The Tuesday Steal: Save Nearly 40 Percent On These Hybrid Shorts from Faherty Brand

Best summer shorts for men.

Any time you can find an in-season summer style essential on sale — especially as sold by a lauded retailer like the good folks at Huckberry — it’s always a wise bet to stock up, yes? That’s the idea behind today’s Tuesday Steal, a standout way to save on some of the best shorts for men. Of course, the savings are coming from a brand you can trust — Faherty Brand — and the savings themselves are outstanding (try nearly 40 percent off — 36 percent, to be exact). Yes indeed, the Faherty Brand All Day Hybrid Shorts are the sort of shorts you can wear, and wear, and wear, all without missing a beat this season.

The specs on the Faherty Brand All Day Hybrid Shorts are nearly unbeatable, especially with a price tag that drops below $65 on sale. The 9-inch inseam is an agreeable length for shorts that should provide some extra coverage on the trail or in the water — keep in mind, the fabric is quick-drying and durable at the same time, giving new meaning to the name Faherty Brand All Day Hybrid Shorts. As ever, you’ll find them in Huckberry’s well-curated Sale section, but that doesn’t mean the quality is lacking — far from it, in fact.

The fact that the fabric is made from recycled plastic bottles? That’s just icing on the cake, as is the versatility behind the easily wearable Olive color at the top of the page. Heck, the exterior of the Faherty Brand All Day Hybrid Shorts is even coated in DWR finish, so they dry quickly and can go just about anywhere with ease. And lest we forget, yes, the fact that the Faherty Brand All Day Hybrid Shorts are on sale right now is impressive in its own right. Make sure they end up in your wardrobe this season, will ya?

The Tuesday Steal: These Classic Shorts Are More Than 40 Percent Off at Huckberry

Best men's shorts for summer

When you scour the market for the best deals on menswear, coming across a deal that seems too good to be true is bound to happen, right? Take the well-stocked Huckberry Sale section. If you’ve read the blog as of late, you know it’s the place to go for the best deals on the best men’s gear, including a pair of the best men’s shorts for summer. That’s high praise, but that’s precisely what you’re getting with the classic TSPTR Zuma Shorts — crucially, they can now be yours for more than 40 percent off.

What’s the catch with the TSPTR Zuma Shorts — as in, why are they on sale right now? The easy answer would be, well, there’s no catch: They’re just an iconic pair of retro-minded shorts, the kind that are inspired by the ’60s counterculture movement and take lots of cues from breezy SoCal style.

They feature plenty of engaging details, like an eye-catching all-over print — perfect for pairing with more minimal style essentials, like a white pocket T-shirt — and they’re made from a lightweight, quick-drying fabric. Plus, don’t forget the seriously cool front patch pocket design for your everyday carry. If it seems like the TSPTR Zuma Shorts check all the right boxes, well, that’s because… they do. Make them yours today.

The Tuesday Steal: Get Your Go-to Summer Shorts for Under $40 at Myles Apparel

Best hybrid shorts for men.

From time to time, a guy just needs a pair of casual, stylish yet performance-minded shorts. It’s not rocket science, right? Shorts you can move around in easily, shorts you can wear on a hike or even to the track, shorts you can throw on at a moment’s notice and dash out to grab a weekend coffee. That’s where today’s Tuesday Steal enters the equation, my friends: The Myles Apparel Momentum Shorts are yours for the taking, with all the versatility and go-anywhere performance you could hope to enjoy. The best part? Your new favorite casual shorts are now 50 percent off at the Myles Apparel Surplus Sale.

Best men's shorts for summer.

Perhaps you know Myles Apparel from its penchant for making the best performance pants on the market, and the Myles Apparel Momentum Shorts live up to that billing, too. They’re some of the best hybrid shorts around, and while they’re not quite dressy enough to wear with more formal-leaning summer style staples (like a white polo and leather loafers), they’re versatile enough to wear with your favorite T-shirt and canvas sneakers, for instance.

The key is the four-way-stretch, lightweight and water-repellent fabric, and of course, it doesn’t hurt that you can select from either 6-inch or 8-inch inseam options. When a guy just needs a pair of simple yet ready-for-anything shorts, you know exactly the pair to buy from Myles Apparel.

The Tuesday Steal: Save 20 Percent on New Summer Sneakers with Wolverine

Best new sneakers for summer

It’s always a quest to find a staple item such as your new favorite summer sneakers, is it not? An even greater quest still is the chance to find the best men’s sneakers on sale, and yet, that’s where you’re in luck with Wolverine right now. The sneakers in question? That’d be the Wolverine BLVD Court Sneakers, an old-school take on the style that’s now been done up in premium Wolverine materials and finishes to add a fresh, affordable look to your seasonal footwear rotation.

For good measure, they’re 20 percent off right now, marked down to about $105 from $130 — and both prices are more than agreeable considering the quality and craftsmanship you’re getting from one of the makers of the best boots for men out there.

Shop your new go-to sneakers at Wolverine

The BLVD Court Sneakers are as good as it gets

The Wolverine BLVD Court Sneakers check all the right boxes, from the visually interesting T-shaped toe detailing (in premium suede) to the streamlined silhouette. Rubber outsoles provide some nice spring in your step, while the fresh design pairs nicely with slim chinos or with your favorite pair of jeans.

Mack Weldon

The next time you want versatile sneakers fit for a casual Friday at the office or ready for a weekend around town, it’s the Wolverine BLVD Court Sneakers you need — do yourself a favor and save a few bucks along the way as you shop, too. Your wardrobe will thank you later.

The Tuesday Steal: Get These Stylish Suede Sneakers for Under $100 This Spring from Bespoke Post

Best suede sneakers for spring

Anytime you can shop and save on the best new spring style essentials, it’s advisable that you do so — is it not? As luck, would have it, the good folks at Bespoke Post have plenty of the best men’s style picks for spring close at hand, especially in the always well-stocked Bespoke Post Sale section. And today’s Tuesday Steal is certainly an advisable pick-up through the spring and summer months: Reliable E-commerce retailer Shoe The Bear is back with savings on the best men’s sneakers for spring and summer.

Call it the tip of the iceberg, because Shoe The Bear already knows how to offer up plentiful deals on the best boots for men, among other styles, and the Shoe The Bear Aphex Leather Sneakers carry on that same lineage of affordable style quite nicely. For starters, they’re marked down 40 percent right now via the Bespoke Post Sale section, which drops them below $100.

Best new sneakers for men.

The Shoe The Bear Aphex Leather Sneakers check plenty of the right boxes as far as casual-yet-versatile spring sneakers are concerned. That includes the eye-catching khaki-green leather upper — ideal to wear with your favorite light wash jeans — to the low-key court-style sneaker design. The Shoe The Bear Aphex Leather Sneakers are also made in Portugal, which makes the current sub-$100 price tag seem like a downright steal.

And naturally, these laidback sneakers are versatile enough to wear with everything from crisp blue jeans to tan chinos without missing a beat. They’re perfect for weekend outings with a breezy denim jacket in tow, and they’ll look just as polished back at the office with a lightweight spring blazer atop one of the best merino tees. For on-sale style that can’t be beat, look to the Shoe The Bear Aphex Leather Sneakers right now.

The Tuesday Steal: Upgrade Your Home Goods with Deals on Decor from Oxford Pennant

If you’ve been searching for a cool, rather quick way to upgrade your home goods, I’ve got just what you need — a small selection of the coolest home decor pieces from Buffalo’s own Oxford Pennant are on sale right now at Bespoke Post. All it takes is one quick spin through the Bespoke Post Sale section to find a few deals up for grabs in a quick and easy way to ramp up the decor in your home office, your den or your living room. Or really, anywhere you feel could use a touch more color and style in a hurry.

If you’re not familiar with Oxford Pennant, know that the western New York retailer does an outstanding job at blending throwback-inspired designs with handcrafted production, making some of the most eye-catching, coolest pennants and banners I’ve seen in some time. It doesn’t hurt that they’re sold by Bespoke Post, always a marker of quality goods for your home and your wardrobe.

Right now, you can get Oxford Pennant’s seriously cool championship banners — like the “Glory Days” banner shown above — for under $100, a nice steal when you consider the USA-made quality and distinctive style you’re getting. It’s style that can be appreciated by anybody, be it your family or your roommates. So, what are you waiting for? Ramp up your home decor with just a few clicks at Bespoke Post.

The Tuesday Steal: Invest in a Premium Men’s Henley for Under $100 at Billy Reid

Best affordable henley for men.

There’s something to be said for shopping affordable style essentials, sure, but what about when you want to amp things up a notch in an uncommon category, like the best men’s henleys? That’s where a premium American menswear designer comes into play: The new Billy Reid Melange Stripe Henley delivers on all fronts, and in a way that’s more affordable than you might think. Sure, $88 is quite a bit to spend on a henley, but trust your humble Brooklyn style writer when I say it does indeed pay off. That makes it a mighty fine Tuesday Steal in my opinion.

You already know Billy Reid as a brand that makes ramped-up, tailored style essentials like the best men’s blazer for spring and summer, not to mention tried-and-true, much-loved picks like the famed Billy Reid Bond Peacoat. That’s quality and design integrity and style you can trust, which carries over to even the most seemingly simple basics. The henley is a solid menswear go-to in its own right, and the Billy Reid Melange Stripe Henley is another perfect example of how the Alabama-based Reid truly levels things up.

The fabric is a cotton-poly blend, made in Peru in some nicely textured colors like a dusty Burnt Orange, as well as classics like straightforward Grey. $88 certainly is quite a bit to pay for your seemingly standard henley, but it’s an investment that pays off in the end. You’ll want to wear this one all summer long.

The Tuesday Steal: Save Big on the Best Men’s Socks, Sweatpants & USA-Made Basics at American Trench

Best USA-made socks for men.

When you find a company that does one thing well — and when that one thing happens to be making some of the best USA-made menswear on the market — it’s a wise thing to stick to your guns and continue shopping and supporting that brand. When the company in question happens to be American Trench, a decade-plus-old Philadelphia brand making some of the best American-made gear on the market, it gets even easier to keep coming back.

The rotation of spring style essentials at American Trench includes the best casual sweatshorts and one of the coolest raincoats for men, plus a whole rotationof some of the most comfortable men’s socks. Those are just three reasons you’d do very well indeed to shop the American Trench Clearance right now for outstanding savings on a huge array of the best menswear for spring and beyond.

Best on-sale menswear for guys.

Within the American Trench Clearance, you’ll find plenty of gear picks you can buy right now and wear into summer, or at least, wear in the spring, fall and winter. The lineup includes savings on a seersucker chore, a quilted vest and cozy merino joggers, plus discounts on a famed selection of the best spring jackets for men, the backbone on which American Trench was founded.

The well-stocked yet fast-moving American Trench Clearance also includes lightweight, pigment-dyed sweatshirts and T-shirts, a rugged waxed field jacket marked down well over 50 percent, and cool vintage-style ballcaps also on sale at low, low prices. Long story short: If you’ve been looking for a way to stock up and save on spring style essentials, the American Trench Clearance is the place to shop right now — no doubt about. Stay stylish, my friends!

The Tuesday Steal: The Shinola Detrola Watch is One of the Best Men’s Watches Under $400

Best men's watches under $400.

It’s hard not to love what the ever-stylish folks at Detroit-based Shinola are doing when it comes to making the best men’s watches — and plenty more — is it not? The brand, now a decade-plus old and specializing in stylish home goods, audio gear and an entire lifestyle collection, hasn’t taken its eye off the prize when it comes to crafting some of the best watches for men, as we’ve discussed on the blog time and time again. There’s a wide variety available, from one of the best versatile everyday leather watches to a durable dive watch for inclement weather, but today’s Tuesday Steal goes deep with a real winner: One of the best watches under $400, the fun, poppy and yet easily wearable Shinola Detrola No. 2 Watch.

The entire Shinola Detrola Collection was launched as a more affordable, casual and vibrant alternative to the brand’s elegant, Art Deco-inspired and classically designed timepieces, like the fan favorite Shinola Runwell Watch, and it sure does hit plenty of the right marks in terms of stylish design and agreeable pricing. The Shinola Detrola No. 2 Watch in particular shines through as the most versatile of the bunch, blending a lighweight resin case with a stainless steel core and a bright vibrant yellow-orange color. If you favor shades of olive, indigo, grey or black in your daily style moves, the Shinola Detrola No. 2 Watch is a standout new offering — all for under $400.

Best casual everyday watch for men.

The best watches under $400 tend to lean more casual and less dressy (thanks to the more simple design and simple yet high-accuracy quartz movement), and the Shinola Detrola No. 2 Watch is no different there. Note the black silicone rubber strap, which is less refined and more rugged than a leather watch strap. Quick-release pins make it easy to swap out the strap on the Shinola Detrola No. 2 Watch, though, giving you two watches for the price of one sub-$400 watch (naturally, Shinola also stocks some of the best watch straps on the market for watches of all sizes, too).

Unlike other Shinola models, the Shinola Detrola No. 2 Watch clocks in at 43mm, which is larger and more bold than the Shinola Runwell (available in the classic 41mm case diameter). Any which way you decide to rock your new Shinola Detrola No. 2 Watch — be it with your favorite thermal henley and jeans on breezy days, or with a soft cotton tee, chino shorts and canvas sneakers, it’s a downright steal at under $400. Get it on your wrist today.

The Tuesday Steal: Get the Best USA-Made T-Shirt for Under $40 at Buck Mason

The best T-shirt for men.

It’s never a bad thing to hone in on a brand you love, and then ensure you shop that brand as often as humanly possible — especially when one of said brand’s specialties is selling one of the best USA-made T-shirts for under $40. The brand in question in today’s Tuesday Steal is hopefully one you already know, especially if you’ve read the blog over the years: That’d be Buck Mason, makers of everything from one of the best thermal henleys to a spring-ready trucker jacket. They’re a standout source for some of the best T-shirts for men, too — a reminder is always helpful if you’re just reacquainting yourself with warm-weather menswear after a frigid winter. And right now, your best bet is worth a closer look. $40 might sound like a high barrier to entry as far as shopping for T-shirts is concerned, but when it comes to the Buck Mason Venice Wash Curved Hem Tee, it’s more than a fair price considering the soft fabric, premium construction and an astonishing range of colors and sizes.

Get your new favorite tee from Buck Mason

It’s worth picking up more than one — trust me.

Now, don’t get me wrong: You could pick up a multi-pack of T-shirts for work or play from your nearest retailer, but once you’ve tried the soft comfort and undeniable quality of the Buck Mason Venice Wash Curved Hem Tee, you might not ever go back. Between the reinforced collar, the tailored-but-not-too-tight fit and the curved hem — ideal as a visual trick for the bigger guys out there — the Buck Mason Venice Wash Curved Hem Tee goes above and beyond what you’d expect from a typical T-shirt. The soft wash and cotton jersey fabric are standouts, too. The sub-$40 price tag is actually a downright steal when you consider what you’re getting with each purchase of the Buck Mason Venice Wash Curved Hem Tee, and the color options are enough to please every palette. It sounds to me like you’ve just found your new favorite T-shirt.