Style Pick of the Week: Buck Mason Twill Officer Pants – Your New Pair of Go-Anywhere Summer Pants

Best men's pants for summer

If you stop by the blog often, you’re well aware of the fact that I’m all about making classic menswear essentials work for you across multiple seasons — the more often you can wear a staple piece, the better-served your wardrobe will be, after all. For my money’s worth — and hopefully yours! — there’s not a brand that tends to do this better than the Americana style masters at Buck Mason, makers of everything from the best men’s T-shirt to, well, the best men’s pants for summer (as shown above!). Let’s count the ways that the Buck Mason Twill Officer’s Pants can work for you, shall we?

As far as the best men’s pants for summer are concerned, the Buck Mason Twill Officer’s Pants are precisely what I mentioned above: A classic menswear pick you can wear across multiple seasons, yet especially when the thermostat rises and you still want to look polished. Made from an 8.9oz. cotton twill that’s got a slubby texture for a soft feel and finish, they’re both substantial and durable, like classic men’s chinos, yet lightweight enough to wear in the heat with, say, a classic Buck Mason T-shirt off-duty — or with one of the best men’s Oxford shirts at the office. The Buck Mason Twill Officer’s Pants only get better from there.

Crucially, the Buck Mason Twill Officer’s Pants feature a timeless mid-rise design and a slim, tapered-but-not-too-tight fit, all the better to wear more casually with your favorite summer sneakers or more formally with dressy, sharp leather loafers.

The Buck Mason Twill Officer’s Pants also feature a classic Hollywood waistband, which means the waistband is naturally part of the pants, rather than being sewn on. It’s yet another traditional touch that separates Buck Mason menswear from the pack, and it’s also just part of what makes the Buck Mason Twill Officer’s Pants some of the best pants for men this summer. Give ’em a look and see for yourself, my friends. Happy shopping!

See Now, Buy Now: The Buck Mason Carry-On Jacket Is Going to Be Your Favorite Summer Blazer

Best men's blazer for summer.

Join me today on the blog as we jump back to summer 2021, when I sung the praises of the Buck Mason Carry-On Suit as the best men’s suit for summer. We’re here today, though, to talk about only part of that equation, so to speak — if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, as the saying goes, which is why I’m here to refresh your memory and tell you that the Buck Mason Carry-On Jacket is the best jacket for summer. That’s right (at least in my humble opinion), so let’s dive on into it, shall we?

Granted, not every summer style situation is going to call for throwing on a jacket like the Buck Mason Carry-On Jacket, but not every summer style situation is going to call for ultra-laidback style (like wearing, say, one of Buck Mason’s famed T-shirts). Simply put, when you’ve got to step things up just a touch, the Buck Mason Carry-On Jacket is the right way to go about doing so — the key is the use of stretch cotton twill for plenty of lightweight comfort in the heat, yet a polished finish.

The jacket is designed as a “three-roll-two” — it features three buttons, but the top button rolls, leaving only two buttons showing on the front of the jacket. It’s a nice touch that reflects the premium nature of Buck Mason menswear, with durability and versatility top of mind. That’s the name of the game with this all-American brand, as luck would have it, so make sure the Buck Mason Carry-On Jacket is your go-to summer tailoring move — be it with expertly faded light wash jeans or Buck Mason chinos. Stay cool and stylish out there, folks.

The Thursday Buy: Buck Mason’s Tough-Knit Classic Tee Is A Casual Summer Essential

When is a classic style essential so much more than just a straightforward, timeless piece? When it’s made by the all-American style purveyors at Buck Mason, that’s when. We’ve sung the praises of this brand time and time again here at The Style Guide, be it the brand’s ability to make one of the best men’s polos or one of the best men’s short-sleeve shirts. But truly, the Buck Mason story begins with a focus on the classics, like the humble T-shirt — first a military-issue undershirt, and now, a tried-and-true style staple. And for my money’s worth (and yours), the Buck Mason Tough-Knit Classic Tee is one of the best men’s T-shirts to buy right now — seriously.

The Buck Mason Tough-Knit Classic Tee is so much more than just a T-shirt, believe it or not. It’s got all the specs you should look for in a stylish tee you can rock all on its own, starting with the 100 percent cotton construction for a sturdy feel and fit. The midweight cotton is heftier than the brand’s classic Pima cotton, so this stylish T-shirt should drape and wear well all day.

Note that the Buck Mason Tough-Knit Classic Tee features a straight hem, unlike the brand’s famed Curved Hem Tees — some of the best T-shirts for men out there, mind you — and classic colors like Midnight go with darn near anything you can dream up (Buck Mason jeans included). The next time you want a timeless tee for daily wear, grab the Buck Mason Tough-Knit Classic Tee.

Style Pick of the Week: Buck Mason Indigo Dipped Polo – The Best Summer Polo for Men

Best men's summer polo.

When it comes to your rotation of summer style essentials, the classics really are quite simply, the very best sometimes. And when it comes to the work being done by Buck Mason, you can bet that they know their way very well around utterly timeless classics. That brings us to today’s must-buy Style Pick, the Buck Mason Indigo Dipped Polo — it’s an upgraded take on a seasonal style move with plenty of rugged character and refinement.

All of the hallmarks of a timeless Buck Mason style move are there, much like the brand’s take on one of the best short-sleeve shirts for summer, or one of the coolest lightweight jackets for men. Think of the Buck Mason Indigo Dipped Polo like a revamped look at a warm-weather staple, this time featuring yarn-dyed cotton jersey fabric for lightweight breathability. That’s not all the Buck Mason Indigo Dipped Polo has going for it — keep scrolling for more, my friends.

Best new polo for men to wear this summer.

The specs, as one might expect with Buck Mason, are on-point, including a three-button placket that’s both dressy enough to sit nicely under a blazer and cool-looking enough to be worn on its own. Another reason the Buck Mason Indigo Dipped Polo looks so darn cool on its own? The indigo dip-dye process, with a yarn-dyed finish that results in fading over time the more you wear it.

It’s a polo that you’ll find yourself returning to time and again, all thanks to that easily wearable slim fit — team it with your favorite chino shorts or even light wash denim and some of the best summer sneakers any day of the week. And because it’s Buck Mason we’re talking about, the Buck Mason Indigo Dipped Polo offers up plenty of bang for your buck — it retails for $68, a nice steal given its versatility. Add it to your summer wardrobe ASAP.

The Thursday Buy: The Buck Mason Twill Short-Sleeve Shirt is Your New Go-Anywhere Shirt

Best short-sleeve shirt for men.

Quick, name at least one summer style essential you can’t live without. It very well might be one of the best short-sleeve shirts for men, right? The type of shirt you can wear with ease to the office on a casual day, not to mention for weekend days aplenty, from the brewery to the BBQ and beyond, right? And folks, can you ever have enough when it comes to a rotation of the best men’s short-sleeve shirts? I think not — that’s where the Buck Mason Draped Twill Short-Sleeve Shirt is going to shake up your wardrobe in the best way.

Hopefully, you’re well-acquainted with what Buck Mason brings to your wardrobe, be it one of the best lightweight jackets for expert travel style or some of the best summer shorts — now, you can add another tried-and-true essential to your list just as the thermostat really starts to climb. The Buck Mason Draped Twill Short-Sleeve Shirt seems simple and subtly stylish on the surface, and that’s not a bad thing to have close at hand in the months ahead. It all starts, of course, with the tightly woven yet lightweight cotton twill blend, the kind that’s going to feel substantial and yet breath easily (without wrinkling as much as a linen shirt might, for instance).

Buck Mason shirting review.

The Buck Mason Draped Twill Short-Sleeve Shirt checks plenty of other boxes, too, including a mid-length fit that looks great untucked or tucked in. Heck, the Buck Mason Draped Twill Short-Sleeve Shirt is so surprisingly polished, you could even wear it under your favorite summer blazer to stay cool without missing a beat. The use of rayon within the cotton blend also makes it super-soft to the touch and comfortable against your skin, no undershirt required. Crucially, the Buck Mason Draped Twill Short-Sleeve Shirt also fits slim through the body but offers room to move up top, thanks to the pleated back design.

The range of colors in which you can snag the Buck Mason Draped Twill Short-Sleeve Shirt is also impressive: Five neutral colors make up the offering, each easily wearable with a pair of expertly faded Buck Mason jeans or chinos, for starters. Colors like Fog or Natural are perhaps easiest to mix and match, but any option you select when it comes to the Buck Mason Draped Twill Short-Sleeve Shirt just works, well, quite well for spring and summer style. Priced fairly at $95, it’s the short-sleeve shirt you can work into many a summer ensemble. Go for it right now, then thank me later. Happy shopping!

Style Pick of the Week: Buck Mason Storm Stopper Driver’s Jacket – The Best New Spring Jacket

Best new spring jacket for men.

Time is of the essence when shopping for the best spring style essentials, and that’s no more true than when it comes down to picking up one of the best jackets for men. The time to do that, as it were, is right now, which brings us to today’s Style Pick of the Week from a brand you really can trust: Buck Mason. You surely know all about the USA-focused style purveyors, inspired by old-school classics made fresh and modern, be it one of the best USA-made T-shirts or your new go-to denim shirt. You can assuredly add another spring style move to that list though, as the Buck Mason Storm Stopper Ghia Driver’s Jacket is — quite simply — one of the coolest spring jackets to buy right now.

The Buck Mason Storm Stopper Ghia Driver’s Jacket is a revamped take on the Harrington jacket, a classically British style move that was first developed in the 1930s as a lightweight cotton windbreaker with a stand-up collar (in fact, I wrote all about the best Harrington jackets over at Fatherly!). The key with this rugged Buck Mason jacket revolves around the fact that it’s made from the brand’s famed water-repellent Storm Stopper Twill, a touch that makes it easily one of the best men’s jackets for spring.

Best men's spring jacket.

The Buck Mason Storm Stopper Ghia Driver’s Jacket is made from a durable cotton-poly-twill blend, finished with hand warmer hip pockets and a simple zip-up design, plus that stand-up, two-button collar for an iconic look and feel. Vintage-style back shoulder detailing adds reinforcement at key stress points, while the fit should prove nicely tailored, but with room to layer a Buck Mason denim shirt or one of the best men’s henleys (or both!). The Buck Mason Storm Stopper Ghia Driver’s Jacket also stands out nicely in terms of style points: The dusty Stone-meets-Sand color is distinctive and easy to pair with the best light wash jeans, for instance.

At the end of the day, the Buck Mason Storm Stopper Ghia Driver’s Jacket is simply a mighty fine, highly versatile and durable jacket you can wear with plenty of casual style staples. The lightweight design, accented with a DWR finish for weather-ready performance, also means it’s the sort of jacket you can wear for polished road trip style from day to night. Best of all, it’s fairly priced at under $200 (the Buck Mason Storm Stopper Ghia Driver’s Jacket will set you back $195 at Buck Mason), and it’s built to last. Sounds to me like your new favorite spring jacket checks all the right boxes. Shop accordingly.

The Friday Read: Spring Gear from Huckberry, A New Jacket from Buck Mason & The Best Slim Wallets

Best spring shorts for men.

Here’s to lounging all the way into a nice Easter weekend, right, my friends? And here’s to doing it in style with a pair of shorts like the Taylor Stitch Apres Shorts, which you can get right now at Huckberry. It’s not the last time you’ll be seeing these shorts on the blog, and it’s mighty fitting that they’re available in time for what’s shaping up to be quite the warm spring (at least in my neck of the woods). Do yourself a favor and go on: Get your new favorite shorts.

It’s the kind of style move I’ll be looking to make around Brooklyn myself this weekend, and it’s promising to be a busy one, at that. In addition to my ongoing writing work at SPY — more on that in a second — I’m going to be making the trek out to hip, industrial Brooklyn neighborhood Bushwick to see a show at eclectic venue Elsewhere. The show in question?

A concert by Scottish post-punk rockers We Were Promised Jetpacks, a band that I reviewed this past fall for Atwood Magazine. Give them a listen for a mix of alternately dreamy and sharp post-punk, and be sure to keep up with all the fun on my Instagram. Here’s to the rest of your weekend and your Friday Read below.

Best spring jacket for men.
  • If you’ve been on the hunt for a new spring jacket, I’ve found one of the best spring jackets to buy now, courtesy of the good folks at Buck Mason. It’s the Buck Mason Ghia Storm Stopper Driver Jacket, a play off the classic Harrington jacket that you can rock with just about any other casual spring style staples in your wardrobe. Shop accordingly, my friends.
  • Minimal, sharp and sleek style is the name of the game these days, and that’s no more true than when it comes to your everyday carry. Well, do I have something for you. My writing at SPY is one of the more fun parts of my weekly slate of projects, and I had a great time covering the best slim wallets for men. Upgrade your daily haul by slimming things down today.
  • Here’s a helpful one from this very blog if you need to upgrade your basics game as well as your daily carry: Head over to Arvin Goods — and check out this blog post on sustainable socks — to get the refresh (and the eco-conscious style!) your sock drawer needs.

That’ll bring this suitably spring style read to a close today: Stay safe out there, stay stylish and hey, Happy Easter!

See Now, Buy Now: Shop for Your New Favorite Summer Shorts from Buck Mason

Best casual shorts for men.

Are we out of the woods yet when it comes to dealing with blustery spring weather? Let’s hope so, which is where the best men’s shorts gradually start to come into play in your wardrobe. If you keep up with the blog, perhaps you know where this is going. To upgrade your ensembles for a new season, turn to a brand you can trust — a brand like Buck Mason, makers of some of the coolest old-school-meets-modern menswear on the market. They’ve been one of my favorite brands for a good long while, with a full lineup of the best menswear essentials up for grabs — including today’s featured style pick, the Buck Mason Deck Shorts. There’s never been a time like right now to snag some of the best shorts for men, and since the calendar reads April and not May or June, you’re well ahead of the game.

What exactly qualifies the Buck Mason Deck Shorts as some of the best men’s shorts? Like other Buck Mason style moves (including your new favorite T-shirt), the key here lies in versatility and high-quality design. Let’s start with the fabric: It’s a stretch cotton-poly blend, making them more comfortable and more quick-drying than most cotton chino shorts on the market. The Buck Mason Deck Shorts are also available in two inseam lengths. a 6-inch inseam and an 8-inch inseam — both should work out for plenty of different guys. The Buck Mason Deck Shorts only get better from there.

Buck Mason men's shorts.

The Buck Mason Deck Shorts are equipped with plenty of helpful features to keep you moving on the go in style this summer. The drawcord waist is plenty comfortable and allows you to go sans belt, which is helpful for many a spring and summer adventure — on the trail, at a campsite or exploring a new favorite watering hole. I mean that literally, because the quick-drying nature of the Buck Mason Deck Shorts means you can wear them like a regular pair of the best men’s shorts, or like stylish swim trunks. I’d most likely wear these shorts as more of a set of beach or boardwalk shorts when you won’t be in the water for hours at a time, but in a pinch, the Buck Mason Deck Shorts can get wet and dry quickly.

The rest of the time, they wear quite well with plenty of different spring and summer style staples. The Buck Mason Deck Shorts come in four different colors, each of which teams up stylishly with everything from a grey or navy polo to a breezy beige cotton tee or a white Oxford shirt. The Buck Mason Deck Shorts would probably look best with your favorite pocket tee and casual canvas sneakers for seriously easygoing seasonal style. Best of all, these wear-with-anything shorts retail for under $90 and are built to last all spring and summer long. That sounds like a new menswear must-have to me.

The Tuesday Steal: Get the Best USA-Made T-Shirt for Under $40 at Buck Mason

The best T-shirt for men.

It’s never a bad thing to hone in on a brand you love, and then ensure you shop that brand as often as humanly possible — especially when one of said brand’s specialties is selling one of the best USA-made T-shirts for under $40. The brand in question in today’s Tuesday Steal is hopefully one you already know, especially if you’ve read the blog over the years: That’d be Buck Mason, makers of everything from one of the best thermal henleys to a spring-ready trucker jacket. They’re a standout source for some of the best T-shirts for men, too — a reminder is always helpful if you’re just reacquainting yourself with warm-weather menswear after a frigid winter. And right now, your best bet is worth a closer look. $40 might sound like a high barrier to entry as far as shopping for T-shirts is concerned, but when it comes to the Buck Mason Venice Wash Curved Hem Tee, it’s more than a fair price considering the soft fabric, premium construction and an astonishing range of colors and sizes.

Get your new favorite tee from Buck Mason

It’s worth picking up more than one — trust me.

Now, don’t get me wrong: You could pick up a multi-pack of T-shirts for work or play from your nearest retailer, but once you’ve tried the soft comfort and undeniable quality of the Buck Mason Venice Wash Curved Hem Tee, you might not ever go back. Between the reinforced collar, the tailored-but-not-too-tight fit and the curved hem — ideal as a visual trick for the bigger guys out there — the Buck Mason Venice Wash Curved Hem Tee goes above and beyond what you’d expect from a typical T-shirt. The soft wash and cotton jersey fabric are standouts, too. The sub-$40 price tag is actually a downright steal when you consider what you’re getting with each purchase of the Buck Mason Venice Wash Curved Hem Tee, and the color options are enough to please every palette. It sounds to me like you’ve just found your new favorite T-shirt.

The Friday Read: The Best Harrington Jackets, A New Buck Mason Shirt and Spring Activewear

Best new Filson gear for spring.

My friends, join me in another edition of the Friday Read as we step into spring in rugged fashion — not unlike that Filson jacket shown above, and not unlike the well-curated New Arrivals section at Filson. From waxed outerwear to lightweight shirts and hard-wearing henleys and T-shirts, I’m sure you’ll find the best new menswear that you need for the season ahead, all thanks to the venerable Pacific Northwest gear outfitter. I’ve definitely got my eye on some new style moves for spring, as crucial a time as any to make sure you’re ready for, well, anything from — from breezy spring days to sports bar beer sipping as you watch March Madness this weekend.

My agenda this weekend mixes both work and play, as I’ll be writing more menswear and gear stories for (be sure to check out my byline!), not to mention taking in some long-awaited college basketball action featuring my alma mater, Michigan State! It really doesn’t get any better than that — be sure to follow me on Instagram to keep track of all the fun (and all of my writing work, too!). In the meantime, get into the spirit of the weekend (it’s still St. Patrick’s Day weekend technically, right?) with my picks for the best style reads and sales of the week.

Rugged Western shirt for men.
  • Here’s a great way to start your weekend — by picking up a rugged new Western shirt from Buck Mason, of course. The ideal Western shirt — like the one shown above — is light enough to be worn on its own, yet durable enough to style with one of your favorite T-shirts, and it looks great with black jeans, tan chinos or even olive joggers. Get yours from Buck Mason now.
  • Alright, here’s a standout sale for all your budget-conscious shoppers (guilty as charged). The good folks at elevated performance menswear brand AETHER Apparel are running an End of Season Sale now through March 28th. Click through to get up to 60 percent off men’s gear, jackets, shirting, footwear and more — you won’t regret the savings or the style points.
  • Moving on from rugged menswear, spring is a time to get back out into the world with comfort and style in mind. That’s why it was so neat to write all about the best activewear joggers and jackets over at Maxim — these picks are anything but sloppy, my friends. Upgrade your wardrobe ASAP.

I’ll leave you with one last cherished, helpful style read before heading into the weekend. The Harrington jacket has an illustrious history and plenty of utility and heritage to go along with it. It’s one of my favorite styles of jackets, and that’s why it was so cool to write about the history of Harrington jackets over at Fatherly. Layer up in style, my friends! Cheers!