The Tuesday Steal: Save 35 Percent on One of the Best Men’s Cardigans Right Now at Faherty

Best shawl cardigan for men.

When you find one of the best winter style essentials on sale for a downright steal, I’d advise you jump right on it — after all, it’s something we’ve talked about time and time again here on the blog, and it helps if you know a few choice brands selling your favorite menswear styles at a discount.

HELM Boots- $50 Off Your First Purchase

Take the good folks at Faherty Brand, a personal favorite company of mine with New York roots, surf-inspired styles and a penchant for turning ultra-soft fabrics into rugged-meets-luxe staples that make every guy look great. Be it one of the best men’s topcoats or one of the best flannel shirts on the market, Faherty just knows how to make menswear essentials for the modern man (that’s you!).

HELM Boots- $50 Off Your First Purchase

That’s certainly true as you consider one of the best men’s sweaters, too: I’m talking, of course, about the Faherty Marled Cotton Cardigan, which is on sale now for 35 percent off and perfectly ready to upgrade your winter sweater game. This shawl cardigan is worth every penny, made from a 95 percent cotton and 5 percent cashmere blend for a soft handfeel and easy layering potential.

Best winter cardigan for men.

Beyond that, the Faherty Marled Cotton Cardigan boasts a flattering shawl collar, which frames the face and neck nicely while also offering some added bulk against winter’s worst weather. And while the Faherty Marled Cotton Cardigan is a bulkier upgrade than, say, a V-neck sweater, it still fits relatively close to the body and isn’t too bulky to layer beneath one of your favorite waxed jackets this winter. Throw in the fact that two versatile colors (a Marled Navy and a crisp Charcoal) are on sale right now, and the Faherty Marled Cotton Cardigan is your next go-to winter layer. Now’s the time to stock up, my friends.


See Now, Buy Now: This Faherty Topcoat Is One of the Best, Dressiest Winter Coats to Shop Now

Best men's winter jacket.

Perhaps you’ve noticed a bit of a gap in your wardrobe of winter style essentials this season: One of the best dress coats for men, or rather, one of the best men’s topcoats — a style that’s not often worn on the daily, to be sure, but one that can prove downright essential if you find yourself stepping out in tailored style frequently.

Fully fashioned crewneck sweater to keep you warm against the harshest winter climates.

And my friends, I’ve got just the solution for you: The Faherty Reserve Knit Coat is one of the dressiest coats for men this season, the sort of winter jacket that steps things up considerably from Faherty’s rugged flannel shirts and offers a crisp, super-sharp alternative to even, say one of the best men’s peacoats. How is something like the Faherty Reserve Knit Coat a departure from the norm? Reader, as ever, I’m glad you asked.

Best men's topcoat for winter.

Well, with its longer, mid-thigh cut and three-button front design, the ultra-sharp Faherty Reserve Knit Coat reliably covers your suit jacket or winter blazer in a crisp, cool fashion. That design delivers more coverage from winter weather, and provides a polished silhouette — the dark color is flattering on multiple body types, too. The Faherty Reserve Knit Coat is Faherty’s answer to a dressy topcoat, although the style can also be dressed down atop one of the best men’s sweaters and paired up with, say, slim dark blue jeans and your favorite Chelsea boots.

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And for the price — a bit of a splurge at $598 — you’ll want to wear the Faherty Reserve Knit Coat as often as possible, whether dressed up with your best winter suit or dressed down with dark black jeans and wingtip boots for a touch of high-low style. Crucially, the Faherty Reserve Knit Coat is easy to layer, thanks to its blend of wool (for warmth), plus polyester and nylon for added durability.

The brand itself notes you can layer the Faherty Reserve Knit Coat over a sweater or one of the best shirts for men, and your Brooklyn style writer certainly agrees with that advice. The next time tailored winter style is your move of choice, top things off with the supremely cool Faherty Reserve Knit Coat.

Style Pick of the Week: Faherty Cloud Long-Sleeve Henley – Your New Go-To Winter Layer

Best long-sleeve henley for men.

The time has come to take stock of your collection of winter style essentials as we roll through this, the first winter weekend of 2023: What’s on your mind and in your wardrobe? Granted, I can’t help with every single thing on your to-do list, but I can indeed help you select and wear one of the best henleys for men all winter long, starting right this very instant. The henley in question is the Faherty Cloud Long-Sleeve Henley, one that’s very much deserving of your time and energy as you look to amp up your rugged winter style picks.

HELM Boots- $50 Off Your First Purchase

Of course, the Faherty Cloud Long-Sleeve Henley is part of Faherty’s lineup of ultra-soft, versatile, classic-meets-modern menswear designed and produced by a family-owned company (with a special focus on East Coast surf style, for good measure).

It’s the perfect complement to one of the best men’s flannel shirts also produced by Faherty, but it goes beyond the surface — the quality and design are more than enough to justify its $118 price tag (trust me on this — scroll on for more!).

Best henley for men this winter.

The Faherty Cloud Long-Sleeve Henley naturally nods to the athletic roots of the style as a trusted shirt for rowers in Henley-on-Thames — note the customizable three-button placket and the raglan-stitched sleeves and shoulders for maximum ease of movement. That mobility should prove mighty useful whether you wear the Faherty Cloud Long-Sleeve Henley on its own, layered up underneath your favorite flannel shirt or styled casually with an American-made hoodie.

HELM Boots

That laidback nature makes the Faherty Cloud Long-Sleeve Henley a new go-to essential for days at home or even in the office (simply pair it with a soft-shouldered wool-blend blazer this winter), but there’s another key that makes this henley a true must-have. Crucially, the Faherty Cloud Long-Sleeve Henley is made from Faherty’s signature, super-soft fabric — in this case, it’s a blend of cotton and modal that feels exceptional against your skin.

The fabric on the Faherty Cloud Long-Sleeve Henley also boasts a pleasingly textured look, turning this from an undershirt into a true winter style move. Like we talked about earlier, your new favorite henley is pricier than average at $118, but your wardrobe will be all the better for it this winter.

The Thursday Buy: The Faherty Alpine Flannel Shirt is One of the Coziest Men’s Shirts for Winter

Your rotation of the best winter style essentials is, in some ways, like a stable, right? A tried-and-true rotation that you turn towards on the daily, especially when it comes time to layer up with one of the best flannel shirts for winter. And in the brisk months, never underestimate how far a rugged, stylish men’s flannel shirt can take you. And on that note, never underestimate how far Faherty flannel shirts will take you, with the right mix of polish, rugged style and cozy winter warmth.

It gets even better, especially if you know the family-owned New York brand. They’ve built a business off super-soft fabric and put that into practice with picks like the Faherty Legend Sweater Shirt (a personal favorite), as well as today’s featured pick. That’d be the must-buy Faherty Alpine Flannel Shirt, an ultra-soft, well-made flannel shirt fit for the office or a holiday party. The best part? The Faherty Brushed Alpine Flannel Shirt is now 33 percent off as of this writing when you use the code SALE25.

It’s all part of Faherty’s “Sale On Sale” this season — get an extra 25 percent off sale items — and the Faherty Alpine Flannel Shirt just might be the best of the bunch as you survey those action-packed sale offerings. For good measure, the Faherty Alpine Flannel Shirt is made from brushed 100 percent organic cotton, boasting the sort of classic fit that allows you to layer it over your favorite henley or wear it comfortably on its own (or perhaps underneath one of the best winter blazers).

The versatility of the Faherty Alpine Flannel Shirt is nearly unmatched in that regard. Rock it untucked with tailored chinos or wool trousers for a crisp-yet-casual holiday party look, or style it with a rugged shawl cardigan for a dash of winter weekend warmth.

Luckily, Faherty sells all of those essentials (just shop for Faherty Bestsellers), but it’s the Faherty Alpine Flannel Shirt that remains the star of the show today, thanks to the fact that it’s — again, a reminder! — 33 percent off with the code SALE25. My friends, I think you just found your new favorite winter shirt, and it’s the Faherty Alpine Flannel Shirt

See Now, Buy Now: Layer Up in Style With Faherty’s Best-Selling Legend Sweater Shirt

Best men's flannel shirt for winter.

We’re just coming off shopping for the best Cyber Monday deals, to be sure, but there’s still ample time to shop one of the best men’s winter shirts — after all, ’tis the season to stock up on the best new menswear, right? And if you’ve felt that your winter wardrobe could use a shot in the arm via a highly versatile, highly rugged yet soft and stylish men’s shirt, you’re in luck today.

10% off Florsheim with code: LNK10

In fact, the good folks at New York City’s Faherty Brand are already well-known for offering deals on the best men’s shirts, but today’s offering is a bit different: Sadly, the Faherty Legend Sweater Shirt isn’t on sale, but it’s just as worth your time, consideration and cash. Let’s count the ways in which the Faherty Legend Sweater Shirt is a winning winter wardrobe upgrade, shall we?

Best men's flannel shirt for winter.

Yes indeed, the Faherty Legend Sweater Shirt is a best-seller at the family-owned brand for a reason, and you might say it knocks it out of the park every step of the way. Crucially, the Faherty Legend Sweater Shirt uses some of the most versatile fabric on the market. It’s made from a soft, stretchy knit blend with plenty of viscose and elastane — in short, the Faherty Legend Sweater Shirt looks like a flannel shirt but moves with you like a cozy sweatshirt (it is a true “Sweater Shirt,” to be sure).

It’s relaxed enough to wear atop one of the best men’s henleys or your favorite graphic T-shirt, yet it’s soft enough to the touch to wear on its own.

Mack Weldon

Of course, the Faherty Legend Sweater Shirt comes in an astonishing array of cool colors, each enough to add a serious shot of style to your winter shirting rotation. It’s one of the best men’s shirts for a reason, given that you can wear it as a mid-layer beneath a waxed winter jacket in cold weather, or as a simple overshirt on brisk fall or breezy spring days.

No doubt about it, the Faherty Legend Sweater Shirt is a shirt for all seasons, but more than anything, it’s one of the best shirts for men this winter. You’ll have to pony up nearly $180 to score the Faherty Legend Sweater Shirt, but given its versatility and quality, it’s well worth the purchase price.

See Now, Buy Now: This Faherty Linen Shirt Is a Breezy Seasonal Style Must-Have

Best summer shirt for men.

Folks, if you haven’t noticed, it’s still plenty hot out there — and there’s still plenty of opportunity to dress in style with one of, say the best summer shirts for men. After all, a guy needs to stay polished in the heat, be it for rooftop summer soirees, outdoor happy hours or days at the office, and the good people at family-owned Faherty Brand have come up with the solution when it comes down to how to dress on hot summer days. My friends, meet the Faherty Linen Laguna Shirt, an easy and breezy summer shirt that manages to check all the right boxes as you search for one of the best shirts for men.

Myles Apparel

You very well might recognize NYC-based Faherty Brand for its mix of easygoing-yet-technical styles made from out-of-this-world fabric, like a pair of the best hybrid shorts — not to mention a full run of famed Faherty flannel shirts. It’s worth noting that you can get free shipping on $100 or more worth of men’s style essentials at Faherty, and that very much includes the Faherty Linen Laguna Shirt.

Best men's linen shirt

You’ll find the useful, downright breezy Faherty Linen Laguna Shirt available in colors like a washed-out black or a classic Blue Check, all the better to add a shot of color and pattern — or classic, subtle style — to your wardrobe. And as the name implies, the Faherty Linen Laguna Shirt is made from, well, 100 percent linen in a more relaxed fit.

HELM Boots

It’s the kind of stylish men’s shirt you can team with a pair of Faherty chinos or stretch cotton shorts just about any day of the week (especially if you tend to work from home). The next time you want a dash of polish and comfort in the summer heat, the Faherty Linen Laguna Shirt should be ready and waiting in your closet.

The Tuesday Steal: Get Up to 70 Percent Off the Best Spring Menswear at Faherty Brand

Best on-sale spring menswear.

If you’re seeking the best on-sale spring menswear, now is the time to start shopping early and often. That’s what we’re all about here at The Style Guide in today’s edition of The Tuesday Steal, and what a steal it is indeed today: Right now, you can get up to 70 percent off some of the best new menswear at Faherty Brand via the Faherty Sale section. The family-owned and family-founded brand has been a longtime favorite of mine, known for both its super-soft shirts and its hard-wearing outerwear, the type of gear you can rock nearly year-round (especially on cool spring mornings and chilly winter nights).

Faherty has plenty of standouts worth shopping in its rotation at full price, including the Faherty Legend Sweater Shirt (one of the best winter shirts for men, mind you), not to mention one of the coolest trucker jackets on the market. There’s no doubt this is a sale worth shopping ASAP, in my book (it gets better — read on).

Faherty Brand review

Within the Faherty Sale right now, you’ll find deals aplenty, like 50 percent off one of the best long-sleeve polos, 35 percent off one of the best shirt jackets for men, not to mention 20 percent off your new favorite flannel shirt. And if it were me, I’d also keep my eyes peeled for 50 percent off a rugged Donegal crew sweater and 53 percent off one of the best linen shirts for men. That’s just a quick look at the best men’s style deals on the market right now via the excellent, fast-moving Faherty Sale — best get shopping right now, my friends.

Style Pick of the Week: Faherty Brand Stretch Seaview Flannel Shirt

Faherty Stretch Seaview Flannel Shirt

A well-made, comfortable and yet rugged flannel shirt from Faherty Brand.

Folks, the theme of this month has been new menswear for a new year, and what better way to keep that all going than by checking out the best new men’s style for 2021 at Faherty Brand, ehh? The soulful, laidback and ever-stylish California brand focuses on exceptional fabrics, easygoing silhouettes and the kind of versatility that makes these picks a sharp-yet-subtle solution if you’re in search of, say, one of the best flannel shirts for winter. And folks, the Faherty Brand Stretch Seaview Flannel Shirt is back, it’s better than ever and it’s a perfect weekend style move as our latest Style Pick of the Week. What do ya say, ehh? Every guy can use one of the most rugged flannel shirts out there, yet the Stretch Seaview Flannel also blends a hearty dose of casual comfort and go-anywhere versatility. The fit is ideal for wearing all on its own or layering atop a henley or a slub pocket tee (kind of like the Faherty Legend Sweater Shirt), so it’s got plenty going for it — to say the very least. If it’s one of the best flannel shirts for men you seek, it’s quite hard to go wrong (again, to say the least!).

SHOP: The Faherty Brand Stretch Seaview Flannel Shirt 

Faherty Brand Review

Take your pick between seven cool and iconic patterns for winter style from Faherty Brand.

The best men’s flannel shirts have a few things in common, and yet this particular shirt rises above the rest. It’s made with soft organic cotton infused with stretch fabric for comfort and layering in these quarantine times. Better still, you can pick it up in one of seven cool and eye-catching patterns, including the classic Blue Rose Gingham seen above. The button chest pocket adds to the shirt’s more easygoing feel, giving it the sort of look that pairs easily with a thermal henley or a graphic tee for a pop of visual interest. And because it’s tailored but not overly tight, you can readily layer it up or wear it on its own, especially untucked with expertly faded denim or tan chinos. Throw on your favorite pair of leather boots and call it good (or rather, get out there and get a growler of local, brewery-fresh beer, yes?). The Faherty Brand Stretch Seaview Flannel Shirt  checks all the proper boxes these days, to say the very least. Make it yours and make it work for you.

SHOP: The Faherty Brand Stretch Seaview Flannel Shirt 

#OOTD: How to Dress Casually This Winter

We’re a month into the new year, and the question for all of us #menswear fans has to be: Are you sticking to your men’s style resolutions? Finding ways to improve your wardrobe and upgrade your style? Hopefully, that’s the case through these first few weeks of 2017 — and it’s that same approach that should apply to even seemingly casual, daily style. We’ve talked tailored winter style, we’ve talked classic winter style and now, we’re talking about a style situation that can sometimes be a difficult balance — casual winter style. For those times you want to be relaxed and comfortable, yet put-together. Even if you’re only making a quick morning coffee run or an evening beer run before hosting friends, putting your best foot forward is, as we always talk about at The Style Guide, crucial. So, we’re taking staple pieces of your wardrobe and switching them up a bit — a classic black jacket, sharp denim and your favorite pair of leather boots, for starters.  Read and shop the below #OOTD,  leave questions in the comments section below, and follow along on Instagram for more daily winter style inspiration.  Good luck out there!

Taking basic pieces and amping them up with improved fits, great fabric and yes, great style

Taking basic pieces and amping them up with improved fits, great fabric and yes, great style.

The Jacket: Reigning Champ Trail Jacket, $198.98 — Lest you think that this Trail Jacket is basic, its performance and classic silhouette speak for itself (namely, the terry cotton and nylon combo is functional and easily wearable).

The Henley: Faherty Brand Waffle Henley Sweater, $154.98 — Part henley, part sweater and a substantial upgrade from your standard weekend T-shirt — warm, cozy, ultra-stylish and yes, pricey.

The Denim: Abercrombie & Fitch Slim-Straight Performance Winter Jeans, $35.20 — Is there such a thing as winter denim? There certainly is — and for a great price, you’re getting excellent comfort, a tremendous fit and comfortable fabric.

The Hat: Ebbets Field Flannels for J. Crew Detroit Cubs Ballcap, $49.50 — A ballcap in this instance? Absolutely — we’re going for casual style after all, and this hat is a unique, vintage-inspired conversation starter.

The Boots: CAT Footwear Sutter Boots, $210 —  While you could always swap in a pair of handsome leather sneakers, tough leather boots are the way to go in the snow — plus, they add a bit of sharpness to this casual look.

The Socks: Richer Poorer Stitcher Classic Boot Sock, $16 — Comfort, quality and a bit of sport-inspired style — that’s what you’re getting with these crisp boot socks.

The Belt: Abercrombie & Fitch Woven Leather Belt, $30.80 — Add some seasonally appropriate texture and casual style with this nicely priced, versatile leather belt. Wear it with slim chinos and a navy blazer to the office, too.
Beckett Simonon

The Watch: Timex Weekender Chrono Oversized, $84.95 — It’s tough to beat the reliability, durability and simple style of a Timex watch for the price. You could also go with the sharp Form-Function-Form Horween Leather Weekender here.

The Briefcase: Joshu + Vela Zip Briefcase, $265 — Be it lugging around your laptop or your everyday carry, you need a great bag. The Joshu + Vela Zip Briefcase is handsome, beautifully made and durable — just what you need.

That’s a wrap on this week’s #OOTD — although it’s sometimes easy to let your style slip up in casual situations, resist the temptation to do so with functional, comfortable pieces that fit, feel and look great. Starting with the technical-yet-sharp Reigning Champ Trail Jacket and continuing with reliable layering pieces like the Waffle Henley Sweater, you’ll be set in terms of warmth and versatility. Brushed cotton denim and tough leather boots hardly ever fail, and they’re a nice way to complement more casual accessories, like that vintage-inspired J. Crew ballcap and Timex watch.  And no matter the occasion, a reliable bag like the Joshu + Vela Zip Briefcase  is the perfect way to carry your gear from point A to point B. OK, got all that? You bet.

Thanks for reading and stay stylish,