Style Pick of the Week: Flint and Tinder Bone Button Western Shirt – A Rugged Wardrobe Upgrade for Winter

Best Western shirt for men to buy now.

If you’re anything like me, it seems that there comes a certain point in any season where something fresh yet familiar is the right move when it comes to men’s style essentials. So, taking something tried and true, like one of the best men’s shirts, and flipping the equation on its head slightly — say, with a rugged Western shirt that’s timeless and yet on trend.

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All the better if it’s sold by Huckberry, which is certainly the case with today’s Style Pick of the Week. Now that we’re well into February, perhaps you want to shake up your wardrobe ever so slightly (as we’ve talked about frequently on the blog as of late!), and that’s where the Flint and Tinder Bone Button Western Shirt can lend quite the helping hand.

Now, men’s style essentials at Huckberry are nothing new around these parts, whether it’s the stylish, unique Wellen Blanket Chore Coat or the rest of the dependable lineup from in-house brand Flint and Tinder, from stretch chinos to Oxford shirts and yes, the Flint and Tinder Bone Button Western Shirt. Old-school styles like Western shirts and Western boots seem to be everywhere these days, so if you want to dip your toes into that trend without going full-on “Yellowstone,” then a classic Western shirt could be just the ticket.

Best men's Western shirts.

The detailing, from the point stitching and pockets to the snap buttons and a pleasingly faded series of wash options, is as on-point as you’ve come to expect from Huckberry. The 8oz. cotton denim is an agreeable weight, able to be layered easily over one of the best men’s henleys, buttoned up on its own or worn underneath a classic shawl cardigan. Of course, the Flint and Tinder Bone Button Western Shirt works very well right now in colder weather, and should function readily as one of the best men’s shirt jackets as the weather slowly but surely warms up.

Best men's shirts at Huckberry.

For good measure, the Flint and Tinder Bone Button Western Shirt is priced agreeably for a shirt that’s both a shirt and, well, a shirt jacket — it’s available at Huckberry for $158, and that’s a heck of a deal for one of the best USA-made shirts out there. The Flint and Tinder Bone Button Western Shirt comes in two classic blue wash options, but there’s also a Salt-and-Pepper addition to really switch things up this late winter and into spring.

Reach for one of the best men’s Western shirts when you want a casually rugged layer to carry you to a laidback day at the office, then out to your go-to bar and back home — or anywhere you please that calls for timeless, old-school cool. That’s the Flint and Tinder Bone Button Western Shirt for you, folks.


The Thursday Buy: The Faherty Alpine Flannel Shirt is One of the Coziest Men’s Shirts for Winter

Your rotation of the best winter style essentials is, in some ways, like a stable, right? A tried-and-true rotation that you turn towards on the daily, especially when it comes time to layer up with one of the best flannel shirts for winter. And in the brisk months, never underestimate how far a rugged, stylish men’s flannel shirt can take you. And on that note, never underestimate how far Faherty flannel shirts will take you, with the right mix of polish, rugged style and cozy winter warmth.

It gets even better, especially if you know the family-owned New York brand. They’ve built a business off super-soft fabric and put that into practice with picks like the Faherty Legend Sweater Shirt (a personal favorite), as well as today’s featured pick. That’d be the must-buy Faherty Alpine Flannel Shirt, an ultra-soft, well-made flannel shirt fit for the office or a holiday party. The best part? The Faherty Brushed Alpine Flannel Shirt is now 33 percent off as of this writing when you use the code SALE25.

It’s all part of Faherty’s “Sale On Sale” this season — get an extra 25 percent off sale items — and the Faherty Alpine Flannel Shirt just might be the best of the bunch as you survey those action-packed sale offerings. For good measure, the Faherty Alpine Flannel Shirt is made from brushed 100 percent organic cotton, boasting the sort of classic fit that allows you to layer it over your favorite henley or wear it comfortably on its own (or perhaps underneath one of the best winter blazers).

The versatility of the Faherty Alpine Flannel Shirt is nearly unmatched in that regard. Rock it untucked with tailored chinos or wool trousers for a crisp-yet-casual holiday party look, or style it with a rugged shawl cardigan for a dash of winter weekend warmth.

Luckily, Faherty sells all of those essentials (just shop for Faherty Bestsellers), but it’s the Faherty Alpine Flannel Shirt that remains the star of the show today, thanks to the fact that it’s — again, a reminder! — 33 percent off with the code SALE25. My friends, I think you just found your new favorite winter shirt, and it’s the Faherty Alpine Flannel Shirt

See Now, Buy Now: This Todd Snyder Flannel Shirt Is One of the Coolest Shirts for Men to Buy Now

Best men's flannel shirt

Every guy needs to check certain boxes with his winter wardrobe, like ensuring you’ve got a well-stocked stable, so to speak, of the winter style essentials you’re going to wear every single day. That might be something like a stylish cashmere beanie or one of the best watches for men, but let’s go a little more broad and consider your rotation of the best flannel shirts for men. After all, be it at the office, at a weekend holiday party or even a romantic winter date, the right style moves — yes, including one of the best men’s shirts — can lift your look from good to great.

Like a beefed-up version of your favorite Oxford shirt, the best men’s flannel shirts offer serious style points and critical winter warmth, and the Todd Snyder Brushed Flannel Shirt is a supremely cool pick-up right now. Made from a super-soft cotton flannel, Todd Snyder says the shirt is “as cozy as it is classic,” and the key is the addition of Tencel fibers for durability and a touch of stretch.

Stylish men's flannel shirt.

The Todd Snyder Brushed Flannel Shirt also boasts a classic fit and a button-down collar as a casual style touch (not unlike that trusty Oxford shirt). Crucially, the Todd Snyder Brushed Flannel Shirt also features other small, elevated touches, like a chest button pocket for a dash of visual interest. This makes it a more casual shirt that you can wear untucked, sleeves rolled, with dark blue denim and your favorite pair of boots (unlike, say, a traditional dress shirt made to be worn tucked in).

Best of all is the fact that the Todd Snyder Brushed Flannel Shirt looks seriously cool whether worn in rugged fashion with one of the best men’s cardigans or styled with one of the best winter blazers for men. This stylish flannel shirt becomes even more appealing when you consider the five neutral color options, each with enough crisp, richly crafted style for any winter wardrobe. The next time you want to amp up your seasonal style rotation, consider the Todd Snyder Brushed Flannel Shirt — it’s worth the investment.

See Now, Buy Now: The Mack Weldon Endeavor Work Shirt is the Rugged Work Shirt You Need Now

Best work shirt for men.

If you’re anything like me — and if you read the blog on the regular — then perhaps you recognize that it’s tough, at times, to give up your favorite style essentials, even as the seasons change. I’m talking, of course, about needing to shelve, say, something like your favorite workshirt or one of the best chambray shirts in the summer heat, a style move I love no matter what. If you’re in the same proverbial menswear boat as me, then you’re in luck today: The Mack Weldon Endeavor Work Shirt strikes that tricky balance between four-season style and warm-weather reliability, all the better to turn it into your new favorite shirt.

The workwear roots of chambray’s rugged, textured fabric are legendary, and the style has turned into a bonafide #menswear move over the past decade-plus, so it only makes sense that the Mack Weldon Endeavor Work Shirt hits all the right notes. It carries on the brand’s tradition of making the best summer style essentials — like stylish lightweight shorts — even better. What’s the key with the Mack Weldon Endeavor Work Shirt?

Myles Apparel

It’s simple, really: The Mack Weldon Endeavor Work Shirt features lightweight fabric and added touches like light water resistance, to boot. Wrinkle-resistant fabric also gives the Mack Weldon Endeavor Work Shirt even more versatility and go-anywhere durability. The relaxed fit also makes it easy to layer this rugged workshirt atop everything from a heather grey pocket tee (for casual style) to a long-sleeve henley shirt (when the temperature drops). The next time you need a dependable shirt you can count on through all four seasons, you know which one to snag: The Mack Weldon Endeavor Work Shirt, of course.

Style Pick of the Week: Billy Reid Organic Cotton Baseball Tee – The Best Throwback Summer Style

Best men's shirt for summer.

For all the times you’re going to have to dress up this summer, I’d wager there will be plenty of days where you just want to dress in easygoing, casual style, perhaps wearing one of the best T-shirts for men, right? And that’s where today’s casual-but-premium Style Pick of the Week enters the fray, courtesy of one of the country’s best menswear designers. The Billy Reid Organic Cotton Baseball Tee is not only one of the best men’s T-shirts of the season — something I can’t get enough of these days — it’s also a prime throwback style move that harkens back to, well, summers spent playing baseball, perhaps.

Although it might look simple on the surface, the Billy Reid Organic Cotton Baseball Tee checks all the right boxes if you want perfectly casual style that’s still visually interesting and not sloppy in the slightest. The Billy Reid Organic Cotton Baseball Tee is made in Peru from 100 percent organic cotton, a nice, an again, premium touch that looks great with everything from classic chino shorts to laidback cotton and linen shorts.

When the weather gets breezy, the Billy Reid Organic Cotton Baseball Tee serves as an easygoing layer all on its own without missing a beat. It’s a bit of an investment as far as T-shirts are concerned (it’s $98, after all), but that kind of utility will help that price tag pay off in spades. Time to layer up, my friends.

See Now, Buy Now: Get This Short-Sleeve Billy Reid Shirt for Everyday Summer Wear

Best short-sleeve shirt for men.

When you find a style that works for you, the kind of piece you can wear repeatedly throughout a single season, it’s best to stock up on that piece, right? Kind of like one of the best short-sleeve shirts for summer. The short-sleeve shirt — like the seriously cool, subtle but extremely well-made Billy Reid Tuscumbia Shirt — is an undisputed summer style champion, with the polish of your favorite Oxford shirt but the comfort of a polo shirt given its short-sleeve design. Head over to the well-stocked New Arrivals section at Billy Reid to get started, or else keep it locked right here to get the full scoop.

You can mix in color and pattern, or go with a more versatile color to wear with everything from tan chinos to light wash jeans to olive-hued cotton shorts. There’s nothing a piece like the Billy Reid Tuscumbia Shirt can’t do — seriously, keep scrolling.

Best summer shirt for men.

The Billy Reid Tuscumbia Shirt looks simple enough on the surface, but it’s got all the hallmarks of a premium Billy Reid piece from the Alabama-based, all-American designer. It’s made from subtly textured 100 percent cotton and finished off with horn buttons for a premium look and feel, and it even includes some subtle yet distinguished Billy Reid branding on the bottom placket (as shown above).

The fit on the Billy Reid Tuscumbia Shirt is also on-point: Think standard and nicely tailored, but not too tight. The chest pocket adds both visual interest and serves as a handy spot to store the best summer sunglasses, too. Whether you choose to rock the Billy Reid Tuscumbia Shirt on its own or layered stealthily under a Billy Reid blazer, it’s one of the best men’s shirts to rock now.

See Now, Buy Now: Line of Trade’s Denim Shirt Is Your New Summer Go-To

When you land on a summer style essential that grips you right away, it’s wise to invest in that piece at the drop of a hat, so to speak, is it not? That’s where Bespoke Post comes into play with one of the best men’s shirts, the right way to shake up your casually rugged summer style in an eye-catching, unique way.

You already know Bespoke Post for selling some of the best subscription boxes for men, and for offering up — among other gear picks — one of the most affordable men’s watches on the market at the moment. Now, you can add to your arsenal of Bespoke Post essentials with the Line of Trade Sierra Embroidered Shirt, an effortlessly cool summer wardrobe upgrade made to be worn weekend after weekend. It’s got all the trappings of your new favorite summer shirt, from the cotton-polyester chambray fabric — for breezy seasonal style — to the seriously cool embroidered shoulder detailing, as the name would suggest.

Yes indeed, the Line of Trade Sierra Shirt carries on Bespoke Post’s mission of helping guys look great even when dressed casually — Line of Trade is the NYC-based E-commerce brand’s in-house apparel line, so it only makes sense. The Line of Trade Sierra Shirt also manages to be classic yet on-trend — it’s got the timeless appeal of a rugged chambray shirt, the visually engaging Western detailing that’s all the rage at the moment, and the chops to be worn on its own or layered underneath a black denim jacket.

Even the patch chest pockets on the Line of Trade Sierra Shirt add a dash of Western style, as do the imitation pearl snap buttons. Wear it on its own buttoned up or layer it over your favorite T-shirt unbuttoned — there’s practically no wrong way to wear the Line of Trade Sierra Shirt in my book. Bespoke Post perhaps says it best when it comes to the Line of Trade Sierra Shirt : They note that this “durable western shirt is an American workwear staple. That sounds to me like a piece you need in your summer wardrobe. Happy shopping, my friends.

See Now, Buy Now: Get One of The Best Chambray Shirts for the Season at DSTLD

The best chambray shirt for men.

Never underestimate the power of one of the best chambray shirts for men, right? Yes indeed, I’d say that’s correct — no doubt about it. Chambray is a hard-working cotton denim fabric originally used as a workwear staple, and today, it’s been redone in all the proper, modern ways as one of the best men’s shirts, period. That’s what makes the DSTLD Chambray Shirt so special — it’s the perfect blend of classic and modern, with rugged good looks, plenty of versatility and an agreeable, sub-$100 price tag, to boot. I’ve written quite a bit on the blog here over the years about the classic chambray shirt, which looks great on every guy and offers more character, depth and rugged style than the Oxford shirt, for instance (although an American-made Oxford shirt is still a great style pick). It also doesn’t hurt that this particular chambray shirt pairs nicely with some of the best jeans for men, for instance.

The DSTLD Chambray Shirt carries on the Los Angeles-based brand’s focus on minimal, crisp and high-quality denim (and T-shirts, and some of the best cashmere sweaters), all at prices that geared to help you save a few bucks. Right now, you can snag this shirt for under $90, and that’s quite the steal when you realize what you’re getting.

The best workwear shirt for men.

The DSTLD Chambray Shirt in a fittingly versatile dark blue is crafted from a textured mid-weight 100 percent organic cotton, the kind of shirt that won’t feel out of place when worn with a waxed trucker jacket in early spring, or when paired up with one of the best T-shirts for men as temperatures climb. Of course, the workwear roots of the hard-wearing DSTLD Chambray Shirt (and the best chambray shirts for men in general) also make it a natural pairing with your favorite henley, not to mention other equally versatile picks — like slim DSTLD blue jeans for men, for instance. And it’s the DSTLD Chambray Shirt that makes it all go, with the kind of straightforward style you can wear to the office with tailored chinos or out on the town with black jeans. The DSTLD Chambray Shirt also features traditional chambray shirt touches, like front-button chest pockets and white contrasting button. If you ask me, it’s a winner all around, and that’s as good as it gets if you need one of the best shirts for men, period.

Style Pick of the Week: Faherty Brand Legend Sweater Shirt – The Best Men’s Winter Shirt

There are some menswear essentials that are so well-loved these days, it seems a bit too good to be true, especially when you consider the full rotation of the best men’s shirts up for grabs at NYC-based Faherty Brand. The family-owned brand is more than just a menswear and women’s wear company – they believe in crafting products with good intention and great storytelling, the type of pieces you can wear day-to-day and for special occasions, and the Faherty Brand Legend Sweater Shirt is one of those much-loved menswear essentials that seems too good to be true… but actually isn’t. It’s the perfect entry in our ongoing Style Pick of the Week series, because it checks plenty of the right boxes.

You see, the Faherty Brand Legend Sweater Shirt is many things at once: It’s a classic flannel shirt made to layer underneath a rugged Faherty sherpa trucker jacket, but it’s also a dependable overshirt, a cozy winter shirt for weekend lounging, and the sort of stylish men’s shirt you can wear untucked with your favorite pair of chinos to the office on a more laidback day.

The Faherty Brand Legend Sweater Shirt is plenty well-reviewed and much-loved by fans of the brand, boasting 751 reviews at an average of five stars — sure enough, Faherty reviews are quick to call out the rugged styling potential and yet ridiculously soft feel of the newly iconic, classically modern Faherty Brand Legend Sweater Shirt. It’s the kind of shirt that looks like a throwback weekend essential, the kind your father or grandfather might have worn to get work done on cold winter days, but it’s so much more than that. The Faherty Brand Legend Sweater Shirt is available in an astonishing 15 colors and patterns, for one, so style points are covered with one of the best men’s shirts for winter.

The Faherty Brand Legend Sweater Shirt also has comfort in spades where it counts, using polyester, viscose and spandex to provide an astonishing amount of stretch and wearability, particularly when layered over, say, one of the best men’s henley shirts from Faherty. That’s just one of the classic combos that truly set the Faherty Brand Legend Sweater Shirt apart from the pack, and it only gets better from there. It’s also made to be worn when comfort and warmth really count, be it on a winter weekend getaway or a casual Saturday around town — it’s designed to be layered like an overshirt or one of the best men’s shirt jackets, complete with two front-button chest pockets for your everyday carry essentials. At the end of the day, the Faherty Brand Legend Sweater Shirt just gets the job done if it’s one of the best men’s shirts for winter you want on your back. You won’t be disappointed in this one.

The Tuesday Steal: The Best Winter Workshirt Is Under $100 From Filson Right Now

The most extreme conditions require the best gear on the planet, which is where Filson frequently steps in to save the day with, among other things, a full lineup of the best men’s shirts for winter. Such is the case with today’s Tuesday Steal, the Filson Field Flannel Shirt. Simply put, it’s one of the best men’s shirts under $100 on the market (it’s ($98 at Filson), and if you act quickly enough, it can be on its way to your doorstep with just a few clicks. Of course, it’s just part of what’s up for grabs right now at Filson, including one of the most rugged shirt jackets you can find, along with an incredibly affordable beanie cap for winter. In short, there’s little you find at Filson that isn’t overbuilt (in a great way), and yet surprisingly accessible in terms of price — when you consider how much wear you can get out of these pieces, that is.

The Filson Field Flannel Shirt is particularly exceptional in terms of its design, affordability and performance, all of which you should come to expect from the lauded Pacific Northwest heritage outfitter. It also seems to be a hot seller among the entire rotation of Filson men’s shirts, which is no surprise either. To wit: The Filson Field Flannel Shirt is billed as lightweight yet tough, easy to layer and yet warm when worn the right way. It only gets better from there, especially if you seek a reliable layer for outdoor winter pursuits.

Product lifestyle image

Crucially, the Filson Field Flannel Shirt uses a medium-weight 7oz. cotton flannel that’s been garment-washed for softness (and to prevent shrinkage — this is much-needed if you’re layering it over, say a rugged Filson thermal shirt). Two large front-button chest flap pockets provide critical space for your everyday carry essentials and small tools, turning the Filson Field Flannel Shirt into a true workshirt, as opposed to just a casually rugged flannel shirt (never a bad thing to have on hand, either). The Filson Field Flannel Shirt‘s affordability is a big bonus, given that you can wear it with everything from Filson’s indigo blue jeans to work pants and hard-working leather boots.

The Filson Field Flannel Shirt also comes in different colors beyond just your typical flannel shirt, including an eye-catching Legion Blue color (this Brooklyn writer’s personal favorite). Pick it up in one of two different lengths depending on your needs, but know that the Filson Field Flannel Shirt can be worn tucked in or untucked with work pants, some of the best men’s chinos or the aforementioned Filson men’s jeans. Whatever you need to get done this season, the affordably priced, well-made Filson Field Flannel Shirt belongs in your closet — all at a low price considering the versatility you’re getting.