Style Pick of the Week: Todd Snyder Summerweight Favorite Shirt – A Must-Buy Shirt for Warm Weather

Best men's shirt for spring and summer.

There are times when you want to hit it right down the middle of the fairway, so to speak, in terms of your spring style essentials. Times when you want to look polished and crisp without overdoing it, without looking sloppy and without veering too far away from pieces that you know and love.

Take one of the best Oxford shirts, for instance. So named for the iconic fabric that makes up its design, the classic shirt is one that’s tough to improve upon — unless, of course, you’re Todd Snyder. And that’s where the Todd Snyder Favorite Shirt does its job so handily.

The all-American designer already specializes in modern updates to rugged classics, like one of the best field jackets, and something as timeless as the Oxford shirt is a ready target for the New York company to take on — and improve, for that matter. As the brand itself says, it just might be time to “say hello to your new favorite shirt,” and the Todd Snyder Summerweight Favorite Shirt steps right up to the tee and knocks it down the middle of the fairway.

Best summer shirt for men.

It’s so named because the Todd Snyder Favorite Shirt features the kind of details the designer himself appreciates, from small touches like the perfectly rolled collar and the front-button chest pocket to larger details, like soft and breezy cotton construction. Plus, the Todd Snyder Favorite Shirt features cool details like a locker loop — you could easily see this shirt hanging on a wooden peg in a cool menswear shop, right? That’s all the better, because the Todd Snyder Favorite Shirt is exactly the kind of effortlessly cool piece the namesake brand has perfected over time.

Plus, it’s available in nine color and pattern options, from a simple sky blue number to some distinctive stripes. Best of all is the fact that you can wear the Todd Snyder Favorite Shirt untucked with expertly faded blue jeans, or else tucked in underneath your favorite blazer alongside crisp navy chinos this spring and summer.

And yes, the Todd Snyder Favorite Shirt is an investment at nearly $150, but if you’ve tried Todd Snyder menswear, you know that it’s very much worth the price. Go on then — your new favorite shirt awaits.


See Now, Buy Now: The Todd Snyder Cruiser Jacket Is A Rugged Throwback for Expert Spring Style

There are certain designers and brands — in my humble opinion — that are always impressive, seemingly always at the top of their game, and always worth shopping in spades when it comes time to revamp your wardrobe for a new season with the best menswear essentials. Chief among those designers right here, right now? That’d be Todd Snyder, purveyor of everything from one of the best men’s cardigans to the coolest trucker jacket for the season.

Step on up and consider taking your wardrobe to the next level in a major way with the latest and greatest standout offering from the award-winning menswear designer. That’d be the rather stunning Todd Snyder Oil Cloth Cruiser Jacket, a heritage-minded piece that quite simply looks like your new favorite spring jacket. It looks like a jacket you’d find in a seriously cool antique shop or else an old history book, with timeless style and rugged appeal in spades — would you expect anything less from Todd Snyder, after all?

Best men's waxed jacket for spring.

Indeed, the Todd Snyder Oil Cloth Cruiser Jacket takes its design cues from “timber cruiser” jackets, then upgrades the style in modern, functional fashion with famed British Millerain waxed cotton cloth. The Todd Snyder Oil Cloth Cruiser Jacket also boasts classic “timber cruiser” jacket touches, like four oversized flap button pockets for your everyday carry, and a rear game pocket.

Todd Snyder outerwear review.

For good measure, the collar on the Todd Snyder Oil Cloth Cruiser Jacket is even lined in corduroy, and the entire jacket is delivered in a handsomely rugged shade of dark brown (similar to cruiser jackets from other iconic brands, like Filson.). Is the Todd Snyder Oil Cloth Cruiser Jacket an investment at $498? Yes, it certainly is: If you ask me though, your wardrobe is all the better for it.

The Sunday Sale: This Timeless Todd Snyder Cardigan is 50 Percent Off Right Now

Best cardigan for men to buy now.

It’s like I’ve often said here on the blog: The classics are the classics for a reason — for their reliability, their timeless sense of style and their effortless cool. And what’s all the better about today’s Sunday Sale is that you can get a modern classic for a heck of a discount, and just in time to upgrade your early spring layering in fine fashion. That modern classic is the Todd Snyder Garment-Dyed Cardigan Sweatshirt, part of the designer’s own “Issued By:” collection, and it’s more than worth an extra look.

It hails, of course, from the well-curated pages of Todd Snyder‘s online menswear emporium, the sort of place where you can find everything from the best chore coat for spring to a rugged-meets-refined, classic trucker jacket. But let’s go back to the Todd Snyder Garment-Dyed Cardiganright off the bat, it’s on sale for a whopping 52 percent off. That marks it down to $94 – still quite the amount of cash to spend on a cardigan, but more than worth it all the same.

Best casual cardigan for men.

Your favorite Brooklyn style writer is quite the fan of one of America’s best menswear designers, and hybrid pieces like this are an example of what the Iowa-born Snyder does best. The cardigan can feel a bit stuffy at times, but with the Todd Snyder Garment-Dyed Cardigan Sweatshirt, you’re getting the best of both worlds. The pigment-dyed French Terry cotton feels as soft and as broken-in as your favorite Todd Snyder x Champion sweatshirt, the kind you’ve had for years on end.

Best men's sweatshirt for spring.

Plus, the fabric for the Todd Snyder Garment-Dyed Cardigan Sweatshirt is made exclusively for the designer at a family-owned Toronto factory, with an emphasis on design touches like flat-locked seams for durability. It boasts the button front of a classic cardigan, plus the classic hip patch pockets, yet the Todd Snyder Garment-Dyed Cardigan Sweatshirt harnesses the feel and soft, laidback coziness of a classic crewneck sweatshirt. And yes, it’s worth repeating that it’s 52 percent off right now. Go with Navy Sand, go with a versatile Heather Grey, and bask in the comfort and rugged appeal of a classic hybrid cardigan.

The Thursday Buy: This Todd Snyder Chore Coat Is Your New Must-Buy Early Spring Jacket

Best men's chore coat for spring

What are we up to this week at The Style Guide? Well, much like yourself, I’m dusting off my spring style gear, checking out some new spring menswear essentials and preparing to step slowly but surely into a new season. The best way to gear up for a new season varies based on where you live, to be sure, but I like to start from the top down (or the bottom up), and one way to revamp your early, early spring dressing this week? One of the best men’s jackets for spring, a downright cool, casual and classic pick from Todd Snyder’s New Arrivals section.

The Todd Snyder French Blue Chore Coat, in fact, might be one of the best spring jackets you can get your hands on right now, what with its old-school, workwear appeal and the sort of construction that makes it easy to layer for plenty of days and weeks ahead. This style of jacket, as you might have guessed, was first worn by painters and tradesmen in France, the original home of denim.

The earliest iterations of the fabric lent itself to hard-wearing, hard-working silhouettes, best epitomized for the modern man by the Todd Snyder French Blue Chore Coat. It makes perfect sense that the famed American designer would want to offer up his own take on the silhouette, considering he already crafts one of the best canvas work jackets out there.

Best spring chore coat for men.

It’s a handsome workwear jacket that almost functions as a blazer hybrid, what with its hip patch and chest pockets, plus that rich blue color akin to your go-to blazer. But the Todd Snyder French Blue Chore Coat has a few more details going for it that turn it into an eye-catching spring jacket, including the use of imported Japanese indigo and a breezy, unlined 100 percent cotton construction. Note that the indigo dye on the Todd Snyder French Blue Chore Coat will fade over time, so wear it carefully, but get ready to look for wear patterns that tell unique stories all your own.

Best men's chore coat for spring.

After all, with a jacket like the Todd Snyder French Blue Chore Coat — which retails for an investment-worthy $468 — you’re going to want the chance to wear it as often as possible, right? And something with as timeless a design as this handsome indigo blue chore coat offers plenty of style potential.

To wit: Team the Todd Snyder French Blue Chore Coat with a heather grey T-shirt, tan stretch chinos and brown leather chukka boots for a nice mix of high-low style (just like wearing a lightweight blazer over a T-shirt!). Beyond that, look to pair up the Todd Snyder French Blue Chore Coat with a grey Oxford shirt and dark brown chinos or five-pocket pants, all the better for 9-to-5 style and beyond. No matter how you choose to wear it, just know that every guy should have a touch of workwear style is in his rotation this spring, and the standout, investment-level Todd Snyder French Blue Chore Coat is the one to buy now.

See Now, Buy Now: This Todd Snyder Canvas Jacket is the Rugged Workwear Staple You Need Now

Best workwear jacket for men.

The best rugged menswear for the job comes in all shapes and sizes, and from some unlikely spots, too. Take Todd Snyder. The famed American menswear designer turned back the clock to his Midwest roots with the seriously cool, tough Todd Snyder Canvas Farmer’s Jacket, which has the potential to become one of the best workwear jackets in your arsenal.

Think of it like that trusty Carhartt jacket you wore decades ago, just made modern. Workwear style really is all the rage these days, no matter how much or how little time you spend out in the field. And to this Brooklyn style writer, it’s nice to have well-made, reliable style staples that exude casually rugged style — in fact, in today’s climate, I could see this cleaned-up workwear jacket fitting in well just about anywhere (aside from an overly formal office, that is). So, think the Todd Snyder Canvas Farmer’s Jacket is right for you? Let’s dive on in and see what might make this your new favorite workwear jacket.

The silhouette of the Todd Snyder Canvas Farmer’s Jacket is subtle and uncomplicated: A turndown corduroy collar and cuffs for warmth, subtle style and protection against the wind, complete with side-slant hip pockets. It’s not unlike your favorite Carhartt or Dickies jacket, yet the Todd Snyder Canvas Farmer’s Jacket has the stamp of approval of one of the country’s best menswear designers. The midweight cotton canvas is sturdy and abrasion-resistant, yet easier to move around in compared to a jacket that’s been waxed.

Best canvas jackets for men.

And helpfully, the Todd Snyder Canvas Farmer’s Jacket has a slimmed-down, modern fit: Consider this rugged workwear jacket as a replacement for a blazer with olive chinos and a white Oxford shirt, or go timeless and style the Todd Snyder Canvas Farmer’s Jacket with a chambray shirt and black jeans. Note that it’s unlined, so the ever-reliable Todd Snyder Canvas Farmer’s Jacket functions better on more temperate days (not during winter blizzards).

Either the clean Natural color or a rich shade of Tan are also versatile, pleasingly rugged style options — and of course, since it’s Todd Snyder we’re talking about here, the Todd Snyder Canvas Farmer’s Jacket is pricier at $398 (thanks to the Japanese cotton canvas fabric), but given that you can wear this jacket easily in three seasons, it’s one of the best workwear jackets for men. Shop accordingly right now, my friends.

The Sunday Sale: Get Up to 60 Percent Off the Best Winter Menswear at the Todd Snyder Winter Sale

Best winter menswear from Todd Snyder.

My friends, the above headline says it all, but consider this a helpful refresher as we close out the weekend today. The Todd Snyder Winter Sale is still going on, with deals that really are better than ever. Of course, we talked about one of the best winter menswear deals on the blog this past Friday, but again, deals this outstanding are tough to pass up (and certainly worth a reminder in their own right).

The famed American menswear designer, as you know if you peruse the pages of this site, does everything from stylish cashmere sweaters to one of the best trucker jackets on the market. Luckily, some of those very pieces are up for grabs right now at as much as 60 percent off. That’s right: Use the code WINTER30 to get as much as 60 percent off at one of the country’s best menswear designers.

As always with any sale from Todd Snyder, these discounts won’t last forever, so make haste — I’ll leave you to it. Happy shopping, my friends!

The Friday Read: The Todd Snyder Winter Sale, New Blundstone Boots & Filson’s Latest Discounts

Welcome back to another winter style edition of the Friday Read — New York City has had a relatively mild winter so far, but if you’re in need of the best new winter menswear to bundle up against the frigid cold, I’ve got just what the doctor ordered. You might recall recently that we talked about one of the best cashmere sweaters for winter from Todd Snyder, but I’ll do you one better.

Fully fashioned crewneck sweater to keep you warm against the harshest winter climates.

The famed designer is still running the endlessly shoppable Todd Snyder Winter Sale, with new markdowns aplenty across a wide range of luxe-yet-accessible, easy-to-wear categories. That includes sweaters and outerwear, to be sure, but also some breezy warm-weather style favorites at nice discounts. Do yourself a major favor and shop one of the best winter menswear sales, yes?

Best candles for men.

It’s a sale I’ve got my eye on this weekend, as I hunker down in Brooklyn and work on numerous freelance writing pursuits, from stories at Men’s Journal to another weekly feature for menswear and gear Web site Of course, there will be strong coffee and some of my favorite tunes to help me along, and I’ll be burning my favorite Huron candle (as seen above!) for good measure.

To keep up with my weekend pursuits — and with a very exciting trip coming up next week — be sure to give me a follow on my Instagram. Cheers and let’s get into the rest of the Friday Read!

Huckberry x Blundstone boots.
  • It’s been talked about on the blog over these past few weeks, but I’d urge you to strike while the iron’s hot: The Filson Winter Sale just served up some new Filson discounts, and those deals are available until January 17th. If I were you, I’d move quickly to shop and save on rugged winter gear from the lauded Pacific Northwest heritage outfitter.
  • I’ll leave you with one more recommendation this weekend. If it’s durable winter style you seek, then it’s the on-trend yet classic Flint and Tinder Rancher Jacket you need in your wardrobe. It nails that perfect balance of Yellowstone-esque, dependable style and should stand up to fierce winter weather. For good measure, I wrote about it on the blog this week!

That’s going to close the curtain on today’s Friday Read. I hope you certainly find something worth reading about and shopping this weekend, be it the Filson Winter Sale or the outstanding Todd Snyder Winter Sale — both are assuredly worth your time and hard-earned cash. Cheers, my friends!

See Now, Buy Now: This Todd Snyder Crewneck Is Made from Recycled Italian Cashmere

Best cashmere sweater for men.

The new year is, of course, an ideal time to really lean into some crucial style upgrades, and that includes investment-level pieces you might not have considered previously. In fact, stepping things up a notch and buying for quality over quantity seems to be a nice New Year’s men’s style resolution of sorts, and that’s where your new favorite winter sweater enters the equation (and your wardrobe), and it hails from one of your favorite menswear designers, for good measure.

The sweater in question? That’d be the Todd Snyder Italian Recycled Cashmere Sweater, as essential and investment-worthy a style upgrade as any you’ll make this season. And yes, it’s quite the investment at $398, but the Todd Snyder Italian Recycled Cashmere Sweater might prove to be the coolest, most versatile and high-quality sweater you’ve bought in some time.

Of course, you know the famed American menswear designer quite well if you read the blog, seeing as his namesake brand excels at making rugged shawl cardigans and of course, this sustainable cashmere sweater (and plenty more). Just what can one of the best men’s sweaters bring to your wardrobe? Reader, I’m glad you asked.

Best men's winter sweaters.

The Todd Snyder Italian Recycled Cashmere Sweater is billed by the brand as a “feel-good sweater in every sense,” and it’s hard not to argue with that logic. It’s visually appealing in terms of rugged texture, but it’s the fabric itself that really makes this refined cashmere sweater such a sustainable style winner.

It’s made from 95 percent recycled cashmere — and the Todd Snyder Italian Recycled Cashmere Sweater is made in Italy, for good measure — and then blended with 5 percent wool for even more warmth and cozy comfort.

The Todd Snyder Italian Recycled Cashmere Sweater also boasts that seriously cool waffle-stitch knit finish, and the crewneck collar is both casual enough to make this a weekend sweater, yet stylish enough to pair up with one of the best Oxford shirts for men at the office in the new year.

And again, yes, the Todd Snyder Italian Recycled Cashmere Sweater is pricey at $398, but an array of neutral, easy-to-style colors makes this a wise investment rather than a fun splurge (at least, in my humble opinion!). The next time you want to amp up your sweater rotation in a major way, consider investing in the best with the Todd Snyder Italian Recycled Cashmere Sweater.

Style Pick of the Week: Todd Snyder Wool Shawl Cardigan – Winter’s Most Rugged Sweater

Best shawl cardigan for men.

Building a proper menswear wardrobe is all about keeping things well-rounded, about having reliable pieces that can function well in multiple situations — and of course, it’s about finding men’s style essentials that are, well, fun to actually wear (on Christmas Eve and well beyond!). Imagine that, ehh? One of the best cardigans checks those boxes, as you might be able to see above — it’s retro, it’s rugged, it’s easy to layer and it’s just a classic men’s style pick from one of America’s best menswear designers. Let’s carry on, shall we, and dive into the Todd Snyder Boiled Wool Shawl Cardigan — and why? Because it’s a standout example of the style, my friends.

Especially in the winter months, when grey, cold weather is the norm, it’s worthwhile to invest in a few cozy, rugged, comfortable pieces that can actually make dressing for the cold weather just a bit fun, or at the very least… more stylish. For my money’s worth, the Todd Snyder Boiled Wool Shawl Cardigan hits all the right notes.

One of the best shawl cardigans for men is assuredly an indisputable winter style essential and a personal favorite of this writer when the thermostat plunges in Brooklyn. Helpfully, the Todd Snyder Boiled Wool Shawl Cardigan is just about everything you need in the style, from quality to rugged appeal — and yes, it’s fun to layer up like Daniel Craig in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo every now and again!

The specs on the Todd Snyder Shawl Cardigan set it apart from the pack — and yes, they make it very much worth your while when it’s time to invest in one of the best sweaters for men this winter. Sadly, you won’t find the Todd Snyder Shawl Cardigan in the Todd Snyder Winter Sale, but don’t let that discourage you.

It boasts a classic fit, making it easy to layer over an equally rugged men’s chambray shirt or one of the best flannel shirts, and the shawl collar adds bulk, warmth and visual appeal (there’s a reason style icons like Steve McQueen loved the shawl cardigan, after all). The Todd Snyder Shawl Cardigan comes in two crisp, classic colors (Olive and Navy), and it’s rounded out with three front pockets for visual appeal.

When you want a dependable, rugged, essential winter sweater, move the Todd Snyder Shawl Cardigan to the top of your seasonal shopping list, and get that credit card at the ready — again, it’s worth the investment.

See Now, Buy Now: Get Up to 50 Percent Off The Best Winter Menswear at Todd Snyder’s Winter Sale

Best winter menswear at Tod Snyder

Welcome, my friends, to the last full week before Christmas, as ideal a time as any to shop for the best winter menswear. Now, I can’t personally guarantee that your winter menswear essentials will arrive at your doorstep before the big day later this week, but that shouldn’t stop you from shopping for a few seasonal style upgrades. Of course, you’re in luck by way of the Todd Snyder Winter Sale, an excellent opportunity to shop a little bit of everything from one of America’s best menswear designers.

Todd Snyder menswear

At the Todd Snyder Winter Sale, you can get up to 50 percent off when you use the code WINTER20 — so, that’s good for 20 percent off sale styles right now, and it’s a deal that won’t be around for very long. Ideally, you already know Mr. Snyder’s handiwork producing modern updates of tried-and-true classics, like one of the best flannel shirts for men, or even a highly affordable cashmere beanie.

Well, picks like those – and a plethora of other stylish, refined-yet-rugged menswear picks are up for grabs right now for a limited time. On offer? You’ll see everything from cashmere sweaters to winter parkas to chamois shirts and much, much mofre. Remember: Up to 50 percent off is within your grasp at Todd Snyder’s Winter Sale. I’ll leave you to it, my friends.