The Tuesday Steal: Save 40 Percent On this Rugged Shirt Jacket from Billy Reid

Best winter shirt jacket for men.

Folks, welcome back to another Tuesday and another chance to shop and save on your new favorite menswear from one of the country’s most premium, stylish and timeless brands. And it’s fitting that the Billy Reid Winter Event continues to serve up outstanding discounts on the best seasonal menswear, including the Billy Reid Theo Shirt Jacket. Believe it or not, your new favorite shirt jacket is a whopping 40 percent off — yes, 40 percent off — and it’s worth every single penny.

Now, we’ve talked in the past on the blog about one of the best winter men’s style sales from the famed American designer, but it’s always worth diving a little deeper and taking another look at some of the top winter style essentials, yes? And that’s where the rugged, exceptionally well-crafted Billy Reid Theo Shirt Jacket enters the equation (and your wardrobe). It’s not quite like any shirt jacket (or shacket!) you’ve seen on the market, from the rich wool-blend shadow plaid exterior to the 100 percent recycled insulation.

The Billy Reid Theo Shirt Jacket gets better from there: Note details like side hip pockets and of course, two front-button chest pockets that turn this rugged shirt jacket into an indispensable winter layer. Wear it over your favorite henley from Billy Reid, or go so far as to match up the Billy Reid Theo Shirt Jacket with an Oxford shirt for a dash of high-low style.

Satchel and Page

Now, just know that although the Billy Reid Theo Shirt Jacket is 40 percent off, it’s still a bit of a splurge at $268. And yet, it’s available in plenty of sizes, it’s versatile and well-designed as can be, and it’s a nice stylistic change of pace from a winter parka or peacoat. Act now to add the Billy Reid Theo Shirt Jacket to your style rotation, my friends.

The Tuesday Steal: Save 50 Percent On Some of the Best Jeans for Men with the Bonobos Travel Jeans

Best men's stretch jeans

If you ask your favorite Brooklyn style writer (me!), dressing well is about always meeting the occasion as best you can with some of the best men’s style essentials — and yes, that still includes traveling. There’s definitely a line to walk between comfort and style, and there are certainly ways to look great, feel good and stick to your style guns… even with a flight or train ride ahead of you. For my money’s worth, few brands are rising to meet that moment quite like Bonobos.

Sure, they’re already quite well-known around here for the best chinos for men, not to mention some of the best work-from-home pants on the market — but what about the best stretch jeans? That’s where the Bonobos Extra Stretch Travel Jeans come into play, and here’s the great news: Select pairs of the best men’s stretch jeans are as much as 50 percent off today.

Best stretch men's jeans.

Note that you can score three seasonally friendly colors of the Bonobos Extra Stretch Travel Jeans for that deep discount, with a fourth pair up for grabs at about 17 percent off (as of press time). Of course, it’s hard to go wrong with any pair of the Bonobos Extra Stretch Travel Jeans, even at full price, simply because they’ve improved upon the best-selling Bonobos Travel Jeans in an even bigger way.

Think: An “extra-stretchy” garment-dyed jean in a five-pocket style, the kind that looks great at the office and then on the road — and then out to dinner afterwards. Pick up a pair of the Bonobos Extra Stretch Travel Jean in a cool color like Madeira Olive and you’ve got both a colorful (yet still muted!) pair of winter pants, plus an excellent pair of pants to shake up your wardrobe the rest of the year. And again, as if you needed another reminder: The Bonobos Extra Stretch Travel Jeans are as much as 50 percent off for a limited time. Go forth and shop, my friends.

The Tuesday Steal: Save 25 Percent on this Stylish Reversible Overshirt from Bespoke Post

Best overshirt for men.

The idea of getting “two for the price of one” is a bit of an elusive deal these days, is it not? Especially in the menswear world, and even as you shop one of the best online shops for men — that’d be New York City’s own Bespoke Post, which always seems to stock and sell an array of the coolest gear for guys. Sure, that includes neat finds like handy pocket knives and portable fireplaces, but more importantly, it includes some of the best winter menswear essentials — specifically, like the Line of Trade Third Shift Reversible Overshirt seen above.

HELM Boots- $50 Off Your First Purchase

You’ll find it, of course, in the ever-shifting Bespoke Post Sale section, which offers up everything from home goods to outdoor gear and rugged menswear (and yes, they also sell on-sale Taylor Stitch shirts, too). The Line of Trade in-house brand at Bespoke Post is a thing of beauty, focused on the right balance between rugged and crisp classics for guys — again, go back to the Line of Trade Third Shift Reversible Overshirt, which is now 25 percent off for a limited time.

Best reversible overshirt for men.

One side of the Line of Trade Third Shift Reversible Overshirt is a vivid copper-colored cotton ripstop, all the better for cold-weather pursuits, while the deep Midnight side of the Line of Trade Third Shift Reversible Overshirt is a sueded, quilted polyester for insulation, topped off with a light water-repellent treatment. While the Line of Trade Third Shift Reversible Overshirt won’t replace your trusty winter parka, think of it like a handy, seriously cool travel jacket or warm layer for active pursuits like park strolls or quick winter outings.

HELM Boots- $50 Off Your First Purchase

Again, the Line of Trade Third Shift Reversible Overshirt is easy to throw on at a moment’s notice, thanks to the easy-on, easy-off snap metal buttons — this stylish overshirt just about does it all, and through the Bespoke Post Sale section, it’s 25 percent off right now. Start shopping and layering accordingly, my friends.

The Tuesday Steal: Save 30 Percent on this Essential Faherty Atmosphere Full-Zip Jacket

Best puffer jacket for men.

Shopping for style upgrades in the new year centers around a few key tips and tricks – like knowing when to splurge and when to save on the best menswear essentials for winter. Luckily, saving is the name of the game these days over at Bespoke Post, where the lauded E-commerce retailer maintains a consistently well-stocked Sale section — and today, that sale section features one of the best winter jackets for men, and it’s up for grabs at 30 percent off for a limited time.

Yes indeed, the Faherty Atmosphere Full-Zip is dependable, durable, stylish. cozy and … yes, it’s on sale for a heck of a deal right now. That 30 percent discount via the Bespoke Post Sale section takes the Faherty Atmosphere Full-Zip down to $188 from its original price of $268, a downright steal given the functionality you’re adding to your outerwear rotation. Think of it like a warm, slimmed-down puffer jacket, and then go from there.

Best winter jacket for men.

The reliable Faherty Atmosphere Full-Zip is sustainably made from 100 percent recycled polyester, complete with recycled PrimaLoft insulation, and for good measure, it’s got that classic full-zip coverage that allows you layer to your heart’s content. Side zip pockets and a chest flap pocket deliver room for your everyday carry essentials, while two color options (including a vibrant Amber) hit all the right style notes. When it comes time to layer up this winter, make sure you’re prepared by snagging the Faherty Atmosphere Full-Zip on sale at Bespoke Post.

The Tuesday Steal: The Billy Reid Winter Event Delivers Up to 50 Percent Off the Best Menswear

Best winter menswear on sale now.

Folks, wishing you all a Happy New Year, and many thanks for joining me to start 2023 off the right way. And what better way to kick off a new year and a new week than with some of the best menswear deals out there, particularly a covetable sale from one of America’s best menswear designers? We’ve talked quite a lot lately on the blog about Billy Reid menswear deals, be it the brand’s Holiday Sale or the exceptional Billy Reid Winter Event (today’s featured deal of choice).

It can all be found in the envy-inducing Billy Reid Men’s Sale section, and trust me when I say these deals are about as good as it gets. The Billy Reid Winter Event is a crucial chance to get valuable in-season gear at excellent discounts, whether it’s 30 percent off the Billy Reid Cooper Coat (seen at the top of the page) or an astonishing 50 percent off the timeless Billy Reid Tuscumbia Shirt.

Heck, even the investment-level Billy Reid West Village Leather Jacket is 30 percent off through the Billy Reid Winter Event.

Best leather jacket for men.

Opportunities like this don’t come around very often — only around the holidays with a brand like Billy Reid, it seems — so be prepared to dive into these stellar sale picks and come out the other side looking refined, classic and utterly cool for the new year. Cheers to 2023, my friends.

The Tuesday Steal: Get Up to 30 Percent Off Sitewide at the Taylor Stitch Year-End Sale

Best winter menswear from Taylor Stitch.

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard the news — and if not, hold onto your hats. Taylor Stitch, the famed San Francisco retailer on a quest to outfit your entire wardrobe, is running one heck of a sale to end the year, and trust me when I say it’s really a great one. We assuredly talk about the best menswear sales for winter (and beyond) quite frequently on this blog, but when a brand like Taylor Stitch serves up a hefty discount, it’s worth diving in — 100 percent, no questions asked.

Taylor Stitch menswear.

The Taylor Stitch Year-End Sale (as we talked about on this very blog last Friday) is here, with the potential to be one of the best winter menswear sales you shop in some time. Here’s the scoop: Head on over to Taylor Stitch before January 1st to get up to 30 percent off sitewide, and throw in $20 in site credit on orders of more than $100.

It’s a tough discount to top, especially when you consider the brand’s prowess at crafting a bit of everything stylish guys need (and want), be it the Taylor Stitch Maritime Shirt Jacket (now 48 percent off!), the timeless Taylor Stitch Jack Shirt or any number of rugged Taylor Stitch men’s jackets.

Lest we forget, a whole lineup of Taylor Stitch men’s boots are also on sale, starting at 20 percent off. Sure, it might sound too good to be true, but stay with me on this. Without a doubt, the Taylor Stitch Year-End Sale is the stuff of dreams — and it’s yours for the taking until January 1st. Happy holidays, my friends!

The Tuesday Steal: Save 25 Percent on Cold-Weather Essentials with the Billy Reid Holiday Sale

Best holiday style essentials for men.

If you read the blog regularly, you know that sometimes, striking while the iron is hot is just about everything in menswear. That is to say: When the chance comes up to shop in-season style picks, like one of the best men’s sweaters — and from one of the country’s best designers, no less — it’s a chance worth jumping on post-haste. Enter the very timely, very stylish Billy Reid Holiday Sale, a rare offering that delivers some of the best men’s winter style essentials at 25 percent off right now.

Best winter turtleneck for men.

Yes, my friends, it’s certainly not too good to be true: The Billy Reid Holiday Sale is here to save the day if you need a luxe, refined sweater for a holiday shindig (Christmas is this coming Sunday, after all!). All you need to do is simple, really: Use the code HAPPYHOLIDAYS to get, say, your new favorite sweater, or a stylish cashmere turtleneck, or a statement-making scarf or hat.

And because it’s Billy Reid, you can be sure these pieces are utterly distinctive and totally unique, with design touches that are often Easter egg callbacks to his heritage and the brand’s own way of making subtle style statements. So, you’re getting the chance to score one of the best sweaters for men — to name but one staple piece — at a solid deal entering the final stretch of Christmas… what more could you ask for, right? Save 25 percent at the Billy Reid Holiday Sale right now... then thank me later.

The Tuesday Steal: Get 20 Percent Off the Taylor Stitch Winter Sale Right Now

Best winter menswear sales.

Shopping for the best winter menswear is as much about opportunity as it is about knowing precisely what your wardrobe needs. And when you zero in on the best menswear essentials for your wardrobe, and realize you can snag those stylish pieces on sale, then that’s what you might call the sweet spot.

And my friends, the Taylor Stitch Winter Sale is that sweet spot indeed. It’s a rare seasonal sale from the lauded San Francisco retailers, a personal favorite of mine over the years here on the blog (and hopefully, a favorite of yours, too). So, here’s the scoop — and I’ll keep it brief in the name of shopping the best winter sale deals.

But, yes indeed: Taylor Stitch is offering 20 percent off seasonal staples, including its famed Yosemite Shirt and a run of winter sweaters and essential layers. These picks are the epitome of rugged, durable, timeless winter fashion, and again, they’re 20 percent off right now. Run, don’t walk, to shop the Taylor Stitch Winter Sale, my friends.

The Tuesday Steal: Save More Than 30 Percent Off The Most Rugged Men’s Gear With Tecovas Sale Picks

In this bountiful season of shopping for the most rugged men’s gear, your humble Brooklyn style writer is all about finding those hidden gems, those unexpectedly stylish, tough and useful winter style picks that end up being a delight to wear. And if you’ve read the blog — or better still, if you watch the smash television hit “Yellowstone” — then you’re probably up to speed on one of the more buzzed-about brands of the moment. I’m talking, of course, about Tecovas, makers of some of the best men’s Western boots (and a sponsored brand behind Kevin Costner & co. on the ever-popular “Yellowstone”).

The good news if you want to steal some of the most rugged men’s gear at a downright bargain? There’s the Tecovas Last Chance Section, packed with 50 on-sale menswear essentials to outfit you from head-to-toe — and the savings on these sale menswear picks start at just about 30 percent off.

If it sounds too good to be true, fret not — these deals on the best Tecovas menswear are here stay, if you happen to shop quickly. Granted, the brand doesn’t often put up its stylish Western boots for men for sale, unfortunately. Yet in the meantime, you can use the savings you score on the best winter menswear to put towards saving for a pair of the best boots for men.

Within the Tecovas Last Chance section, you’ll find all of the dependable gear you could ever want, from the best men’s blue jeans to a classic Western shirt and one of the coolest trucker jackets on the market. Shop accordingly within the Tecovas Last Chance section, and you’ll outfit yourself in style, with savings, in no time.

The Tuesday Steal: Get Up To 40% Off The Best Huckberry Gear Today with this Cyber Week Deal

Best Cyber Week Huckberry deals

Yes, it’s true: There are still plenty of Cyber Week deals out there for the taking from some of the best menswear retailers on the market, making this an extra-special edition of the Tuesday Steal. Let’s dive right in with ongoing Cyber Week deals from Huckberry — if you’re not too tired out from Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping, that is.

Head to Huckberry to shop the best Cyber Week gear deals now

Save up to 40% off sitewide

With a lauded retailer like Huckberry (where you can find everything from the best men’s boots to rugged waxed trucker jackets, stylish sneakers, refined sunglasses and more), variety, time and a careful eye for quality and savings are of the essence. In short, no matter what you might want — and no matter what’s on your shopping list — I’m willing to bet this last round of Huckberry Cyber Week shopping deals has something for you (and for anyone on your holiday gifting list).

So, with that being said, I’ll leave you to it: Head to Huckberry to get up to 40% off men’s gear, style essentials and more. A word to the wise: Huckbery’s Cyber Week promos end today (yes, today!) so shop carefully on everything from chinos to flannel shirting, home goods and more.