The Tuesday Steal: The Satchel & Page Warehouse Sale Offers the Best Deals on Leather Bags for Men

As you take stock of both your travel gear and your everyday carry essentials, perhaps you like to invest in the best leather goods for men, the kind of gear that lasts — and lasts, and lasts. But there’s a catch with shopping for stylish leather goods: The process can often be expensive, so what’s a guy to do? Here’s my best answer — head right now to the Satchel & Page Warehouse Sale, a well-crafted offering of handsome and rugged leather goods for men.

This rather astounding sale is offering deals on quite nearly the entire lineup of Satchel & Page leather goods, from the brand’s famed Leather Weekender to its Slim Mailbag and even the brand’s Padfolio. These pieces are heirloom-worthy, made from rich brown leather designed to get better over time, to say the very least. And the deals are just as great, running anywhere from 15 percent off to 30 percent off the best men’s leather goods.

Best leather goods for men.

The Satchel & Page Warehouse Sale doesn’t tend to stick around very often, and it’s no wonder why: When you can get an exceedingly handsome, well-crafted leather weekender — with plenty of packing potential — why not knock off a few dozen bucks to snag that bag for under $600? Precisely, my friend.

Even the brand’s smaller goods are on offer in the Satchel & Page Warehouse Sale, including a stylish leather backpack. A word to the wise: These pieces from Satchel & Paige do arrive lightly used, and yet, should still be in great enough condition to allow you to make your own mark. Remember: The Satchel & Page Warehouse Sale won’t last forever, so shop early and often.

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