See Now, Buy Now: The Buck Mason Campus Knit Oxford is Your Most Reliable Summer Shirt

Best Oxford shirt for men.

The best menswear essentials often have a little more to them than meets the eye, a fact you assuredly know if you’ve read the blog on the regular — and a fact you know if you regularly shop the timeless Americana menswear being produced by the good folks at Buck Mason. Take the Oxford shirt. So named for the Oxford cloth that originally produced the style Across the Pond, the Oxford shirt is a prep staple and now, a Swiss Army Knife you can dress up or dress down, even in the summer months — and my friends, this is where the Buck Mason Campus Knit Oxford is ready to step right up and join your wardrobe.

Hopefully, you’ve already ramped up your summer wardrobe with other Buck Mason style picks, like the famed Buck Mason Twill Officer’s Chinos, another modern-meets-classic style upgrade. If you’re still looking for that ideal shirt to wear from the summer into early fall (yes, it’s on the way!), then the Buck Mason Campus Knit Oxford is going to check off more than a few boxes. Let’s count the ways, yes?

Best men's Oxford shirt.

The kicker with the Buck Mason Campus Knit Oxford is both the inspiration and the fabric itself — here, Buck Mason has taken design cues from vintage shirting by using a textured 7oz. yarn-dyed cotton for some nice depth and visual interest, plus an all-season weight.

In short, you can wear the Buck Mason Campus Knit Oxford with everything from stretch chino shorts in the heat of summer to, well, the aforementioned Buck Mason Twill Officer’s Chinos in the fall and winter (layered accordingly, naturally). For now though, make the Buck Mason Campus Knit Oxford a part of your regular summer style rotation, my friends.


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