The Tuesday Steal: You Can Save Now On Your New Favorite Chelsea Boots from HELM Boots

Best Chelsea boots for men to shop now.

When you find a brand that works for you, I’m of the opinion that you should stick with it, and then some. Take HELM Boots, for instance. The Austin-based brand has been making some of the best men’s leather boots with careful craftsmanship in mind for well over a decade.

As someone with a few pairs of HELM men’s boots of my own, I certainly vouch for the quality, the supple-yet-durable leather, and the endless style points they bring to my wardrobe. If that sounds like something you’re interested in, then you’d be wise to dive into today’s Tuesday Steal: A pair of the best men’s Chelsea boots, now discounted about 15 percent.


Now, bear in mind that HELM boots don’t go on sale all that often, and when they do, they tend to sell quickly, so it’s worth trying to snap up a pair of the HELM Pablo Boots, a streamlined-yet-rugged Chelsea boot you can wear plenty this spring (and seasons to come, of course).

Best leather Chelsea boots for men.

The handsome full-grain Balthazar leather should break in wonderfully over time, with a rich texture that’ll develop patina the more you wear them. And the YKK side zipper gives the HELM Pablo Boots a distinctive, slightly edgy touch (think of the zip boots worn by rock n’roll guitarists, yet imagine these as being dressier and more heritage-minded).

Either way, the HELM Pablo Boots are also finished off with the Austin-based company’s distinctive touches, like a white contrast midsole, hard-working Blake stitch construction. They’re also fully leather-lined, and the poured rubber insert should provide a nice mix of grip and comfort. Crucially, the HELM Pablo Boots are now on sale for under $250, and for a pair of boots you can wear with blue jeans on the weekend or comfortable stretch chinos back at the office, that’s a downright steal. Get to shopping ASAP, folks.


The Thursday Buy: These HELM Boots Loafers Are Your New Favorite Pair of Spring Footwear

To your Brooklyn style writer, part of the fun of getting dressed and scouring the market for, say, the best men’s shoes is when you come across a tried-and-true brand that does things just a little bit differently from time to time. Take Austin-based HELM Boots, a personal favorite brand of mine and perhaps the maker of some of your favorite leather boots.

And yet, the company has a knack for translating that same rugged craftsmanship into more distinctive footwear beyond just rugged leather boots — the HELM Wilson Loafer is as much evidence of that as any, with the same rich, thoughtful design and plenty of dressy, polished appeal for spring and summer.

The HELM Wilson Loafers depart from what you might expect from the brand in some seriously cool ways, from the sleek, sharp Supple Brush-Off Krumenauer Leather (lined with black leather) to the streamlined loafer design that does away with what you might call traditional penny loafer detailing. The finely crafted burgundy leather is about as eye-catching as it gets, although the HELM Wilson Loafers also come in more classic colors like Teak and Brown.

Best leather loafers for men.

The HELM Wilson Loafers also feature a rubber sole for some added traction (although you’ll want to reserve these sleek loafers for sunny days), and the stacked leather heel plays nicely off HELM’s signature white midsole. Some varieties of the HELM Wilson Loafers feature contrast stitching for a slightly more casual look. Incredibly, these stylish leather loafers are water-resistant, while the Blake stitch construction is fully resoleable.

While the HELM Wilson Loafers are a slight departure from what you might expect in a pair of loafers, I’d say they’re a welcome change of pace when it comes to your spring and summer footwear rotation. If you agree, be sure to shop HELM Boots ASAP and save 15 percent on your first order. Your feet will thank you, indeed.

Style Pick of the Week: HELM Boots Zind Burgundy Boots – Your New Go-To Leather Boots

Best lace-up leather boots for men.

There comes a time in every season, like right now, in the depths of winter and with spring on the horizon, where something is so eye-catching and unique, so different, as to stop you in your tracks. Take a pair of the best men’s boots, for instance. A pair like the stunning HELM Zind Burgundy Boots, a pair of stylish leather lace-up boots entirely different from the hard-working pairs you’ve been wearing all winter. A word to the wise: The Burgundy Boots are selling quickly, but other styles of HELM boots are just as wish list-worthy.

Yes indeed, after a long winter of stomping your way through snow and slush, a pair of stylish leather lace-up boots — especially a pair that stands out from the pack — could be just the way to go, don’t you agree? Now, I don’t doubt that you recognize the perfectly rugged-meets-refined Austin-based bootmaker from the pages of this blog, where I’ve sung the praises of the brand for making some of the best Chelsea boots for men, but these sleek, sharp leather boots are just as worthy of your consideration and your hard-earned cash.

HELM boots review for men.

Naturally, you can find the HELM Zind Burgundy Boots — and other stylish HELM boots — at a discount if you’ve never shopped the brand before. In fact, you can save 15 percent on your first purchase by signing up for the brand’s E-mails — but even at full price, these durable lace-up boots are worth the squeeze, so to speak. They’re made from a full-grain brush-off leather with a classic, dressy shine, one that’s different from plenty of other pairs of men’s boots on the market (and the difference, my friends, is in the details).

That design approach makes the HELM Zind Burgundy Boots the kind of stylish men’s boots you can “pair with jeans on the weekend or a suit at the office during the week,” as the Texas bootmakers so wisely note. Of course, it helps that these leather boots are built on the brand’s more streamlined 415 last, giving them a dressy look and feel (know your size and shop carefully, folks).


Antique brass eyelets play handsomely off the rich leather of the HELM Zind Burgundy Boots, while the Fineline sole is low-profile (compared to a traditional lug sole) and yet should offer solid traction. It’s worth noting that while this style is flying off shelves, it seems that HELM Boots always has plenty of other styles available to suit the modern man such as yourself, so shop with a careful eye — you’ll be rewarded in kind.

The Friday Read: Taylor Stitch Discounts, The Best Winter Whiskies & The Best Men’s Turtlenecks

Best Taylor Stitch menswear

Welcome, my friends, to a very special holiday weekend edition of The Friday Read, where I do my best to get you geared up for the days ahead in style. And although I’d hope you’ve got your Christmas shopping already wrapped up, allow me to point you in the direction of some additional shopping on your list: The Taylor Stitch End of Year Sale is here, with the chance to take up to 30 percent off some of the best winter menswear at your favorite retailer.

The San Francisco brand is, of course, a longtime top brand of mine here on the blog, with a knack for producing rugged gear by way of the Taylor Stitch Moto Collection and even better everyday essentials for any guy’s wardrobe. That’s what makes the excellent Taylor Stitch End of Year Sale such a treat, but shop carefully: It only runs through January 1st, but there’s a bonus beyond that.

Yes indeed, when you shop the Taylor Stitch End of Year Sale, you also get $20 in site credit on orders of more than $100. How’s that for a two-for-one deal? Hop on over to the Taylor Stitch End of Year Sale while you still can, and peruse the rest of today’s key style tips below. And as you’ve seen on my Instagram: Merry Christmas from Florida!

  • My friends, Mr. McQueen is in the building. That’s because, in my humble opinion, the turtleneck is back in a big way — and just in time for stylish winter dressing, no doubt. And here’s where your humble Brooklyn style writer comes into play: I wrote about the best men’s turtlenecks for winter over at Men’s Journal. Time to really start dressin’ this season, folks.
  • If you follow me on Instagram or keep up with my other freelance writing pursuits, then you’ll know I also write about some of the best whiskey on the market. With that in mind, here’s a fun one – I wrote about the best winter whiskey over at Maxim, with a special focus on whiskey I’ve tried as of late (excluding Pappy Van Winkle, sadly). Cheers to the season, folks!
  • In case you missed it here on the blog earlier this week, allow me to jog your memory with my guide to some of the best new Chelsea boots on the market. In fact, head over here to read about the HELM Finn Chelsea Boots, a super-comfortable, rugged-yet-refined pair of men’s leather boots that I’ve been wearing back in Brooklyn as of late. They’re exceptionally stylish and dependable out of the box, with no break-in period, and I can’t recommend ’em enough. Go to it, my friends.

It’s a particularly special winter Friday heading into what should be a lovely weekend (in Florida and elsewhere!), so here’s hoping you get the chance to kick back, enjoy a cold craft beer or some of the best winter whiskey, and spend time with loved ones. If these style tips help you along the way, that’s all the better. Fret not, though: You’ll still be getting two blog posts this weekend from yours truly, so bookmark ’em until Monday.

On that note: Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and as ever, THANK YOU for reading The Style Guide!

See Now, Buy Now: The HELM Boots Finn Boots Are a Rugged, Refined Footwear Upgrade

Best men's Chelsea boots to shop now.

Sometimes, it takes a reminder or two, or a bit of practice, to build a wardrobe from the ground up with a pair of the best boots for men. Take the HELM Finn Chelsea Boots. I talked earlier this month on the blog about how they’re some of the best Chelsea boots for men to shop now, and yet… here we are talking once again about ’em. Take that as a good sign: I’ve been wearing these handsome, refined leather boots around Brooklyn and loving the proper mix of quality, comfort and rugged style.

So, let’s talk once more about the HELM Boots Finn Chelsea Boots, shall we? Specifically, let’s dive into the rugged appeal of the HELM Finn Boots in Sienna. While these sleek, stylish Chelsea boots come in Brown and Black, it’s the water-resistant waxed suede of the Sienna colorway that I specifically appreciate, and I think you’ll feel the same way.

Of course, all of the proper specs are in order on any one of these three colorways, from the dependable, comfortable-right-out-of-the-box Blake stitch construction to the all-year rubber lug sole for maximum traction. Yet, it’s the water-resistant design of this pair that puts them a cut above the rest, especially when worn with, say, a pair of the best blue jeans or a set of the best men’s corduroy pants.

In similar fashion to some of the other best boots for men that HELM makes, these blend craftsmanship with the sort of under-$300 affordability that’s tricky to find in the market, too. The full leather lining on these essential Chelsea boots also makes them extremely comfortable right out of the box, while a durable back pull tab will last through years of wear. Sizes are going quickly when it comes to a pair of the best Chelsea boots for men, so shop while they’re still around for under $270.

See Now, Buy Now: Step Out in Style This Winter With Stylish Men’s Chelsea Boots from HELM

When a great thing comes along — like, say, a pair of stylish men’s Chelsea boots from one of your favorite boot brands — it’s always a wise bet to give them a good, long look, right? That’s my philosophy, and like a moth to a flame, whenever HELM Boots releases a new pair of stylish men’s boots, I’m first in line to check them out.


In fact, that’s particularly the case with the HELM Finn Boots, the brand’s just-launched pair of Chelsea boots, and a design more than five years in the making. I’ve had the chance to check out these seriously cool Chelsea boots around my home neighborhood of Brooklyn since they launched last week, and allow me to step right up and say: These are some of the best men’s boots to buy now, period.

Best black leather dress boots for men.

They’re built very well from the ground up with double-stitched, resoleable Blake stitch construction, and HELM’s signature white midsole is a visually appealing touch on either the black Krumenauer leather or one of two additional, handsome shades: Sienna and a rich Brown leather, another HELM Boots signature. The Sienna pair looks especially appealing, with rich texture to complement plenty of winter outfits.

These boots are sturdy yet supremely comfortable right out of the box, an experience I’ve also had with other HELM men’s boots in the past. Note that the Black leather pair is also fully lined in soft black leather.

And crucially, the custom rubber lug sole adds plenty of traction and grip on slick city streets. I appreciate the sleek, dressy black leather colorway of the HELM Finn Boots, perhaps a wise purchase to make as you shop for winter dress boots this season. The reinforced pull tab also feels sturdy yet supple, while small touches like a soft shoe bag and the brand’s custom sock liner quote within the boot really round things out in a premium way.

In summary: Searching for a pair of the best new boots, or a set of stylish Chelsea boots to round out that winter footwear rotation? You know where you’ve got to go… to HELM Boots now to get your new go-to pair of Chelsea boots. Cheers, my friends!

The Friday Read: A Holiday Winter Weekend & New Boots from HELM

My friends, thanks for joining me on another fine holiday Friday in December. I got out of the city and into the rugged countryside of Wyoming last weekend with Wyoming Whiskey, but this week, I’ve been back in the New York groove, enjoying the holiday season thanks to a jam-packed schedule. To celebrate Repeal Day, I trekked to the historic Clover Club in Brooklyn to raise a dram of Dewar’s, and last night, I sipped on Jefferson’s Aged at Sea Bourbon at a special holiday media event. ‘Tis the season, after all!

I’ve done it all with the help of HELM Boots, one of my favorite boot brands of the moment (and the past several years, no less!). If you look closely above here, you’ll spot some stylish HELM boots, in fact. These boots are dependable, durable and made on custom last designs from the Austin bootmaker, and the brand’s Southeast Austin shop is very much worth a visit if you’re in the city, too.

It’s an exciting time for the brand as well, as they just debuted the HELM Finn Boots, a sleek, rugged-yet-refined pair of stylish Chelsea boots perfect for plenty of stylish holiday dressing. While this isn’t in fact a sponsored post, think of it like an intro to what could become your new favorite pair of Chelsea boots.

For now, I’ll leave you to explore the full rotation of stylish men’s boots at HELM, since time is of the essence given a packed holiday schedule. Be sure to check back for tomorrow’s Style Pick of the Week, and in the meantime, stay safe, healthy and stylish!

Style Pick of the Week: The HELM Boots Zind Boots Are Some of the Coolest Men’s Boots to Lace Up Now

Best fall boots for men.

My friends, if you read the blog on the regular, then I’d wager you know that there’s nothing quite like lacing up a pair of the best men’s boots for fall, right? Think of it like one of the simple pleasures of building a wardrobe from the ground up with the best boots for men and so much more — but of course, in the chilly climes of fall, the right pair of stylish men’s boots is everything. Luckily, that’s where the remarkably stylish, very fast-selling and remarkably well-made HELM Zind Boots enter the equation.

Best men's boots for fall.

Perhaps you recognize the Austin-based brand for its penchant for crafting the best chukka boots for men, not to mention classic leather sneakers aplenty, and HELM Boots is certainly an all-season brand worthy of your hard-earned time and cash. The HELM Zind Boots are particularly special in terms of how they’re built (note the resoleable Blake stitch construction), not to mention the sleek, surprisingly dressy Krumenauer Brush-Off Leather in Burgundy.

That touch makes the HELM Zind Boots readily wearable with everything from tailored chinos to your favorite pair of blue jeans, to name but a few key style picks. You can even top that combination off with one of the best men’s winter sweaters, too. Seriously, these handsome leather boots can do just about anything.


With a pair of rugged-yet-refined men’s boots like the HELM Zind Boots — note the dashing Burgundy color — the world is your oyster, as it goes, in terms of how you style them. In fact, I’d go so far as to say you could wear the HELM Zind Boots with your best fall and winter suit, too. Antique brass eyelets add a touch of throwback appeal, while the entire profile on the HELM Zind Boots is versatile and incredibly, well, cool. The next time you need to lace up a pair of the best boots for men, the HELM Zind Boots are your best bet.

The Friday Read: The Best Fall Jackets, Rugged New Boots & A Luxury Old Fashioned

Thanks for joining me, my friends, on another fine fall Friday. It’s the perfect time of year to gear up and hit the road with, say, one of the best duffel bags and perhaps, a rugged fall jacket from the good folks at Filson, as I’ve been talking about so frequently as of late. There are certain brands that are just uniquely well-suited to the demands of the season, and I’ve been testing out Filson menswear whenever I get the chance on brisk Brooklyn days. How about yourself? Be sure to let me know in the comments if you have any favorites from the famed retailer.

Now, onto business. In my neck of the woods, I’m actually deviating from the norm in terms of fall style and hitting the road for a family trip to the sunny confines of Turks and Caicos (keep up with all the fun on my Instagram!). From there, I’ll be preparing for Thanksgiving (crazily enough!) and taking some time off — how about yourself? Before we roll into the weekend, be sure to check out a few of my picks for the best fall menswear and some choice fall reads.

Best men's boots for fall.
  • Much like the best Filson menswear, there’s never been a better time to shop and save on some of the best men’s boots for fall. On that note, I’ve been a big fan as of late of Austin-based HELM Boots, which uses handsome, rugged leathers and the right mix of dressy design and durability in crafting some of the coolest boots for men. Give the brand a look the next tine you’re ready to score a pair of your new favorite boots.
  • Ready for fall layering with one of the best men’s sweaters? Not quite? If you still need a quick and easy wardrobe upgrade at a nice price, check out my latest blog post on one of the most affordable, stylish men’s sweaters out there this season (via Bespoke Post). Cheers!
  • If you, like me, enjoy a nice dram or cocktail during happy hour, my latest for Maxim is going to be of particular interest. I wrote about Sunday’s Finest, the Chicago company shaking up the “Ready-To-Enjoy” cocktail market with a luxe Old Fashioned in a bottle. Kick back, pour up a dram and read all about it.

That’ll bring the curtain down on my latest edition of the Friday Read — hopefully, you’re feeling just a bit more ready for the weekend and the rest of the season ahead. As always, cheers and thanks for reading!

The Tuesday Steal: Take Almost 20 Percent Off These Rugged Fall Boots from HELM Boots

If you’ve been falling a bit behind on shopping for some of the best men’s boots for fall — to name but one style essential you should shop now — then there’s no time like the present to catch up. In fact, I’ve got even better news for you: You can get a great pair of rugged leather boots for fall on sale right now at Austin-based HELM Boots. Keep in mind that this deal is so stellar (under $250 on sale) that sizing is moving quickly.

Mack Weldon

That being said, it’s not hard to see why: The craftsmanship-focused brand is a favorite of mine, from the best chukka boots to the coolest men’s sneakers, and the HELM Jakob Boots hit similar notes in just the right way.

Best men's boots

For starters, they’re nearly 20 percent off, a nice steal for a pair of well-made men’s leather boots that could quickly become a fall style favorite. They’re inspired by traditional work boots, but the HELM Jakob Boots go a step further with a taller profile, handsome full-grain Krumenauer leather and a super-soft rubber cushioned sole.

Mack Weldon

The Krumenauer leather will get better the more you wear the HELM Jakob Boots, and the fact that you can rock these stylish men’s leather boots with everything from tailored chinos and an Oxford shirt to your favorite henley and blue jeans is a major bonus. The next time you need to lace up the best men’s boots for fall, make sure the HELM Jakob Boots are in your closet — and for a discount, at that.