The Thursday Buy: This Todd Snyder Fisherman’s Sweater is the Winter Sweater You Need Now

Todd Snyder Fisherman's Sweater

A seriously unique and seriously cool winter sweater, to say the very least.

If I know one thing that I’ve learned over the years, it’s that you really can’t go wrong with Todd Snyder menswear, from the NYC designer’s take on a classic bomber jacket to one of the most affordable crewneck sweatshirts on the market and of course, a winter-ready flannel shirt. That’s just the tip of the menswear iceberg, as it were, because today’s Thursday Buy takes you inside yet another Todd Snyder winter style pick: The Todd Snyder Colorblock Cable Fisherman’s Sweater, one of the best men’s sweaters for winter, easily. This classic winter sweater is a rugged and yet ever-so-slightly “fashion forward” take on the traditional fisherman sweater, and your seasonal wardrobe will be all the better for it (note that you can also get this rugged winter sweater in a seasonally friendly Kelly Green, sans colorblocking).

It breaks up the silhouette into a colorblocked take on the classic style, and it’s going to shake up your cold-weather layering game in the best way possible. That’s because it’s just different enough from the everyday — and right now, you can¬†purchase it for nearly 20 percent off¬†(at the time of this writing, that is!). When you want¬† a unique way to layer up and fight the cold, you want this Todd Snyder fisherman’s sweater, because it won’t let you down when as far as winter warmth is concerned. It’s an investment at more than $230, but again, it won’t let you down.

SHOP: The Todd Snyder Colorblock Cable Fisherman’s Sweater

Todd Snyder menswear

Another iteration of the Todd Snyder Cable Fisherman’s Sweater, and in a vibrant color for cold winter days.

So, I know what you’re thinking: Why invest more than $200 in a winter sweater? Well, as you might know with Todd Snyder, you’re getting plenty of quality and bang for your buck. In the case of the Todd Snyder Colorblock Cable Fisherman’s Sweater, it’s made from 100 percent lambswool, the sort of warming and winter-ready fabric of choice for blustery winter days and chilly coastal mornings. As the brand so sagely notes, the cable knit design is even inspired by fisherman’s ropes, hence the name (and the rugged appeal, of course). The diamond knit design also represents the small fields of Ireland’s Aran Islands. How cool is that?

A classic winter sweater with history and heritage, to boot? Sign me up. Your new favorite winter sweater is one you can wear as simply or as stylishly as you please, whether you prefer to throw it on over an indigo thermal shirt with canvas work pants or layer it atop a favorite flannel shirt. When you invest in the Todd Snyder Colorblock Cable Fisherman’s Sweater, you’re assuredly investing in the best.

SHOP: The Todd Snyder Colorblock Cable Fisherman’s Sweater

The List: Shop the Best New Men’s Style Essentials from Todd Snyder This Week

Image result for todd snyder menswear

The best menswear picks of the moment from one of the country’s best menswear designers, Todd Snyder.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, step right up and take a look at the latest and greatest from famed NYC menswear designer Todd Snyder. A personal favorite of the blog (and of my past work at sites like GearMoose and The Manual), you likely recognize plenty of Snyder’s gear picks, from his Todd Snyder x Champion sweatshirts to premium pieces like his made-in-New-York field jacket. These are classic, refined yet accessible gear picks for the modern man, and while it’s sometimes tough to find a deal on, say, a Todd Snyder x Timex watch, there are plentiful picks for the taking when it comes to the best men’s style essentials from Todd Snyder right now. And heck, you can start wearing these pieces now and into spring. Enjoy today’s edition of The List and stop by my Twitter to let me know your favorites.

The Best New Menswear to Shop at Todd Snyder

Todd Snyder + Alden Indy Boot in Tobacco Reverse Chamois Leather — $600

Todd Snyder + Alden Indy Boots

Rugged winter boots to wear with everything from blue jeans to a wool suit — keep ’em handy for spring, too.

It only makes sense that a revered brand like Alden would team up with Todd Snyder on an update of the classic Alden Indy Boots (so named for, yes, Indiana Jones). These are some of the best boots to wear this winter (what’s left of it, anyway).

Todd Snyder Italian Two-Pocket Denim Utility Shirt — $198

Todd Snyder Italian Denim Utility Shirt

A tough and classic denim utility shirt for seasonal layering.

If there’s one thing Todd Snyder does well, it’s rugged menswear like this classic denim shirt. Wear it atop your favorite thermal shirt now, and then over a pocket T-shirt come spring.

Timex + Todd Snyder Maritime Sport MS1 Watch — $179

Todd Snyder + Timex Maritime Sport

A durable and classic sport watch you can wear from winter into spring.

Looking for one of the most affordable men’s watches on the market? Look no further than the fruitful, stylish Timex + Todd Snyder partnership, folks. Wear this one now and into spring.

Todd Snyder + Champion Midweight Pocket Sweatshirt in Mossy Brown — $98

Todd Snyder + Champion

A classic pocket sweatshirt in a unique color and an ideal layering weight.

The Todd Snyder + Champion collection, as mentioned, is the stuff of legend as far as quality and durability is concerned, and this sweatshirt comes in a versatile color to wear from winter into spring & summer.

Todd Snyder Sutton Pique Sportcoat in Navy — $598

Todd Snyder Sutton Sportcoat

A classic cotton sportcoat that’s polished and yet versatile enough to wear with a T-shirt.

A classic navy sportcoat? In these casual times? Hey, you’ll have to get dressed again eventually, and this could be the perfect jacket for your next Zoom call, too.

Todd Snyder Slim-Fit Made in the U.S.A Raw Selvedge Jeans — $268

Todd Snyder Raw Selvedge Jeans

Some of the best selvedge jeans on the market? Quite possibly — try and see for yourself.

Are you a newfound fan of selvedge denim or looking to get in the game? Best check out these Todd Snyder selvedge jeans, featuring durable, U.S.A.-made construction.

Todd Snyder Knit Chore Coat — $348

Todd Snyder Knit Chore Coat

A tough chore coat to wear exactly as you please this season — and the next.

Todd Snyder makes gear that moves seamlessly from one season to the next, like this rugged chore coat, made from cotton and modeled after a French workwear jacket. Team it with your Todd Snyder selvedge jeans and a thermal shirt now for expert style.

Todd Snyder Slim-Fit Five-Pocket Chinos in Barley — $148

Todd Snyder chinos

A casual, cool pair of chinos to wear with a T-shirt or an Oxford shirt.

The great thing about Todd Snyder menswear is the way in which the designer bridges the gap between casual and tailored. Take these versatile five-pocket chinos, which look like jeans but are crisp enough to wear to the office or out on the town.

Todd Snyder Cotton Silk Cardigan in Navy — $268

Todd Snyder Cotton Silk Cardigan

One of the most refined men’s cardigans you’re apt to find these days.

Much like that pair of Todd Snyder selvedge jeans shown above, this is a premium investment piece that’ll assuredly pay off for layering now and into spring. That’s what you get with one of the best cardigans for men, after all.

Todd Snyder Long-Sleeve Japanese Nautical Stripe Tee — $128

Todd Snyder Long Sleeve Japanese Nautical T-Shirt

A cool long-sleeve T-shirt to layer with a navy cardigan or rock all on its own.

For layering right now and wearing on its own into spring, get this classic, nautically inspired long-sleeve tee. It’s a basic that’s not so basic, and that’s a great thing indeed.

We might be drawing ever closer to the end of February, but so many of these Todd Snyder men’s style picks, from five-pocket chinos to Todd Snyder selvedge jeans or one of the best cardigans for men, can pull double-duty now and into the next season. These pieces are ones that’ll last and last — and last — and while you’re spending more on ’em right off the bat, those investments will pay off. Of course, offerings like the Timex + Todd Snyder partnership or the ongoing Todd Snyder + Champion collection nicely blend affordability and rugged appeal, too. What are your top picks from Todd Snyder these days? Chime in below or on Twitter to let me know.

#OOTD: How to Wear a Topcoat In Style For Winter

Here’s the deal when it comes to today’s #OOTD, one focused on how to wear a topcoat for winter, folks. These days, things are all the more casual, but as I always say, you’re going to have to get dressed again eventually. That’s where this ensemble comes into play. We’ll blend the refined and highly stylish with the ever-versatile to make a high-low outfit that gets the job done, starting with arguably the best men’s topcoat on the market, courtesy of one Todd Snyder. It’s the kind of bold, classic men’s topcoat designed to turn heads in the all the right ways, so it can more than stand on its own as a statement piece with more classic picks along for the ride. Don’t believe me? This Todd Snyder topcoat is so cool as to elevate even the most straightforward men’s style essentials. While we’ll take things in a business casual direction today, you could even wear this topcoat over a Todd Snyder x Champion crewneck sweatshirt. But I digress — back to business casual style.

Consider the classic Oxford shirt from Faherty Brand we’ll tell you all about shortly. It’s seemingly simple on the surface, but utterly timeless and designed to be worn with anything you please (especially a sharp new topcoat).¬† And the rest of these style picks, including classic slim blue jeans, are designed to take you (safely) out and about on the town, back to the office or on a weekend getaway (hey, Valentine’s Day is on the horizon!). When you’ve got some of the best leather dress shoes for men along for the ride, not to mention a refined-yet-versatile supporting cast of gear, the world is darn near your oyster. It all starts with the Todd Snyder Italian Wool Double-Breasted Officer Topcoat, as you’ll see in 3 … 2 … 1.

The coolest topcoat your money can buy, worn the best way possible.

  • The Topcoat: Todd Snyder Italian Wool Double-Breasted Officer Topcoat, $1,108¬†— Yes indeed, this topcoat is the best of the best. The price is as eye-catching as the styling potential, but this could be the last topcoat you ever buy. Step out accordingly, folks.
  • The Classic Shirt: Faherty Brand Stretch Oxford Shirt, $128¬†— This subtly stylish Oxford shirt is the perfect complement to a statement-making topcoat, and that’s just a fact.
  • The Dark Blue Denim: Bonobos Dark Wash Premium Stretch Jeans, $148¬†— The makers of your favorite chinos are here with a pair of the best blue jeans for men, the kind that are highly versatile, office-ready & yet nice enough for a dinner date.
  • The Dress Shoes: Bruno Magli Butler Cap-Toe Oxfords, $395¬†— As I’ve said, you’ll have to get dressed again eventually, and what better way to do it than with some of the best men’s dress shoes — they’re a great way to play off your refined topcoat.
  • The Everyday Watch: Timex x Todd Snyder Q Bracelet Watch, $179¬†— Go right ahead and wear one of the best men’s watches under $200 right alongside your stylish leather dress shoes and bold-as-can-be topcoat — this Timex x Todd Snyder watch can handle everything that gets thrown its way.
  • The Socks: Proof 72-Hour Merino Crew Socks, $32¬†— Get a two-pack of highly versatile, wear-anywhere socks designed to keep your feet warm and free of odor. Yes sir, Huckberry also makes some of the best men’s socks, this is true.
  • The Everyday Carry: Standard Issue Leather Duffel, $279¬†— Keep this handsome leather duffel bag handy if your itinerary includes a weekend getaway, or else, use something like the Standard Issue Leather Messenger for a more efficient way to haul your EDC essentials.
  • The Gloves: Hestra Montgomery Lambskin Gloves, $175¬†— This outfit is nothing if not as sharp and subtly stylish as it gets, and these classic suede gloves are a fitting cold-weather accessory.

How ready are you to step out in style with the best winter style essentials for men, ehh? I know I sure am ready, to say the very least. The key when you invest in something like the Todd Snyder Italian Wool Double-Breasted Officer Topcoat is to really get the most out of it. For me, that means taking this refined topcoat and teaming it with the sort of picks you hopefully already have in your closet, like the best blue jeans for men and of course, a¬†stylish Oxford shirt you can wear with anything. Those pieces should be the pillars of many an #OOTD, and they’re even amped up a notch when you team them with the best men’s dress shoes for business casual or outdoor date night style.

Accessorize with some of the best men’s socks, and you’ll really be letting your Todd Snyder topcoat do the talking. Naturally, you need something crisp and yet highly wearable on your wrist, like a¬†Timex x Todd Snyder watch thathelps offset the pricier items in this ensemble. If you’re headed out of town, load up a leather duffel bag with the best men’s gear around, or else use it as a carryall for everything you need to return to the office. Last but surely not least, keep your digits warm with some classic suede gloves to really tie this look together. It’s all on the table when it comes to dressing the right way this winter, so let’s get into it for the new year.

The Thursday Buy: Layer Up The Right Way for Winter with This Classic Todd Snyder Jacket

Todd Snyder Menswear

A terrific way to shake up your winter outerwear rotation, no questions asked.

As we roll through a new year, perhaps you’re realizing that your rotation of the best men’s winter jackets could use a little kick. Something that’s unique, eye-catching, classic and versatile, but with a nice shot of personal style. My friends, that’s where the Todd Snyder Harris Tweed Varsity Jacket comes into play, and it’s here in time to shake up those winter blues. Rest assured, this isn’t anything like that old varsity jacket you have from your letterman days, however. This is a modern take on the classic Harrington jacket, done up in a way that only one of the country’s best menswear designers can do. Yes indeed, the Todd Snyder Harris Tweed Varsity Jacket checks all the right boxes when it comes to a winter-ready pattern, excellent fabric and the sort of hybrid looks that work in situations both casual and dressy. How’s that for your new favorite jacket, ehh?

SHOP: The Todd Snyder Harris Tweed Varsity Jacket 

Todd Snyder Harris Tweed Varsity Jacket

This jacket is also available in a seriously cool Olive Harris Tweed.

It’s seriously as cool as it gets (style-wise), given that the fabric is classic Harris Tweed, known around these parts as “the good stuff,” if you will. And the pattern is striking and classic, ready to be paired with slim grey wool trousers and your favorite Chelsea boots just as easily as you can wear it with a Todd Snyder henley and some Todd Snyder selvedge denim. Of course, this classic bomber jacket isn’t cheap, and it’ll run you nearly $650 at Todd Snyder. But the upshot of all of this is that you’ll feel like a million bucks every time you wear it, and you can even team it with casual style staples like a Todd Snyder + Champion crewneck sweatshirt. How’s that for versatility in action? Yes indeed, your new favorite jacket is here in time to shake up winter. Act accordingly, folks.

SHOP: The Todd Snyder Harris Tweed Varsity Jacket 

The Sunday Sale: Take More Than 30 Percent Off This Classic Todd Snyder Shirt

Todd Snyder Cotton Cashmere Twill Shirt

Take more than 30 percent off this stylish men’s shirt for expert looks heading into 2021.

Folks, we’re back with another edition of The Sunday Sale, and better still, we’re back with another Todd Snyder sale to share the scoop on an excellent deal on one of the best men’s shirts around. How great does that sound? And because it’s the first weekend of 2021, today’s discounted offering really takes the cake if you want an essential men’s shirt for winter. The shirt in question? It’s the Todd Snyder Brushed Cotton Cashmere Twill Shirt, and you can get it right now for more than 30 percent off (33 percent off, to be exact). Although this Todd Snyder cashmere shirt might at first appear simple on the surface, it’s anything but. It’s the kind of timeless, classic men’s shirt that the NYC designer excels at making, one that’s subtly stylish, highly versatile and ready to wear with everything from slim Todd Snyder jeans to tan chinos and more. If you’ve been looking for the best shirt for men to start the year, you could surely do worse than this soft, cozy buttondown shirt for expert style on the daily.

SHOP: The Todd Snyder Brushed Cotton Cashmere Twill Shirt

Todd Snyder Brushed Cotton Cashmere Twill Shirt

One of five stylish colors in which you can get this classic shirt from Todd Snyder.

As you might expect, the Todd Snyder Brushed Cotton Cashmere Twill Shirt is exactly the kind of piece that goes above and beyond what you’d expect from your typical men’s shirt. To wit: The premium fabric is made from a blend of cotton and cashmere wool for an exceptionally soft feel. That means you can wear this newly iconic shirt atop something as simple as a crisp white henley or a grey thermal shirt (depending on which of the five colorways you buy) without missing a beat. And touches like a button-chest pocket add a bit of visual interest — you can assuredly wear this Todd Snyder shirt all on its own, layered up atop a tee or paired with a rugged leather aviator jacket. The real winning touch? The versatile color options, and that 30-plus percent discount at Todd Snyder (not something you find very often when searching for one of the best shirts for men). The next time you need a go-to shirt for casual style situations and Zoom calls or happy hours alike, get the Todd Snyder Brushed Cotton Cashmere Twill Shirt.

SHOP: The Todd Snyder Brushed Cotton Cashmere Twill Shirt


The List: Get Ready for New Year’s Eve — and the Rest of Winter — with Todd Snyder Menswear

Todd Snyder menswear

You can get both your new favorite watch and your new favorite suit via Todd Snyder.

If you’re just as shocked as me about the date on the calendar, well, join the club. It’s positively wild to think 2020 is drawing to a close, but rest assured, there’s work to be done yet. By that, I mean the (much-welcomed) turning of the page on 2020 means that we’re leaving plenty in the rearview mirror… with the notable exception of winter weather. Hence, today’s edition of The List, packed with refined menswear for New Year’s Eve and well beyond, all courtesy of NYC’s finest: Todd Snyder, master of stellar outerwear, stylish shirting, the Timex x Todd Snyder collection and much more. Read through, keep on scrolling and happy shopping of some crucial winter style essentials, folks.

The Best Todd Snyder Menswear to Buy Now

Todd Snyder Italian Navy Plaid Flannel Buttondown Shirt — $178

Todd Snyder shirting

One of the best men’s shirts you can buy right now from a top menswear designer.

If ever you’ve tried on a Todd Snyder shirt, you know that they strike the perfect balance between dressy and casual, all the better to wear on New Year’s Eve and well into 2021.

Todd Snyder + Champion Lightweight Pocket Sweatshirt — $98

A timeless men’s sweatshirt with plenty of rugged style points.

It wouldn’t be a roundup of the best gear to buy at Todd Snyder without taking a look at a classic Todd Snyder + Champion crewneck sweatshirt, folks.

Todd Snyder 5-Pocket Chinos in Warm Nutmeg — $148

Todd Snyder Slim Fit 5-Pocket Chinos

Classic and crisp chinos you can wear on New Year’s Eve and beyond that.

If your NYE plans are (understandably) more casual this year, go with, say, a Todd Snyder flannel shirt and of course, some of the best men’s chinos in a versatile and flattering cut.

Todd Snyder Italian Corduroy Chore Coat in Olive — $398

Todd Snyder Italian Corduroy Chore Coat

A seriously unique way to switch up your blazer rotation.

To switch up your outerwear and blazer rotation on New Year’s Eve and beyond, reach for this rugged-yet-refined chore coat made from premium Italian corduroy fabric.

Timex + Todd Snyder Beekman Watch — $158

Timex + Todd Snyder

A super-sharp and one-of-a-kind Timex + Todd Snyder watch to add to your rotation.

Take things up a notch with this sharp-as-can-be black leather watch, the kind to pair with your favorite leather boots, wool trousers and a crisp white Oxford shirt on New Year’s Eve (and any time you need to look your best this winter).

Todd Snyder Italian Camel Hair Topcoat — $1,798

Todd Snyder Italian Camel Hair Topcoat

An incredibly refined, remarkably cool camel hair topcoat from one of the best menswear designers on the market.

The thing that always gets me about Todd Snyder? The fact that the designer makes some of the most luxurious jackets on the planet, with price tags to match. Wear this stylish camel hair topcoat¬†over your best suit for a (safe, small) refined New Year’s Eve gathering.

Todd Snyder Washed Cool Cotton Check Suit — $856

Todd Snyder suiting

A cool, old-school way to upgrade your New Year’s Eve look with a sharp jacket.

If you have the occasion to have a small, safe and yet refined New Year’s Eve gathering, then it’s Todd Snyder tailoring you’re going to want. Accessible, luxurious and seriously sharp, any way you slice it. Just bold enough, but still easy as can to be to wear with a stylish T-shirt. Speaking of …

Todd Snyder Made in L.A. Long-Sleeve Slub Jersey T-Shirt — $78

Todd Snyder Made in L.A. Slub Jersey T-Shirt

A well-made long-sleeve T-shirt for all your weekend lounging and layering needs.

For winter weekends at home (and perhaps a very casual New Year’s Eve at home), upgrade your weekend T-shirt with one of the most finely made, best long-sleeve T-shirts for men on the market. Well-done, Todd Snyder & co.

Todd Snyder Slim-Fit Japanese Stretch Selvedge Jeans — $198

Todd Snyder Japanese Selvedge Denim

Classic, seriously cool selvedge denim to break in and make all your own.

Toe the line between too dressy and too casual when it comes to winter style with some of the best men’s selvedge denim out there. These are the kind of pair you can wear on New Year’s Eve at home, and of course, well beyond that.

Todd Snyder Micro Corduroy Western Shirt in Black — $228

This classic Western shirt is the sharp style upgrade your New Year’s Eve look needs.

Keep it sleek and seriously sharp with this classic corduroy shirt in a Western-style cut. Consider it the perfect shirt to wear with jeans for New Year’s Eve (and any other time).

Todd Snyder + Champion Lightweight Slim Jogger Sweatpants — $118

Now, New Year’s Eve itself might be a refined holiday, but the day after is all about extreme, cozy comfort — these Todd Snyder + Champion sweatpants are an easy pick.

Todd Snyder Italian Merino Waffle Crew Sweater in Grey — $198

A highly versatile, highly stylish sweater to wear all through winter.

Let’s get back to dressing up ever-so-slightly this winter with this handsome merino sweater. You can wear this with some of the best men’s selvedge denim as readily as you can team it with your Todd Snyder + Champion sweatpants for staying in.

Yet again, I really can’t believe we’re about to close the books (thankfully!?) on 2020. What a heck of an up-and-down year it’s been, to say the VERY least. I’ll share more of my thoughts on the year that was later this week, but for now, let’s stick with shopping some of the best winter style essentials at Todd Snyder, shall we? The designer has everything you need for the end of the year and the rest of the winter, be it cozy and comfortable Todd Snyder + Champion sweatpants, the best men’s selvedge denim or a stylish camel hair topcoat for all those refined dressing occasions (hopefully) on the horizon. For now, stay safe, stay stylish and let’s close out the year right.


#OOTD: Here’s a New Way to Layer Up with A Shirt Jacket This Winter

Let’s talk winter layering in today’s #OOTD, shall we? To be more specific, let’s talk about how to layer up with a shirt jacket for the season ahead. Think of a shirt jacket like the versatile layer you didn’t know you needed, with the ability to be worn as an outer layer atop a henley (in the case of today’s #OOTD) or as a mid-layer in the right conditions and the right fit.It helps quite a lot if the shirt jacket in question is in fact one of the best shirt jackets for men, and that’s certainly the case with the rugged-yet-refined Todd Snyder Italian Quilted Liner Jacket,¬†today’s featured pick and one heck of a well-made shirt jacket (or shacket, if you will). The rest of today’s gear picks certainly pull their own weight, too, from one of the best men’s henleys to some brand-new, incredibly well-made Filson indigo denim (just wait until you see ’em, folks). Of course, a rugged leather watch and a unique Taylor Stitch x Stetson hat do their fair share of lifting when it comes to both style and functionality. Taken altogether, this ensemble works quite well for rugged winter weekend adventures around town and on the trail, and of course, at an outdoor beer garden. Check it all out below, layer up accordingly and stay safe out there, folks.

A seriously cool, rugged-yet-versatile #OOTD for all your winter dressing occasions.

  • The Shirt Jacket: Todd Snyder Italian Quilted Liner Jacket, $268¬†— It all starts off with a crucial layer, one of the best shirt jackets for men that you’re apt to find these days.
  • The Henley: Buck Mason Pima Curved Hem Henley, $52¬†— A great winter #OOTD is nothing without a proper base layer, as in, one of the best men’s henleys on the market.
  • The Denim: Filson Rail-Splitter Jeans, $145¬†— Yes, that’s right. The makers of some of the best heritage gear on the planet are now making your new favorite jeans, guaranteed.
  • The Boots: FRYE Corver Chelsea Boots, $298 — Invest in the best with these expertly crafted leather boots, made for all kinds of tough winter weather.
  • The Belt: Billykirk No. 117 Mechanic’s Belt, $99¬†— The best accessories, like a rugged leather belt, really bring an outfit together, so act and shop accordingly.
  • The Watch: Luminox Field Automatic Day-Date Watch, $990¬†— Add in one of the best leather watches to really seal the deal on this stellar #OOTD, will ya?
  • The Socks: American Trench Boot Socks in Wool and Silk, $29.50¬†— The best leather boots on the market call for some of the best boot socks, no doubt about it.
  • The Hat: Taylor Stitch x Stetson Packable Lane Splitter Hat, $118¬†— Here’s where this ensemble really gets a shot in the arm, courtesy of this seriously cool Taylor Stitch x Stetson hat.

Now then, who’s ready to layer up the right way this season? For taking on winter in style, it really doesn’t get any better than, say, the Todd Snyder Italian Quilted Liner Jacket, a rugged and versatile layer that’s going to provide crucial protection and warmth in the elements. It only gets better though, thanks to one of the best men’s henleys for another crucial dose of warmth and style points. I think you’re going to love the rugged design and construction of Filson indigo denim in this look, and I’d say it’s also quite difficult to go wrong with FRYE leather boots for winter-ready performance and dependability. Add in critical touches like a¬†rugged leather belt to really seal the deal, and make sure you’re outfitted accordingly and ready for anything with one of the best leather watches, in this instance from Luminox. Keep cold feet at bay with some of the best boot socks, and top it all off with a truly one-of-a-kind, ready-for-anything Taylor Stitch x Stetson hat. With all those rugged gear picks in hand, you’re going to be more than ready for your next winter weekend adventure. Now, how about that?


Style Pick of the Week: Todd Snyder Italian Quilted Liner Jacket

Check your watch, check your calendar and check the weather, because winter is speedily bearing down upon us. With that being said, perhaps you’re scrambling to layer up accordingly ahead of a major snowstorm — fear not, though. Your winter layering problems are solved, thanks to one of the best men’s shirt jackets available on the market. Yes indeed, NYC’s finest — Todd Snyder — comes through once again with the Todd Snyder Italian Quilted Liner Jacket for standout seasonal style. The designer already makes one of the best men’s field jackets, to go along with accessories to match via the Timex x Todd Snyder partnership, and early indications show that this rugged shirt jacket is every bit as high-quality as you might expect. Consider it a premium upgrade to your typical shirt jacket, starting with the use of Italian nylon to craft an exterior that’s luxurious and yet ready for winter weather. The interior specs also pass muster, to say the very least, with PrimaLoft filling that offers comfort and warmth. The insulated filling also means you can wear this tough shirt jacket as an outer layer in its own right (perhaps as part of an #OOTD featuring a henley), or use this shirt jacket as a mid-layer beneath a classic peacoat. It gets better, though.

SHOP: The Todd Snyder Italian Quilted Liner Jacket

As with other Todd Snyder menswear picks, the Todd Snyder Italian Quilted Liner Jacket isn’t exactly cheap (just a shade under $300, to be precise), but you’re getting a unique blend of both luxury and functionality. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that you’ve got your pick of three colorways, from the city-ready Black to the classic Olive shown above — and a bright Orange shade for a bit of bold style. Wear this classic shirt jacket in place of a blazer atop an Oxford shirt, team it with the aforementioned henley or go casual atop a Todd Snyder x Champion graphic T-shirt. Throw in the fact that you’ve got two snap chest pockets for your EDC essentials, and this is a winning style pick through and through. And given the tailored yet easy-to-layer fit, plus those neutral colorways, the Todd Snyder Italian Quilted Liner Jacket¬†works well with everything from crisp blue denim to slim black jeans or even tan chinos. Talk about a layer that’ll become a wardrobe workhorse in a hurry (and not a moment too soon for the holiday season). Sounds pretty ideal to me — how about you?

SHOP: The Todd Snyder Italian Quilted Liner Jacket


Style Pick of the Week: Todd Snyder Made in New York Field Jacket

Another day, another stellar menswear pick from the likes of NYC’s best menswear designer, Mr. Todd Snyder. And thanks once again for joining us for another Style Pick of the Week, as fine a way as any to kick off a fall and winter weekend. Naturally, today’s Style Pick sure is a fitting one as we move into November, seeing as the Todd Snyder Made in New York Field Jacket checks all the right boxes should you still be on the hunt for one of the best jackets for fall and winter (and really, does the search ever stop!?). It’s a rugged update on an old-school classic, trading in a traditional military green for a sleek and sharp black that calls to mind downtown NYC style these days.

The Made in New York Field Jacket is certainly an investment, to say the least ($428 at Todd Snyder), but it’s worth remembering that you really do get what you pay for. We’re talking a durable cotton-polyester-nylon blend that results in excellent, functional-yet-stylish Italian Olmetex¬ģ fabric, the right kind of material to withstand fall breezes and rain. It’s not a rugged winter parka, to be sure, but it’s the kind of versatile jacket you can wear plenty before the polar vortex hits.

SHOP: The Todd Snyder Made in New York Field Jacket

Todd Snyder Made in New York Field Jacket

A drawcord interior waist allows you to get the perfect fit when layering over other Todd Snyder essentials.

Of course, the Todd Snyder Made in New York Field Jacket isn’t just a functional and rugged coat for weekend adventures aplenty. It also looks mighty stylish when worn back in town as well as out on fall day trips, and four patch & flap pockets provide the right amount of space to handle both pursuits. Zip up this jacket or button it up for a bit more stylish flair when layered atop a Todd Snyder denim shirt and a rugged henley, for instance. It’s unlined, so you’ll have enough room to wear a Todd Snyder crewneck sweatshirt beneath it on chilly days, and that’s the kind of small detail that can’t be beat. Again, it’s an investment-level jacket, but you can rest easy knowing Todd Snyder will make it worth your while. Add one of the best field jackets to your rotation now, then reap the rewards the rest of this season.

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The Thursday Buy: This Todd Snyder Chore Coat is One of the Best Jackets for Fall

Todd Snyder Japanese Indigo Rinse Chore Coat

One of the best denim jackets for men you can possibly buy right now.

Ladies and gentlemen, Todd Snyder, the famed NYC menswear designer and a longtime favorite of the blog, really needs no introduction, but I’ll give one anyways. At least in this instance, Snyder is making one of the best jackets for fall, period, and it just so happens that the Todd Snyder Japanese Indigo Rinse Chore Coat is also one of the best denim jackets you can buy right now. It takes what you thought you knew about the denim jacket, and then flips it on its head to create a style that’s seriously unique and seriously cool. It’s also a jacket worth investing in, given the fact that you can wear it plenty of times between now and that first snowfall (gulp), and then again come spring and summer. How great is that? Too great, if you ask me. If you’ve shopped, say, the Todd Snyder sale section, then you’ll know that quality this great doesn’t come cheap, but it’s worth investing in the best of the best — it’ll pay off, and if you know Snyder, you know that to be the case. This particular denim jacket retails for $348 at Todd Snyder, but again, it’s more than worth it.

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Todd Snyder review

An interior chest pocket offers even more space for your everyday carry.

The difference is in the details when it comes to the Todd Snyder Japanese Indigo Rinse Chore Coat, and this jacket checks all the right boxes. Whether it’s the Japanese cotton denim or the tough shank buttons, all the right bells and whistles are considered here, resulting in a cool jacket you can wear atop your favorite Oxford shirt alongside tan chinos, or else with a tough Todd Snyder henley and slim black jeans for edgy fall and winter style. When you want style that can go the distance and pay off through multiple seasons, you assuredly want the Todd Snyder Japanese Indigo Rinse Chore Coat, no questions asked.

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