The Thursday Buy: The Huckberry x Coors Collection Is the Coolest Summer Menswear Collab to Shop Now

Coors x Huckberry summer menswear

Some menswear partnerships just make so much sense, it’s a wonder they haven’t always existed in some form — like the Huckberry x Coors menswear capsule that just dropped, which just so happens to be one of the coolest style collabs of the moment. It’s a thoughtfully designed, well-made collection of truly classic summer style essentials, the kind of pieces that look timeless, wear well and get better with age. It certainly doesn’t hurt that the good folks at rugged gear purveyors Huckberry know plenty about durable gear, adventures on and off the grid, and of course, capping it all off with an ice-cold beer or two.

Shop Huckberry x Coors gear right now

A collection worthy of a toast

Now, what precisely awaits you out there as you shop the Huckberry x Coors capsule and nod to the time-honored tradition of sipping on an ice-cold Coors Banquet with your friends and family? Plenty is in store for the guy who appreciates gear that looks great and gets the job done — even if that job just so happens to be refilling the cooler with icy Coors.

Huckberry x Coors Summer 2022 Collection

The Huckberry x Coors capsule features everything from throwback-inspired patch logo trucker hats to cool-as-can-be Western shirts (note the Coors detailing on these rugged shirts from the Huckberry x Coors collab, for instance). Plus, the lineup of ringer tees — also suitably vintage-inspired — rounds out the Huckberry x Coors partnership quite nicely this summer. The next time you want to grab a cold one, make it a Coors, naturally — and make sure you’re rocking gear from the Huckberry x Coors capsule, my friends.


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