See Now, Buy Now: The Mack Weldon Endeavor Work Shirt is the Rugged Work Shirt You Need Now

Best work shirt for men.

If you’re anything like me — and if you read the blog on the regular — then perhaps you recognize that it’s tough, at times, to give up your favorite style essentials, even as the seasons change. I’m talking, of course, about needing to shelve, say, something like your favorite workshirt or one of the best chambray shirts in the summer heat, a style move I love no matter what. If you’re in the same proverbial menswear boat as me, then you’re in luck today: The Mack Weldon Endeavor Work Shirt strikes that tricky balance between four-season style and warm-weather reliability, all the better to turn it into your new favorite shirt.

The workwear roots of chambray’s rugged, textured fabric are legendary, and the style has turned into a bonafide #menswear move over the past decade-plus, so it only makes sense that the Mack Weldon Endeavor Work Shirt hits all the right notes. It carries on the brand’s tradition of making the best summer style essentials — like stylish lightweight shorts — even better. What’s the key with the Mack Weldon Endeavor Work Shirt?

Myles Apparel

It’s simple, really: The Mack Weldon Endeavor Work Shirt features lightweight fabric and added touches like light water resistance, to boot. Wrinkle-resistant fabric also gives the Mack Weldon Endeavor Work Shirt even more versatility and go-anywhere durability. The relaxed fit also makes it easy to layer this rugged workshirt atop everything from a heather grey pocket tee (for casual style) to a long-sleeve henley shirt (when the temperature drops). The next time you need a dependable shirt you can count on through all four seasons, you know which one to snag: The Mack Weldon Endeavor Work Shirt, of course.


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