The Tuesday Steal: Shop Now and Save on the Taylor Stitch Moto Collection’s Rugged Fall Menswear

Best online menswear for guys.

When presented with the chance to shop the best fall menswear — especially the best on-sale fall menswear — I’d wager you’ve really got no time to waste, especially as we power through October and roll right into November. So, where’s a stylish guy to go besides one of the best online menswear shops for guys, right?

And in this case, I’m talking about Taylor Stitch, the practically essential menswear brand with selections that are both rugged, refined and highly versatile, as seen in the Taylor Stitch Moto Collection (even if you don’t spend any time on a bike).

Best of all is the fact that a few select items in the Taylor Stitch Moto Collection, including the Taylor Stitch Slim Jeans, are on sale right now — that sounds like a perfect Tuesday Steal offering to me, right? Granted, the Taylor Stitch Moto Collection currently features another tempting selection (that’d be the much-loved Taylor Stitch Moto Jacket) for a full-price offering of $1,075 — an investment worth making in its own right.

Think of the entire as a pairing worth complementing other Taylor Stitch menswear essentials, like your favorite flannel shirt, for starters.

Best moto boots for men.

That’s quite the hefty chunk of change to drop in one fell swoop, but the great news is, you can save 20 percent on the Taylor Stitch Slim Jeans when you pre-fund them as part of the Taylor Stitch Moto Collection, and that’s just one investment via the fine menswear purveyors at Taylor Stitch that’ll pay off in spades.

After all, those jeans are built to last, made with incredibly durable Cordura Cone Mills Denim (hence their inclusion in the Taylor Stitch Moto Collection), and they feature an easily wearable medium rise design and handsome details like a back leather patch. While you can’t quite save on every offering from the covetable Taylor Stitch Moto Collection, the rugged, dependable Taylor Stitch Slim Jeans are quite the perfect fall style move right now. Shop accordingly ASAP this fine Tuesday.


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