The Tuesday Steal: Get These Under-$100 Sneakers from Bespoke Post for Spring Right Now

Best spring sneakers for men.

I’m of the opinion that the time is always right to save on the best spring style essentials, especially as a new season starts in earnest — and particularly if you can find those essentials in question at Bespoke Post. The NYC-based brand offers up one of the best subscription boxes for men, of course, but if you’ve taken the time to glance around the Bespoke Post Shop, you know they’re so much more than that.

Take the fact that they curate and sell stylish men’s sneakers from brands like Shoe The Bear. Then, consider the fact that some of the best sneakers for men on the market right now are just $95 on sale (that’s nearly 40 percent off the purchase price of $150). How’s that for a Tuesday Steal, ehh?

The Shoe The Bear Babtiste Leather Sneakers hit the right notes for a spring footwear refresh, starting with the design itself: It’s based on retro tennis sneakers, always a worthy source of classic design inspiration. The blend of leather and canvas works nicely with the textured toe design. and the overall profile is sleek, not clunky. They also come in colors like Green and Orange, with hits of that contrasting color at the ankle — another welcome design detail.

That means you can wear this pair of the best men’s sneakers with everything from rolled light wash jeans and your favorite henley to dark blue jeans and one of the best Oxford shirts at the office. They’ll work perfectly well to carry you into summer with stylish chino shorts and one of the best polos for men, too. Throw in the fact that they’re just about 40 percent off, and you’ve found the perfect way to shop and save on your new favorite sneakers this season. Sounds like a plan to me. How about you?


The Tuesday Steal: Save 25 Percent on this Stylish Reversible Overshirt from Bespoke Post

Best overshirt for men.

The idea of getting “two for the price of one” is a bit of an elusive deal these days, is it not? Especially in the menswear world, and even as you shop one of the best online shops for men — that’d be New York City’s own Bespoke Post, which always seems to stock and sell an array of the coolest gear for guys. Sure, that includes neat finds like handy pocket knives and portable fireplaces, but more importantly, it includes some of the best winter menswear essentials — specifically, like the Line of Trade Third Shift Reversible Overshirt seen above.

HELM Boots- $50 Off Your First Purchase

You’ll find it, of course, in the ever-shifting Bespoke Post Sale section, which offers up everything from home goods to outdoor gear and rugged menswear (and yes, they also sell on-sale Taylor Stitch shirts, too). The Line of Trade in-house brand at Bespoke Post is a thing of beauty, focused on the right balance between rugged and crisp classics for guys — again, go back to the Line of Trade Third Shift Reversible Overshirt, which is now 25 percent off for a limited time.

Best reversible overshirt for men.

One side of the Line of Trade Third Shift Reversible Overshirt is a vivid copper-colored cotton ripstop, all the better for cold-weather pursuits, while the deep Midnight side of the Line of Trade Third Shift Reversible Overshirt is a sueded, quilted polyester for insulation, topped off with a light water-repellent treatment. While the Line of Trade Third Shift Reversible Overshirt won’t replace your trusty winter parka, think of it like a handy, seriously cool travel jacket or warm layer for active pursuits like park strolls or quick winter outings.

HELM Boots- $50 Off Your First Purchase

Again, the Line of Trade Third Shift Reversible Overshirt is easy to throw on at a moment’s notice, thanks to the easy-on, easy-off snap metal buttons — this stylish overshirt just about does it all, and through the Bespoke Post Sale section, it’s 25 percent off right now. Start shopping and layering accordingly, my friends.

The Sunday Sale: This Taylor Stitch Shirt is 40 Percent Off This Week at Bespoke Post

It’s somewhat of a rarity to find one of the best shirts for men on sale, in stock and very much in style from a retailer like Bespoke Post and a revered brand like Taylor Stitch. But that’s what we’re here for with today’s Sunday Sale, right? Throw in the fact that essential shirting like the Taylor Stitch Jack Shirt doesn’t go on sale very often, and you’ve got the makings of a standout deal to shop this week — and quickly, at that. That’s because the illustrious Taylor Stitch Jack Shirt seen above (in a handsome Sand Plaid) is now a whopping 40 percent off.

Naturally, you should head over to the Bespoke Post Sale section for today’s Sunday Sale offering, one that’s nicely primed for the holiday season as you look for the best affordable gifts for men. It’s all for the better that the Taylor Stitch Jack Shirt isn’t quite your average shirt that winds up in the sale section (not that Bespoke Post has any trouble stocking its sale section or Web site with some of the best menswear on the market, though).

That’s because the Taylor Stitch Jack Shirt hits all the right marks as you shop for your new favorite shirt, be it the striking Sand Plaid pattern or the 100 percent organic cotton construction. It also features classic touches like handsome dark horn buttons and a collar with a pleasing roll and buttondown design. The overall effect is one of the best shirts for men, and the kind you can wear tucked in or untucked as you please, especially with a pair of the best blue jeans for men.

It’s worth remembering that deals on something as crucial and cool as the Taylor Stitch Jack Shirt don’t come around very often — least of all deals that bring a stylish men’s shirt down to $75 from its original price of $125. Crucially, consider the Bespoke Post Sale section for your holiday discount shopping needs, and consider adding the Taylor Stitch Jack Shirt to your shirting rotation ASAP for a standout deal.

The Tuesday Steal: Get This Stylish Men’s Sweater from Bespoke Post for 65 Percent Off

Best on-sale men's sweater

My friends, if you thought that headline above was too good to be true, you’re in luck. You really can get this stylish men’s sweater from Bespoke Post for 65 percent off right this very second, with a wide range of sizes to suit every guy. What a way to start off our Tuesday Steal entry this week, right? You’re telling me. The Line of Trade Jackson Fair Isle Sweater can be scooped up for a whale of a deal right now (under $50, compared to $128 at full price), and it’s definitely in your best interest to score one of the best men’s sweaters while saving some hard-earned cash heading into the holiday season.

Of course, Bespoke Post has long been a reliable way to shop and save, be it on one of the best men’s subscription boxes or on a full rotation of stylish menswear — like the Line of Trade Jackson Fair Isle Sweater — but this sort of deal is nearly unheard of these days. It certainly doesn’t hurt that this particular sweater is part of the Bespoke Post in-house brand Line of Trade itself, providing the right balance between quality, timeless style and fair pricing.

The Line of Trade Jackson Fair Isle Sweater of course features that classic, winter-friendly pattern, not to mention a blend of wool and nylon for comfort and even some stretch compared to traditional sweaters. Beyond that, the design found on the Line of Trade Jackson Fair Isle Sweater is exclusive to Bespoke Post, meaning you’ll stand out subtly and stylishly at many a holiday party this season. And remember, you’re saving a whopping 65 percent on this seriously cool men’s holiday sweater right now. Act early and often to upgrade your winter sweater rotation ASAP.

The Sunday Sale: This Bespoke Post Box Features One of the Best Fall Shirts for Under $50

Bespoke Post box review

‘Tis the season to shop the best menswear deals, is it not? That’s particularly true if you want to stock up on one of the best men’s shirts for fall, and if that’s the case, then do I have a deal for you today. Just dive into the Bespoke Post Ribbed Box, the latest and greatest among a slew of Bespoke Post subscription boxes that deliver standout gear at standout prices.

If you read the blog, I’d wager you’re familiar with Bespoke Post: The NYC-based E-commerce brand delivers monthly subscription boxes featuring the best gear for guys, and they do so at terrific prices — if you sign up to join Bespoke Post, that is.

In the case of the Bespoke Post Ribbed Box, that means you can secure a rugged-yet-soft shirt (the Surfside Supply Co. Rib Knit Shirt, to be exact) for under $50 if you sign up to join Bespoke Post. The cotton-blend shirt is the sort of shirt that wears like one of your favorite shirts and yet feels like a sweater, all the better to be worn as an overshirt — or styled on its own.

Bespoke Post notes you can wear this stylish men’s shirt out and about in brisk weather as a shirt jacket, tackling yard work or relaxing on the weekend — not bad, right? As one of my favorite menswear brands says, this shirt could become a “mainstay for your fall outfits long into the winter.” How’s that for one of the best deals for men? Don’t forget, it’s under $50 right now at Bespoke Post. Happy fall layering, my friends.

Style Pick of the Week: Line of Trade Summit Flannel Shirt – Best Fall Flannel Shirt for Guys

Best flannel shirt for men this fall

What’s sitting at the top of your list right now as you shop for the best men’s fall essentials? I’ve got plenty of the best fall style gear picks on my mind at the moment as well, but I’d say that for right now, as we move into the season, it’s best to start with a tried-and-true selection: One of the best flannel shirts for men. As with any good seasonal style selection, there’s also a tried-and-true resource you can visit to stock up accordingly, and that resource just so happens to be NYC-based Bespoke Post.

You recognize the brand (I should hope!) for selling everything from affordable Timex watches to the best winter sweaters, and the seriously cool, rugged and affordable Line of Trade Summit Flannel Shirt is but the latest and greatest must-have from them. Seriously, snag this one before it sells out.

Flannel is, naturally, a classic fall fabric, providing warmth, comfort and plenty of throwback appeal on many a casual day this season, and the Line of Trade Summit Flannel Shirt hits all the right notes as you shop for your new favorite shirt (starting with price — it clocks in at just $65 at Bespoke Post).

Best men's flannel shirt

It’s tough to know where to begin with the Line of Trade Summit Flannel Shirt, because it does so many things well — and it does ’em all at a low, sub-$70 price, no less. The Line of Trade Summit Flannel Shirt is crafted from a brushed flannel fabric that just so happens to be a nice, midweight cotton material.

That means the go-anywhere Line of Trade Summit Flannel Shirt is warm enough to layer atop your favorite henley and easy enough to wear on its own (perhaps beneath the best fall blazer, for good measure).

In addition to that easy-to-layer weight, the Line of Trade Summit Flannel Shirt hits the right notes when it comes to fall style (note the four utterly classic plaid color combos) and sizing (it’s available in sizes up to 3XL). And again, it’s certainly worth repeating that the Line of Trade Summit Flannel Shirt is a downright steal at just $65. With fall rolling in quickly, you might want to go ahead and pick up more than one of this trusty fall flannel shirt. Good luck out there, my friends.

See Now, Buy Now: This Line of Trade Camp Shirt Is Your New Laidback Summer Style Move

Best men's shirts for summer

When opportunity comes knocking, like the chance to dress in casually laidback, easygoing style for the summer months, answer the door – wearing one of the best men’s shirts for summer, of course. And where are you going to go to find your new favorite summer shirt? Why, that’s easy — at least in my humble opinion, that is. Head on over to Bespoke Post, the NYC-based E-commerce brand best known for curating some of the best subscription boxes for men to pick up the seriously well-made, breezy and easygoing Line of Trade Breeze Camp Shirt (it’s all in the name, after all).

The camp collar shirt is a throwback look first popularized decades ago, with an easygoing nature and a lay-flat collar that made it a popular choice for, well, camping, BBQ’s and beyond. Under the watchful eye of the Line of Trade in-house brand at Bespoke Post, it gets turned into a modern standout, featuring a lightweight cotton-linen blend, a cool array of colors and nice touches like Corozo buttons for a premium look and feel.

Whenever you get the chance to wear a shirt like the Line of Trade Breeze Camp Shirt — with stretch chino shorts and canvas sneakers at a summer BBQ, for instance — be sure to answer the door the right way. Best of all might be the fact that the Line of Trade Breeze Camp Shirt is priced affordably at $65 (and lower than that, if you happen to be a Bespoke Post member). Not a bad deal at all, right? Cheers to summer, my friends.

The Thursday Buy: Rhythm’s Classic Vintage Tee Is the Laidback Summer Style Move You Need Now

Best casual T-shirt for men

Never underestimate the power of a simple style move, like wearing one of the best T-shirts for men. It’s a subtle choice that, when done right, can prove flattering and distinctive. Think of the all-time style greats, guys like Steve McQueen or James Dean, or even modern icons like Daniel Craig, and think of how they can make even the humble T-shirt stand out 100 percent. The point being: If you want to make that style move part of your repertoire, the Rhythm Classic Vintage Tee — as sold by the great folks at NYC-based E-commerce retailer Bespoke Post — is the way to go.

Sure, it looks laidback and casual on the surface, but it’s got the proper fit and the proper specs to serve as an easygoing summer style pick — either on its own, worn alongside your favorite chinos, or layered up underneath one of the best denim jackets for men. The Rhythm Classic Vintage Tee is made from 100 percent cotton for a soft feel and finish, one that only gets even better when you consider the fact that the cotton is garment-dyed for additional softness.

That gives the Rhythm Classic Vintage Tee a dusty, washed-out look, perfect for summer’s more casual, hazy vibes, and the fact that the fabric is substantial but soft is an added bonus, too. Better still is the fact that the Rhythm Classic Vintage Tee is available in four cool colors, the type to suit every palette, and it retails for just $33. Yes, that’s right: A casually stylish summer tee for under $40? Sounds too good to be true, but it’s a solid seasonal style option you can add to your wardrobe with just a few clicks. Classic summer dressing is well within your reach.

The Thursday Buy: Line of Trade’s Churchill Seersucker Shirt is A New Summer Classic

Best men's short-sleeve shirt for summer

A guy’s summer wardrobe requires versatile options aplenty, the kind of menswear essentials that function like a Swiss Army Knife while taking you from the office to happy hour to the open road and back again. And among many sources you can go to as you search for the best men’s short-sleeve shirts, Bespoke Post is as fine a source as any. You perhaps already saw my guide to the best new denim shirt from Bespoke Post and the site’s Line of Trade in-house brand, which brings us to today’s must-buy pick: The Line of Trade Churchill Seersucker Shirt, a breezy option that’s a bit more cleaned-up than a denim shirt.

The use of monochromatic seersucker, as opposed to contrasting stripes, gives it more of a polished look and feel, turning it into an office-ready shirt on casual days. The fit is tailored, the cotton seersucker is lightweight and breezy, and the fact that it’s garment-washed means it’s extra-soft and comfortable. And crucially, the Line of Trade Churchill Seersucker Shirt retails for under $70. It’s a new must-buy summer style move, no doubt about it.

See Now, Buy Now: Line of Trade’s Denim Shirt Is Your New Summer Go-To

When you land on a summer style essential that grips you right away, it’s wise to invest in that piece at the drop of a hat, so to speak, is it not? That’s where Bespoke Post comes into play with one of the best men’s shirts, the right way to shake up your casually rugged summer style in an eye-catching, unique way.

You already know Bespoke Post for selling some of the best subscription boxes for men, and for offering up — among other gear picks — one of the most affordable men’s watches on the market at the moment. Now, you can add to your arsenal of Bespoke Post essentials with the Line of Trade Sierra Embroidered Shirt, an effortlessly cool summer wardrobe upgrade made to be worn weekend after weekend. It’s got all the trappings of your new favorite summer shirt, from the cotton-polyester chambray fabric — for breezy seasonal style — to the seriously cool embroidered shoulder detailing, as the name would suggest.

Yes indeed, the Line of Trade Sierra Shirt carries on Bespoke Post’s mission of helping guys look great even when dressed casually — Line of Trade is the NYC-based E-commerce brand’s in-house apparel line, so it only makes sense. The Line of Trade Sierra Shirt also manages to be classic yet on-trend — it’s got the timeless appeal of a rugged chambray shirt, the visually engaging Western detailing that’s all the rage at the moment, and the chops to be worn on its own or layered underneath a black denim jacket.

Even the patch chest pockets on the Line of Trade Sierra Shirt add a dash of Western style, as do the imitation pearl snap buttons. Wear it on its own buttoned up or layer it over your favorite T-shirt unbuttoned — there’s practically no wrong way to wear the Line of Trade Sierra Shirt in my book. Bespoke Post perhaps says it best when it comes to the Line of Trade Sierra Shirt : They note that this “durable western shirt is an American workwear staple. That sounds to me like a piece you need in your summer wardrobe. Happy shopping, my friends.