The Friday Read: A Pure Michigan Wedding & A Hometown Trip

My friends, the photo at the top of the page really says it all. I’m back in Michigan in the summer for the first time since, well, last summer, and it’s prime Pure Michigan time. If you follow me on Instagram, you’re well aware that I’m back in my hometown of Mason, Michigan (population: 8,000) to visit with family and old family friends before heading down the coast to the lovely shores of Lake Michigan for a dear college friend’s wedding — two outstanding reasons to make the Fourth of July trek home!

I’ve stayed busy this week, of course, writing about the best travel pants and covering topics like the best Irish whiskey over at Men’s Journal, but moreso than that, it’s been a joy to be back in Mason for the first time since 2018! There’s been plenty of quality family time, a tour of the old sights and sounds of the town, and of course, a Pure Michigan craft beer or two. And hey: In the spirit of making it count and making the most of my time here, I’m signing off today — but you can expect two weekend posts per usual, so be sure to swing on by (and drop me a line if you have any Benton Harbor picks!). Cheers, my friends!


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