The Thursday Buy: Start Your Year Off with the Classic Shinola Runwell Watch

Best stylish leather watch for men.

We haven’t yet hit 2023 yet, but if I were you, I’d take this time to start planning for the new year with a few choice style upgrades: Like the chance to step up and buy one of the best leather watches for men from a trusted brand. The brand in question, of course, is one you know and love if you read the blog on the daily: Detroit-based Shinola, at once a rugged-yet-refined lifestyle brand and an American-focused designer and builder of some of the best watches for men, period.

Yes, they also make reliable style picks like some of the best leather wallets, not to mention one of the best investment-level watches on the market, but there’s something to be said about a sub-$600, classic, crisply designed watch like the fan-favorite Shinola Runwell 41mm Watch.

The trusty and retro-leaning (yet modern!) Shinola Runwell is a flagship design for the brand, and it’s the kind of stylish men’s watch that checks plenty of boxes for today’s gentleman (like you!). Let’s look at what makes this thing tick, yes?

Best leather strap watches for men.

With the truly timeless Shinola Runwell — a personal favorite of this Brooklyn style writer — it all starts with the specs, like Shinola’s Argonite 1069 movement. Keep in mind that the movement of the Shinola Runwell is assembled in Detroit from Swiss parts, so you’re getting the best of all-American craftsmanship and Swiss watchmaking precision (in my humble opinion!).

The 41mm stainless steel case on the Shinola Rundell is nicely sized for most wrists, not too bulky or too slender — just right for casual, everyday style scenarios like wearing with your favorite henley and the best men’s blue jeans, for instance. Naturally, the Shinola Runwell is an exceptional business casual watch as well, a stylish pairing with one of the best winter blazers (or a lightweight cotton blazer come spring and summer).

Of course, the Shinola Runwell hits the mark in matters of style, too: Note the handsome leather strap with contrast stitching for a distinctive touch. In fact, the entire Shinola Runwell Collection offers up something for everyone, quite literally, whether you’re in the market for one of the best chronograph watches or whether you want the Shinola Runwell 47mm in a beefed-up design.

Is there a better, more stylish everyday watch than the Shinola Runwell? I’ll let you be the judge, so choose carefully to start 2023.


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