The Sunday Sale: Get this Taylor Stitch Chambray Shirt for 25 Percent Off

As far as the best men’s shirts are concerned, it’s hard to go wrong with Taylor Stitch. If you’ve read the blog as of late (including my feature last Sunday on the brand’s Summer Sale), you know the San Francisco-based outfitter has a knack for making everything from the best men’s pants for summer to plenty of the best summer menswear essentials, period. Now, throw in the fact that the classic Taylor Stitch California Chambray Shirt is on sale right now for 25 percent off at UNCRATE, and things start to look even better. It’s all part of the stunning array of offerings in the UNCRATE Surplus Shop, which you’ve hopefully grown accustomed to seeing around these parts. UNCRATE Surplus stocks the best gear for men that you can possibly dream up, from the most affordable men’s swim trunks to some of the best men’s sneakers under $100. And believe it or not, it gets even better when you consider one of the best shirts for men, a stone-cold classic that’ll get better the more you wear it.

Satchel and Page

As you might expect, that’s but the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Taylor Stitch, one of my favorite brands to shop any day of the week or any season. As luck would have it, the Taylor Stitch California Chambray Shirt is an essential pick-up that can, at times, be hard to find on sale. So, your eyes aren’t deceiving you when you realize that the price of this rugged chambray shirt has dropped below $100 courtesy of the UNCRATE Surplus Shop — it’s as good as it gets, folks.

SHOP: The Taylor Stitch California Chambray Shirt

And why exactly is it as good as it gets? It’s simple, really. One of the best shirts for men starts with some of the best fabric, and in this case, that’s 7 oz. 100% organic cotton that gets softer with time and wear. Even the custom powder-coated metal buttons will develop patina, and that’s great news indeed: This is a rugged shirt you can wear atop your favorite T-shirt or all on its own. It’ll look great with breezy Taylor Stitch pants, deep indigo denim or even iconic Taylor Stitch chinos. Best of all it’s certainly worth remembering that this shirt is on sale right now for 25 percent off at UNCRATE. Your new favorite shirt, and an iconic one at that, offered up on sale? It doesn’t get much better than that, my friends.

SHOP: The Taylor Stitch California Chambray Shirt

Style Pick of the Week: Eddie Bauer Guide Long-Sleeve Shirt

Eddie Bauer Guide Long-Sleeve Shirt

Folks, if it’s an adventure shirt for summer that you want, then it’s an adventure shirt from noted heritage outfitter Eddie Bauer that you’ll get. It’s fitting that we’re talking about an icon of American gear and style this fine Fourth of July weekend, and it’s even better that the brand makes a little bit of everything for outdoor excursions. When I say a little bit of everything, I really do mean it, from the best spring and summer rain jacket to the durable and road-ready Eddie Bauer Guide Long-Sleeve Shirt, today’s handy and helpful Style Pick of the Week.

It’s one of the best men’s shirts for a reason, with all the season-ready durability you need and no extra bells and whistles that haven’t been carefully thought out. You’ll read about those in just a minute, but it’s also worth pointing out that the Eddie Bauer Guide Long-Sleeve Shirt could just be one of the most affordable shirts for men out there, too: It’s available right now starting at $40 at Eddie BauerTalk about a standout deal on one of the best shirts for men, no doubt about it.

The Eddie Bauer Guide Long-Sleeve Shirt is the perfect lightweight adventure shirt when you want extra protection from the sun, yet you don’t want to overheat. Take it from me: I wore Eddie Bauer shirts aplenty on a recent upstate New York getaway (courtesy of the brand — check out my Instagram for more). There’s a time and a place for going super-lightweight with only, say, a T-shirt, but the thing about the Eddie Bauer Guide Long-Sleeve Shirt is that you get plenty of critical functionality in the mix.

SHOP: The Eddie Bauer Guide Long-Sleeve Shirt

Best adventure shirts for men

As I said, it’s got plenty of what you need if functionality is what you seek. In fact, functionality should be top of mind through the heat of summer, and it’s with this in mind that Eddie Bauer really have crafted one of the best shirts for men.  Take the fabric, which is shockingly lightweight. The secret is the FreeDry® moisture wicking technology, which uses a blend of polyester and nylon, then lines it with a micro-textured interior to physically keep the fabric of this rugged outdoor shirt off your skin.

The whole approach keeps you cool and breezy, something that’s all too critical these days. Mesh-lined shoulder vents add to the serious cooling effect that you get from the Eddie Bauer Guide Long-Sleeve Shirt, while the zip chest pockets offer handy storage space for everyday carry essentials. Helpfully, it also gives you room to layer, and it pairs up nicely with Eddie Bauer hiking pants (and more!) as well. It doesn’t get any better than that, folks. See you out there this summer!

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The Thursday Buy: Wear This Lightweight Bespoke Post Shirt All Summer Long

Best linen shirts for summer

Alright, folks. You know the drill. It’s a hot one out there. Like, ridiculously hot, and as we head into the Fourth of July and the rest of summer, you need one of the best men’s shirts. To be more specific, you need this breezy and lightweight linen shirt from Bespoke Post. If you’ve read the blog over the years, you know that Bespoke Post makes some of the best men’s style essentials for any time of year at all, but that rings particularly true when you consider the in-house Bespoke Post brand Line Of Trade. We have Line Of Trade to thank for the Zephyr Linen Shirt, one of the best lightweight shirts to wear when it’s simply too hot to wear much of anything else.

Thankfully, the team at Line Of Trade has come up with one heck of a warm-weather solution in the Zephyr Linen Shirt, and it’s here not a moment too soon as we power through hot summer days and nights. With more polish than a T-shirt and just a bit more buttoned-up versatility than a polo (wear this Zephyr Linen Shirt under a blazer to the office), it’s a winner all the way through.

SHOP: The Zephyr Linen Shirt from Bespoke Post 

Line of Trade Shirt

It’s helpfully available in six cool, breezy and fun patterns, but it’s the lightweight fabric that makes this a surefire bet for that overheated summer BBQ or patio happy hour hang. Heck, as fun as those outings can be, you still need one of the best shirts for men to clean things up with some polish in mind. Again, that’s where the Line Of Trade Zephyr Linen Shirt enters the fray (and your wardrobe, for that matter).

Made with a cotton-linen blend, the good folks at Bespoke Post have really thrown everything they’ve got at this shirt. It features mother-of-pearl buttons and neat pattern options like a fittingly summer-inspired Indigo Stripe, but it’s that crucial, breezy fabric blend that really gets me. Oh, and it goes without saying (nearly) that the price on the Line Of Trade Zephyr Linen Shirt is something else: It retails for $60 at Bespoke Post. That’s a deal so essential that you’d almost have to be crazy not to stock up on multiple colorways of the Line Of Trade Zephyr Linen Shirt. You can then wear that shirt with linen trousers, with light wash denim or with canvas shorts from Buck Mason, all without missing a beat this season. Lightweight, stylish relief is in sight: Stock up accordingly with your new favorite shirt top of mind.

SHOP: The Zephyr Linen Shirt from Bespoke Post 

The Thursday Buy: Western Rise Is Making the Best Short-Sleeve Shirt on the Market

Look toward the great outdoors and the wild West to find the best men’s short-sleeve shirt for spring and summer today, my friends. It’s coming at you courtesy of Western Rise, based in Colorado and makers of gear that perfectly blends performance and style with ease. The shirt in question today is the Western Rise AirLight Short-Sleeve Buttondown, easily one of the best shirts for men when the thermostat climbs and yet you’ve still got to look polished. It’s all in keeping with that crucial blend of innovative fabrics and classic silhouettes, as best seen in other Western Rise staples, like the best men’s shirt jacket or the best long-sleeve shirt for outdoor adventures. The list goes on, of course, but the Western Rise AirLight Short-Sleeve Buttondown is here just in time for a new season of fun in the sun.


It’s the perfect kind of shirt for the demands of these days, which could encompass anything from weekend errands or day trips to working on your patio on a Friday to dashing out for an outdoor beer when the day is done. Through it all the Western Rise AirLight Short-Sleeve Buttondown is going to perfectly blend great looks with comfortable, breezy fabric (and that’s an understatement). The key is the AirLight cloth, which starts with texturized SUPPLEX® nylon and incorporates a post-consumer recycled polyester to really drive home the warm-weather nature of the Western Rise AirLight Short-Sleeve Buttondown . It’s then woven into a lightweight weave that breathes easily and dries quickly. Oh, and as if that wasn’t enough, it’s finished off with a light water-repellent finish to handle spring mists and, well, light rain.

SHOP: The Western Rise AirLight Short-Sleeve Buttondown

If it wasn’t clear right away that this is one of the best short-sleeve shirts for men, hopefully, you’re coming around now. To top things off, it also features a UPF50 finish, ideal for wearing (along with sunscreen!) on spring and summer hikes and park strolls. I’d also strongly urge you to wear it with some of the best men’s pants for summer, also from Western Rise (see, there’s that blend of technical functionality and style again!).

Crosstown Bomber

I personally love the Light Blue color — a key component of the style points this shirt has going for it — but it’s also available in a crisp Fog and a clean, classic Black colorway. Of course, the Western Rise AirLight Short-Sleeve Buttondown has the small details taken care of accordingly, too — that means you’re also getting a hidden buttondown collar and a handy chest pocket. Take it from a guy who’s tested his out frequently even just this month — it’s going to become your new favorite spring and summer shirt. Who can say no to that, ehh?

SHOP: The Western Rise AirLight Short-Sleeve Buttondown

The Sunday Sale: Get 15 Percent Off This Classic Men’s Shirt from Freemans Sporting Club

Freemans Sporting Club review

A new favorite casual shirt that you can even wear with a spring or summer suit.

Who’s ready to get 15 percent off a classic men’s shirt from Freemans Sporting Club? That sounds like a resounding “Yes” to me, so let’s get to it. Now, in last week’s Sunday Sale, we talked about getting a deal on the best T-shirt for men for spring and summer, but we’re going to amp things up a bit today. Namely, remember your trusty rotation of casual buttondown shirts, the sort of shirts you’d wear to the office and now (mainly) wear on Zoom calls? Well, this is that shirt, and it’s on sale until April 30th (more on that in a moment).america
That’s where today’s deal on one of the best shirts for men comes into play, because you’re going to have to really get dressed again eventually. Be it a summer wedding, perhaps a date or a coffee run or a brewery visit (those last two are favorites of mine in Brooklyn!), you’re going to need a new favorite shirt, which leads us to today’s deal on a new Freemans Sporting Club shirt. The Freemans Sporting Club CS-1 Shirt in Navy Plaid is about as classic as it gets, with all the bells and whistles that you need (note the tailored fit and the casual chest pocket), and nothing extra to slow you down. It’s part of the Freemans Sporting Club Archive Sale, which in and of itself is a great place to get the best deals on premium menswear from this New York City brand.

SHOP: The Freemans Sporting Club CS-1 Shirt in Navy Plaid

Freemans Sporting Club

A great way to wear your new favorite shirt.

It’s one of the best men’s buttondown shirts for a reason, with a price tag to match (it’s 15 percent off at FSC, which drops the price to $187). Why spend that much on a shirt? I’m glad you asked. It’s a shirt you can call your own, an entirely unique and outstanding shirt from a respected fashion brand, the kind you can wear underneath a khaki cotton suit at a summer wedding or all on its own with your favorite pair of spring and summer denim, high-top sneakers laced up and sleeves rolled. And just as above, you can certainly wear one of the coolest shirts for spring with olive chinos and brown leather boots.

Shop Mott & Bow Today!

How many shirts do you have in your closet that are that versatile? Not too many, right? It’s also made from 100 percent cotton for breathability, and that means you can layer it underneath a spring bomber jacket or atop your favorite T-shirt with ease. Mother of pearl buttons won’t break or snap over time, and again, the fit is made to be worn untucked or tucked in. Yes indeed, the Freemans Sporting Club CS-1 Shirt in Navy Plaid is quite possibly your new favorite shirt for spring and summer, and remember: It’s 15 percent off through April 30th. Shop accordingly.

#OOTD: How to Wear an Oxford Shirt for Spring — A Helpful Guide

If there’s one style staple I keep returning to over the years, it’s the humble Oxford shirt. Or rather, the ever-versatile Oxford shirt, with the sort of styling potential that runs counter to its humble nature. It’s a stone-cold menswear classic, the kind that gets better with age. And in these casual times, best represented by work Zoom calls day in and day out, you need menswear that can handle the demands of the work day and the demands of the spring season in equal measure. We’ve talked about how to wear a T-shirt for spring, but let’s ramp things up now for good measure. So, enter the Oxford shirt, along with other comfortable and go-anywhere menswear essentials. In fact, today’s Oxford shirt comes from a brand that knows a thing or two about making ’em, and that’d be Alex Mill. Based in NYC, they make quite the versatile shirt for warm weather days ahead, as you’ll soon find out.

How about that, ehh? It’s the right way to get ready for spring, and in these times, that means you’re looking at more road trips, more time spent outdoors and all the fun (and style) that goes with it. Are you hoping to find your new favorite Oxford shirt? That’s what I thought — let’s make it happen.

Best way to wear an Oxford shirt

  • The Oxford Shirt: Alex Mill Shirt in Garment-Dyed Oxford, $95 — A garment-dyed Oxford shirt is the casual staple you need for Zoom calls and road trips alike. This one is breezy and effortless, and one of the best men’s shirts to wear this year.
  • The T-shirt: Buck Mason Slub Curved Hem Tee, $35 — As ever, this Buck Mason T-shirt is a stone-cold classic, and your new favorite tee for spring layering (and beyond).
  • The Jeans: Edwin Maddox Slim Jeans, $168 — The only way to go with this #OOTD is with a pair of the best light wash jeans for spring and summer. That’s casual style to a T.
  • The Sneakers: SeaVees Legend Seachange Sneakers, $80 — Sustainable sneakers are the name of the game with the SeaVees Legend, benefitting conservation org Seachange (and looking mighty stylish in the process).
  • The Watch: Marathon MSAR Arctic Strap Watch, $700 — This rugged dive watch on a rubber strap is ready for anything you throw at it this season.
  • The Hat: Howler Brothers Cottonmouth Snapback Hat, $30 — Have  a bit of rugged fun with this #OOTD featuring an eye-catching hat for outdoor excursions and nights around the campfire (ditch the hat at the office, though).
  • The Sunglasses: Garrett Leight California Optics Hampton X, $395 — Now, these stylish casual sunglasses are an investment, but they’ll pay off in spades as you wear them all spring and summer long.
  • The Everyday Carry: Mission Workshop 500D Drift Tote, $265 — Here’s the best everyday carry bag to take on all your spring and summer excursions (even if that just means summer BBQs or brewery visits).

If you ask me, I’d say this ensemble is casual, cool and ready for just about anything, and it all starts from the ground up with the right accessories, like the best everyday carry bag — but we all know the real star of this look. It’s got to be your new favorite Oxford shirt, the kind you can wear on the aforementioned Zoom call and then out to safely grab patio drinks thereafter. When you team it with other classics, like a Buck Mason T-shirt and the best light wash jeans for spring, you’ve just nailed casual style that works at home, at a BBQ or even at the office on a particularly laidback day.

You’ve got to be prepared for anything nowadays, and items like a rugged dive watch are going to drive home the casual yet do-anything nature of this look. Add in the sustainable the SeaVees Legend for some laidback comfort, accent it with an eye-catching hat for outdoor hangs, and then get a proper pair of stylish casual sunglasses to wrap things up in style. If you’re not able to make this #OOTD work for you, you’re just not doing it right — except now, after reading this post, you’re all set for a stylish-as-heck spring and summer.

The Thursday Buy: This Grayers Poplin Shirt is the Must-Buy Shirt of Spring and Summer

Grayers men's shirts

A breezy spring and summer shirt, available in bright seasonal colors like this one. A job well-done, Grayers.

If you know, you just know. That is, if you read the blog, and if you’ve kept an eye out for the best new arrivals at Grayers, you just know that this is a brand that’s a force to be reckoned with, and that’s an understatement. From the coolest winter sweater to the best shorts for summer, it seems Texas-based Grayers delivers on cool updates to classic styles, time and again. Take today’s Thursday Buy, the Grayers Portofino Poplin Shirt. It’s, quite simply, one of the best shirts for spring and summer, made with a ridiculously lightweight construction to withstand even the most stifling summer days (more on that in just a moment).

It’s the kind of shirt to wear when you don’t necessarily want to wear a button-down shirt, but you’ve simply got to wear a button-down shirt (Examples include a backyard BBQ with your in-laws, a work Zoom call, a first date… you name it). This lightweight poplin shirt channels the energy of a classic button-down and yet does so in a way that’s, well, breezy and cool versus stuffy, and that’s what makes Grayers such an essential menswear brand.

SHOP: The Grayers Portofino Poplin Shirt

Grayers menswear review

A just-right spring and summer color in a perfect lightweight shirt.

The Grayers Portofino Poplin Shirt comes in a range of seasonal colors to suit every palette, something that’s also critical in the warmer months. You don’t want to go too eye-watering as far as the brightness of your shirt, but a black shirt can feel a little stiff. So, a color like Dusty Cedar in the Grayers Portofino Poplin Shirt is a nice way to toe that line. And let’s get back to the biggest selling point on this stylish men’s shirt: That lightweight and ever-so-versatile fabric. It’s a garment-dyed cotton in a fine yarn (as the brand says, the same quality often found in dress shirts), and it’s woven to be breathable, lightweight and soft.

Soap and Scrubber Bundle 300x250

In short, it’s that button-down shirt to throw in the summer’s heat, right before you grab a cold Miller High Life. It’s one of the best men’s shirts for just about anything and everything, seasonal getaways and (safe) casual days at the office included. Plus, because the Grayers Portofino Poplin Shirt is priced so nicely (at $98), it’s not a stretch to say you could buy more than one depending on the colors you fancy. Does that check all the boxes when it comes to your new favorite spring and summer shirt? I’d say it certainly does, my friends.

SHOP: The Grayers Portofino Poplin Shirt

See Now, Buy Now: The Billy Reid Denim Shirt Is a Modern Menswear Classic

Billy Reid men's shirts

An unstoppably cool denim shirt with the right specs to stand up to years of wear.

Do you have a shirt you can’t stop wearing, the sort of shirt  you positively love to wear as often as possible? For me, the Billy Reid Denim Shirt is precisely that shirt in my own wardrobe. I’m calling it a classic men’s shirt for a a good reason, seeing as it’s wearable in each and every season and as often as you want. That’s the case whether teamed with a lightweight T-shirt on a breezy spring day or layered underneath a timeless shawl cardigan in the winter months. As for me, I’ve worn my own Billy Reid Denim Shirt to menswear events around New York City, rock concerts in Brooklyn and the famed Austin City Limits music festival (I hope to wear it back there some day!). But back to your new favorite shirt in the meantime, ehh? Naturally, it’s part of a well-stocked and highly stylish collection of Billy Reid best sellers, the kind of heirloom-quality menswear that’s seemingly simple on the surface… but so much more than that. It’s in the DNA of this Florence, Alabama company, and Billy himself has decades in the industry.

Right off the bat, it’s worth noting that you can get this denim shirt in multiple washes, including a lightwash denim shirt option, but the quality never falters (I also have a Billy Reid black denim shirt — can you tell I’m a huge fan??). Lest you worry about spending too much hard-earned cash on this shirt (it retails for $198 at Billy Reid, after all), know that mine has more than held up through years of wear.

SHOP: The Billy Reid Denim Shirt

Billy Reid Denim Shirt

Handsome details and rugged construction make this shirt a big-time style winner.

The Billy Reid Denim Shirt is quite possibly everything you could ever need in a casual men’s shirt, from the subtle yet noticeable detailing — note the contrast stitching and antique brass snaps — to the timeless fit. It’s neither too slim nor too baggy, meaning you can layer it atop a T-shirt or a henley as an overshirt just as readily as you can wear it all on its own to grab an ice-cold beer (I’m told Billy himself likes Miller High Life).

Part tailored jacket, part sweater, all versatility.

This classic denim shirt is as at home on a spring weekend stroll as it is grabbing outdoor brunch, manning the grill or packing up for a road trip (trust me — it’s breathable enough to be worn all day). Like all things denim, the Billy Reid Denim Shirt will also get better with age the more you wear it. If it’s an iconic everyday shirt you want, you’re in luck today, folks. Thanks to Billy Reid himself for knocking this one out of the park.

SHOP: The Billy Reid Denim Shirt

The Thursday Buy: This Flint and Tinder Selvage Shirt is Your Go-To Spring Shirt

Flint and Tinder Selvage Architect's Shirt

The kind of essential everyday shirt you can wear for just about anything.

If you recently started another day standing in front of your closet, wondering in vain about what shirt to wear for the day’s activities — be it (masked) grocery shopping, (masked) brewery to-go beers or another Zoom call, have I got the shirt for you. Meet the Flint and Tinder Selvage Architect Shirt, one of the best men’s shirts for spring, and the sort of shirt you can wear no matter how much or how little design work you do. It comes to you courtesy of Huckberry and the famed, much-loved line of Flint and Tinder style essentials, which includes everything from a waxed shirt jacket to the best everyday gear (across several categories). But back to the Flint and Tinder Selvage Architect Shirt, which is the kind of grab-and-go shirt your spring wardrobe could use.

When you feel like you’ve exhausted all your Zoom call-worthy shirts, this one is here to save the day. Huckberry says it’s built more like a workwear piece than a classic Oxford shirt, which is good news for more than just Zoom calls. Throw on this selvage buttondown shirt at a moment’s notice to shape up for your next meeting, and assuredly keep it handy for weekend yard work (yes, it can pull double-duty).

SHOP: The Flint and Tinder Selvage Architect Shirt

Flint and Tinder review

Selvage detailing showcases how well this shirt is made by the Huckberry team. Cheers to that.

Now, it wouldn’t be one of the best shirts for men if it didn’t provide a hearty dose of versatility, right? It’s the Japanese slub selvage denim fabric in a cool shade of Marled Charcoal that gives this shirt its neutral, crisp edge (literally and figuratively). It’s as easily wearable with dark denim as it is with tan chinos or olive canvas workwear pants. The rest is really up to you, because you can layer the Flint and Tinder Selvage Architect Shirt atop a white T-shirt for easygoing spring style, and you can throw it on over a thermal shirt for an unexpectedly chilly morning. Oh, and you can also wear it all on its own, fresh coffee in hand as you kick back this season.

Footwear options aplenty are going to shine through with this rugged workwear shirt, from classic chukka boots to canvas high-top sneakers. It’s truly a mix-and-match shirt that provides you with bountiful styling options, all the better to switch up your spring wardrobe when you feel like it needs some switching up. And because this is Huckberry we’re talking about here, this shirt is priced reasonably ($128 from Flint and Tinder) — if you ask me, it’s yours for the taking. Happy (early) spring, folks.

The Thursday Buy: This Western Rise Shirt is the Most Versatile Men’s Shirt for Fall

Western Rise AirLight Buttondown Shirt

The time is upon us for you to upgrade your fall wardrobe — both for style at home and on the road, and the easiest way to do that? Why, that’d be with the Western Rise AirLight Button-Down Shirt, one of the best men’s shirts for fall. That seriously counts for something, even if these days, you’re more inclined to put on something like this Western Rise shirt for a Zoom call as opposed to a day at the office. But the adage holds true: Whether you wear it on a day of fall adventures (I see a distillery visit or a quick beer garden stop in your future) or a day at home, you can’t go wrong with the Western Rise AirLight Shirt. In fact, it’s an equally fitting compliment to, say, the Western Rise Evolution Pants (as previously seen on the blog), so it’s worth upgrading your fall shirting if only for that reason.

SHOP: The Western Rise AirLight Button-Down Shirt

Western Rise review

What separates the Western Rise AirLight Button-Down Shirt from the rest of your fall shirting? My friends, I’m so glad you asked. It starts with the comfort stretch fabric, engineered to resists stains and odor (crucial during these busy work-from-home days, if you ask me). The AirLight cloth blends nylon and polyester for a comfortable look, fit and feel, and the styling of this shirt means it’s tailored but not overly tight. To me, that makes it the perfect shirt to wear at home, out on the road or in the field (preferably layered up with a waxed canvas jacket, right?). Yes indeed, the Western Rise AirLight Shirt is a subtly stylish, performance-minded shirt that checks all the right boxes — it’s easily one of the best men’s shirts for fall, and it’s now yours for the taking.

SHOP: The Western Rise AirLight Button-Down Shirt