See Now, Buy Now: This Faherty Topcoat Is One of the Best, Dressiest Winter Coats to Shop Now

Best men's winter jacket.

Perhaps you’ve noticed a bit of a gap in your wardrobe of winter style essentials this season: One of the best dress coats for men, or rather, one of the best men’s topcoats — a style that’s not often worn on the daily, to be sure, but one that can prove downright essential if you find yourself stepping out in tailored style frequently.

Fully fashioned crewneck sweater to keep you warm against the harshest winter climates.

And my friends, I’ve got just the solution for you: The Faherty Reserve Knit Coat is one of the dressiest coats for men this season, the sort of winter jacket that steps things up considerably from Faherty’s rugged flannel shirts and offers a crisp, super-sharp alternative to even, say one of the best men’s peacoats. How is something like the Faherty Reserve Knit Coat a departure from the norm? Reader, as ever, I’m glad you asked.

Best men's topcoat for winter.

Well, with its longer, mid-thigh cut and three-button front design, the ultra-sharp Faherty Reserve Knit Coat reliably covers your suit jacket or winter blazer in a crisp, cool fashion. That design delivers more coverage from winter weather, and provides a polished silhouette — the dark color is flattering on multiple body types, too. The Faherty Reserve Knit Coat is Faherty’s answer to a dressy topcoat, although the style can also be dressed down atop one of the best men’s sweaters and paired up with, say, slim dark blue jeans and your favorite Chelsea boots.

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And for the price — a bit of a splurge at $598 — you’ll want to wear the Faherty Reserve Knit Coat as often as possible, whether dressed up with your best winter suit or dressed down with dark black jeans and wingtip boots for a touch of high-low style. Crucially, the Faherty Reserve Knit Coat is easy to layer, thanks to its blend of wool (for warmth), plus polyester and nylon for added durability.

The brand itself notes you can layer the Faherty Reserve Knit Coat over a sweater or one of the best shirts for men, and your Brooklyn style writer certainly agrees with that advice. The next time tailored winter style is your move of choice, top things off with the supremely cool Faherty Reserve Knit Coat.


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