See Now, Buy Now: The Mack Weldon Endeavor Work Shirt is the Rugged Work Shirt You Need Now

Best work shirt for men.

If you’re anything like me — and if you read the blog on the regular — then perhaps you recognize that it’s tough, at times, to give up your favorite style essentials, even as the seasons change. I’m talking, of course, about needing to shelve, say, something like your favorite workshirt or one of the best chambray shirts in the summer heat, a style move I love no matter what. If you’re in the same proverbial menswear boat as me, then you’re in luck today: The Mack Weldon Endeavor Work Shirt strikes that tricky balance between four-season style and warm-weather reliability, all the better to turn it into your new favorite shirt.

The workwear roots of chambray’s rugged, textured fabric are legendary, and the style has turned into a bonafide #menswear move over the past decade-plus, so it only makes sense that the Mack Weldon Endeavor Work Shirt hits all the right notes. It carries on the brand’s tradition of making the best summer style essentials — like stylish lightweight shorts — even better. What’s the key with the Mack Weldon Endeavor Work Shirt?

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It’s simple, really: The Mack Weldon Endeavor Work Shirt features lightweight fabric and added touches like light water resistance, to boot. Wrinkle-resistant fabric also gives the Mack Weldon Endeavor Work Shirt even more versatility and go-anywhere durability. The relaxed fit also makes it easy to layer this rugged workshirt atop everything from a heather grey pocket tee (for casual style) to a long-sleeve henley shirt (when the temperature drops). The next time you need a dependable shirt you can count on through all four seasons, you know which one to snag: The Mack Weldon Endeavor Work Shirt, of course.

The Thursday Buy: Mack Weldon’s Maverick Tech Chino Shorts Belong in Your Summer Wardrobe ASAP

Is the search for the perfect set of summer menswear essentials ever really, truly at an end? It depends, but oftentimes, there’s just a bit more that can be done to help you step out in style and comfort this season — and today’s recommendation to help you in that quest? That’d be buying a pair of the best shorts for summer from Mack Weldon, a set of go-anywhere shorts that perform well, look great and offer versatility to the max. The shorts in question? The Mack Weldon Maverick Tech Chino Shorts, which check all the right boxes and provide plenty of style points in the process.

The NYC-based team at Mack Weldon already does a bang-up job of delivering on gear for all seasons, particularly as the thermostat rises and you need gear that both performs in the heat and looks great. Take one of the best men’s henleys, for instance, or a stylish men’s polo. Of course, you can now add the Mack Weldon Maverick Tech Chino Shorts to that list, and for plenty of great reasons.

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The real key with the Mack Weldon Maverick Tech Chino Shorts is that blend of tech and fashion that’s so critical nowadays. We’re talking a water-resistant four-way stretch fabric designed to move and flex with you, along with a crucial six pockets and an easy-to-style 7.75-inch inseam that works well on most guys. Yes indeed, the Mack Weldon Maverick Tech Chino Shorts check all the right boxes, and they come in stylish shades like grey, olive and navy, to boot.

And hey: Because the Mack Weldon Maverick Tech Chino Shorts are priced at $98, you’re getting free shipping and some nice bang for your buck this summer. Your next few months just got even more comfortable and stylish, my friends.

The Thursday Buy: The Mack Weldon Pima Short-Sleeve Henley is the Best Henley to Buy Now

Best men's henley for summer

If you read the blog on the regular, hopefully, you know that sometimes, the best style moves are the most subtle and classic. Take the idea behind wearing one of the best men’s henleys, after all. It’s a simple yet significant upgrade over wearing even one of the best men’s T-shirts, one that signifies a touch of rugged, classic and yet casual style — and for my money’s worth (and yours!), the Mack Weldon Pima Short-Sleeve Henley is one of the most stylish men’s henleys you can rock right now.

It’s got plenty going for it, from simple style points to tech specs, and it’s worth diving in just a bit more this fine Thursday.

Mack Weldon already excels at mixing things up nicely — like making a polo that’s as soft as a T-shirt — and they’ve done just the same here with this modern take on a classic style. The henley shirt started, after all, as a shirt worn by rowers in Henley-on-Thames, with the button placket providing both extra coverage and ventilation when needed, and the Mack Weldon Pima Short-Sleeve Henley carries on that lineage nicely.

The use of super-soft pima cotton makes this shirt ultra-comfortable and breathable, while the three-button placket on the Mack Weldon Pima Short-Sleeve Henley is another classic henley design touch. Color options like Sand Heather and True Navy team up nicely with everything from olive chinos to grey stretch chino shorts, while the agreeable $42 price tag isn’t a bad deal at all given the quality and summer-friendly versatility on offer. When you want casual style that steps things up just a notch, snag the Mack Weldon Pima Short-Sleeve Henley.

See Now, Buy Now: The Mack Weldon Pima T-Shirt Polo Is Your New Must-Buy Summer Shirt

Best summer polo for men.

The best casual summer style moves are the ones you almost always make without thinking: Reaching for comfortable stretch shorts, throwing on your favorite summer T-shirt, lacing up some of the best summer sneakers… right? What if you could get that same sense of easygoing, “throw it on and forget it” style, even when wearing one of the best polos for summer? It sounds too good to be true, right? That’s not the case, though, with the Mack Weldon Pima T-Shirt Polo, a polo that’s, well, as comfortable as a T-shirt and yet as polished as a polo can be.

You very well might know Mack Weldon for its ultra-comfortable boxer briefs, or the fact that the brand makes one of the best casual jackets on the market, too. Yet, they’ve taken all that knowledge — the proper blend of fabric, fit and quality — and translated it into a supremely easygoing yet cool polo via the Mack Weldon Pima T-Shirt Polo.

The trick, of course, is the 100 percent Pima cotton construction, all the better for breathable summer style. The fit is relaxed, but shouldn’t prove too baggy, and the two-button placket on the Mack Weldon Pima T-Shirt Polo is also a more casual touch than dressy polos. Think of it like a polo that wears like a T-shirt, yet looks like… yep, you guessed it… a polished polo. Then, pair up the Mack Weldon Pima T-Shirt Polo — in any number of vibrant or classic colors — with everything from stretch chinos and leather loafers to your favorite hybrid shorts and white sneakers. There’s not a whole lot that the Mack Weldon Pima T-Shirt Polo can’t do, which is why it’s one of the best polos for men to buy right now. Act accordingly, my friends.

The Thursday Buy: The Mack Weldon Atlas Jacket is the Best Men’s Casual Jacket to Shop Now

Best casual jacket for men.

There are certain casual style essentials where it’s nice to treat yourself and really step things up with the “best of the best,” so to speak, and that’s where Mack Weldon can do wonders for your wardrobe. Specifically, the Mack Weldon Atlas Jacket is one of the best casual jackets for men, the kind you can incorporate into just about anything you’re doing, day in and day out, in these increasingly, well, casual times. Perhaps you’re already well-acquainted with the New York City basics brand, known for making everything from one of the warmest men’s henleys to one of the most comfortable flannel shirts — not to mention a wide selection of some of the best-reviewed boxer briefs on the planet. The Mack Weldon Atlas Jacket, recently launched as part of the brand’s mix-and-match, innovative, go-anywhere Daily Wear System, ties everything together as a polished-yet-casual outerwear option, ideal for everything from Zoom calls to coffee meetings to laidback Fridays back in the office.

The Mack Weldon Atlas Jacket is the kind of jacket your laidback wardrobe very well might be missing, made with a water and wrinkle-resistant lightweight poly fabric you can easily layer over your favorite Mack Weldon henley alongside classic blue jeans — or else, the Mack Weldon Ace Sweatpants.

Best casual everyday jacket for men.

Taken altogether, the Mack Weldon Atlas Jacket checks all the right boxes as far as the best casual jackets for men are concerned. The moisture-wicking fabric keeps you cool and comfortable, and the hidden interior pocket is ideal for keeping your look streamlined and your everyday carry essentials safe. Versatile color options are also the name of the game with the Mack Weldon Atlas Jacket, which comes in a crisp black as well as Charcoal Heather and Total Eclipse, a sharp navy shade you could wear to the office with tan chinos and a white Oxford shirt (in place of your favorite cardigan, perhaps). The Mack Weldon Atlas Jacket is seemingly simple on the outside, yet ready for just about anything — including long days on the road.

You can team the Mack Weldon Atlas Jacket with just about any other basics in your wardrobe, be they joggers or jeans or chinos, plus this laidback jacket works great with everything from graphic tees to one of the best men’s polos from Mack Weldon. It’ll set you back $128, but when you consider that the Mack Weldon Atlas Jacket could become a jacket you wear casually most days of the week — especially if you work from home — then that price is certainly worth it. As ever, if you want one of the best jackets for men — and more — Mack Weldon is the place to go. Shop accordingly, my friends.

See Now, Buy Now: This Mack Weldon WARMKNIT Henley is the Winter Menswear Layer You Need Now

Just when you thought you had your winter wardrobe all figured out, well, I’m here to tell you there’s another winter menswear must-have from Mack Weldon that you’ve simply got to pick up. Just as Mack Weldon makes one of the best men’s flannel shirts for winter or one of the best winter crewneck sweaters, they’ve got you covered in other ways, too (beyond their lineup of the best men’s basics, even). And this, folks, is where the Mack Weldon WARMKNIT Waffle Henley enters the equation (and your winter wardrobe, of course). It’s one of the best men’s henleys a guy can own, made with modern performance and standout style in spades, believe it or not.

The key is the use of Thermolite® technology to provide warmth and insulation without going overboard. The Mack Weldon WARMKNIT Waffle Henley really delivers as a base layer beneath a Mack Weldon flannel shirt or crewneck sweater, and it also works well on its own for casual lounging around the house. And yet, when the going gets tough and the thermostat plummets, the Mack Weldon WARMKNIT Waffle Henley is going to prove as warm a winter layer as it gets.

The Mack Weldon WARMKNIT Waffle Henley consistently proves its value as a rugged winter layer, made with raglan sleeve stitching to give it some visual interest while also improving mobility and layering potential. The fit on the Mack Weldon WARMKNIT Waffle Henley should prove tailored but not overly tight, crucial if you hope to wear it on its own or even as a more rugged complement to, say, one of the best men’s winter blazers (team it with a pair of indigo jeans to really drive home that business casual look). It’s also important to note that the Mack Weldon WARMKNIT Waffle Henley is as affordable as it gets in terms of an insulating, high-quality henley. It retails for $68 at Mack Weldon, not a bad price for one of the best henleys for men.

The four-button placket on the Mack Weldon WARMKNIT Waffle Henley also makes it visually interesting and more versatile beyond your standard undershirt or base layer. And rich color options, from Walnut Heather to Winestain, give this rugged, performance-minded henley a few added style points, too. The Mack Weldon WARMKNIT Waffle Henley is also exceptionally well-reviewed by customers, with more than 200 Mack Weldon reviews driving home the fact that this is an easily wearable, warm and highly versatile men’s henley. What are you waiting for? Add it to your wardrobe and really finish off your winter ensembles the right way.

The Thursday Buy: The Mack Weldon WARMKNIT Flannel is Winter’s Best Flannel Shirt

There’s no shortage of flannel shirts on the market these days, but there’s only one retailer making the best men’s flannel shirt for guys on the go, and that’s Mack Weldon. The NYC retailer has built a super-strong Web presence over the last decade, with a focus on reaching customers online and an even tighter focus on making some of the best basics for men. That same approach extends into each product category introduced by the direct-to-consumer company, an approach that allows them to make the best flannel shirt for men (alongside its much-loved Mack Weldon boxer briefs, T-shirts and much more). It’s a careful process that’s yielded serious dividends, and they’ve certainly got a fan in this menswear writer.

So, why should you stock up on the Mack Weldon WARMKNIT Flannel right now? I can think of plenty of reasons, each one better than the last if you value the right blend of rugged good looks and top-notch performance. Just like, say, the Mack Weldon Ace Crew Neck, it exudes both versatile style and technical functionality and comfort, making it an easy pick-up for yourself or a nice gift for the stylish guy in your life. The ever-wearable Mack Weldon WARMKNIT Flannel gets its edge from the brand’s Thermolite® technology, which provides insulating warmth alongside a moisture-wicking interior. These two features alone make it one of the best men’s flannel shirts, but it gets better from there.

The Mack Weldon WARMKNIT Flannel is really the total package as far as flannel shirts are concerned, with a tailored fit that makes it dressy enough to wear on its own, either tucked in or untucked, at the office with some Mack Weldon Maverick Tech Chinos. Of course, the Mack Weldon WARMKNIT Flannel is also soft-brushed for cozy comfort, offering up a modern feel that works seven days a week, with your favorite pair of blue jeans or even Mack Weldon joggers for some high-low style. Better still, this classic-yet-contemporary flannel shirt works well when layered under one of the best travel jackets (from Mack Weldon, naturally) for true go-anywhere style.

There are also plenty of standard-issue flannel shirt touches, like two front-button chest pockets, on the Mack Weldon WARMKNIT Flannel. As if that wasn’t enough, you’re getting a versatile flannel shirt for home or office for under $100 — if it seems like the Mack Weldon WARMKNIT Flannel is too good to be true, well, it’s surely not. To please every palette, the always-cool Mack Weldon WARMKNIT Flannel comes in five pattern options and one crisp, solid colorway. Consider getting two (or heck, even three) to make the Mack Weldon WARMKNIT Flannel your go-to fall and winter office shirt. It can do just about anything you ask of it though, including winter road trips and holiday affairs. Try out Mack Weldon and see for yourself.

The Thursday Buy: The Mack Weldon Ace Crew Neck is the Coziest Sweater for Casual Holiday Style

From point A to point B (or rather, from the top of your wardrobe to the bottom), Mack Weldon has a knack for making some of the best men’s style essentials for a wide variety of situations (any style situation you can dream up, in fact). And for the next few weeks, I’d imagine your style scenarios will certainly involve quite the mix of holiday gatherings, laidback days at home and perhaps some time spent hustling at the office. So, what are you going to wear for each of those vastly different scenarios? At least on your top half, the answer should prove relatively simple: The Mack Weldon Ace Crew Neck delivers the efficient, effective, subtle but reliable style (and winter warmth!) that you need right now. It’s both one of the best sweatshirts for men and yet so much more than an average crewneck sweatshirt in terms of fit, fabric and feel. If that sounds like it checks all the proper boxes for you, you’re in luck: Keep reading, my friends.

Mack Weldon, of course, already makes some of the most comfortable pants to wear back to the office, and they’ve gone a step further in recent months with one of the best men’s travel jackets. Tie it all together, then, with a sweatshirt you can wear just about anywhere, and then be thankful you’ve got it handy on chilly days, for welcoming winter evenings and a bit of everything in between. Here’s where the Mack Weldon Ace Crew Neck really sets itself apart from the pack. It’s got all of the very same trappings (and then some) as the rest of the Mack Weldon Ace Collection, yet with even more cleaned-up, classic and go-anywhere style points.

The sweatshirt itself uses soft micro-brushed French terry for an incredibly smooth feel and finish — the Mack Weldon Ace Crew Neck, to put it lightly, doesn’t pull any punches in terms of high-quality fabrication. It retails for the highly agreeable price of $78, a downright bargain when you consider that you can wear this surprisingly stylish crew neck sweatshirt with everything from tailored Mack Weldon sweatpants to your favorite pair of jeans or even tan chinos (especially the Total Eclipse color shown above). The Mack Weldon Ace Crew Neck goes well layered up atop a white Oxford shirt at the office or over a chambray shirt — at the office or picking up a growler of your favorite beer pre-party.

And if you simply feel like throwing on the Mack Weldon Ace Crew Neck to wear with sweatshorts on a laidback day at home, then you’ve got a sweatshirt that rise to the (comparatively laidback) occasion. When you want to class things up just a bit, the Mack Weldon Ace Crew Neck wears nicely underneath, say, a tan herringbone or unstructured charcoal wool blazer with dark jeans for a high-low style mash-up. With three versatile color options up for grabs, the versatility of the Mack Weldon Ace Crew Neck can go as far as you want it to go right now. Scoop one up now as the holiday season picks up in earnest.

See Now, Buy Now: Mack Weldon’s Stormchaser Jacket is the Best Fall Travel Jacket

The good folks at Mack Weldon continually prove why the company is one of the best menswear brands of the moment, from ease of service to high-quality products designed to move you from season to season. That’s the case whether they’re producing one of the best fall jackets for men — the subject of today’s post — or whether the focus happens to be, say, the best T-shirt for spring or the ideal pants to wear back to the office. There’s lots to love with Mack Weldon, and when you check out the Mack Weldon Stormchaser Jacket to carry you into and through blustery early fall days, you’ll certainly realize why they might just be your new favorite men’s style brand. That’s high praise, but I’d guarantee there’s something for everyone at Mack Weldon, assuredly including one of the best jackets for men.

It’s the brand’s first rain jacket, and although that might seem like something you more closely associate with spring, it’s all the better to keep handy as fall weather rolls through town, especially with outdoor road trips top of mind. The Mack Weldon Stormchaser Jacket is built to exacting standards and manages to clock in at below $200, impressive when you consider the sort of functionality you’re getting here. It features a fully seam-sealed interior, keeping you dry while maintaining the composed exterior of a lightweight rain jacket. Bonded pockets also protect your everyday carry essentials, another must-have for fall adventures.

SHOP: The Mack Weldon Stormchaser Jacket

Crucially, the super-functional and sleek Mack Weldon Stormchaser Jacket is as stylish as it is functional, boasting a sleek design and a sleek matte finish in two highly wearable colors. It’s the perfect sort of jacket to add to any wardrobe of existing Mack Weldon style staples, including the brand’s Tech Chinos and perhaps a breathable Oxford shirt. You can also wear it accordingly atop a sweater from Mack Weldon, all the better to really drive home versatile, go-anywhere style.

Get this durable rain jacket now

Mack Weldon has you covered

It’s going to keep you dry on the road and at home, and it helps that the built-in adjustable hood is also rather sleek, not overly bulky. It seems like, as with most Mack Weldon gear picks, the brand really has thought of every little detail, right down to the Velcro cuffs on the Mack Weldon Stormchaser Jacket. It’s also worth noting once again that the sub-$200 price works well for most any budget, especially if you’re OK with buying a rain jacket you can layer and wear in multiple seasons (which you certainly should be!). The Mack Weldon Stormchaser Jacket is at once underrated and essential, and it belongs on your back heading into fall.

The Friday Read: Mack Weldon’s New Gear, The Tie Bar’s Semi-Annual Sale & The Best Sub-$200 Watches

Mack Weldon | Reinventing Men's Basics

Stepping into the weekend with a one-stop shop in mind for your favorite menswear just got a bit easier – at least, it looks that way to me when I check out the Mack Weldon Daily Wear System. Coming from a retailer as excellent as Mack Weldon, it’s a perfect system to consider as we kick off another Friday Read. You see, be it the brand’s excellent boxer briefs, comfortable socks, efficient and performance-minded buttondown shirts or the Mack Weldon Tech Chinos that we talked about earlier this week, the NYC-based brand really is one that can help you do it all. Consider this a recommendation or an endorsement to get your weekend rolling the right way. If you haven’t yet checked out Mack Weldon, now is the perfect time. And as to some other recommendations for the weekend? Well, I’m glad you asked.

HELM Boots

I’m closing out a busy week after an upstate trip with Laphroaig Scotch, so I’m looking forward to catching up on reading and relaxing myself (but not too much – keep on reading!). The trip was a chance to test the brand’s latest offerings, and it was an homage to the fact that the famed distillery hosts a fly fishing festival every year in Scotland. From Tuesday’s “staycation” at the Arlo Midtown to a fly-fishing demo Wednesday morning and a lovely stay at the incredible Hutton Brickyards in Kingston, NY, it was a seriously unique trip the likes of which I’ve never been on. Although I wasn’t all that great at the tricky sport of fly fishing, I really enjoyed myself nonetheless!

HELM Boots

I’ve got another trip coming up sooner than you might think, as well — I’m hitting the road tomorrow for a one-night getaway to try out what should be an excellent bar and hotel combination, the Riggs Hotel Washington, D.C., which is properly reopening after a year and change of the pandemic. Go ahead and give me a follow on Instagram to keep up with the latest and greatest! And in the meantime, the rest of today’s Friday Read is yours for the taking. Cheers, my friends!

Restock Your Whole Wardrobe Via The Tie Bar's Semi-Annual Sale - InsideHook
  • Need a new dress shirt or tie as you head back to the office? Well, I’ve got just the solution for you. The Tie Bar’s Semi-Annual Sale is stocking and selling the best men’s dress shirts, ties and accessories for a return to the office and summer weddings aplenty, and they’re giving you discounts of up to 50 percent off all the while. Sounds like an ideal chance to stock up ASAP.
  • Here’s another reading recommendation for you this weekend. Summer brings with it plenty of opportunities to camp and explore the great outdoors. With that being said, you should certainly keep in mind the fact that you’re going to need a dependable jacket for all those pursuits on and off the trail. Head to The Manual to check out my guide to the best cheap North Face jacket deals this season. Good luck out there, folks.
  • I’ve been a fan of the excellent men’s lifestyle site Primer Magazine since 2012. The site covers everything a guy need to get dressed on the daily, live a fulfilling life, shop in style and decorate your apartment, and that’s why it was such a pleasure to cover the best men’s watches under $200. Give it a read and let me know what you think in the comments below.

That’ll wrap up today’s rather quick-hit Friday Read. Want something else to kick off your weekend with energy and spirit in mind? Head over to my twice-weekly newsletter, The Style Guide In Brief — a play off the title of this blog! — where I talk about my favorite new (and old) music, menswear, craft beer and more. If you like indie rock and indie pop, with the classics thrown in, then this is the right way to go (in my humble opinion!). Enjoy the weekend, stay safe and shop & read with style in mind, my friends!