The Sunday Sale: This Bespoke Post Box Features One of the Best Fall Shirts for Under $50

Bespoke Post box review

‘Tis the season to shop the best menswear deals, is it not? That’s particularly true if you want to stock up on one of the best men’s shirts for fall, and if that’s the case, then do I have a deal for you today. Just dive into the Bespoke Post Ribbed Box, the latest and greatest among a slew of Bespoke Post subscription boxes that deliver standout gear at standout prices.

If you read the blog, I’d wager you’re familiar with Bespoke Post: The NYC-based E-commerce brand delivers monthly subscription boxes featuring the best gear for guys, and they do so at terrific prices — if you sign up to join Bespoke Post, that is.

In the case of the Bespoke Post Ribbed Box, that means you can secure a rugged-yet-soft shirt (the Surfside Supply Co. Rib Knit Shirt, to be exact) for under $50 if you sign up to join Bespoke Post. The cotton-blend shirt is the sort of shirt that wears like one of your favorite shirts and yet feels like a sweater, all the better to be worn as an overshirt — or styled on its own.

Bespoke Post notes you can wear this stylish men’s shirt out and about in brisk weather as a shirt jacket, tackling yard work or relaxing on the weekend — not bad, right? As one of my favorite menswear brands says, this shirt could become a “mainstay for your fall outfits long into the winter.” How’s that for one of the best deals for men? Don’t forget, it’s under $50 right now at Bespoke Post. Happy fall layering, my friends.


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