See Now, Buy Now: These New Taylor Stitch Shorts are A Seasonal Must-Buy Right Now

Best shorts for men to buy now.

It’s always refreshing, at least in my book, when one of your favorite menswear brands switches things up and introduces a fresh twist on classic menswear essentials. That could mean a new fabric, a new silhouette or some combination of the two, and there are certain companies that do it better than others.

Take my friends at Taylor Stitch: Be it one of the best short-sleeve shirts for summer or one of the coolest denim jackets on the market, these modern menswear masters are doing things just different enough, and that’s also true with a pair of the best men’s shorts for summer. The shorts in question are the Taylor Stitch Matlow Shorts, which harken back to ’50s and ’60s dockside shorts in a way that only a brand like Taylor Stitch can do.

Of course, it’s the rugged-yet-soft organic cotton fabric that gives them a perfectly summer-ready feel, but they’ve got even more going for them beyond that.

Most stylish men's shorts for summer.

The key here with these shorts is the use of a few different stylistic touches, including a cuffed and tacked leg and a slight front pleat. Yes, that’s right: The Taylor Stitch Matlow Shorts boast a front pleat, but they’re not like the baggy pleated pants of decades gone by — the pleat is more streamlined and gives them an eye-catching sort of look, one that’s different (and more casual) than other of your favorite pairs of chino shorts.

The Taylor Stitch Matlow Shorts are also pigment-washed for an even softer and more retro look right out of the box, while the 8-inch inseam works on multiple body types, even for the taller among us.

Sizes are also available in two dusty, washed-out colors, each of which you could pair up with everything from a Taylor Stitch chambray shirt to the famed Taylor Stitch Heavy Bag Tee. Casual yet cool summer style in the heat just got an upgrade via an old-school-meets-modern pair of the Taylor Stitch Matlow Shorts — shop accordingly this season, my friends.


See Now, Buy Now: The Taylor Stitch Short-Sleeve California Shirt Is Your Go-Anywhere Summer Shirt

Best men's short-sleeve shirt for summer.

From time to time, especially as breezy weather rolls into town, you need to stick with the basics — that doesn’t mean your wardrobe has to turn boring in an instant, though. Yes indeed, there’s a surefire way to wear the top men’s style essentials for summer in a way that’s fresh, easy, breezy and stylish, all the while shaking things up in a way that’s distinctly interesting — yet subtle on the surface. How best to do that?

For starters, stick with one of the best men’s short-sleeve shirts when you want a touch of polish, a dash of easygoing air and a sense of comfort that’s nearly akin to wearing one of your favorite T-shirts. Yes, that’s what you’re getting with the Taylor Stitch Short-Sleeve California Shirt, which updates the brand’s iconic Taylor Stitch California Shirt with a more streamlined, sun-friendly construction.

For those days when it’s a touch too hot to wear one of the best denim jackets, yet you still want more polish than even a tee can provide, there’s the soft, easygoing yet sharp Taylor Stitch Short-Sleeve California Shirt. Made from 100 percent organic cotton pique (like one of your favorite polos), the fabric is also washed for softness, and yet the Taylor Stitch Short-Sleeve California Shirt also boasts the brand’s face-framing, flattering California collar.

For good measure (literally), it comes in useful chest sizes, so you can nail the perfect fit. And of course, it comes in cool colors like Marine Pique or a yellow-hued Oak. This shirt has all the trappings of a new spring and summer favorite, so shop accordingly right this instant.

See Now, Buy Now: Taylor Stitch Just Released the Perfect Denim Jacket for Spring Weather

Best denim jacket for men to buy now.

For as much as the world of the best men’s style tends to move quickly and shift from season to season, there are still reliable standby picks you can expect to deliver over and over again, as sure and steady as the changing seasons. Take one of the best men’s denim jackets. Everyone from truckers to outlaws to workers in the dusty old West have found a variation on the rugged denim jacket to be useful over the years, so it’s hard to improve upon a classic, right?

Well, Taylor Stitch has gone and improved upon the timeless style yet again, with the introduction of the Taylor Stitch Long Haul Jacket — and it’s even an improvement over the already much-loved Taylor Stitch Long Haul Jacket that fans of the San Francisco brand have come to admire over the years.

Indeed, this latest variation — here in time for breezy spring days, of course — is a sight to behold, and you’ll find it stocked accordingly (for now, at least) in the Taylor Stitch New Arrivals section. It appears alongside a selection of expertly cut, expertly washed shirts, zip hoodies and shorts, but it’s the Taylor Stitch Long Haul Jacket in Indigo Waffle that we’re here to discuss today, yes?

Best denim jacket for men to buy now.

Now, if you’ve tried out a variation of the brand’s take on the trucker jacket, you know a few things: It’s cut using chest sizing, with higher armholes for a tailored fit. It also features custom vintage San Francisco map interior pocket and handsome antique hardware, plus rounded flap pockets for your everyday carry essentials. And naturally, the Taylor Stitch Long Haul Jacket in Indigo Waffle features these same design touches, but it’s the fabric that sets this rugged denim jacket apart from the pack.

The Taylor Stitch Long Haul Jacket in Indigo Waffle is made from washed indigo waffle fabric, a 10 oz..100 percent organic cotton material that will develop a patina to rival your favorite waxed jacket along the way. Helpfully, one of the best denim jackets for men also boasts zig-zag front placket and back collar stitching for added durability.

And the length on the Taylor Stitch Long Haul Jacket in Indigo Waffle should hit just about at your waistline, making it a nice pairing alongside everything from Taylor Stitch chinos to dark blue denim for a unique twist on the double-denim look.

Not every denim jacket is going to break in quite like the Taylor Stitch Long Haul Jacket, which should more than justify the slightly higher ($188) price tag — make no mistake, you’ll want one of the best men’s denim jackets in your corner for plenty of breezy spring and summer days on the horizon.

The Sunday Sale: Save More Than 40 Percent at Huckberry on the Best Men’s Sweatpants

Best men's sweatpants.

If you read the blog on the regular, you know that your favorite Brooklyn style writer is all about making small style upgrades in as many different ways as possible, be it a better spring jacket, a stylish new spring polo or even a new pair of stylish sweatpants. Yes, that’s right: Your sweatpants (especially in these post-pandemic times) are actually getting more streamlined and wearable than ever, and that’s certainly the case if you cruise through the Huckberry Sale section these days.

Within that well-stocked Sale section, you’ll find the Taylor Stitch Apres Pants, which you can secure right now for more than 40 percent off. The Apres Pants fall right in line with the Taylor Stitch ethos of taking the classics, like cozy sweats, and making them that much better in terms of fabric, fit and design.

Taylor Stitch men's sweatpants.

With the highly affordable Taylor Stitch Apres Pants, it all starts with better fabric than most sweatpants — in this case, it’s a 100 percent organic cotton double cloth waffle weave. That weave boasts distinctive texture for breezy spring days at home and on the road, and it’s all the better that the Taylor Stitch Apres Pants also come in a Huckberry-exclusive colorway.

Beyond that, they feature elastic jogger cuffs and a comfortable elastic waistband, but the front side slash pockets and button fly are touches that elevate the Taylor Stitch Apres Pants above most loungewear. Even the drawcord strings feature antique brass hardware tips — the ultimate point is, the Taylor Stitch Apres Pants are certainly polished enough to wear out of the office.

And the fact that you can get ’em now for more than 40 percent off (the agreeable price of just $65)? Well, that’s a deal too good to pass up. Add the Taylor Stitch Apres Pants to your laidback spring style rotation now.

Style Pick of the Week: Taylor Stitch Apres Shorts – Spring’s Best Casual Men’s Shorts

Best casual shorts for men to wear now.

For as much as you need spring menswear essentials for those days you’ve got to get back out there and into the world, there’s also a time and a place for more laidback style moves, the kind you reach for on vacation or during relaxed days at home on the back patio, cold beer in hand.

As luck would have it, the good folks at Taylor Stitch make gear that’s meant for both, be it a classic striped T-shirt, one of the best spring jackets for men, or else today’s Style Pick: The supremely easygoing Taylor Stitch Apres Shorts, a fitting style move for easy-and-breezy days at home. They’re part of the Taylor Stitch Apres Collection, which toes the line between polished fits and super-soft fabrics with ease.

Best men's lounge shorts to wear now.

100 percent organic cotton waffle fabric keeps the Taylor Stitch Apres Shorts feeling light and comfortable — they’re more casual than chino shorts but more polished than athletic shorts, and that’s the right move on most days when working for home or hanging out by the bonfire. Slash front pockets provide a clean look and some storage space for small EDC selections, a helpful touch alongside back button pockets.

Colors like Charcoal, Granite and Indigo deliver options to suit every style, and you can even get away with wearing the Taylor Stitch Apres Shorts alongside one of the brand’s easygoing (but still cool and stylish) Taylor Stitch T-shirts or polos. There are even versions of the Taylor Stitch Apres Shorts that are water-repellent, all the better to wear on spring and summer adventures, but the organic cotton waffle fabric might be best-suited for your spring and summer loungewear needs.

The Tuesday Steal: Save 30 Percent On this Breezy Taylor Stitch Tee for Spring

Best T-shirt for men this spring.

Sometimes, the best spring style essentials for men are the moves that are seemingly simple on the surface. Take the tried-and-true combination of classic jeans and a T-shirt. It doesn’t get much more simple, right? Well, here’s the catch: There’s a right way to get dressed casually this spring, and it starts with finding one of the best T-shirts for men.

And if you can do that on the cheap, say in the Taylor Stitch Last Call section, well, that’s all the better. And that brings us to the Taylor Stitch Organic Cotton Tee, a relatively new modern classic from everyone’s favorite San Francisco brand.

With the Taylor Stitch Organic Cotton Tee, it all starts, of course, with the fabric itself. The 5oz. 100 percent organic cotton should prove breezy and comfortable, yet it should also drape nicely (thank the brand’s use of chest sizing measurements for that). And it certainly doesn’t hurt that the Taylor Stitch Organic Cotton Tee is on sale right now for 30 percent off, does it? That knocks the price of this stylish striped T-shirt down to $38, a nice steal for a high-quality tee.

Best men's T-shirt to buy now.

Crucially, the Seagrass Stripe pattern on the Taylor Stitch Organic Cotton Tee is flattering and just a touch retro, the sort of T-shirt that looks perfect with, well, a pair of Taylor Stitch jeans. The crewneck design is easygoing and versatile enough to wear underneath a denim jacket or all on its own, especially with a pair of laidback lounge pants.

And the price of this tee is so agreeable, you very well might want to load up your cart with other picks from the Taylor Stitch Last Call section — I’ll leave that up to you, but your shopping session should start with the Taylor Stitch Organic Cotton Tee, no questions asked.

The Friday Read: Taylor Stitch Spring Essentials, The Best Merino Shoes & Spring’s Best Chore Coats

Best men's trucker jacket for spring.

Folks, thanks for swinging by The Style Guide here on this fine spring Friday. Last week, I was in Atlantic City seeing The Killers, but this week, it’s been all New York, all the time. Perhaps you’ve been keeping up with the fun on my Instagram, but it’s been an action-packed week featuring events with the likes of American Crew grooming in Brooklyn — a special VIP evening featuring hair styling sessions at the Crown Club at Barclays Center — not to mention some sports-related fun via Michigan State’s appearance in the NCAA Tournament in NYC. Talk about an ideal way to see your alma mater play!

Beyond that, I’ve been busy prepping for spring and testing plenty of new gear, from the best men’s Chelsea boots to one of the best popover sweaters for spring. With all that in mind, I hope you’ll find the rest of today’s Friday Read to your liking, including my recommendation here for the best new spring menswear from Taylor Stitch.

The new lineup at the famed San Francisco retailer includes the Taylor Stitch Long Haul Jacket as seen above, a personal favorite of mine that should fit nicely into your wardrobe of spring menswear essentials. And if you’re still in search of other spring menswear picks, then a few of my choice reads below should be of assistance. Happy shopping and happy spring, my friends!

  • If you’ve been keeping up with this style blog, or else shopping the fine menswear at Huckberry, perhaps you recognize the above stylish men’s jacket. It’s one of my top picks for spring, assuredly, and that’s why I was pleased to include it in my latest Maxim guide on the best chore coats for the season ahead. Give it a look, and shop it right now at Huckberry in the meantime.
  • Speaking of spring style essentials, here’s one you might not have heard of, or considered: The best merino shoes for men. Merino wool is lightweight and warm yet breathable, naturally moisture-wicking and anti-microbial, and found in plenty of the best merino menswear. But what about merino shoes? Yes indeed, that’s where my guide to the best merino shoes comes into play, as I wrote about this month over at AskMen.
  • I’ll leave you with one last stylish spring menswear selection, one right from the very pages of this blog. The Taylor Stitch Jacquard Polo is a textured, visually appealing piece to shake up your casual style rotation, and you can read all about it right here, right now. Happy shopping, once again.

That’s all I’ve got for your Friday Read today, but I’d wager you’ve got more than enough to keep you occupied, from shopping the best new spring menswear from Taylor Stitch to hitting up your favorite brewery for a fresh spring beer this weekend. As always, be on the lookout for tomorrow’s Style Pick of the Week, and we’ll see you then. Cheers!

See Now, Buy Now: Upgrade Your Spring Wardrobe with the New Taylor Stitch Jacquard Polo

Best men's polos for spring and summer.

Perhaps you, like me, are starting to feel it in the air: Spring is finally on the move, finally rolling into town, and you’re in need of some new spring style essentials. You’re in luck, my friends — Taylor Stitch has you covered, as seems to be the case season after season… after season. All one needs to do is check out the well-stocked, well-curated and incredibly well-designed Taylor Stitch New Arrivals section to see that the brand has you covered from A-to-Z, from denim to one of the best men’s polos, as seen above.

You see, the Taylor Stitch Jacquard Polo takes what you thought you knew about the polo and flips it on its head in a way that only Taylor Stitch can. They’ve done the same thing with the rugged Taylor Stitch Fisherman Sweater, for instance, and they’re delivering again with the impressive Taylor Stitch Jacquard Polo.

Best men's polos for spring.

What’s the key with the seriously cool Taylor Stitch Jacquard Polo? It starts with the organic cotton fabric, nicely complemented by that organic cotton rib texture for some visual interest beyond a plain cotton polo (although there’s a time and a place for that, too!).

The tailored fit — in chest sizes, as with other Taylor Stitch menswear — is a nice style detail, while side vents offer a classic polo touch. The best part about the Taylor Stitch Jacquard Polo might be color options like Storm and Ash Heather, both a nice departure from navy or black polos. When you want a slightly classed-up alternative to a T-shirt, but an option that works just as well with tailored chinos as it does light wash jeans, reach for the Taylor Stitch Jacquard Polo — you know Taylor Stitch won’t let you down.

The Tuesday Steal: This Taylor Stitch Fisherman Sweater Is 30 Percent Off Right Now

Best men's sweater for winter

Although the days are positively flying by this winter, perhaps you’ve noticed one thing: It’s still bitterly cold out there, and that means you still need to bundle up in winter menswear essentials aplenty. Naturally, that’s where my friends at Taylor Stitch can help, and in a major way if you shop early and often this week. Now, as you’ve no doubt seen in shopping the brand, the Taylor Stitch Last Call section is something of a hidden gem, giving you instant access to an entire range of winter men’s style moves at discounted prices.

And while rugged picks like one of the best men’s jackets are always worth shopping at full price from the San Francisco brand, it’s the Taylor Stitch Last Call section that really delivers some serious bang for your buck. Case in point: Today’s featured deal, the chance to save 30 percent on the rugged Taylor Stitch Fisherman Sweater. It’s quite simply a standout deal for a classic men’s sweater, in this case made from modern, temperature-regulating merino wool in a thick, chunky fisherman-style ribbed knit.

Did I mention the Taylor Stitch Fisherman Sweater comes in two timeless colors for pairing with everything from tan chinos to inky blue selvedge denim? Yes indeed, and for good measure, the Taylor Stitch Fisherman Sweater boasts a double-knit ribbed neck for maximum warmth and coverage on blustery winter days.

Satchel and Page

And again, it bears repeating: The Taylor Stitch Fisherman Sweater is 30 percent off for a limited time, with a solid range of sizes available. The next time you need to layer up this winter, reach for the Taylor Stitch Fisherman Sweater — and save some hard-earned cash in the process.

The Friday Read: Back in Brooklyn & Manhattan’s Best Haircut

Taylor Stitch shirt review.

Well, folks — here we are again rolling into another weekend, and if you follow me on Instagram, you know that I’m back in Brooklyn and back in the New York groove after a quick yet relaxing, sunny Florida vacation. It was just the break I needed before powering back up my freelance writing pursuits (although I stayed plenty busy with writing for and Maxim in Florida all the same!).

Satchel and Page

Of course, returning to Brooklyn has me thinking about the changing seasons and some new (early, early) spring style essentials… like the Taylor Stitch Jack Shirt as seen above. Is it too early to think about shopping spring menswear essentials? Folks, if you ask me, it’s never too early — hop to it with some time ahead of you this weekend.

And before I send you on your way this weekend, I want to spotlight another way to refresh and recharge, especially if you find yourself in New York City. That old adage that a fresh haircut can change your perspective is certainly true in my book. Yes indeed, there’s no reset quite like a new look, especially if that new look comes complete with an extensive, impressive and ultimately, very relaxing experience like that at NYC’s Pisterzi in Soho.

Best men's grooming essentials.

I recently had the chance to sample the Italian luxury grooming atelier’s entire lineup of products and services, including essential men’s grooming items that really amount more to a work of art than a typical grooming experience. The atelier boasts just two private salon booths at its Soho location (all the better for a more customized experience). Each is handsomely appointed with blue leather and sleek furnishings, and each is ready to deliver everything from a classic haircut to a beard trim.

The space also offers product and styling consultations, and I found my 90-minute experience (La Dolce Vita) to be nothing short of blissful. Unwind with a deep cleansing, soothing facial and beard treatment (plus a haircut and beard trim), and relish the experience of multiple hot towels and the company’s rejuvenating cleanser and Face and Eye Guard Treatment. The even better part?

If you’re not in New York City itself, you can still get the Pisterzi experience from home by ordering its standout lineup online. Would I call it the best haircut in Manhattan? I certainly would, and I encourage you take the weekend to dive more into the atelier’s next-level, luxurious men’s grooming treatments. For now, here’s to a Brooklyn weekend — cheers, my friends!