Style Pick of the Week: HELM Boots Xander Sneakers – The Best New Sneakers to Buy Right Now

Best new sneakers for men.

When building your perfect wardrobe — yes, a lofty goal but it is possible! — keep an eye out for brands that do expected things in… unexpected ways. Take Austin-based HELM Boots. Hopefully, you know the brand from this very blog over the years, seeing as they’ve got more than a decade of crafting the best boots for men. But what if I told you that same brand now excelled at something, yes, unexpected? As in, making some of the best men’s sneakers? That’s where the HELM Xander Sneakers come into play, with all the variety, versatility and craftsmanship you might expect from a brand that specializes in, well, all three of those key approaches.

Mack Weldon

The HELM Xander Sneakers take the brand’s penchant for high-quality leather and top-notch construction and bring it all together in a pair of the best sneakers for men, a move that’s a nice change of pace for the summer months — and heading into early fall as well, of course. Billed as “sneakers built by a boot company,” the HELM Xander Sneakers start things off the right way: With exceptional Krumenauer leather in shades like the goes-with-anything Bone shown above. Oh, and one quick note: You can get a nice 15 percent off your first purchase, plus free shipping, right now.

Best new men's leather sneakers.

Another neat thing about the covetable HELM Xander Sneakers? They’re named after and inspired by Death & Co. cocktail maestro Alexander Day, creator of famed watering holes across the country and a past winner of the James Beard Award — oh, and he’s the younger brother of the co-founder of HELM Boots. That’s just the tip of the iceberg though, because between the handsome leather and the durable cupsole construction, the HELM Xander Sneakers only get even cooler.

Mack Weldon

To make matters even cooler and more stylish, the HELM Xander Sneakers use a treaded rubber outsole for traction and durability, all the while maintaining a sleek profile that wears well with your favorite pair of blue jeans or classic tan chinos in equal measure. Consider them like sneakers you can certainly dress up to wear to the office, yet keep the HELM Xander Sneakers close by to wear for casual weekend lounging — even with tailored joggers for a Saturday coffee run.

And let’s close things out by talking price: The HELM Xander Sneakers clock in at just $195, a relative steal for sneakers that go above and beyond in terms of quality and construction. When you’re looking for the unexpected — and when you’re hunting for the best new sneakers — snag this pair ASAP.


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