The Tuesday Steal: Save 20 Percent on Your New Favorite Shirt Jacket from Taylor Stitch

Best shirt jacket for men.

If you ask me, rugged fall style and warm layering is the name of the game right now, which is part of the reason why you need one of the best men’s shirt jackets in your seasonal style rotation. Of course, it’s all about shopping carefully and shopping the right way, though. Hence, today’s Tuesday Steal: Head to the much-loved Taylor Stitch Workshop, a terrific source to pre-fund some of the coolest menswear on the market, to shop the rugged, durable Taylor Stitch Maritime Shirt Jacket. Even more crucial is the fact that right now, you can pre-fund and save 20 percent on your new favorite shirt jacket. Not a bad deal, right?

But why consider splurging ever so slightly on the Taylor Stitch Maritime Shirt Jacket? To this style writer, it’s simple, really. Sure, this durable “shacket” goes for $150 when you pre-fund it — a price reflective of its quality, and the Taylor Stitch Maritime Shirt Jacket absolutely lives up to the hype. Taylor Stitch fans always seem to love the burly, dependable, warm and rugged shirt jacket style, too, and that’s not a bad endorsement when it comes to the best online menswear shops.

Best fall shirt jacket for men.

Think of the Taylor Stitch Maritime Shirt Jacket like a change of pace from other fall layers, like a more refined Taylor Stitch shawl cardigan or a lightweight flannel shirt. Crucially, the Taylor Stitch Maritime Shirt Jacket is built from an incredibly soft yet hard-wearing wool-nylon blend for stretch and durability, and the wool material on one of the best shirt jackets for men is also double-faced for softness and comfort. The Taylor Stitch Maritime Shirt Jacket also features other helpful touches, like oversized dark horn buttons and handy flap chest pockets for your everyday carry.

Throw in the fact that the Taylor Stitch Maritime Shirt Jacket gets an upgrade via a rich plaid color scheme this fall, and you’ve got a winning layer when teamed with a Taylor Stitch henley or even worn atop a Taylor Stitch Oxford shirt. And yes, you’d do well to remember the Taylor Stitch Maritime Shirt Jacket is on sale for 20 percent off right now. Go to it and layer up accordingly, friends.

Style Pick of the Week: Taylor Stitch Crawford Sweater – Fall’s Most Rugged Cardigan

Best men's cardigan for fall

My friends, it’s like I keep saying: There’s no time like the present to properly layer up for fall, and it’s easier than ever to get prepared thanks to one of the best men’s cardigans to hit the market in some time. You might recognize the Taylor Stitch Crawford Sweater from this very blog, because it’s a personal favorite and just one among many of the best men’s style essentials made by the legendary-yet-modern menswear brand out of San Francisco.

Yes indeed, if I had to guess, I’d say the Taylor Stitch Crawford Sweater is going to become an essential, rugged, highly warm and highly stylish menswear move for the rest of the season, and I’d urge you to act quickly to make it yours. It’s the optimal sweater to join other rugged, classic menswear picks from the brand, including some of the best men’s boots for fall and classic Taylor Stitch shirting, and it just gets better from there.

Most rugged fall cardigan for men.

This classic men’s cardigan is just part of what awaits you within the well-stocked Taylor Stitch New Arrivals section, and it’s not hard to see why the company brought back one of the best men’s sweaters for fall and winter. The Taylor Stitch Crawford Sweater is made from sustainable, 100 hundred percent Better Cotton (part of the Better Cotton Initiative), which means it’s both eco-friendly and easy to layer up over everything from a Taylor Stitch henley to a Taylor Stitch shirt.

Plus, the Taylor Stitch Crawford Sweater features handsome details like horn buttons — which turns this from a house sweater into a rugged-yet-refined cardigan you can wear out and about — plus a rugged, throwback-oriented shawl collar that frames your face.

The Taylor Stitch Crawford Sweater gets all the details, no matter whether you select the Rust or Charcoal colors. Given that you can rock this at the office, on the road or at home, the Taylor Stitch Crawford Sweater (at $168) is a worthy fall and winter menswear investment. Shop accordingly today, my friends.

The Friday Read: The Killers, The Best Anorak Jackets & A New Taylor Stitch Bomber

Ladies and gentlemen, brought to you by way of fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada: The Killers. Hopefully, you recognize the frontman of said legendary modern band at the top of the page, of course. Fittingly, it’s another momentous Friday in my neck of the woods (just as with NYFW last week!), all because I had the lucky chance and extreme privilege to see one of my favorite bands play just a few short days ago.

That’s right: My fall is kicking off in fine, high-voltage, rollicking fashion, as I trekked South to Orlando to see the iconic Brandon Flowers & co. stop through the city on their fall tour — and it won’t be the last time I see them in the weeks ahead, either.

Of course, you can keep up with all the fun on my Instagram, but it’s bigger than that: I’ve long admired Brandon Flowers (and The Killers) for their sense of style, certainly, along with a deep drive and sense of ambition, passion, work ethic and showmanship. In fact, lest we forget, I had the chance to interview Mr. Flowers himself for last year — it’s still a highlight of my work as a freelance writer. I could go on, but for now, I’m still thinking of that stellar show — and looking forward to a standout weekend in Orlando with family! Again, you can keep up with all the fun on my Instagram. Cheers & let’s start this weekend in style, shall we?

Best men's bomber jacket for fall
  • Today’s first style highlight of the week is a fitting one, seeing as we were just talking about a lead singer with a penchant for stylish outerwear. Now, I don’t know whether Mr. Flowers is a fan of San Francisco menswear purveyors Taylor Stitch, but if you are, then you’re in luck: I just wrote about one of the best new bomber jackets on the blog yesterday. Happy shopping, my friends.
  • Speaking of stylish outerwear once more, here’s another suggestion to outfit you for fall adventures. Layer up to hit the trail or head to your cabin — or an upstate getaway — wearing one of the best anorak jackets. Helpfully, I dove into the best options for the season over at AskMen. Let’s get right to it, folks.
  • Here’s one more style pick to add to your wish list today. The art of fine watchmaking is something I’ve continued to learn about over the years, especially writing for, which is why it was such a pleasure to cover the newest Longines luxury timepiece earlier this week. Add it to your wish list, folks.

That’ll wrap things up today here on the blog, as I’ve got some Orlando exploration on the docket (and a theme park visit or two lined up!). As always, thanks for reading — now, do me a favor and go listen to The Killers!

See Now, Buy Now: This Taylor Stitch Bomber Jacket is a New Fall Style Must-Have

Best bomber jacket for men.

When building out your perfect menswear wardrobe, the real key lies in being prepared for as many situations as possible, especially as you hunt for fall men’s style essentials. Perfect is a lofty goal, to be sure, and the bar is set quite high, but shopping classic picks from San Francisco’s Taylor Stitch — like one of the best men’s bomber jackets, is a great place to start. And my friends, the Taylor Stitch Bomber Jacket in Bark Ever Wax clears that high bar as far as the proper blend of style and utility is concerned, no doubt about it.

You’ll find it, of course, within the digital shelves of the Taylor Stitch New Arrivals section, a great place to go to shop and save on the best men’s boots and so much more. And the Taylor Stitch Bomber Jacket in Bark Ever Wax lives up to its billing quite handily, starting with the custom-made, 100 percent plant-based waxed organic cotton fabric blend developed for Taylor Stitch by Scotland’s Halley Stevenson.

Best fall jackets for men.

You might call that fabric “the good stuff,” since the rugged design of the Taylor Stitch Bomber Jacket in Bark Ever Wax is going to make it ready for plenty of blustery fall weather. It’s finished off with the brand’s custom 100 percent organic cotton lining (detailed with old-school San Francisco maps), and the Taylor Stitch Bomber Jacket in Bark Ever Wax gets an even more weather-ready touch with wool-blend collar, cuff and hem ribbed detailing.

Better still is the fact that this rugged bomber jacket features antique brass hardware for good measure. And yes, while the Taylor Stitch Bomber Jacket in Bark Ever Wax is pricier than your average jacket at $298, there’s no question it’s worth the investment. Shop now and gear up accordingly for fall, my friends.

Style Pick of the Week: Taylor Stitch Trench Boots – The Best Men’s Boots for Early Fall

Most rugged leather boots for men.

It’s hard to believe it, but let me be the first to say: Fall is barreling towards us more quickly than you might expect, and I’ve got a few helpful style tips to set you on the path to menswear greatness. Chief among those tips: Invest in a pair of the best boots for men right now (like the rugged Taylor Stitch Trench Boots as shown at the top of the page), and then thank me later.

Those rugged leather boots are the focus of today’s Style Pick of the Week, and naturally, the brand in question knows a thing or two about making some of the best menswear. We’re talking about San Fran’s own Taylor Stitch, a longstanding favorite of your humble Brooklyn style writer.

Hopefully, you’ve got a closet packed with Taylor Stitch style essentials, be it one of the best men’s sweaters or a pair of stylish everyday pants, but the Taylor Stitch Trench Boots are a next-level style pick-up to sort out your fall footwear rotation. Let’s count the ways, shall we? They’re crafted from a handsome 4oz. Whiskey leather that’ll only get better with age, and they’re built with resoleable construction for longevity and plenty of durability, for starters.

Best lace-up leather boots for men.

The Taylor Stitch Trench Boots are also set atop a mini-lug sole from Vibram, which is designed to offer plenty of grip and traction on slick streets this fall and winter. Antique brass eyelets are a simple but durable touch, along with speed hook lacing at the top of the Taylor Stitch Trench Boots — you needn’t worry about the hardware on this pair giving out on you over time.

Better still are the smallest possible details on your new favorite pair of boots, like waxed cotton laces and natural sheepskin leather lining. Dependability and comfort are the name of the game with the impossibly cool, hard-wearing Taylor Stitch Trench Boots, which should also prove plenty versatile when it comes time to get dressed this season. Consider teaming ’em with classic Taylor Stitch chinos and your favorite Taylor Stitch shirt at the office or on the road, to name but one essential fall men’s style look.

And while it might seem a bit early to be thinking about lacing up some of the best men’s boots, it’s never too early to invest in an extremely stylish pair — the Taylor Stitch Trench Boots are just what you need now.

The Tuesday Steal: These Taylor Stitch Shorts are On Sale Exclusively at Huckberry

Best summer shorts for men

Curating a wardrobe packed with the best style essentials, as we’ve talked about time and time again here on the blog, is all about keeping an eye out for pieces that work well in your day-to-day grind, the sort of pieces that are well-made, durable and stylish. Oh, and if those pieces — like the Taylor Stitch Apres Shorts — just so happen to be on sale for at least 30 percent off? That’s even better, and that’s the focus of today’s Tuesday Steal

You assuredly know the brand from its own Taylor Stitch Workshop, which sells pieces like the best lightweight sweater at a discount when you pre-fund online, but the Taylor Stitch Apres Shorts, in this case, are available on sale through a different outlet: That’d be the good folks at Huckberry, and they’re a prime summer style move that just makes perfect sense.

From the on-trend (but not too short!) 6-inch inseam to the range of summer-friendly colors — not to mention casual style details like an elastic drawstring waist — they could become your new favorite pair of summer shorts, and that’s saying quite a bit. Plus, the breezy 100 percent organic cotton is a great material choice to keep you cool in the summer heat. And again, repeat after me: This pair of the best summer shorts for men is on sale right now. Call that a proper Tuesday Steal indeed. Happy shopping, my friends!

The Tuesday Steal: Save 20 Percent on the Best Lightweight Sweater From Taylor Stitch

Best lightweight sweater for men.

Although we’re currently in the throes of a heat wave (at least in my neck of the woods), there’s some relief in sight — at least, there’s relief in sight as some very, very early fall menswear picks start to pop up online here and there. I’m of the opinion that it’s never too early to start preparing for the best season in menswear, hence today’s critical Tuesday Steal: One of the best lightweight sweaters, currently up for grabs via an early pre-funding deal in the Taylor Stitch Workshop.

If you’ve read the blog over the years, you know that San Francisco-based Taylor Stitch is a consistent favorite of the blog, offering up a variety of the very best menswear — shirting, blazers, sweaters, chinos, you name it — that toes the line between classic and modern quite easily and stylish. And that’s where the Taylor Stitch Hugo Sweater comes into play, and it’s up for pre-funding right now for 20 percent off.

The real key here is the use of 100 percent cotton in an alternating weave — as seen above — which gives it some pleasing texture and makes it easy to retain its shape, thanks to the ribbed collar and cuffs. On that note: Trust me, you’re going to want to wear the Taylor Stitch Hugo Sweater plenty this fall, be it with Taylor Stitch selvedge denim or stylish, trim Taylor Stitch chinos.

Here’s another key to keep in mind: You’ll have to wait until October to get your hands on one of the best lightweight sweaters for men, but with its versatile color, distinctive stitching and wear-with-anything crewneck design, it’ll be well worth the wait.

See Now, Buy Now: The Taylor Stitch Easy Pants Are Your New Go-To Casual Summer Pants

Checking all the right boxes when it comes to the best summer style picks — like the best summer pants, for instance — isn’t always easy. In fact, it rarely is, but the Taylor Stitch Easy Pants make things just a bit less difficult (or rather, quite a bit less difficult). Taylor Stitch, if you keep up with the blog on the regular, does a standout job making gear for all seasons, be it basics like durable T-shirts or one of the best lightweight jackets for summer, and you can assuredly add the Taylor Stitch Easy Pants to that list. What boxes do they check, exactly? My friends, keep scrolling for more.

Shop summer menswear at Taylor Stitch

For starters, the Taylor Stitch Easy Pants toe the line rather nicely between casual and polished, a sort of nice hybrid between breezy linen trousers and more cleaned-up chinos (a category in which Taylor Stitch also excels!). The Taylor Stitch Easy Pants blend linen, cotton and silk for a lightweight feel and yet some nice substance, and the Charcoal Herringbone fabric is a visually interesting, neutral change of pace you can team with everything from Taylor Stitch shirts to a laidback pocket tee.

Front slash pockets give the lightweight Taylor Stitch Easy Pants some dressy appeal, and the tailored-but-not-too-tight fit also lend themselves nicely to all-day versatility and wearability. Another bonus with the breezy Taylor Stitch Easy Pants? They blend a polished flat-front waistband with an elastic back waistband, all the better to make you feel like you’re wearing lounge pants and not trousers. Taken all at once, the Taylor Stitch Easy Pants could be your new favorite summer pants. Shop away, folks.

See Now, Buy Now: The Taylor Stitch Ojai Jacket Is the Best Summer Jacket for Breezy Nights

If you ask me, when the going gets tough, the tough — or at least, the stylish — stick with their favorite menswear brands, the kind making plenty of summer style essentials that step up in the clutch. Brands like, of course, San Francisco-based Taylor Stitch. The company, as you’ve read in recent weeks on the blog, was founded with the aim of making the perfect men’s Oxford shirt, and now, they do so much more — like making one of the best men’s jackets for summer.

Who needs summer outerwear in the heat, though? You do, my friend. Recall what I said about the going getting tough, right? Well, when breezy summer weather strikes, step out in the classic Taylor Stitch Ojai Jacket.

Shop Taylor Stitch’s New Arrivals now

These dependable picks won’t let you down

The key is both the workwear build, with front hip patch pockets, and the lightweight yet dependable, flexible washed indigo fabric with plenty of texture and style points. Think of the Taylor Stitch Ojai Jacket like the jacket you wear through breezy days on the trail, chillier-than-usual nights on the beach, or cool, casual evenings around the bonfire.

A jacket like this one won’t be around for very long, so I’m going to wrap today’s post earlier than usual — add the rich, durable and yet summer-friendly Taylor Stitch Ojai Jacket to your menswear rotation ASAP.

See Now, Buy Now: The Taylor Stitch Adventure Shorts are the Perfect Shorts to Wear All Summer

Best hybrid shorts for summer.

Here’s the scoop, at least according to this Brooklyn menswear writer: When you find a summer style essential that can do more than one thing very, very well, it’s in your best interest to snap up that style staple. And when that menswear pick comes from the good folks at Taylor Stitch, you can rest assured it’s the proper style move to make now. The San Francisco brand, a longtime blog favorite and makers of some of the best men’s shirts for summer (among many other items) now offers up the best men’s hybrid shorts for the season: the Taylor Stitch Adventure Shorts are going to take you from the trail to the beach and beyond — keep scrolling for more, of course.

Again, for the summer months, versatility is absolutely critical, and the Taylor Stitch Adventure Shorts have that versatility in spades. They’re cut like one of your favorite pairs of shorts, featuring an 8-inch inseam that should hit above the knee on most guys, yet they’ve got all the features you’d expect from some of the best hybrid shorts, too.

That means they’re made from a hard-wearing blend of organic cotton, nylon and spandex — you get the tailored appeal of organic cotton shorts, yet the durability of nylon and the comfort of spandex. The Taylor Stitch Adventure Shorts really check off all the right boxes, and you can wear ’em to the beach or on the trail — or out to your favorite brewery — with ease, especially in a neutral and easy-to-style Olive colorway.

Most versatile shorts for men this summer.

The back patch pockets on the Taylor Stitch Adventure Shorts also feature drainage holes, like on your go-to swim trunks, so you can wear them into the water and back on land (note how quickly the fabric dries!) without worry. When you need rugged shorts that can do everything with style and functionality in mind, make the Taylor Stitch Adventure Shorts your next purchase. And hey, given that you’re getting a pair of functionality-minded shorts for under $100 ($92, to be exact), that purchase just got even better.