See Now, Buy Now: This Buck Mason Shawl Cardigan is One of the Best Men’s Winter Sweaters

Perhaps you’ve experienced this phenomenon recently: Dealing with a frigid day without one of the best men’s winter sweaters as part of your style rotation. It’s not all that fun, is it? And if you’re caught off-guard without a cozy, well-made sweater — say, the exceptional Buck Mason Herdsman Shawl Cardigan — then the going only gets tougher from there. That’s why we’re here today, though: To get you outfitted properly for cold temperatures in style, and we’re going to do it with one of the best cardigans for men from a lauded retailer that knows plenty about rugged, essential and classic men’s style. Perhaps you know Buck Mason for the brand’s well-stocked Last Chance Sale section, featuring stellar deals on durable, great-looking menswear, or perhaps from the brand’s prowess at producing one of the best winter jackets for men.

Either way, you can be sure you’re in for a treat when it comes to the search for one of the best men’s winter sweaters, no doubt about it. Naturally, it’s the specs on the Buck Mason Herdsman Shawl Cardigan that help separate it from the pack, including the fabric that makes up this very cozy winter sweater. Using merino and cashmere wool for softness and warmth, Buck Mason has nailed the perfect formula when it comes to rugged appeal and comfort.

Zoomed product image

The Buck Mason Herdsman Shawl Cardigan is a sweater that doesn’t cut any corners in terms of delivering standout style and a thick, warming knit. It’s an ideal sweater to throw on at a moment’s notice for blustery winter days, especially if you happen to be hitting the road to an upstate cabin or a winter weekend. Think of the Buck Mason Herdsman Shawl Cardigan like a casual-yet-necessary upgrade ‘over your favorite zip hoodie — it’ll prove just as warm and comfortable, but with plenty of stylish appeal to wear with other menswear staples like a Buck Mason Oxford shirt and expertly faded Buck Mason jeans.

Plus, the Buck Mason Herdsman Shawl Cardigan is certainly going to give you some bang for your buck, with durable utility to wear in the great outdoors alongside a waxed trucker jacket, yet style points that work back at the office with a pair of the best chinos for men. Of course, the Buck Mason Herdsman Shawl Cardigan retails for $225, but you’re getting exceptional warmth, timeless style and comfort on the road and at home. Take your pick between two colorways when it comes to the Buck Mason Herdsman Shawl Cardigan, and rest easy knowing the Charcoal Grey shade in particular (my personal favorite) just gets the job done any way you wear it. Consider your search for one of the best men’s sweaters over (for now, at least). Job well-done, Buck Mason.

The Tuesday Steal: The Buck Mason Last Chance Section Offers the Best Deals on Classic Menswear

Last Chance – Buck Mason

Is there one definitive place you can (and should) go to get the best deals on the best menswear? Well, it’s certainly up for debate (check out my ongoing Sunday Sale series for more), but I’m here to offer up a very fitting recommendation as we roll into the holidays: The Buck Mason Last Chance Section is as competitive, stylish and well-designed a resource for menswear essentials as you’re apt to find these days, and that’s just a fact. It makes quite the fitting topic for today’s Tuesday Steal, especially if you’ve been looking to build out your wardrobe in several categories. You’re hopefully already aware that Buck Mason does a little bit of everything, be it crafting one of the best men’s henleys or delivering some of the very best jeans for men. That’s really just the tip of the menswear iceberg, as they say, and the Buck Mason Last Chance Section only gets better the deeper you dive in.

If that sounds too good to be true, rest assured that the Buck Mason Last Chance Section is packed with just as much variety as the rest of the brand’s full line of menswear and gear. You’ll find everything from the well-made, casual and rugged Buck Mason Field-Spec Rugby Crew to the essential and aptly named Buck Mason Perfect Oxford Shirt. Sizes and colors run the gamut, of course, but give the Buck Mason Last Chance Section a good, long look.

New Arrivals – Buck Mason

Seriously, the Buck Mason Last Chance Section has just about everything you could ask for in a selection of menswear, including breezy T-shirts for layering and even the Buck Mason Carry-On Jacket for warm-weather tailored style. The selection even includes some style staples from past Buck Mason collections, including quite the array of breezy camp collar shirts and polos. It’s all going fast though, and won’t stick around for too long. Would you expect anything less from the Americana-minded style purveyors at Buck Mason? I certainly have high standards, and Buck Mason continues to meet them. If an initial glance at the Buck Mason Last Chance Section is any indication, you’re going to like what you see (and what ends up in your shopping cart).

Style Pick of the Week: Buck Mason Down Expedition Jacket – The Best Men’s Jacket for Fall and Winter Weather

When you find a jacket that looks on paper to be well-suited for adventures and for fall and winter weather, it’s of the essence that you jump right on it. It sounds simple on paper, but it’s worth a reminder that the best chance to get one of the best men’s jackets for fall and winter weather is actually right here, right now. The jacket in question as today’s Style Pick of the Week is the Buck Mason Down Expedition Jacket, an amped-up offering that pushes the retailer’s rugged, classic Americana menswear into more technical, yet no less stylish, territory. If you read the blog on the regular, you’ve likely come across a Buck Mason review or two (to say the least). And as we head into chilly winter weather, it’s worth going back to the brand and picking up what could be one of the best men’s jackets for fall and winter weather. That’s a bold claim, but remember: It’s Buck Mason we’re talking about here, and the brand certainly delivers. For starters, it’s certainly the perfect jacket if you want to blend the bold and rugged with the functional and technical.

The Buck Mason Down Expedition Jacket takes what you love about the brand (modern updates to classic silhouettes, among other key attributes) and goes a step further, using vintage design inspiration and materials that fit right in with 2021. Crucially, those modern design touches include durable water resistant coating and the use of warm, responsible 650 fill-power traceable duck down. In short, that means the versatile-as-can-be Buck Mason Down Expedition Jacket is ready to layer up every day, either atop your business casual attire or out on the trail or a cabin getaway. And there’s a lot more where that came from.

Zoomed product image

This jacket takes its cues from cold-weather expedition jackets, hence the name – and hence additional design moves like a slimmer waist and yet a relaxed fit through the chest and sleeves (all the better for layering up during intense fall and winter weather). The Buck Mason Down Expedition Jacket delivers just about everything you could ask for in an adventure-minded jacket, including fleece-lined hand-warmer pockets, a draw cord hood and waist — for added protection against chilly winds — and small touches like leather adjusters on the hood itself. If you thought the American-inspired brand might have foregone the details in favor of a more technical focus, well, think again, my friends. The Buck Mason Down Expedition Jacket delivers both style and functionality in spades.

Just because inclement weather hits doesn’t mean that style falls by the wayside, and the Buck Mason Down Expedition Jacket takes care of that quite handily. The Coyote color is rich and versatile, able to play nicely alongside black or blue jeans, grey canvas work pants and brown or black leather work boots. Throw it on atop a Buck Mason sweater, then team that combination with some classic Buck Mason jeans, and you’ve got an #OOTD ready for both adventures on and off the trail — or just around town. Yes indeed, the Buck Mason Down Expedition Jacket will get the job done, keep you mighty warm and look positively great through it all.

Style Pick of the Week: Buck Mason Storm Stopper CPO Jacket – The Most Rugged Fall Jacket to Wear Now

There are folks who say “‘Tis the season” as it relates to the holidays, and then there are those, like myself, who say it in reference to the best fall menswear, and the chance to finally, properly layer up. That time is upon is now, which is why the Buck Mason Desert Khaki Storm Stopper CPO Jacket belongs in your rotation of the best fall style essentials right now. It’s but one seriously cool, rugged and dependable offering on-hand at the moment in the always-well-stocked Buck Mason New Arrivals section. The brand, which draws heavily from all-American workwear, delivers when it comes to hard-wearing gear of all sorts, from soft-yet-strong T-shirts to waxed jackets, Oxford shirting and plenty more. The Buck Mason Desert Khaki Storm Stopper CPO is a breed all its own though, built with all the hard-wearing design you’d expect from a brand that’s built its reputation on delivering when you need it the most (like on blustery fall days and weekend mornings). If you know Buck Mason, founded more than a decade ago, you know exactly what the means. The fabrication delivers, the design is versatile enough to go just about anywhere, and the pricing is often more than worth it for what you’re getting.

In this case, that means the Buck Mason Desert Khaki Storm Stopper CPO Jacket is made from a cotton-twill blend that’s also been treated with a Durable Water-Resistant finish, then filled with PrimaLoft for added warmth. Those specs are only the beginning though, as it were.

Zoomed product image

Helpfully, the Buck Mason Desert Khaki Storm Stopper CPO Jacket is fit for work or play, with the potential to layer up nicely over a Buck Mason thermal shirt or henley. You can then wear that combination out and about for all manner of pursuits, be it fall weekend yard work or a laidback porch coffee-sipping session. Front-button chest pockets offer up a bit of space for Buck Mason accessories as needed, and the Desert Khaki color wears nicely with faded Buck Mason denim or even navy chinos.

Get your new go-to shirt jacket here

Buck Mason’s CPO Jacket is the best move now

And hey, if you work in a more casual office, you can wear the Buck Mason Desert Khaki Storm Stopper CPO Jacket atop a white Oxford shirt with navy chinos as a casual and cool blazer replacement. It’s cut with enough room to layer over a denim shirt, so it wears more like a proper jacket for fall road trips. And because it’s got the potential to be worn casually or a bit more dressed-up, the Buck Mason Desert Khaki Storm Stopper CPO Jacket is going to prove more than worth the price tag ($195 at Buck Mason). Does that sound like it checks all the right boxes as far as the best fall menswear is concerned? I’d say it does, but give it a shot and let me know for yourself on Twitter or in the comments below.

The List: Start Shopping for Early Fall Right Now with the Best Buck Mason Menswear

Buck Mason's Chore Coat Is Back in Stock for Fall - Airows

When it’s time to stock up on the best menswear for early fall, I think I know where you should go. Perhaps you know, too. I’m talking, of course, about Buck Mason, long a favorite of the blog and a reliable standby for the best fall style essentials on the market. They also do a standout job delivering transitional style staples, from a rugged twill shirt to an indigo henley, but it’s during “shoulder season” (the time of year when you need an extra layer on your shoulders, naturally) that they really excel. These are all-American style staples done right, consistently. Here are some of my Buck Mason must-haves this week. Happy shopping!

The Best Menswear to Shop Right Now at Buck Mason

Buck Mason Bruiser Leather Moto Jacket — $495

Zoomed product image

It’s time to break out your rugged leather jacket once again, the kind of jacket you can wear with ease atop a Buck Mason henley or an Oxford shirt in equal measure. Invest in the best and get ready to rock this fall.

Buck Mason Dry Waxed Canvas Deck Jacket — $285

Zoomed product image

Buck Mason has a knack for making some of the best men’s jackets on the market for any season, especially the colder climes of fall. This rugged canvas deck jacket is lined for warmth and made with a heavyweight dry-waxed canvas for added durability.

Buck Mason Vintage Thermal Surplus Tee — $65

Zoomed product image

For layering up under, say, a rugged canvas deck jacket, get this vintage-inspired thermal shirt for added warmth and comfort. The fit and design is also stylish enough for this long-sleeve tee to stand alone, sans layers, for a weekend coffee run.

Buck Mason Interloop Sweatpants — $85

Zoomed product image

Let’s go a little bit casual and cool for a second, shall we? These old-school sweatpants are supremely comfortable, nicely tailored and even sharp enough to wear out of the house on a weekend road trip, I’d say.

Buck Mason Perfect Oxford One-Pocket Shirt — $75

Zoomed product image

If it’s one of the best men’s Oxford shirts you seek, you could do far worse than this expertly crafted number from Buck Mason. The custom washed cotton and rich array of colors are both winners in my book. Wear this on plenty of laidback fall weekends.

Buck Mason Ford Standard Jeans — $145

Zoomed product image

Classic, crisp, well-made denim is the name of the game with Buck Mason jeans, and it’s a concept that makes a ton of sense. Made from long-lasting Japanese denim, these jeans will only get better with age the more you wear them this fall.

Buck Mason Rib Cotton Cashmere Seafarer Crew — $145

Zoomed product image

It’s remarkable how well Buck Mason nails the perfect balance between rugged, classic and modern. The cotton-cashmere blend and classic crewneck sweater design aren’t all that different from some Hemingway-approved style staples in years past. That makes it the best sweater you can buy for fall right now.

Buck Mason Rib Cotton Cashmere Seafarer Beanie — $80

Zoomed product image

Top things off with another expertly executed piece from Buck Mason, one of the coolest men’s hats for winter (and a surefire buy right now, before cold weather hits in earnest).

To say there’s something for everyone at Buck Mason is a massive understatement. This classic brand has you covered across the board with everything from the ideal outfit topper (one of the coolest men’s hats for winter) to the best sweater you can buy for fall, not to mention more laidback style staples like old-school sweatpants. What’s not to love, right? If you do pick up any gear from Buck Mason, be sure to let me know on Twitter. Enjoy the start of fall, folks!

The Friday Read: Buck Mason Sweaters, New York Fashion Week & New Laphroaig Whisky

Zoomed product image

Folks, welcome once more to The Friday Read, where I give you the proper tools to head into your weekend in style. Considering that we’re rolling into early fall, at least on the calendar, I’d recommend you do yourself a favor in this shortened version of my weekly recap and pick up one of the best men’s sweaters from Buck Mason. Kind of like the vintage Buck Mason sweater seen above, yes? I’ll be adding that one to my wish list as we roll into the fall season in earnest.

Layer up for fall with Buck Mason

Get your new favorite sweater now

On another note, it was a short but very busy week in New York City, one that rolls on right now: It’s New York Fashion Week once again. After a year-plus of virtual shows, it’s been thrilling and fun to safely get back out there and see everything from emerging designers at New York Men’s Day to the inspiring gala put on by Runway of Dreams last night. As it were, I have plans to attend more shows yet today, so stay tuned to my Instagram for more NYFW highlights. In the meantime, here are a few brief highlights from this week in the world of menswear and writing by yours truly. Cheers!

Laphroaig Cairdeas 2021 Pedro Ximenez 3
  • The headline mentions Laphroaig whisky above, so that’s where this entry comes into play. More to the point: I had the chance to review the latest Laphroaig whisky launch following a summer road trip upstate to experience outstanding Scotch and outstanding community, and you’d do well to add some to your bar cart via my latest dispatch for Maxim.
  • Let’s keep it a bit more casual in today’s shortened NYFW dispatch. Head on over to The Manual to get my guide to the best, coziest and most stylish sweat shorts to wear to work from home and lounge around in comfort this weekend. It’s really that simple!
  • Here’s one more recommendation before I let you go for the weekend: The latest and greatest from Faherty Brand is absolutely worth your time. It’s a rugged shirt jacket that’s perfect for layering, so be sure to check out my guide on the best shirt jacket of the moment, and be sure to shop accordingly.

Folks, that’ll do it for today’s Friday Read in the midst of a jam-packed New York Fashion Week. Stay safe, stay stylish and thanks for reading!

See Now, Buy Now: This Buck Mason Vintage Twill Shirt is the Rugged Shirt to Buy Now

Zoomed product image

If there’s anything I hope you’ve picked up these last few weeks on the blog, it’s that preparing nice and early with the best fall style essentials is only going to benefit you in a big, big way. That could be as simple as figuring out how to wear chinos or it could go beyond that, like picking up the best jeans for men or, say, one of the most rugged shirts on the market. It’s that second topic that we’ll focus on today, and it’s high time we did so: Buck Mason is, quite simply, one of the best brands to get you ready for early fall (you’ll find more where that came from in the Shop By The Style Guide).

Satchel and Page

Buck Mason already makes plenty of stellar basics, like the coolest pocket tee on the market, and they’ve really done quite a number with the Buck Mason Double Weave Vintage Twill Shirt. It’s the kind of shirt you don’t have to think too hard about wearing, the kind of shirt that looks good with most anything, and the kind of shirt you can wear now and into early fall (and beyond) when layered properly. Start with, well, the basics, like a Buck Mason T-shirt for when the summer sun sets. Then, ramp things up come fall with a rugged Buck Mason henley. That versatility is part of what makes the Buck Mason Double Weave Vintage Twill Shirt an essential transitional shirt, but there’s much more where that came from.

SHOP: The Buck Mason Double Weave Vintage Twill Shirt

Zoomed product image

There’s a laundry list of positive attributes that make the Buck Mason Double Weave Vintage Twill Shirt a standout in the world of durable and hard-wearing shirts. It’s built in the workshirt style, with tough front-button pockets for your everyday carry, no matter what the job calls for (even if your job involves storing a pocket notebook and a pen close at hand rather than small tools). The Buck Mason Double Weave Vintage Twill Shirt uses a double-faced cotton that blends two different cotton fabrics for a remarkably soft finish and feel on your skin. It’s substantial, but not too heavy, making it the perfect shirt to wear over a T-shirt right now (and come fall and eventually winter).

Satchel and Page

It’s available in four cool-as-can-be colors (like Flint shown above), each of which would look just right when worn alongside, say, expertly faded Buck Mason jeans (always a favorite style move of mine). The Buck Mason Double Weave Vintage Twill Shirt is also lightweight enough that you can wear a warmer base layer, like a thermal shirt, and then throw this tough workshirt over top of it. Make use of it on dewy summer mornings or chilly early fall nights, wear it to the office on a casual Friday or to a bonfire (don’t forget your favorite beer). Just make sure the well-made, solidly priced ($105 at Buck Mason) Buck Mason Double Weave Vintage Twill Shirt is part of your wardrobe this instant.

SHOP: The Buck Mason Double Weave Vintage Twill Shirt

#OOTD: How to Wear a Camp Collar Shirt This Summer

Want a new way to dress for summer? One that’s unexpected and yet pretty cool and unique? It all starts with finding one of the best camp collar shirts out there. Camp collar shirts first began appearing on runways once more a handful of years ago, and they’re now made by brands big and small, including the all-American style purveyors at Buck Mason. Think of it not so much as a trend more as a new American style staple, the kind that you can just as readily wear to the office now as you can to a summer BBQ. It might take some getting used to wearing a camp collar shirt as opposed to a polo or even a breezy Oxford shirt, but it’s a cool and somewhat bold style move worth making. It’ll turn heads in a good way, and it’s every bit as comfortable and lightweight as your favorite T-shirt, seriously. That’s especially true of the Buck Mason Camp Shirt we’ll be talking about today, which is about as classic a take on the style as it gets.

A cool camp collar shirt signals the feeling that summer is here, that the sun is shining and that cold beer and great times await. And if you want to go a bit more bold and wear your Buck Mason Camp Shirt underneath a blazer on a short, casual Friday at the office, then you can do that, too — it’s summer after all, and we’re all getting used to really dressing again in our own ways. If you want to wear it more casually, a la the #OOTD below, then I’d suggest you do that, too. The point is, the best camp collar shirt can do even more than you might think at first glance. That’s great news for your summer style.

Best way to wear a camp collar shirt

  • The Camp Collar Shirt: Buck Mason Breeze Linen Camp Shirt, $95 — Now, this shirt has been talked about before on the blog, but it’s worth revisiting. It’s a breezy and effortlessly cool summer style move.
  • The Pants: Faherty Brand Stretch Terry Pants, $148 — Keep the casual summer style vibes flowing with these comfortable stretch pants, which wear like chinos (perfect for the office) but feel like sweats (ideal for weekend hangs).
  • The Loafers: Astorflex Patnoflex Travel Loafers, $175 — We’re back once again to talk about a pair of the most stylish men’s loafers. These are made to travel easily and can work at the office, happy hour and anywhere in between.
  • The Belt: Billykirk No. 117 Mechanic’s Belt, $105 — Wearing a stylish leather belt might feel odd these days, but it’s an essential that you need in an #OOTD like this. Billykirk makes one of the best men’s belts, too.
  • The Watch: Shinola Runwell Automatic Watch, $1,095 — Splurge and treat yourself to one of the best leather dress watches for men. It’s just the right way to go as we re-enter the world.
  • The Sunglasses: Maui Jim Castles Sunglasses, $300 — If you haven’t thought about your accessories in a good while, why not go all out and pick up a pair of the best sunglasses for men to really drive home the cool, stylish nature of this #OOTD? I’m all about it, folks.
  • The Grooming Essential: MANTL Age Defense Moisturizer, $21.98 — Refresh your mug to head back out into the world with this hydrating daily moisturizer, my friends.
  • The Everyday Carry: Mission Workshop 500D Drift Tote, $265 — There’s a reason this versatile and rugged Mission Workshop tote keeps popping up on the blog, and that’s because it’s got the carrying capacity for whatever your day requires, from sun up to sun down.

Well, my friends. Are you ready for the rest of summer, and a stylish one, to boot? It’s all about shaking things up ever so slightly, be it packing up a Mission Workshop tote — instead of a backpack — or opting to wear your new Buck Mason Camp Shirt instead of a classic polo. The rest of these picks toe the line between the comfort we’re used to now (witness the comfortable stretch pants from Faherty Brand) and the cool style you need this summer (as in, some of the most stylish men’s loafers on the market). Add in other considerations, like a pair of the best sunglasses for men and a much-needed, stylish leather belt, and your accessories are top-notch, too. Finish it off with an essential men’s moisturizer, and I’d say you’ve just put together one of the coolest looks possible for whatever heads your way this season. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below, and stay stylish out there!

See Now, Buy Now: Buck Mason’s Linen Shirt is the Best New Summer Shirt Out There

Buck Mason review

Have you been counting down the days to the official start of summer and using my ongoing See Now, Buy Now series to stock up on essentials like the best summer shirts for men? If you answered yes, you’re in good company, and as ever, Buck Mason is here to save the day with the new Buck Mason Cotton-Linen Camp Collar Shirt. It checks all the right boxes, and then some, and then some more, as far as your search for one of the best lightweight shirts for men is concerned. The kicker here is that it retails for $95 at Buck Mason, a steal when you consider the quality and great looks you’re getting.

Satchel and Page

That’s great news for you and me both, as we join the crowds heading to the park, the beach or the brewery — or all three — this summer. And if you want a casual, cool shirt to wear back to the office (perhaps an office with a summer-friendly dress code), then this camp collar shirt is a perfect alternative to the more traditional polo. With style points aplenty and breezy fabric top of mind, Buck Mason has made one of the best short-sleeve shirts, right in line with its focus on producing the best T-shirts, the best summer shorts and much more. Why a camp collar shirt, exactly? I’m glad you asked, my friends.

SHOP: The Buck Mason Cotton-Linen Camp Collar Shirt

Buck Mason Cotton-Linen Camp Collar Shirt

A camp collar shirt is a retro style that’s come back into vogue in recent years, from the runways to your closet now. It was the kind of easygoing shirt you’d see dads of the ’50s and ’60s wear on more casual outings (a la camping trips!), designed to replace dress shirts. It helps that the Buck Mason take on one of the best lightweight shirts for men is breezy and laidback, yet well-fitted and not baggy. Oh, and the fabric is another major bonus as you search for additions to your rotation of the best summer shirts for men.  A 55 percent linen and 45 percent cotton blend gives the Buck Mason Cotton-Linen Camp Collar Shirt structure and yet breathability. Small touches like horizontal, rather than vertical, button holes, offer you greater range of movement, too.

Wear the Buck Mason Cotton-Linen Camp Collar Shirt unbuttoned atop a crisp white T-shirt, like your dad or grandfather might have done, or else button it up and team it with Buck Mason Deck Shorts on the weekends. When the work week rolls around, you can also team it with classic Buck Mason chinos to head to the office in breezy fashion. Plus, three colorways — including Ocean Breeze shown above — make it easy to find a favorite, as does the $95 price tag. Your new favorite summer shirt is up for grabs, folks.

SHOP: The Buck Mason Cotton-Linen Camp Collar Shirt

Style Pick of the Week: Buck Mason Canvas Walk Shorts

Buck Mason men's shorts

Ladies and gentlemen, the time has come to put away your sweatpants and athletic shorts and step out this summer wearing some of the best men’s shorts for summer and well beyond. If you’ve read the blog (or glanced at the headline), then you know that the best shorts for men this summer are yours for the taking from a longtime favorite of The Style Guide: Buck Mason, a brand that drew initial style inspiration from Ohio before setting its sights on locales like Austin, L.A. and New York City.

The great news is, you can wear the Buck Mason Canvas Walk Shorts to each and every one of those cities, and on summer adventures, and anywhere you darn well please this season. How’s that for a return to normal and a return to standout summer style? I’m right there with you, and even on paper, I can definitely appreciate the classic style and durability of these Buck Mason canvas shorts. They’ve got all the proper specs when it comes to your new favorite shorts, and we’ll keep getting into what makes ’em so great — if you keep scrolling, that is.

SHOP: The Buck Mason Canvas Walk Shorts 

Buck Mason review

Helpfully, the Buck Mason Canvas Walk Shorts are much more stylish and well-built than the sweatshorts you’ve probably been rocking consistently as of late (guilty as charged). The stretch cotton canvas offers durability and yet ease of movement, with the design modeled after army surplus shorts. They’re about as classic a pair of men’s shorts as you’ll find, right down to the easy-access front slant hip pockets to haul your everyday carry gear. The 8-inch inseam is neither too short nor too long — it should hit above the knee, but if you want a pair of Buck Mason shorts with, well, a shorter cut, give the Buck Mason Deck Shorts (featuring a 6-inch inseam) a look. It helps that they also feature a hidden drawcord waist, a handy touch for ease of movement and comfortable patio lounging. As with most things Buck Mason, these rugged canvas shorts are agreeably priced, retailing for $85 at Buck Mason.

Satchel and Page

These durable canvas shorts have plenty going for ’em on the style front, too. You’d be remiss not to wear them with everything from a classic white T-shirt to, say, a Buck Mason polo for a bit of breezy summer fun at your next BBQ or beer-centric patio evening. Plus, four color options, including a khaki-like Willow Mojave Wash, offer up something for everyone as far as crisp, cool summer style is concerned. And once again, that mobile and easy-to-wear fabric blend (cotton and spandex) makes these a pair of stylish canvas shorts you can wear everywhere from the trail back to town. And trust me: You’ll want to wear them at least that much.

SHOP: The Buck Mason Canvas Walk Shorts