The Tuesday Steal: These Nisolo Chelsea Boots Are On Sale Right Now at Bespoke Post

Who can pass up an outstanding deal on the best men’s Chelsea boots, right? I myself find it extremely hard to do, especially as we roll into the fall season in earnest, and if you feel the same way, then today’s well-timed Tuesday Steal is the place to be. Head over to Bespoke Post to get all kinds of deals on the best fall menswear, if you feel so inclined, but rest easy knowing that if you want one of the best pairs of men’s Chelsea boots on your feet this instant, then the Nisolo Cruz Chelsea Boots are the right way to go. That’s an understatement, and it gets even better when you consider the fact that you can score these rugged leather Chelsea boots for under $150 right now at Bespoke Post. How can you pass that up? Well, if you ask me… you can’t, can you? That’s what I thought. These stylish leather Chelsea boots are more than deserving of your hard-earned cash, suffice to say (even with the standout deal you’re getting).

Sizes are moving fast in the Bespoke Post Sale section, and it’s not hard to see why. These Nisolo leather boots are built with a water-resistant leather upper, the better to be worn through all kinds of inclement fall weather. And it helps that the Nisolo Cruz Chelsea Boots also rest atop a lightweight rubber sole (one the brand says is “extralight,” for that matter). You might call them the total package as far as the best deal on men’s Chelsea boots is concerned, but it gets better from there.

So, the Nisolo Cruz Chelsea Boots have a rugged-but-still-sleek profile, the kind that pairs well with slim jeans or chinos. They happen to be wearable with wool suit trousers, too. Add in an Oxford shirt and perhaps a lightweight cotton sweater alongside those classic slim blue jeans, and you’ve got yourself a winning combination. It all starts with a pair of sub-$150 Chelsea boots though, yes? No doubt about it.

Plus, elastic side panels, a classic Chelsea boot touch, make it easy to slide these on and off or to wear them for travel, always a positive when you hit the road. The rubber sole also provides traction and grip, and it all gets even better when you take a look at the fact that Nisolo makes its boots with great care under fair working conditions. What can’t the Nisolo Cruz Chelsea Boots do? I’m struggling to think of any roadblocks in your way as you wear these rugged, highly affordable boots for fall. Happy shopping, folks.

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These Chelsea boots are perfect for fall

The Tuesday Steal: These Huckberry Slippers Are The Best Indoor-Outdoor Shoes Right Now

Early fall brings with it all manner of pursuits, especially ones best enjoyed when dressed casually and enjoyed leisurely. That’s quite the Venn diagram (I’m thinking most commonly of upstate New York trips and northern Michigan getaways), and that’s where you need a pair of the best indoor-outdoor shoes, all the better to truly tackle the best, most inviting activities of the season. That makes today’s fairly priced Tuesday Steal a downright bargain: The Greys Outdoor Slipper Boots are on sale right now in a variety of colors, often for under $100, making them an excellent pick as far as the best casual shoes for fall are concerned. Now, to be sure, casual fall shoes for men often run the gamut, from laidback leather sneakers to the best chukka boots, but the best indoor and outdoor shoes are quite literally built different from the rest of the pack. That’s not a bad thing, and it makes them especially well-suited for laidback days at home and on the road. What exactly makes them so essential? Keep on scrolling to find out.

The Greys Outdoor Slipper Boots are the perfect sort of hybrid shoe to have on hand as we move from September into early October, when the weather turns ever-so-slightly more crisp and fall’s best moments, including leisurely bonfires and easygoing morning coffee runs, come back into your life. That’s because the Greys Outdoor Slipper Boots have all the qualities of your favorite normal fall shoes, including a chukka boot-like ankle cut, with the relaxed comfort of fall slippers. It’s a temperature-regulating wool blend that makes these both warm and yet remarkably comfortable, all the better to wear without socks alongside your favorite pair of weekend sweatpants. The hybrid appeal only grows from there.

The Greys Outdoor Slipper Boots sit atop a grippy rubber sole for maximum traction moving through the yard or throughout town, too. And the silhouette of the ever-versatile Greys Outdoor Slipper Boots is not unlike a pair of slip-on boots, unlike traditional slippers. That means that in a pinch, you could even wear them with casual faded jeans. Of course, when you do hit the road, either to a boutique hotel or out and about for a weekend with friends, it’s always nice to have a pair of shoes you can throw on and then forget about for a breezy morning cup of coffee. In whichever color you prefer, the Greys Outdoor Slipper Boots are the best indoor-outdoor shoes for those pursuits.

Get these go-anywhere slippers now

Available for under $100 at Huckberry

Add in small details like a leather pull tab, the reinforced toe box for greater durability, and again, the fact that you can rock ’em with or without socks, and the Greys Outdoor Slipper Boots are your new go-to pair of casual fall shoes, weekend or weekday vacation, no questions asked. Get them right now in the color of your choice for under $100, and be prepared to field all sorts of compliments when it comes to casual fall style.

The Tuesday Steal: Billy Reid’s Flight Jacket Is One of the Coolest Fall Jackets to Shop Now

Thanks for joining us during today’s Tuesday Steal, where the featured item in question isn’t exactly a full-on steal, per se, but that doesn’t make it any less essential, or any less than one of the best men’s jackets for fall. In fact, seeing as the first day of fall is tomorrow, it’s as crucial a time as any to get your new favorite jacket, and to shop a retailer that knows plenty about the best fall menswear: We’re talking, of course, about Alabama-based menswear designer Billy Reid, makers of some of the best men’s shirting, essential selvedge denim and now, one of the best fall jackets for men. It’s the Billy Reid Flight Jacket that draws high praise from my neck of the woods today, with both old-school and modern appeal in spades. It’s worth noting that when it comes to Billy Reid, you’re often investing in quality, rather than scoring a major discount (that’s what makes it so noteworthy when Billy Reid has a sale, after all). And yet, that’s not a bad thing at all, because the rugged and durable Billy Reid Flight Jacket has a ton going for it (to say the least).

Get your new go-to fall jacket

Billy Reid’s Flight Jacket is the perfect blend of rugged and modern

The exceedingly dependable and well-made Billy Reid Flight Jacket has all the specs you need in one of the best fall jackets, right down to the use of dry wax canvas for weather-ready construction. It comes from Scotland’s Halley Stevenson, innovative fabric makers that have been in business since the 1860s. Yes indeed, Billy Reid knows how to partner with the best of the best, which is what makes the Billy Reid Flight Jacket so essential, even with a price tag of $448. It’s more than worth it, though — keep scrolling.

The remarkable and seriously cool Billy Reid Flight Jacket is the kind of jacket that only gets better with age, and it’ll break in more and more each time you wear it. That being said, you’ll surely want to wear this jacket a heck of a lot, especially with a rugged Billy Reid denim shirt or even a simple but classic Billy Reid henley. It’s a versatile piece of grab-and-go outerwear meant for breezy fall days strolling through the park or even zipping around the city to work (team it with an Oxford shirt in place of a blazer for a laidback day at the office). The Billy Reid Flight Jacket is also meant to keep you warm when fall weather is at its worst. It’s lined with what the brand calls Comfortemp AIR poly fill, made from recycled polyester to fight the elements and add some sustainable functionality into the mix.

Satchel and Page

The Billy Reid Flight Jacket is also versatile and easily wearable in other ways — note the rich Khaki color, which should team especially well with dark blue denim, navy or olive chinos or even burgundy corduroys. It’s as good as it gets all the way through, right down to the dark horn buttons and two chest flap patch pockets. The Billy Reid Flight Jacket covers all the proper bells and whistles you’d expect from your new favorite fall jacket, more than justifying the investment-level (yet still accessible!) price. Make it yours today, then start plotting your next fall outing.

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The Tuesday Steal: This Billy Reid Shirt is a New Fall Menswear Classic to Buy Right Now

Although it’s only just now the end of August, the time is still here to stock up for fall with one of the best shirts for men, the kind of shirt you can wear all day long. The Billy Reid Offset Pocket Shirt, my friends, is that very shirt. It’s available right now for under $100, making it a fine Tuesday Steal, but any way you look at it, it’s one heck of a fall shirt to buy now and wear from August into September and well beyond. It’s part of the Billy Reid Final Sale section, sure, but that doesn’t mean it’s of subpar quality, design or construction. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. It’s pretty rare to find one of the best men’s shirts for fall up for grabs at this point for under $100, and that’s just part of the reason why you should add this classic Oxford shirt to your wardrobe (don’t worry, future posts will dive into another #OOTD on how to wear an Oxford shirt for men, for instance). Plus, the fact that the pocket is placed in a slightly different spot than average is pretty neat.

Design perks aside, focus on adding this shirt to your wardrobe and reaping the rewards as far as versatile, affordable style is concerned.

Get your new go-to fall shirt from Billy Reid

Wear it as often as you can, starting now

The Billy Reid Offset Pocket Shirt, with details like signature striping at the shirt hem, exemplifies what the classic American designer does best, which is make solid everyday staples using premium processes and fabrics. The result is elevated above the ordinary, and that’s an understatement. In the case of your new favorite shirt, that means this Oxford shirt is made in Portugal from, not surprisingly, 100 percent Oxford cotton cloth in a rich, deep shadow plaid. The shadow plaid of the Billy Reid Offset Pocket Shirt would actually pair quite nicely with tan or auburn Billy Reid chinos or jeans for a sharp, business casual-ready ensemble.

SHOP: The Billy Reid Offset Pocket Shirt

It’s also designed with a standard fit, which isn’t overly slim nor overly baggy. The result is a classic men’s shirt that looks great untucked or teamed with, say, a refined Billy Reid blazer and faded jeans for date night or office-minded style. When you can snag a deal on something as essential, cool and highly wearable as the Billy Reid Offset Pocket Shirt, my best advice is to add one to your wardrobe as quickly as you can.

The Tuesday Steal: This Buck Mason Indigo Henley is the Perfect Layer for Summer & Fall

It seems like just yesterday, devoted readers of The Style Guide, that we were talking about how Buck Mason makes some of the best men’s jeans for summer (and the best summer menswear in general). All that being said, summer is sticking around for just a bit longer — however, it’s never too early to get ready for fall. I’ve been saying that on the blog for the past few days, be it recommending you pick up Todd Snyder’s early fall collection or, in the case of today’s post, hop on the Buck Mason Last Chance Section. Fear not, because there’s gear aplenty up for grabs, including the Buck Mason Medium Wash Indigo Henley. It’s the sort of rugged henley you need in your rotation for late summer into early fall, and we’ll call that the tip of the menswear iceberg. What makes this indigo henley a Tuesday Steal and an ideal addition to your late-summer wardrobe? Well, you can snag the Buck Mason Medium Wash Indigo Henley for $60 right now, a nice, limited-time find to be worn with Buck Mason denim or chinos this season (and beyond — more on that in a second).

Head to the Buck Mason Last Chance Section now

Standout deals on standout menswear

A henley, after all, is a rugged style staple that looks great on every guy, and that’s doubly true of Buck Mason henleys. It comes down to the slightly longer four-button placket, which gives this henley a slightly dressier, more versatile look and feel — it can be worn on its own as easily as it can be layered underneath, say, a deep blue indigo trucker jacket for ideal transitional fall style. The world really is your oyster with a henley as well-made as the Buck Mason Medium Wash Indigo Henley

SHOP: The Buck Mason Medium Wash Indigo Henley

Zoomed product image

This isn’t a run-of-the-mill henley, and it starts with the use of midweight cotton. That’s a step up from the breezy pima cotton found in other Buck Mason henleys, and again, that makes it ideal to wear on its own or layered up beneath a chambray shirt or a denim workshirt. You can even rock the Buck Mason Medium Wash Indigo Henley sans jacket during the day, then layer up a bomber jacket during cooler early fall nights. And because it’s finished off with a form-flattering curved hem and retro-style cuffs at the biceps (similar to other old-school henley undershirts), it’s plenty stylish enough to be worn solo with tan chinos or work pants.

Satchel and Page

The indigo dye process is also rigorous, featuring a process that dips each shirt 15 times (at least). The result is a highly unique shirt that’s going to fade and age the more you wear it, kind of like a pair of selvedge jeans. That touch alone makes the Buck Mason Medium Wash Indigo Henley a downright steal (a Tuesday Steal, if you will) and that means it’s one to add to your cart ASAP for late summer and early fall.

Get Buck Mason’s indigo henley ASAP

Layer to your heart’s content this fall

The Tuesday Steal: Taylor Stitch Is Making the Best Classic Men’s T-Shirt on the Market

The Cotton Hemp Tee in Natural - Classic Men's Clothing…

From the best men’s leather jacket to the best classic T-shirt for men, is there anything Taylor Stitch can’t do? Well, if you read the blog, I’d wager you know that, well, there really isn’t all that much that the lauded San Francisco retailer can’t get right. I’ve long been a fan of Taylor Stitch, as you very well know if you’ve checked out the blog this summer (or in the years prior to that!), but it’s always worth revisiting what a favorite brand does as the years progress. In the case of Taylor Stitch, that means they continue to make essential classics, like the Taylor Stitch Natural Cotton Hemp Tee, to go along with the consistently stellar Taylor Stitch Workshop. It’s a great place to get, say, the coolest leather jacket on the market, but we’re here today to talk about something a little more basic.

Now, I don’t mean basic in a bad way, because this Taylor Stitch T-shirt is about as well-made as it gets when it comes to summer knitwear (another consistent theme on the blog as of late). The specs on the Taylor Stitch Natural Cotton Hemp Tee are what really separate it from the pack, which is why it’s worth spending a bit more ($36 at Taylor Stitch) compared to your run-of-the-mill pack of T-shirts at your local chain store (trust me on this!). If you’re a fan of Taylor Stitch Oxford shirts or outerwear, know that every bit as much quality has gone into this sustainable T-shirt as those staple, big-ticket pieces.

SHOP: The Taylor Stitch Natural Cotton Hemp Tee

The Cotton Hemp Tee in Natural - Classic Men's Clothing…

This might seem like an overly simple T-shirt on the surface, but rest assured that it’s anything but that. The blend of 4oz. organic cotton (70 percent) and hemp (30 percent) should prove breezy and comfortable, and of course, highly sustainable. When it comes to even the most subtle style moves, Taylor Stitch has thought of every detail, right down to the fact that the Taylor Stitch Natural Cotton Hemp Tee is also garment-washed for a soft feel and every more breathability. That sort of breathability is key if you want to continue wearing, say, Taylor Stitch jeans with your tee on hot summer days.

And the Taylor Stitch Natural Cotton Hemp Tee also fits quite well: It’s neither too tight nor too baggy, it’s just right (note that the brand goes by chest sizing – so 38, 40, 42 and so on) for its sizing. It results in a timeless fit that should work well for most guys out there. The Taylor Stitch Natural Cotton Hemp Tee is certainly wearable on its own, beneath a Taylor Stitch overshirt or underneath a Taylor Stitch leather jacket. It’s the type of T-shirt you’ve got to try out to believe its quality, and then once you’ve done that, you’ll want to stock your wardrobe with nothing but the Taylor Stitch Natural Cotton Hemp Tee. If you do give it a shot, let me know in the comments. Happy shopping!

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The Tuesday Steal: The Huckberry Annual Summer Sale Has the Best Menswear Deals Out There

huckberry | The Style Guide

Who doesn’t love a standout sale on the best menswear essentials, right? I know I sure do, and that’s where we’re headed in today’s version of The Tuesday Steal. (For those new to this, the Tuesday Steal is an occasional substitute for our regular Tuesday #OOTD series). So, let’s get down to business. I’ve talked about the Huckberry Annual Summer Sale quite a bit on the blog, including in last week’s Friday Read. It’s always worth revisiting and diving in a bit deeper when a brand does so many things so well (like making its own pairs of the most affordable men’s sunglasses, for starters).

What exactly is on offer through the excellent and fast-moving Huckberry Annual Summer Sale? Well, my friends: I’m very glad you asked. I’ll get right to the point, in the interest of giving you as much time as possible to shop the best deals on the best menswear, after all.

Shop the Huckberry Annual Summer Sale ASAP

You don’t want to miss this

Know that a plethora of your favorite Huckberry picks, including Flint and Tinder, are up for grabs, with discounts of up to 35 percent off. Prices like that don’t come around very often, and that goes for staple pieces like the Flint and Tinder Trucker Jacket (it now retails for $121.98, compared to $188) and the much-loved Astorflex Patnoflex Leather Loafers. This sale has something for everyone, but it’s not going to run forever. Head over to Huckberry ASAP to shop the jam-packed, fun-as-can-be Huckberry Annual Summer Sale — you’ll find what you’re looking for, and I have no doubts about it.

Shop the Huckberry Annual Summer Sale

The Tuesday Steal: These Mack Weldon Tech Chinos are the Perfect Pants to Wear Back to the Office

Notice anything about today’s post? Welcome to the Tuesday Steal, a new category here at The Style Guide that might occasionally replace our regular, long-running Tuesday #OOTD series. In the interest of getting right into it, the scoop here is that the Tuesday Steal gives you a menswear essential, like the best pants to wear back to the office, at a solid price. That’s the name of the game with Mack Weldon, and they’re a brand that’s only getting bigger and better. Now, you likely know Mack Weldon as the makers of some of the best basics for men, including the best men’s boxer briefs and the best men’s T-shirt, not to mention some of the best men’s shorts. But the Mack Weldon Maverick Tech Chinos are in a class all by themselves as far as the best men’s pants for summer (and beyond) are concerned, and that’s not just hyperbole. And because they retail for $128, they’re the type of pants primed for plenty of wear as you get the most bang for your buck.

HELM Boots

Crucially, they’re part of the new Mack Weldon Daily Wear System, which shows you how to mix and match all of your surprisingly affordable style staples from the direct-to-consumer brand. DTC brands, which cut out the middle man, like a department store, have gained quite a bit of traction in recent years for offering lower prices, solid discounts and quality products, like the *drumroll please* Mack Weldon Maverick Tech Chinos.

SHOP: The Mack Weldon Maverick Tech Chinos

The specs on the Mack Weldon Maverick Chinos are important, and critical for any item to take its place as the rightful owner of the Tuesday Steal. They’re made with spill and stain-resistant, four-way stretch fabric, for plenty of comfort in your cubicle and even back out on the road for seasons to come. That lightweight stretch fabric is also going to prove mighty handy as you navigate the summer heat. They even feature an incredible seven pockets and a flexible fly. Wear them with Mack Weldon shirts and Mack Weldon boxer briefs as often as you can this season, and beyond that. The rest of your Tuesday awaits, so go forth with the knowledge you’ve gained from the Tuesday Steal. Happy shopping!

SHOP: The Mack Weldon Maverick Tech Chinos