See Now, Buy Now: The Buck Mason Carry-On Jacket Is Going to Be Your Favorite Summer Blazer

Best men's blazer for summer.

Join me today on the blog as we jump back to summer 2021, when I sung the praises of the Buck Mason Carry-On Suit as the best men’s suit for summer. We’re here today, though, to talk about only part of that equation, so to speak — if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, as the saying goes, which is why I’m here to refresh your memory and tell you that the Buck Mason Carry-On Jacket is the best jacket for summer. That’s right (at least in my humble opinion), so let’s dive on into it, shall we?

Granted, not every summer style situation is going to call for throwing on a jacket like the Buck Mason Carry-On Jacket, but not every summer style situation is going to call for ultra-laidback style (like wearing, say, one of Buck Mason’s famed T-shirts). Simply put, when you’ve got to step things up just a touch, the Buck Mason Carry-On Jacket is the right way to go about doing so — the key is the use of stretch cotton twill for plenty of lightweight comfort in the heat, yet a polished finish.

The jacket is designed as a “three-roll-two” — it features three buttons, but the top button rolls, leaving only two buttons showing on the front of the jacket. It’s a nice touch that reflects the premium nature of Buck Mason menswear, with durability and versatility top of mind. That’s the name of the game with this all-American brand, as luck would have it, so make sure the Buck Mason Carry-On Jacket is your go-to summer tailoring move — be it with expertly faded light wash jeans or Buck Mason chinos. Stay cool and stylish out there, folks.


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