The Thursday Buy: The RAEN Wiley Sunglasses are Some of the Best Men’s Sunglasses Under $200

Best men's sunglasses to buy now.

Bear with me here today, my friends, because we’re going to talk about an unlikely accessory you should still keep handy as part of your everyday carry essentials heading into early fall. The accessory in question? Of course, it’s a pair of the best men’s sunglasses — yes, I really do mean it.

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And although you might think of shopping for men’s sunglasses as a pursuit best undertaken in the spring and summer, the right pair of stylish shades can still work wonders for your look and of course, the comfort of your vision come fall (and winter). That leads me to the California-based eyewear masters at RAEN, purveyors of specs like the RAEN Wiley Sunglasses. What makes this pair some of the best sunglasses for men? My friend, I’m glad you asked.

Best stylish men's sunglasses.

It’s all about the right blend of style plus utility in terms of sunglasses for men, and the RAEN Wiley Sunglasses pack a nice wallop when it comes to both categories. Available in a seriously cool nine frame and lens combinations (all polarized for maximum visibility), your new favorite pair of sunglasses are crafted with a frame handmade from zyl acetate.

The construction is meant to be lightweight yet durable, and sturdy five barrel hinge hardware should only bolster the long-term wearability of the RAEN Wiley Sunglasses.

Man and woman standing in a field looking at the camera wearing white tees and jeans

As if that wasn’t enough, the frame shape is squared-off and clean, the right sort of design if you want a more casual pair of sunglasses to wear with laidback looks like the best pocket T-shirt and lightweight jeans (topped off by a stylish bomber jacket, of course).

Perhaps the biggest benefit to snagging the RAEN Wiley Sunglasses right now? Of course, the multi-season wearability — and the affordable sub-$200 price. Are the RAEN Wiley Sunglasses some of the best men’s sunglasses under $200? Try ’em out yourself and let me know in the comments.


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