun. And today’s Sunday Sale pick certainly fits the bill — the Todd Snyder Italian Linen Sportcoat channels the throwback vibes of the ’60s and ’70s with its color palette and pattern, and best of all is the fact that this jacket is now 50 percent off. Of course, it’s coming to you courtesy of the very well-stocked Todd Snyder Sale section.

Now, if you read the blog on the regular, there’s perhaps no designer that balances fun and yet classic, throwback-minded and yet fresh, than NYC-based Todd Snyder. One of the country’s best menswear designers, he makes everything from some of the very best chukka boots for men to affordable watches with Timex.

Best linen summer blazer for men.

Luckily, this Todd Snyder Italian Linen Sportcoat hits the right mark through and through, including the use of that premium Italian linen and a tailored (but not overly tight!) fit. This jacket would wear well with other breezy style staples: Think off-white jeans, perhaps navy chinos for a more grounded look, or even olive linen trousers to really drive home those summer style vibes.

Best of all is the fact that this jacket, one of the best men’s blazers out there right now, is going for under $300, marked down from $598. It’s still not cheap, and it’s one heck of a style splurge, but hey: Getting dressed should ultimately be fun

The Sunday Sale: The Timex + Todd Snyder Marlin Watch is the Best Watch Under $200 On Sale Now

If you’ve kept up with this blog over the years (all the way back to 2013!), then you know that I’ve long sung the praises of designers that consistently do reliable work time and time again — like Todd Snyder, one of the country’s foremost menswear designers. He’s got a way of reinventing the classics and making them modern and fresh, like the Timex + Todd Snyder Marlin Watch shown here — it’s one of the best watches under $200 that you can buy right now, making it a perfect candidate for today’s Sunday Sale entry.

The design details are super clean and crisp, from the classically sized 38mm case diameter to the Horween leather strap — this is a watch you can easily dress up or dress down.

The designer has worked with Timex since 2016 to breath new life into archival styles, putting his own spin on the classics — as with his ongoing Todd Snyder + Champion partnership, too. The Timex + Todd Snyder Marlin Watch checks all the right boxes if you want an affordable, stylish, subtle, simple and yet truly timeless watch (in terms of looks — it tells the time just fine otherwise!).

The Timex + Todd Snyder partnership has proven fruitful, highly fashionable yet classic, and just simply plain… cool. And the fact that you can snag it right now for just under $200? That’s a watch worth shopping in my book.

The Tuesday Steal: Save Nearly 30 Percent on This Summer-Ready Todd Snyder x Timex Watch

Best affordable watch for men.

From time to time, the best accessories (especially the best watches for men) stand out quietly and subtly, looking a lot more expensive than they are in reality. And no one seems to know this better than Todd Snyder, one of the best American menswear designers and but one part of the equation behind the excellent, ongoing Todd Snyder x Timex partnership. That partnership has yielded some of the coolest, most affordable men’s watches over time, from durable military watches to the dynamic, stylish stainless steel watch you see above. The best part of all? The Q Timex x Todd Snyder Watch is nearly 30 percent off right now.

That makes it as worthy of our Tuesday Steal spot as any in my book, especially given the sporty appeal of a dressy yet rugged and still casual stainless steel watch for summer. The throwback-oriented dial and 38mm case design of this stylish men’s watch are all callbacks to the smaller timepieces of yesteryear, while the quartz technology also throws it back to the 1970s — when quartz watches first came into vogue.

The important thing to know is that this watch wears well with everything from your favorite summer blazer and light wash jeans to the best USA-made T-shirt and stretch chino shorts. Shop accordingly now — hop to it!

The Thursday Buy: The Todd Snyder Nomad Boots are the Best New Chukka Boots for Guys

Best chukka boots for men.

Stepping into mid-May wearing a pair of the best men’s chukka boots might seem a bit unusual at first, but think again, and it all starts to make sense. That’s particularly the case when the boots in question are the newly launched Todd Snyder Nomad Boots, a standout new addition to the all-American menswear designer’s full rotation of the best men’s style essentials for any time of year.

Perhaps you’ve already shopped one of the most affordable graphic tees or picked up your new favorite summer shirt, but you’re going to need some footwear to round out this style moves, right? Hence, the Todd Snyder take on the classic chukka boot, a style with history that every guy can lace up in modern times. The chukka boot was prized for its soft rubber sole and supple, easy-to-wear upper, and here, the details get even better when you look closely at a new essential pair of Todd Snyder Nomad Boots. Start with the Italian suede, and then look at the durable rubber sole and made-in-Italy construction.

Best suede chukka boots for men.

The Todd Snyder Nomad Boots could quickly become your new go-to pair of boots, especially when paired with anything from the best lightweight jeans for spring to a pair of breezy chinos. The low profile on the Todd Snyder Nomad Boots works especially well in business casual situations, the kind where you can wear an Oxford shirt and a lightweight summer blazer with an aforementioned pair of chinos, for instance.

And another thing about the Todd Snyder Nomad Boots: Any which way you slice it, any color you select — be it Tobacco, Olive, Tan or Grey — is going to pair up with plenty of other neutral style staples in a laidback summer wardrobe. That’s an unexpected menswear move worth making right now.