The Thursday Buy: The Mack Weldon WARMKNIT Flannel is Winter’s Best Flannel Shirt

There’s no shortage of flannel shirts on the market these days, but there’s only one retailer making the best men’s flannel shirt for guys on the go, and that’s Mack Weldon. The NYC retailer has built a super-strong Web presence over the last decade, with a focus on reaching customers online and an even tighter focus on making some of the best basics for men. That same approach extends into each product category introduced by the direct-to-consumer company, an approach that allows them to make the best flannel shirt for men (alongside its much-loved Mack Weldon boxer briefs, T-shirts and much more). It’s a careful process that’s yielded serious dividends, and they’ve certainly got a fan in this menswear writer.

So, why should you stock up on the Mack Weldon WARMKNIT Flannel right now? I can think of plenty of reasons, each one better than the last if you value the right blend of rugged good looks and top-notch performance. Just like, say, the Mack Weldon Ace Crew Neck, it exudes both versatile style and technical functionality and comfort, making it an easy pick-up for yourself or a nice gift for the stylish guy in your life. The ever-wearable Mack Weldon WARMKNIT Flannel gets its edge from the brand’s Thermolite® technology, which provides insulating warmth alongside a moisture-wicking interior. These two features alone make it one of the best men’s flannel shirts, but it gets better from there.

The Mack Weldon WARMKNIT Flannel is really the total package as far as flannel shirts are concerned, with a tailored fit that makes it dressy enough to wear on its own, either tucked in or untucked, at the office with some Mack Weldon Maverick Tech Chinos. Of course, the Mack Weldon WARMKNIT Flannel is also soft-brushed for cozy comfort, offering up a modern feel that works seven days a week, with your favorite pair of blue jeans or even Mack Weldon joggers for some high-low style. Better still, this classic-yet-contemporary flannel shirt works well when layered under one of the best travel jackets (from Mack Weldon, naturally) for true go-anywhere style.

There are also plenty of standard-issue flannel shirt touches, like two front-button chest pockets, on the Mack Weldon WARMKNIT Flannel. As if that wasn’t enough, you’re getting a versatile flannel shirt for home or office for under $100 — if it seems like the Mack Weldon WARMKNIT Flannel is too good to be true, well, it’s surely not. To please every palette, the always-cool Mack Weldon WARMKNIT Flannel comes in five pattern options and one crisp, solid colorway. Consider getting two (or heck, even three) to make the Mack Weldon WARMKNIT Flannel your go-to fall and winter office shirt. It can do just about anything you ask of it though, including winter road trips and holiday affairs. Try out Mack Weldon and see for yourself.

The Thursday Buy: The Mack Weldon Ace Crew Neck is the Coziest Sweater for Casual Holiday Style

From point A to point B (or rather, from the top of your wardrobe to the bottom), Mack Weldon has a knack for making some of the best men’s style essentials for a wide variety of situations (any style situation you can dream up, in fact). And for the next few weeks, I’d imagine your style scenarios will certainly involve quite the mix of holiday gatherings, laidback days at home and perhaps some time spent hustling at the office. So, what are you going to wear for each of those vastly different scenarios? At least on your top half, the answer should prove relatively simple: The Mack Weldon Ace Crew Neck delivers the efficient, effective, subtle but reliable style (and winter warmth!) that you need right now. It’s both one of the best sweatshirts for men and yet so much more than an average crewneck sweatshirt in terms of fit, fabric and feel. If that sounds like it checks all the proper boxes for you, you’re in luck: Keep reading, my friends.

Mack Weldon, of course, already makes some of the most comfortable pants to wear back to the office, and they’ve gone a step further in recent months with one of the best men’s travel jackets. Tie it all together, then, with a sweatshirt you can wear just about anywhere, and then be thankful you’ve got it handy on chilly days, for welcoming winter evenings and a bit of everything in between. Here’s where the Mack Weldon Ace Crew Neck really sets itself apart from the pack. It’s got all of the very same trappings (and then some) as the rest of the Mack Weldon Ace Collection, yet with even more cleaned-up, classic and go-anywhere style points.

The sweatshirt itself uses soft micro-brushed French terry for an incredibly smooth feel and finish — the Mack Weldon Ace Crew Neck, to put it lightly, doesn’t pull any punches in terms of high-quality fabrication. It retails for the highly agreeable price of $78, a downright bargain when you consider that you can wear this surprisingly stylish crew neck sweatshirt with everything from tailored Mack Weldon sweatpants to your favorite pair of jeans or even tan chinos (especially the Total Eclipse color shown above). The Mack Weldon Ace Crew Neck goes well layered up atop a white Oxford shirt at the office or over a chambray shirt — at the office or picking up a growler of your favorite beer pre-party.

And if you simply feel like throwing on the Mack Weldon Ace Crew Neck to wear with sweatshorts on a laidback day at home, then you’ve got a sweatshirt that rise to the (comparatively laidback) occasion. When you want to class things up just a bit, the Mack Weldon Ace Crew Neck wears nicely underneath, say, a tan herringbone or unstructured charcoal wool blazer with dark jeans for a high-low style mash-up. With three versatile color options up for grabs, the versatility of the Mack Weldon Ace Crew Neck can go as far as you want it to go right now. Scoop one up now as the holiday season picks up in earnest.

See Now, Buy Now: Mack Weldon’s Stormchaser Jacket is the Best Fall Travel Jacket

The good folks at Mack Weldon continually prove why the company is one of the best menswear brands of the moment, from ease of service to high-quality products designed to move you from season to season. That’s the case whether they’re producing one of the best fall jackets for men — the subject of today’s post — or whether the focus happens to be, say, the best T-shirt for spring or the ideal pants to wear back to the office. There’s lots to love with Mack Weldon, and when you check out the Mack Weldon Stormchaser Jacket to carry you into and through blustery early fall days, you’ll certainly realize why they might just be your new favorite men’s style brand. That’s high praise, but I’d guarantee there’s something for everyone at Mack Weldon, assuredly including one of the best jackets for men.

It’s the brand’s first rain jacket, and although that might seem like something you more closely associate with spring, it’s all the better to keep handy as fall weather rolls through town, especially with outdoor road trips top of mind. The Mack Weldon Stormchaser Jacket is built to exacting standards and manages to clock in at below $200, impressive when you consider the sort of functionality you’re getting here. It features a fully seam-sealed interior, keeping you dry while maintaining the composed exterior of a lightweight rain jacket. Bonded pockets also protect your everyday carry essentials, another must-have for fall adventures.

SHOP: The Mack Weldon Stormchaser Jacket

Crucially, the super-functional and sleek Mack Weldon Stormchaser Jacket is as stylish as it is functional, boasting a sleek design and a sleek matte finish in two highly wearable colors. It’s the perfect sort of jacket to add to any wardrobe of existing Mack Weldon style staples, including the brand’s Tech Chinos and perhaps a breathable Oxford shirt. You can also wear it accordingly atop a sweater from Mack Weldon, all the better to really drive home versatile, go-anywhere style.

Get this durable rain jacket now

Mack Weldon has you covered

It’s going to keep you dry on the road and at home, and it helps that the built-in adjustable hood is also rather sleek, not overly bulky. It seems like, as with most Mack Weldon gear picks, the brand really has thought of every little detail, right down to the Velcro cuffs on the Mack Weldon Stormchaser Jacket. It’s also worth noting once again that the sub-$200 price works well for most any budget, especially if you’re OK with buying a rain jacket you can layer and wear in multiple seasons (which you certainly should be!). The Mack Weldon Stormchaser Jacket is at once underrated and essential, and it belongs on your back heading into fall.

The Friday Read: Mack Weldon’s New Gear, The Tie Bar’s Semi-Annual Sale & The Best Sub-$200 Watches

Mack Weldon | Reinventing Men's Basics

Stepping into the weekend with a one-stop shop in mind for your favorite menswear just got a bit easier – at least, it looks that way to me when I check out the Mack Weldon Daily Wear System. Coming from a retailer as excellent as Mack Weldon, it’s a perfect system to consider as we kick off another Friday Read. You see, be it the brand’s excellent boxer briefs, comfortable socks, efficient and performance-minded buttondown shirts or the Mack Weldon Tech Chinos that we talked about earlier this week, the NYC-based brand really is one that can help you do it all. Consider this a recommendation or an endorsement to get your weekend rolling the right way. If you haven’t yet checked out Mack Weldon, now is the perfect time. And as to some other recommendations for the weekend? Well, I’m glad you asked.

HELM Boots

I’m closing out a busy week after an upstate trip with Laphroaig Scotch, so I’m looking forward to catching up on reading and relaxing myself (but not too much – keep on reading!). The trip was a chance to test the brand’s latest offerings, and it was an homage to the fact that the famed distillery hosts a fly fishing festival every year in Scotland. From Tuesday’s “staycation” at the Arlo Midtown to a fly-fishing demo Wednesday morning and a lovely stay at the incredible Hutton Brickyards in Kingston, NY, it was a seriously unique trip the likes of which I’ve never been on. Although I wasn’t all that great at the tricky sport of fly fishing, I really enjoyed myself nonetheless!

HELM Boots

I’ve got another trip coming up sooner than you might think, as well — I’m hitting the road tomorrow for a one-night getaway to try out what should be an excellent bar and hotel combination, the Riggs Hotel Washington, D.C., which is properly reopening after a year and change of the pandemic. Go ahead and give me a follow on Instagram to keep up with the latest and greatest! And in the meantime, the rest of today’s Friday Read is yours for the taking. Cheers, my friends!

Restock Your Whole Wardrobe Via The Tie Bar's Semi-Annual Sale - InsideHook
  • Need a new dress shirt or tie as you head back to the office? Well, I’ve got just the solution for you. The Tie Bar’s Semi-Annual Sale is stocking and selling the best men’s dress shirts, ties and accessories for a return to the office and summer weddings aplenty, and they’re giving you discounts of up to 50 percent off all the while. Sounds like an ideal chance to stock up ASAP.
  • Here’s another reading recommendation for you this weekend. Summer brings with it plenty of opportunities to camp and explore the great outdoors. With that being said, you should certainly keep in mind the fact that you’re going to need a dependable jacket for all those pursuits on and off the trail. Head to The Manual to check out my guide to the best cheap North Face jacket deals this season. Good luck out there, folks.
  • I’ve been a fan of the excellent men’s lifestyle site Primer Magazine since 2012. The site covers everything a guy need to get dressed on the daily, live a fulfilling life, shop in style and decorate your apartment, and that’s why it was such a pleasure to cover the best men’s watches under $200. Give it a read and let me know what you think in the comments below.

That’ll wrap up today’s rather quick-hit Friday Read. Want something else to kick off your weekend with energy and spirit in mind? Head over to my twice-weekly newsletter, The Style Guide In Brief — a play off the title of this blog! — where I talk about my favorite new (and old) music, menswear, craft beer and more. If you like indie rock and indie pop, with the classics thrown in, then this is the right way to go (in my humble opinion!). Enjoy the weekend, stay safe and shop & read with style in mind, my friends!

The Tuesday Steal: These Mack Weldon Tech Chinos are the Perfect Pants to Wear Back to the Office

Notice anything about today’s post? Welcome to the Tuesday Steal, a new category here at The Style Guide that might occasionally replace our regular, long-running Tuesday #OOTD series. In the interest of getting right into it, the scoop here is that the Tuesday Steal gives you a menswear essential, like the best pants to wear back to the office, at a solid price. That’s the name of the game with Mack Weldon, and they’re a brand that’s only getting bigger and better. Now, you likely know Mack Weldon as the makers of some of the best basics for men, including the best men’s boxer briefs and the best men’s T-shirt, not to mention some of the best men’s shorts. But the Mack Weldon Maverick Tech Chinos are in a class all by themselves as far as the best men’s pants for summer (and beyond) are concerned, and that’s not just hyperbole. And because they retail for $128, they’re the type of pants primed for plenty of wear as you get the most bang for your buck.

HELM Boots

Crucially, they’re part of the new Mack Weldon Daily Wear System, which shows you how to mix and match all of your surprisingly affordable style staples from the direct-to-consumer brand. DTC brands, which cut out the middle man, like a department store, have gained quite a bit of traction in recent years for offering lower prices, solid discounts and quality products, like the *drumroll please* Mack Weldon Maverick Tech Chinos.

SHOP: The Mack Weldon Maverick Tech Chinos

The specs on the Mack Weldon Maverick Chinos are important, and critical for any item to take its place as the rightful owner of the Tuesday Steal. They’re made with spill and stain-resistant, four-way stretch fabric, for plenty of comfort in your cubicle and even back out on the road for seasons to come. That lightweight stretch fabric is also going to prove mighty handy as you navigate the summer heat. They even feature an incredible seven pockets and a flexible fly. Wear them with Mack Weldon shirts and Mack Weldon boxer briefs as often as you can this season, and beyond that. The rest of your Tuesday awaits, so go forth with the knowledge you’ve gained from the Tuesday Steal. Happy shopping!

SHOP: The Mack Weldon Maverick Tech Chinos

Style Pick of the Week: Mack Weldon Radius Shorts

Radius Active Shorts - Men's Stretch Shorts | Mack Weldon

If you’re in the business of building your wardrobe from head-to-toe with your favorite brands, then Mack Weldon is certainly a brand to know. If you read the blog, perhaps you know all about how they make some of the best T-shirts for men, plus the best casual hoodie. What if I told you it gets even better beyond that, though? I’m talking, naturally, about the Mack Weldon Radius Shorts, a new launch from the brand here just in time for summer — and surely, destined to become your new favorite shorts. They check plenty of the right boxes, as I like to say, as far as the best shorts for men are concerned, and again, if you know Mack Weldon, you know that’s not hyperbole. Mack Weldon menswear is as functional as it is fashionable. And in the case of the Mack Weldon Radius Shorts, the brand carries on that lineage quite nicely indeed.

They’re water, wind and stain-resistant, making them the perfect shorts for summer travel and hours in the sun. They carry the same DNA as the excellent and much-loved Mack Weldon Radius Pants, which is great news if you value menswear that moves with you, wears well over time and looks just plain great. In fact, I’d recommend that you pick up the Radius Pants to wear to the office (for example), and then keep your new favorite summer shorts handy to wear on the weekend.

SHOP: The Mack Weldon Radius Shorts

These shorts also get the details right in terms of fit. The Mack Weldon Radius Shorts feature a 9-inch inseam, which should work quite well if you’re on the the taller side, or if you want men’s shorts that hit right at the kneecap. They’re also sleek in terms of design — no cargo pockets in sight. And as you might expect, the Mack Weldon Radius Shorts are affordably priced at $78, leaving you with some extra cash if you want to stock up on, say, the Mack Weldon Vesper Polo or the classic Mack Weldon Pima Crew Neck. That’s another great selling point about the Mack Weldon Radius Shorts: Versatility is the name of the game.

They feature four-way stretch for maximum comfort, no matter what you wear ’em with, and neutral color options like True Navy or Asphalt help you maximize the most bang for your buck. Add in the flexible waist and belt loops — unlike the drawstring shorts you’ve been wearing, these ones will need a belt — and you’ve got yourself some of the best men’s shorts for summer. And by that, I mean this summer, and next summer, and the summer after that… stock up accordingly, folks.

SHOP: The Mack Weldon Radius Shorts

The Friday Read: The Best New Spring Watch, Mack Weldon Gear & the Best Spring Beers

CroftVintageSilverSP-5058-0A-SS13_1800x1800.jpg (1800×1800)

Folks, you know what time it is. It’s time to step into the weekend with today’s action-packed Friday Read, which covers new spring beer, new spring gear from the likes of Mack Weldon, some new SeaVees sneakers and of course, a new spring watch. The watch in question is above is one I can’t recommend highly enough. It’s coming at you courtesy of Spinnaker Watches, and I’ve had the chance to test out the brand in recent weeks. In fact, I covered one of the coolest new watches from Spinnaker just last week on the blog. There’s no doubt in my mind that the Spinnaker Croft Automatic Watch is every bit as functional, durable and stylish as you need this season. And hey, the stainless steel case, contrasting bezel and black leather strap give this rugged men’s watch plenty of versatility, too. Consider it a proper way to start your weekend — and know that there’s more where that came from.

We’ve got plenty of other ground to cover today, as you’ll find out in just a minute. As for me, I’ve been plenty busy with other freelance pursuits, including my next music-and-menswear newsletter entry. It’ll hit your inbox tomorrow at The Style Guide In Brief, and you’re also getting a Tuesday newsletter dispatch as well. It’s fun, it’s informational, it’s a great way to start your weekend (as biased as I might be, though).

If that sounds ideal to you, well, I assure you that it is. Elsewhere, I’m once again back in Florida to spend some quality time with my dogs as my parents head out on a quick trip. From time spent in the sun to time spent with Point Ybel Brewing Company beer, it doesn’t get much better. I hope your weekend is just as relaxing and enjoyable. Cheers and thanks for reading!


  • Now, how’s this for another spring shopping pick? The arrival of warm weather doesn’t mean you should revert to old-school, threadbare T-shirts. In fact, that’s why I’m recommending you get one of the best polos for spring and summer from… well, who else but Mack Weldon?? The brand’s Ace Hooded Sweatshirt has you covered for casual days at home, and the Mack Weldon Vesper Polo is as great a way as any to add a bit of polish to all those more dressed-up meetings (or rather, Zoom calls). Go for it and let me know your take.

  • What do you need to pair with your new spring polo from Mack Weldon? That’s easy: Some stylish new spring sneakers. If you ask me, I think it’s very tough to beat SeaVees sneakers, especially the sustainable and eco-conscious SeaVees Legend Sneaker Seachange. It’s the brand’s first-ever collection release with conservation group Seachange, so that’s quite the 2-for-1 deal. Get ’em right now at Huckberry.

  • Now, I mentioned above that we’d be talking about the best beers for spring, and with that being said, well, here’s what I’ve got for you. Over at GearMoose, I covered my favorite beers for the season from a wide variety of famed and acclaimed breweries. That goes for Allagash Brewing in Maine, as well as Threes Brewing “down the street” here in Brooklyn (to mention but a couple). Crack open a cold one and enjoy yourself, folks.
  • Let’s switch tracks for a second here. For, I’ve been quite busy these past few weeks covering all manner of new watches, but I had the chance to step outside of the watch world and cover the latest Laphroaig whisky launch, a 10-year whisky finished in Sherry Oak casks. I’ve also been sampling said whisky, and I can confirm it’s as great as it looks. Cheers and let’s raise a glass, shall we?

Frontier 30 728x90 That’ll bring us to the end, believe it or not, of another Friday Read. As I said above, be sure to check out those new spring beers, that new Laphroaig Scotch and of course, my weekend newsletter. Naturally, I also have one more guide to share before we ride into the weekend. If you, like me, can’t seem to put away your new favorite pair of boots, this #OOTD will tell you all about how to make ’em work for you this season. Lace up those Huckberry boots and we’ll see you out there.

The Thursday Buy: This Mack Weldon Pima Tee is the Best Men’s T-Shirt for Spring

Mack Weldon review

Your new go-to spring T-shirt, easily.

We’re back again with another essential Thursday Buy, and in the spirit of spring, let’s talk about one of the best men’s T-shirts for the season. It comes from a brand you know and love, too. Mack Weldon really does make some of the best gear and menswear for guys, and that’s not just hyperbole (head here to read about the brand’s much-loved hooded sweatshirt). There’s a very good chance that when you start to try out the brand’s basics, you won’t want to wear anything else — even if that’s just cashmere crew socks, for example. And if you’ve tried Mack Weldon underwear, you also know this is the case. But we’re really here to talk about one of the best men’s T-shirts for spring, summer and beyond. It’s your lucky day if you’ve been shopping around for the perfect men’s T-shirt, to put it simply.

Introducing MW07 PLUS True Wireless Earphones in Jade Green

The Mack Weldon Pima Cotton T-Shirt packs in plenty of bang for your buck (it’ll run you $32 at Mack Weldon), and it’s assuredly worth the price. Heck, it’s so well-made, you might want to get more than one. Another positive here: Remember, you can get free shipping to the U.S. and Canada on orders of $50 or more at this linkNot a bad deal as far as your new favorite T-shirt is concerned, ehh? Not bad at all.

SHOP: The Mack Weldon Pima Cotton T-Shirt

Mack Weldon Pima Crewneck

One of the best T-shirts for men, available in a wide array of cool colors.

Consider your search for the best new T-shirt for men to be at an end, in short, because the Mack Weldon Pima Cotton T-Shirt is going to be your new go-to. In addition to the ridiculously soft pima cotton construction, it’s got a durable collar that won’t lose its shape (the brand calls this its Recovery Collar). That’s great news indeed, because you’re going to find yourself wearing this essential T-shirt with everything from your favorite light wash denim for spring to cotton chino shorts and canvas sneakers. It’s an ideal T-shirt to layer under a rugged cotton chambray shirt or a denim jacket, too. And on its own, even with slim olive chinos (in the case of the Sand Heather T-Shirt shown above), it simply looks great (thanks to the tailored fit and the array of versatile color options).

It’s even better that the Mack Weldon Pima Cotton T-Shirt comes in so many colors — 15, to be exact! — because you’re going to find yourself wanting to stock up ASAP. Remember, it’s also to your benefit to spend more, thanks to free shipping to the U.S. and Canada on orders of $50 or moreThat’s really just the tip of the iceberg, because this T-shirt is going to become a new favorite, and quickly. If you end up checking it out, be sure to let me know on Twitter.

SHOP: The Mack Weldon Pima Cotton T-Shirt

Style Pick of the Week: Mack Weldon Ace Hooded Sweatshirt

Mack Weldon Ace Hooded Sweatshirt

One of the best hoodies for men to wear right now, and the rest of the season.

In recent weeks, we’ve really done a number here in our Style Pick of the Week series as far as the best outerwear and gear for spring is concerned. And because we’re still in the thick of it — spring weather, blustery days and plenty of pandemic time at home — we’re going to keep a similar theme rolling with one of the best hooded sweatshirts for men. Or perhaps, the very best hoodie for men. How about it, ehh? And the culprit, of course, is a familiar one if you read the blog: Mack Weldon, longtime favorites of The Style Guide when it comes to weekend-ready basics (check out this 2016 post for reference!) and plenty more.


And the Mack Weldon Ace Hooded Sweatshirt, a fan favorite, sure does have plenty going for it as far as the best hoodie for weekend style is concerned. We’ll get into it here shortly, but at first glance, it’s made with the quality and care you’d expect from Mack Weldon, especially for the price (it’s $88 at Mack Weldon). The micro-sanded French Terry cotton, infused with a nice amount of stretch elastane fabric, is what really sets it apart as far as the best men’s hoodies are concerned. If you thought that was the only thing that made it great, well, keep on scrolling to find out even more.

SHOP: The Mack Weldon Ace Hoodie

Mack Weldon review

Details that make the difference with Mack Weldon, including soft cotton fabric and a molded zipper.

The Mack Weldon Ace Hooded Sweatshirt is remarkably soft and seriously comfortable to wear for hours on end, whether you’re kicked back on the porch, coffee in hand, or dashing about town. That’s right: This is a stylish hooded sweatshirt you can wear layered underneath, say, a waxed trucker jacket on a breezy spring day for functionality and casual style points aplenty.  All that’s missing now is, say a Mack Weldon T-shirt for laidback lounging (and casual style when you do decide to take off this hoodie, of course). Small touches like a molded zipper — for added durability — ensure this classic men’s hoodie can stand up to plenty of repeated wear, and that goes for Netflix binging (Peaky Blinders, anyone??) or spring beer runs.

Of course, when you consider the fact that you can also get a deal on Mack Weldon joggers, you’ve practically got your new casual spring weekend uniform sorted out. It’s also worth noting that the Mack Weldon Ace Hooded Sweatshirt comes in enough colorways to please even the pickiest dresser, from Total Eclipse Blue (my personal favorite) to colors like Dark Forest and even a burgundy “Dark Rum” color. In short: When you want one of the best men’s hooded sweatshirts, this is the one to buy — and wear all spring, of course.

SHOP: The Mack Weldon Ace Hoodie

#OOTD: How to Wear the Best New Spring Jacket from Huckberry

If you ask me, we all need one truly essential, go-to jacket in each and every season (yes, even spring and summer as far as outerwear is concerned). While your go-to winter jacket might be a burly parka or a tough waxed trucker jacket, the answer for spring style is a bit simpler. One of the best jackets for men this spring has got to be effective, it’s got to be versatile enough to wear casual and more tailored picks, and it’s got to be ready for anything, simple as that. Enter the Flint and Tinder Quilted Flight Jacketan old-school jacket that draws design inspiration from military pieces and yet brings it all forward into the present day. That means a trimmer fit and more advanced fabrics, plus that reliable and durable design you’ve come to expect from Huckberry.

That’s only the tip of the iceberg, as it were, when it comes to getting ready for early spring. The season can bring everything from unexpected sunlight to even more unexpected rain, so the supporting cast in today’s #OOTD is on-hand to help you power through in style. To be more specific, picks like a performance-minded, classic men’s Oxford shirt, your new favorite T-shirt and the best chinos for men will help you go just about anywhere, be that an outdoor coffee date or a long-awaited return to the office. Put it all together at once, and you’re going to look, well, great. Keep on scrolling for today’s picks, folks.

Best men's jackets for spring

Putting the spotlight on a new favorite jacket from Huckberry this season.

  • The Jacket: Flint and Tinder Quilted Flight Jacket, $188 — Retro style meets modern functionality in this classic flight jacket, one of the best men’s jackets for spring (especially if you favor casual, on-the-go style). Huckberry gets it right.
  • The Shirt: Mack Weldon Oxford Shirt, $88 — This classic men’s Oxford shirt is made with high-performance fabric to wick moisture and prevent sweat, making it one of the coolest men’s buttondown shirts (literally) on the market. Don’t forget, Mack Weldon also offers free U.S. shipping, folks.
  • The Base Layer: Sunspel Riviera T-Shirt, $90 via UNCRATE — Here’s the thing with spring weather: It can go from blustery and rainy to hot in a matter of minutes. So, get this investment-level, James Bond-approved T-shirt to wear all on its own if need be.
  • The Pants: Mott and Bow Slim Mercer Jeans in Khaki, $118 — These Mott and Bow jeans feature a unique color versus other blue jeans in your rotation, making them a wise pick to shake up your spring style. Possibly the best men’s jeans out there.
  • The Watch: Alsta Nautoscaph Superautomatic, $1,005 — This adventure-ready watch remasters the Richard Dreyfuss watch from Jaws, making it supremely cool and seriously ready for anything spring has in store.
  • The Boots: Nisolo Andres All-Weather Boots, $260 — Spring weather can shift at any time, so you need a pair of the best leather boots for men, the kind that are weather-ready, stylish and ethically made. The Nisolo Andres Boots are here.
  • The Belt: Adelante Shoe Co. Essential Leather Belt, $125 — This stylish leather belt is handcrafted in Guatemala by a fairly paid, skilled artisan, making it the ideal complementary accessory to the rest of this #OOTD.
  • The Everyday Carry: Mission Workshop 500D Drift Tote, $265 — A rugged tote bag made for anything you can dream up, from hauling brewery cans to keeping your laptop safe while you head to an outdoor coffee shop? Sign me up (and just know that this Mission Workshop tote bag is exclusive to Huckberry, my friends).

Who’s got a newfound hankering for an outdoor stroll under some breezy spring sunlight? That sounds like just what the doctor ordered (along with wearing a mask, of course!), and these gear picks are here to help you get where you’re going. It all starts with your new favorite jacket from Huckberry, the kind of pick you can throw on and forget about (until you start receiving plentiful compliments, that is). For the office or for a bit of a polished-yet-casual feel on the weekend, your Mack Weldon Oxford Shirt is going to pull double-duty: We’re talking straightforward, subtle style and functionality.

Plus, you can wear said shirt atop that James Bond-approved T-shirt, unbuttoned, if the weather starts to warm up (Sunspel makes some of the best T-shirts for men in the game, no doubt). Rolling through the rest of this outfit, Mott and Bow jeans in a cool shade of Khaki offer a change of pace from the blue jeans you might normally wear, and a pair of the best leather boots for men seal it all together (literally — they’re waterproof) on your bottom half. If you want to invest a bit in your accessories for spring and well beyond, well, I can think of no better way than by picking up that iconic homage to the Richard Dreyfuss watch from Jaws, ehh? Even your handmade leather belt is a style upgrade that’s out of the ordinary. Of course, this #OOTD wouldn’t mean a thing without a rugged tote bag to haul your laptop, your notebook or other EDC essentials. If you like the look of this ensemble, let me know in the comments below. Stay stylish, stay safe and thanks for reading!